Clear Ridge Pack 1:The Alpha’s Fated Mate by C.J. Colton

Title :  The Alpha’s Fated Mate         Word Count : 60 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : It was only meant to be one night. One night for the omega who’s loved the big, powerful alpha ever since the pack merger two years ago, and one night for the alpha who’d given up on finding his destined mate and wants to sate his lust, hard and rough, with the little omega whose presence has always intrigued and aroused him.

Wyatt has spent nearly a century searching for his fated mate only to come up empty and now there’s no more time. The future of the Clear Ridge pack depends on the alphas breeding and replenishing the pack numbers, and he’ll do his duty even if it means giving up his search. He just never expected that the one night with the omega would produce an irrevocable bond between him and Seth, and as the wolf swells with his pups, he realizes that he wants more than just one hot, intense night with him.

My Review : OMG,  this book was just way too short for my liking , I didn’t want it to end. It definitely was a little package with a lot of bang. Wyatt is one of the oldest alphas of Clear Ridge pack. He has been holding off for his fated mate for centuries. However,  time is running out, their race is dying. The alphas need to mate so that they can reproduce and increase their pack numbers. It is at alpha Wyatt’s bachelor party where we are introduced to Seth, the little omega wolf who has been in love with Wyatt forever , but too afraid to approach him. Wyatt approaches him and after talking for a bit , seduces Seth into going back to his hotel room.

After an unbelievably passionate night between these two sexy men,  Seth becomes really sick. It’s his best friend Gabby who points out that he seems to be pregnant.  Seth is resistant to the idea at first , but then he realizes that only an alpha’s potent sperm can get another male pregnant. Meanwhile, Wyatt can’t seem to get the sexy little omega out of his mind and all the hot stuff they did together.

Surprisingly to Seth,  when he tells Wyatt he is pregnant,  he asks him to move in right away.  Wyatt and Seth gets along great, however they are both under the impression that they are in love with other people.  This makes their life a whole lot more complicated. Seth overhears the tail end of a conversation that he misinterpreted. He runs out of the house and being so distraught,  he gets hurt by a car. It takes almost losing Seth for Wyatt to confess his feelings for his sweet , adorably sexy mate. They realized that they are fated mates and this makes for a happily ever after with their 5 pups and more on the way. I really enjoyed this book and I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators.

Favorite Quotes : 1. He moaned, his hips rocking back as I licked and nipped at his rim, laving the puckered opening before spearing my tongue into his hole. He made a strangled noise as I entered him and delved deeper, licking and fucking him with my tongue as I prepared him for my cock. He was tight, his muscles clenching down around my tongue and trying to draw it in deeper as I drilled him. (Mmmm, who doesn’t love a good rimjob.)

2.I reached for my cock and spread the pre-cum leaking from my slit onto the palm of my hand before dragging it down my turgid length as I teased and softened his hole. The pre-cum our bodies produced was more copious and slicker than that of a human’s and as I finished slicking up my cock, I brought my coated fingers up and replaced my tongue with them. Seth moaned as I pushed my fingers into him and opened him up , twisting and pumping my digits in him. Unable to wait any longer I pulled them out and nudged my cock against his hole. I held him tight to me as I slammed into him, burying my cock balls deep in his tight, lithe body. ( Gotta love hot werewolf sex.)

3.He opened automatically for me with a moan, his arms coming up to dig into my back as I licked my tongue into his mouth and fed him his cum. He swallowed it hungrily, his tongue canvassing the interior of my mouth as he sought out every drop. I growled and slid my arms beneath him, wrapping them around his back as I rolled the both of us until I was on my back and had him sprawled on top of me.( Sometimes you have to get down and dirty, the dirtier the better.)

4.I slid my hands down his back , smoothing them over the firm globes of his ass. I gave them a squeeze as I bit down on his full lower lip before massaging his ass cheeks. I pulled them apart and then pressed them back together, over and over. We both groaned as we felt my seed leak from his hole, trailing down onto my balls. I moved my mouth to the corner of his lips and pressed a kiss there before trailing wet open-mouthed kisses along his smooth jaw and up the side of his neck. He wriggled in my hold, grinding down onto my hard cock as I nipped at his rapid pulse and stroked my tongue over it, soothing the pinch of pleasurable pain. I pulled his earlobe between my teeth as I lifted his hips up and rubbed the head of my once-again leaking cock over his dripping hole . “I want you to ride me, little wolf. I want to see you take my cock into your tight ass and feel you gripping down tight as you bounce on it.” ( Hot, hot, hot. )

The Grizzly List 1: Bear Wanted by Julia Talbot

Title : Bear Wanted             Word Count : 20,147

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : He always wanted a bear to keep him warm at night…

Lane knows what he wants in a lover, but hasn’t been able to find the perfect bear of a man in his small Colorado hometown. So he turns to the Grizzly List, a regional personal ad service for bears and their lovers. He’s not sure what to expect when he meets Fin, but what he gets might be his perfect man.

Bear shifter Fin has been looking for someone with whom to spend his days, nights, and winter hibernation. He’s a happy guy, but needs someone who wants a big, burly, slightly dominant mate. When he meets Lane, Fin knows he’s found what he needs, but will he be able to convince Lane that they’re made for one another, in human form and bear?

My Review :  This was a sweet short read and I loved every moment of it. Lane puts up an ad on Grizzly List for a bear of a man. Fin cautiously replies and after emailing back and forth,  they decide to meet at a coffee shop. They hit it off nicely and Lane is so happy with the burly,  hairy bear that is Fin. Fin sees right away the potential of a  mate in the sexy little twink called Lane. Lane doesn’t know it yet , but he has caught a real life were – bear who is looking for a mate.

Both Fin and Lane are so compatible to each other. Fin starts to see slight changes in Lane and realized that he has awakened the hibernating bear within Lane. Lane is confused about the changes in his body, and the only thing that helps is having his sweet gentle Bear around.

Fin dominates  Lane and takes him to new heights, giving him what his body needs before he can even ask. Fin finds his perfect match in the sexy little cub. It takes some getting used to,  but Lane comes around to the idea of them both being bears and mates. They have great fun with their explorations and they both have each other to snuggle with during their hibernation. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. “I think you’re the best thing ever.” Fin prodded at his hole, opening him up, those fingers unavoidable.    Lane pushed up on his knees, offering Fin everything.    “Sweet cub.” Fin pulled free, then lifted him even more before lowering him over that stiff, wide cock. The head spread him, split him and he stretched, a soft growl escaping him.    Not giving him any time to adjust, Fin slid inside him, huge and hot. He gasped, hips rolling forward, cock sliding along Fin’s belly.    “Love that. Love it,” Fin said.    “Need.” Their lips clung as he rode, arching, his ass stinging where Fin grabbed him to hold him close. Instead of pulling away, though, Lane pushed closer. He felt stuffed full, desperate.    Wanton.    Best of all he felt like Fin could take it. Fin was so strong, so in control.    His Bear. ( I love Fin, so domineering,  yet so gentle. My ideal perfect man.)

Of Dragons and Wolves 6 : Falling in Love Again by Marcy Jacks

Title :  Falling in Love Again      Word Count : 35,801

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Garret Abbot is an alpha wolf amongst a clan of dragons, and the gorgeous healer, Kristoff, has caught his eye. Now he can’t go back to his pack.

Garret is driving himself and his wolf insane by keeping away. He hasn’t been interested in more than a one night stand since the death of his mate and child, and now here is someone else he feels the mating call for.

Garret feels it so intensely that he comes on too strong during their first round of fabulous sex, and he bites Kristoff without his permission, sealing them together forever.

Kristoff was forced once before, and he never wants to be in that position again. If Garret doesn’t want to lose his new mate, he will do everything in his power to make up for his mistake, including giving his life to make sure hunters don’t harm the only man he’s come to love in years.

My Review : Conner’s  older brother Garett is very confused about his feelings after meeting the dragon doctor Kristoff.  He has only ever had one night stands after his female mate died in childbirth and he has never been attracted to a man before. On the other hand, Kristoff senses the attraction that the alpha wolf feels for him , but it scares him. 

After weeks of watching Kristoff with such intensity,  Garett decides to approach him. He goes to Kristoff’s room with the intention of speaking with him , but as soon as he sees the sleep rumpled healer his body gets other ideas. Before he knows what’s happening,  he is kissing and seducing Kristoff.  Garett has a very domineering personality that scares Kristoff,  but makes him oh so hot. Kristoff decides to accept the alpha’s dominance if only to prove to himself that he is not broken. Kristoff was attacked and raped by wolf alphas previously and this is where his fear stems from.

Garett is so carried away by his lust that he bites Kristoff and mates with him. Kristoff is furious that once again something is taken away from him against his will. When Aris the high dragon gets involved Garett sees the error of his ways. He decides to curtail his dominance and try to woo his mate instead. Kristoff is very impressed with his alpha, but before they can further their relationship Garett is shot while protecting his mate and some other dragons of the castle. Garett’s bravery goes a far way to solidifying the peace treaty between the wolves and the dragons.

Their relationship changes for the better when Kristoff realized how close he came to losing Garett. They had amazing chemistry and they were on the road to having a blissful life together.

We get glimpses of Roman who is still hunting for the shapeshifter who killed his mate Kendrick. Clatcher , another dragon warrior has been helping him. Clatcher makes it very clear that he is in love with Roman, but Roman tries to gently rebuff him as he is still pining over his dead mate. When Clatcher offers his body to be used in place of his true love, Roman can’t resist his physical need. My heart aches for both these men, because Roman’s feelings will always be held back because of the love he feels for another. Clatcher is so desperate to be loved by Roman that he will endure any emotional turmoil just to have a piece of Roman. Things are getting  really strange at the castle. Can’t wait to see what happens.  I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

A Dragon’s Treasure 1: Cody’s Dragon by K.M. Mahoney

Title :  Cody’s Dragon              Word Count : 63,533

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : How far is Cody willing to go to keep his dragon?

Kirit is lonely and he’s sick of coming home from the king’s assignments to a cold, empty cave. After searching for years for a mate, Kirit decides it’s time to try a new approach. Against the advice of all his friends, he heads for the human side of the world. There he finds Cody, and the man is everything he could ever want. It takes a little bit of persuasion, but he manages to talk Cody into coming back with him to Faerie.

Within a week of arriving, Cody is beginning to rethink his impulsive decision. He’s trekked across more terrain than he would care to remember, been summoned to meet a king, and flown on a dragon—not an experience he’s willing to repeat anytime soon. Kirit’s growly possessiveness is starting to wear on his nerves, and the unexpected hostility he encounters at the palace is almost enough to make him give up.

But Cody is stubborn. He may not be willing to admit it out loud, but Kirit has got under his skin. He may even, shockingly enough, love the big guy.

Now Cody has to decide what he’s willing to do to keep the man of his dreams.

My Review : Kirit comes from a race called Draak, they are fire breathing warrior  dragons who guard the land beyond the veil. For centuries,  Kirit has waited for his mate to come along to no avail. He is lonely and desperate enough to believe that maybe his mate is not in the land of Faerie. He takes a trip over to the human realm to see if he can find his mate. Kirit seeks the help of Harper, a witch who gives him a list of clubs to check out. At first he doesn’t succeed,  largely in part to his defective sense of smell. Dragons are usually born with the propensity to smell their mates. The sex is off the chain and dragons get hugely possessive over their treasure.

Kirit is on his way to his hotel room when he sees a tiny figure huddled by a dumpster. As soon as he touches  Cody, Kirit has an idea it’s his mate. Cody is a rent boy so he willingly goes to the hotel with Kirit telling him his prices. Kirit is  extremely confused and very jealous that other men have touched his mate. The sex between them is explosive and leaves them both longing and eagerly awaiting a stronger emotional connection.

Cody finds his grumpy dragon a little overbearing at times, but when he thinks about his life he realized that there is nothing to hold him on earth. When he gets to Faerie,  he is definitely popular  due to his title as dragon-mate. He is welcomed into the clutch of dragons where mates are really precious to their race. The dragons haven’t seen a mate in a very long time. 

Kirit and Cody are summoned to the King’s castle before they can go home to their cave. All is not harmonious in the castle and not everyone welcomes a human.  When the ominous threat makes its presence known, the big bad Kirit is there to protect his mate. Cody becomes increasingly unhappy and Kirit becomes exceedingly restless. They get some great advice from their clutch of dragons. It allows them to see that they have something very rare and precious that needs protecting.Cody with his fiery personality decides to kick some ass. In the end, their love prevailed and vanquished all the unhappiness surrounding their joyous union. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. The thick shaft slid into his throat and he held Kirit there for long seconds, breathing through his nose, before swallowing. Kirit bucked, his roar deafening. The taut muscles under Cody’s body tightened, giving him just enough warning to pull back a bit. Warm spunk hit his tongue and Cody continued to swallow, sucking Kirit through his release and beyond. (Cody is so tactile  and very exuberant in pleasuring his mate. Super sexy!!!)

2. Cody shoved Kirit’s hand away and rose up on his knees. He held the base of Kirit’s cock, and the grip had Kirit moaning in need. Then, in one swift motion, Cody slid down, enveloping Kirit in heaven. It was smooth and effortless, then Cody’s ass was resting against Kirit’s groin. “Oh, mate. So good. Move. Please.” Kirit wasn’t too proud to beg, not with Cody holding him so close that he could feel his mate’s heartbeat. Cody held the intimate embrace, tightening his muscles in a delicious taunt. Kirit growled, at the end of his tether. Cody laughed. Using Kirit’s shoulders for balance, he rose, almost pulling off Kirit’s cock before sinking back down. He began a swift, pounding tempo. Kirit could do little but hold on and let his mate control the sex. ( It’s fun to see the smaller mate in charge, controlling the outcome for them both. Big sexy dragons are super hot 😉.)

3. Cody didn’t offer any protest when Kirit retrieved a cloth and another bottle. He took great pleasure in scrubbing every inch of pale skin within reach. Then he made Cody stand and paid particular attention to Cody’s smooth balls and now-limp cock. He kept his grip light, knowing how sensitive the skin would be. When he finished his inspection, he turned Cody around and, just as gently, cleaned out the red and swollen hole that still bore his seed. He regretted having to wipe it away, but his mate’s comfort came first. He could console himself with the thought that his scent would linger. ( Such a caring move from the big bad dragon. I love a man who takes care of all his partner’s needs.)

Stockton Wolves 1: Get Off my Case by Lisa Oliver

Title : Get off my Case         Word Count :69,777

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : The first 20,000 words of this story were published as a free read for the Goodreads MMRomance Group Love’s Landscapes Project. 49,000 words have been added to make this into the book my characters wanted it to be.

Shane West was used to being the only wolf shifter at the Stockton Police Department. His enhanced senses helped him do his job efficiently and he prided himself on keeping control of his animal instincts. Gay from the first day he’d shifted, he also expected to live his long life alone, and provided it meant that he didn’t have to come into contact with any of his ex-pack, he told himself he was happy. And he was. Until Dimitri Polst was assigned as his new partner.

Confirmed ladies man, Dimitri Polst knew Shane from before he’d ever shifted into his wolf form. Two years older and from the same pack, Dimitri had made it his teenage mission to bring as much pain and humiliation to pretty-boy Shane as possible. But years later, he searched for that pretty boy, now all grown up, with a completely different mission in mind.

Being fated mates was hard enough, but when one man is straight and the other one has no reason to trust, then sparks are bound to fly. Add in a serial killer who is making inroads into the gay population and a possible shifter involvement, and Shane and Dimitri have a lot of thing to overcome before they get their HEA.

My Review : Shane has come a far way to become the man that he was destined to be. He is definitely not the geeky little short stuff who got picked on constantly by the bigger wolves in his pack. Shane has put on some bulk and he has left  his pack behind after telling his parents that he is gay. Being gay is something that is not acceptable in his old pack, so he decides to sever all ties and move to Stockton where he is a respected detective, despite his sexuality.

  One of Shane’s main tormentors from high school was Dimitri. He always had a crush on Dimitri and this is what made it so hard for him. After Dimitri’s first shift, he realized that Shane was his mate. However,  Dimitri is straight and he keeps on denying his mate bond for several years.  His wolf fights him on this and this is one of the main reasons he moves to Stockton to be with his mate. Shane is a bit stand-offish and very confused about forging a relationship with his mate.Their relationship is definitely not one demensional and it causes great conflict, no matter how they feel pulled to each other. Their life is fraught with tension, both their professional and intimate lives. There are many barriers that have to be overcome  due to them being enemies in their teenage years and all the hurt feelings on both sides. There are some things that just can’t be erased even though it’s been forgiven. Sometimes it’s the hard truths in our lives that help us to heal and it can also repair torn relationships. 

The passion between the two wolves is electrifying and is cause for some really hot sex scenes. For  Dimitri,  sex with a man is uncharted territory but he soon revels in his explorations.  For Shane who always identified as being gay, sex with his mate was a reawakening of his senses and a co-mingling of their souls. It was so much fun watching these two navigate the  sexual side of their relationship.  They were both evenly matched sexy dominant men. They were switch hitters who each had a turn to get into each other. This led to  lots of marathon sex and I was right there with them all the way. 

Our notions about our sexuality are usually deeply ingrained from a really young age . This is why Dimitri’s constant denial that he is not gay is understandable , but it causes untold  pain for his mate. Even though he’s thought about claiming his male mate for years, actually putting it into practice is entirely different and is cause for quite a few setbacks on his journey to lifelong happiness. For me   this added a touch of realness to their situation because it showed that  despite them being shifters, their relationship wasn’t uncomplicated. It wasn’t all about forever love and all their problems would dissappear once they mated. Relationships take lots of work and we all make mistakes along the way. I really appreciated this quality and how it makes Dimitri seem genuine in my estimation. That being said,  my heart broke for Shane for the rejection, confusion and hurt he was undergoing from a man that should cherish him above all else.  It is testament to Shane’s strength that keeps him going throughout it all.

By working together in both a professional and personal capacity,  they were able to learn a lot about each. They were able to put the past were it belonged and conquered all obstacles that stood in the path of their happiness. This was really a full-bodied story , all the components worked for me. The back story was great and I really liked the secondary characters that were introduced. I am hoping that they each get their own stories. It was great fun watching it all unfold. I applaud Lisa Oliver for another great read, I am never dissapointed.  Dimitri and Shane have a beautiful happy ever after to their love story.  They were able to trust and love each other wholeheartedly.  I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. 

Bear County 9: Cowboy Stripper by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Stripper             Word Count: 90 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Stripper is no stranger to using whatever means necessary in order to gain the information he needs. He’s been hired to find a missing woman who has the codes Nicolas Reno is after. When Stripper kidnaps Reno and takes him to a place where he plans to torture the man for information, he soon discovers that he just might have the wrong guy. Wilbur Castro has no clue why he’s been kidnapped. He wakes tied to a chair in a grungy room with no recollection of the night before. The stranger with hazel eyes keeps calling him Reno and no matter how much Wilbur argues otherwise, the guy isn’t listening to him. His captor is convinced that Wilbur is the man in question. When the real Reno goes after Wilbur, intent on stealing the man’s identity and life, Wilbur finds himself reaching out to the very man who’d kidnapped him.

My Review : We have long awaited Stripper’s chance at finding love. I was definitely not dissapointed.  Stripper has been the sexy fun loving, balls hanging out naked  bear of the house. He has been the most fun secondary character that I have met up to this point. It would stand to reason that his mate needs to be worthy of him. Everything about Wilbur is unique, even the circumstances he finds himself in when he first meets Stripper. Wilbur is tied to a chair about to be ‘dry drowned’ by Stripper who is working him over like the criminal he is ‘supposed’ to be. Only in this situation , Stripper’s intel is faulty. Wilbur is definitely not the mastermind criminal Stripper is hunting. He is just a shy, quirky, sexy little accountant who has lived a dull life. Wilbur is almost socially awkward, but there is just something about him that Stripper can’t get enough of. 

The criminal mastermind that Stripper is hunting looks exactly like Wilbur and he has decided to kill Wilbur and take over his identity. When he breaks into Wilbur’s hotel room, Wilbur is just in time to get outta there and call the Executive Bodyguards for help.  By the time they get to the restaurant , Stripper knows that something is awfully wrong. They find Wilbur shot in the shoulder, unconcious lying in a pool of his own blood. Stripper is going out of his mind , but he rushes Wilbur to the new shifter doctor Gallagher.  It is just a superficial wound and Wilbur soon recovers.

While on the mend , he has been getting to know his mate. Stripper is very warm, loving and introduces Wilbur to the art of online gaming  at which he is a pro. Stripper is hesitant to make love to Wilbur , because his mother died in childbirth and he is scared of the same happening to his mate.  Unbeknownst to Stripper his mate still ended up pregnant even though he didn’t bite him during sex.  Stripper begins to withdraw within himself emotionally and Wilbur is at a lost in understanding what to do.  He seeks out the other mates in the house but he doesn’t know how to express himself since he’s never had friends. Steven sees that he is overwhelmed and turned out to be a great confidante.

 Steven encourages him to have an honest talk with Stripper and he takes his advice. Wilbur decides to take the bull by its horns  and corners  Stripper  as he is about to go out on  a mission. Wilbur goes into warrior mode which is hilarious to see. Stripper gets the dressing down that he needs. They resolve their issues with a torrid makeup sex quickie. Ooh la la, Stripper is as hot as I imagined and Wilbur is the perfect mate for him. They have a beautiful baby boy named Abriel. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.


Assassin Shifter 5: Best Laid Plans by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title : Best Laid Plans                     Word Count :46,199

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : The men of the super-secret Skull Blaster unit have put down their weapons long enough to find love – and even husbands – from Arizona to Alaska and the Olympic Peninsula. Now their new families and friends are hoping to find their own happily-ever-afters. Werewolf Sawyer Quinton’s brothers have finally found their mates in the Drake brothers, Dakota’s former packmates. Things get off to a rocky start but love conquers all. Or does it? Can the Drakes overcome the gay bashing they suffered at their father’s hands and be true to themselves and the men they love? Or are some lessons just too hard to unlearn?

My Review : The two Drake brothers are in hot water when they first meet their mates while in flagrante delicto. The brothers from the Queets pack are not amused. Xander catches his mate getting a lunch time blowjob from his girlfriend. Grayson catches his mate with a woman draped all over him coming from lunch. The boys are exceedingly dissapointed and hurt, seeing as how they’ve been dreaming about finding their mates for a long time.

Jagger and Taylor know that they have truly messed up and they need to fix things with Zander and Grayson. They take their mates out to dinner and shortly thereafter they go to Vegas for a business trip and a bit of pleasure. Oh what a pleasure it was 😊! These two sets of brothers were definitely hot with their respective partners. Jagger was overjoyed to find out that Zander was a virgin and he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Grayson was hot to trot for Taylor, and they couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.

Things are settling in nicely for the couples when a can of worms open up. The Drake brothers come from a homophobic father who drilled into them how wrong it was to be gay. As much as they are happy to have their mates , they are still in the closet. This creates a minefield and a lot of hurt when Taylor denies that Grayson is his boyfriend at a business dinner. Same goes for Zander, when  Jagger refuses to come out and own their relationship.  The Quinton brothers leave in tears and they end up on a friend’s jet on their way to Arizona to visit with Riley and Mateo. 

Not wanting to lose their mates for good, Jagger and Taylor wrap up their business dealings and head out to get their mates back. They realize how much they miss  Zander and Grayson . They are welcomed with open arms and tears are shed by all. It all ends in a happily ever after for both couples.  We also get a chance to celebrate in the weddings of Sam & Dakota and Troy & Sawyer. This book was all about family and embracing the ones who love us unconditionally.  I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


Forever Mates : Stefan & Bay by Stormy Glenn

Title : Forever Mates : Stefan & Bay

Word Count :26,402            Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : The joy Stefan felt upon finding his forever mate was overshadowed by the sorrow that filled him at his mate’s rejection. Bay wanted nothing to do with him. Being the shy one in his family, Stefan’s lack of social skills left him confused as to how to bridge the gap between them.

Bay Stanton knew he had found the sexiest man he’d ever seen the second he laid eyes on Stefan. It was just too bad that his personality didn’t match, or so Bay believes when Stefan lies to him, a sin Bay finds nearly impossible to forgive.  

As difficult as it is for them both, when trouble threatens their mating, can they depend on each other or will the lies and misunderstandings be bigger than the danger?

My Review :  Ok, I really like Stormy Glenn, but I must say that I’ve been a little bit disappointed with this series. I find that the script is regurgitated from the previous books in the series. I seriously feel like I have wasted my money on book 2 and 3, because its the same damn book with a few tweaks. I do love a good series, because usually you get two brand new main characters and you also get a look into the continuation of a romance where you’ve met the characters previously.  However,  this is not the feel I get when I read these books. In my opinion,  this is really an insult from the author to her readers and fans.

 Moving on to the characters, I thought Bay was just a brat and Stefan was just too docile seeing as how he was the dominant one in that relationship.  Stefan just let Bay walk all over him. Eventually they got their shit together and had a happily ever after. Exact same story as the last two. Can you say copy and paste. No disrespect to the author, but I’m sorry to say this gets my ratings of 1- not worth reading, not if you’ve bought the first book, it’s the same storyline 😡👎.

Pregnant With his Werewolf’s Baby by Anya Byrne

Title : Pregnant With his Werewolf’s Baby       

 Word Count :30,631                            Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Gavin Price has had enough. He’s lost countless relationships because he can’t seem to take that last step into intimacy. Never again. He’s going to get rid of his pesky virginity.

It’s a simple enough plan. Go into a club, pick up a handsome guy. Shouldn’t be hard. Other people do it all the time.

Of course, other people don’t run into Saul Simmons, a man with eyes that seem to change color, and whose sheer presence makes Gavin’s breath catch. One night together, and Gavin thinks this might be it. He might have finally found someone worth not only of his body, but also of his heart.

And then, Saul mysteriously disappears, leaving Gavin heart-broken and… quickly gaining weight? What in the world is happening to him? And why is his stomach suddenly being kicked from the inside? Surely it must be indigestion from his new excessive diet of meats.

Unbeknownst to Gavin, Saul is actually a werewolf. From the very first moment they meet, Saul realizes they are mates. But Saul is also a naturally born Alpha, and his pack has very specific plans for him, none of them including a bonding with a human. He also has no idea he’s going to be a daddy.

Can two men from two different worlds accept everything they thought they knew was wrong? Can they handle both a forbidden relationship and impending parenthood? They’re definitely going to try.

My Review : Gavin comes home to surprise his boyfriend for their  two month anniversary and gets the shock of his life . He finds his boyfriend pounding another man in his bed. The boyfriend is not even repentant or sorry. Instead he blames it all on Gavin telling him he is frigid and not meeting his needs, so he had to go elsewhere. His ex boyfriend really hurts him with those careless words and he decides to go to a club and find the first attractive guy to sleep with.

As soon as he enters the club Saul Simmons notices Gavin and approaches him. The two hit it off and they leave the club and go to Saul’s house where he treats Gavin like prince charming. Saul knew right off the bat that Gavin is his mate and he tries to show him how special he is to him. He treats him with all the care and love in the world when he is gifted with Gavin’s virginity.

Gavin feels a special affinity to Saul and he is able to open up and tell him anything. He knows he is in deep trouble, because he feels like he is falling in love after one beautiful night. Gavin feels self concious, wondering what a hot guy like Saul sees in him.He doesn’t realize that the pull he feels towards Saul is because of  the mate bond and he doesn’t know that Saul is a werewolf.

The pack comes calling the morning after they sleep together and Saul goes with them to avoid any repercussions to his mate. When Gavin calls Saul for their prearranged date, Saul’s brother rudely tells him to get lost. Gavin is heartbroken and he doesn’t know where things went wrong. He doesn’t know that Saul has been injured by one of the members of his pack and can’t come back to him.

Gavin is depressed and he eats incessantly. He has put on so much weight to the point where he thinks something is wrong. He visits his best friend’s father who is a doctor who reveals to him that he is pregnant after doing an ultasound.  He is flabbergasted and he feels so dejected because he doesn’t know what to do. Gavin knows that there is no way on earth that a man can possibly be pregnant,  but he knows no matter what, he would do anything to keep the baby who he already loves. In a fit of desperation,  he calls out for Saul.  Their mate bond is still so strong that his call wakes up Saul out of his unconcious state and he  awakens and rushes off to see what’s wrong with his mate.

When he finds Gavin,  he is shocked that he is pregnant, because he didn’t realize that his alpha genes could impregnate his mate even though he is a man. He apologizes to his mate and bares his soul to him, telling him the whole truth. Gavin accepts him and his bond wholeheartedly.  This was a really sweet,  loving story and I can’t wait to read the other books in this series. I will give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 

Hedgehog’s Delight ( Wolf Creek 3 ) by Jade Buchanan

Title : Hedgehog’s Delight ( Wolf Creek 3 )                      Word Count :18,000  

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb :Rick Black has been putting off the inevitable for weeks ever since he smelled his mate in a local coffee shop. He’s been waiting for the right moment, but everywhere he turns the little hedgehog shows up, and Rick is past ready to lay a claim on his prickly mate.

Ethan Abbott is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to catch a hint. For the first time in years he’s in control of his future. So, when he’s informed he’s the mate of a big, bad werewolf with Alpha issues, he’s not sure he’s ready. He sure is looking forward to the adventure, though.

My Review : Finally, Rick gets a taste of his own medicine. He has been playing matchmaker, hooking up his family members with their mates. Well, it’s his turn at the wheel now and he is hooked up with none other than a prickly, crazy, hilariously funny hedgehog. His first time officially meeting his mate and Ethan tases and shoots Rick with a dart gun thinking that he is a psycho stalker. From that very moment, Rick realizes that he is gonna have is hands full. But oh what a sexy handful it will be. Rick and Ethan are immediately drawn to each other. Even though Rick does not understand half of the references Ethan makes, he knows he will have fun with his mate. I am very happy found his mate and that things worked out well. Another great addition to the series. I give this one my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. “Listen, you must be starving. I know I could eat the crotch of a low flying duck right now.” (Ethan’s way of saying he’s hungry. What a strange duck? Oops😉hedgehog. )

2. “Are we having a party? You want I should put my glory hole manties on?” “Glory hole manties. Crotchless panties. But they’re real masculine. No homo.” – (Ethan says this to Rick. Who knew such a thing existed? 😀Hilarious)

3. “Yeah, but I don’t really want to start throwing loonies and toonies and I’m too cheap to put a fiver in your drawers. You’ll have to do something spectacular for that.”-( Ethan says this to Rick during foreplay. Gotta love being Canadian,  can’t even get a cheap lap dance cause we don’t have 1 dollar bills, we have coins which are called loonies. Anyways, I am proud to be Canadian ☺.)