Bear County 3: Cowboy Naughty by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Naughty           Word Count : 30,358

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : After witnessing a man change into a bear and another giving birth, Sheriff Zackary Sparrow wants nothing to do with Clayton Calabria. He runs in the opposite direction until he pulls Josh Abrams over for speeding.

Clayton wasn’t sure if he should give up on Sparrow. It’s been over a year since he last spoke to the sheriff of Bear County. He knew Sparrow was running from him and there didn’t seem to be anything he could do about it. That was until a striking blond blew into town.

Josh Abrams was looking to start over. He never thought to find a handsome man chasing after him, let alone two. But when the sheriff finds a gun in his backseat, Josh must prove his innocents or risk going to prison.

When Sparrow is shot in a robbery, Clayton and Josh try to convince the sheriff that he is better off with them. Will Sparrow finally give in to his desires or will he refuse the two men and continue on with his lonely existence?

My Review : Clayton is the fun, sexy italian cowboy on the ranch. He has been lusting after Sheriff Sparrow since day one. After Sparrow accidentally sees Harland’s male mate giving birth and Harland changing into a bear, he wants to run for the hills and get his head checked out. Sparrow goes about doing his job day by day. 

 Sparrow makes a traffic stop one day and he is immediately attracted to the sexy little blond with the fruity scent. However, this attraction has to be put on the back burner when he finds a sawed off shotgun in the back seat of Josh’s car. He arrests Josh while he protests vehemently that the shotgun is not his , but a hitchhiker he picked up along the way.

 Clayton watches the scene between the sheriff and the blonde play out and is also intrigued by the fruity scent. Clayton can’t resist going into the station to find out who’s the blond.  After investigating,  he finds out that Josh is his friend Harland’s cousin. Josh acknowledges to himself that he finds both Sparrow and Clayton sexy and it makes him a little uncomfortable the thoughts running through his head.

 All three men are confused with the feelings they have for the other two. Once they give in and decide to give their threesome relationship a try, they realize how great a connection they all feel. Sparrow and Clayton both knock Josh up creating another beautiful unconventional family. They welcome their beautiful son Kane into the mix. The sex  with these three was super hot. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Bear County 2: Cowboy Heart by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Heart             Word Count : 27,550

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Noah Cross grew up in Lamont’s Trailer Heaven, a place that is nothing but hell for him. The park is drug-infested and any sane man’s worst nightmare. Noah wants more out of life. He wants a man who can show him what it really means to be loved. When he meets Jedediah Gibbs, Noah falls head over heels in lust. The problem is, Jed won’t give him the time of day.

Having been scorned once already, Jed has sworn off love. He wants nothing to do with Noah or the human’s infatuation toward him. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. When Jed buys a gas station, Noah presents an offer Jed can’t refuse. Life in Bear County is getting exceedingly complicated. The harder Jed pushes Noah away, the more attracted he is to the man. But it takes Noah nearly dying for Jed to finally let down his guard and allow himself to love again.

My Review : Noah Cross has had the hots for the sexy bear shifter Jed for quite some time. Jed keeps pushing Noah away , because he knows that the sexy little man could break his heart.  He’s dealt with heartache before and he doesn’t want to have to go through that pain again. When Jed buys a gas station,  Noah sees the perfect opportunity to use his skills as a mechanic to make some more money and to get closer to his boss.

Jed knows the moment he gave Noah a job  that he was in trouble. It’s getting really hard to resist Noah’s charms. When Noah offers Jed no strings attached sex, Jed accepts thinking that he can keep his heart detached. Jed finds out how truly hard it is to not fall in love with Noah. Their first time together is spectacular and their second time is totally blissful. However , that bliss doesn’t last when Jed realizes that Noah is still not pregnant. Only if Noah is Jed’s mate will he get pregnant.  It’s obvious that they are not mates.

Noah makes the hardest decision to let Jed go now, rather than when Jed finds his mate. Jed is devastated that Noah is shredding his heart to pieces but he understands self preservation.  They decide to part ways and make love one last time baring their soul to each other. Their lovemaking was so heartbreakingly tender, it brought tears to my eyes.

It’s  been a few months since they’ve been apart, when Noah realizes that  he is pregnant with Jed’s baby. When he reveals the truth to Jed, Jed is a little upset Noah waited so long, but most of all, he is overjoyed.  Noah delivered triplets and gave Jed the perfect family that his soul yearned for . The Triple B ranch is expanding exponentially.  Can’t wait to see who is next. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


Bear County 1: Cowboy Love by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Love                     Word Count :29,559

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : After losing it all, Dresden is forced to move in with his uncle—a man who makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Dresden and his son there in the first place. With a two-year-old son to take care of, Dresden is increasingly desperate to move out of the drug-infested trailer park his uncle resides in. When he finds out his uncle’s dirty little secret, he must grab his son and run.

Being one of the partners of the Triple-B ranch and half owner of the Ugly Broad Saloon, Harland Macy tries to lead a simple life in Bear County. That is until he meets Dresden. What started out as simple fascination turns into a fantasy come to life. When he discovers that Dresden is not only his mate, but can conceive his child, Harland must find a way to stop Dresden’s troublesome uncle from destroying the life Harland so desperately yearns for.

My Review :  This was a really fun loving lighthearted story of a Bear of a man and a  down- on -his -luck gas station clerk.  As soon as Harland smelt the sweet scent wafting from the little man , he knew Dresden was his mate. Harland piques Dresden’s interest, but Dresden is afraid that his homophobic uncle will kick him and his young son to the curb. As much as he hates his uncle, he has to stay strong and grin and bear it to keep a roof over his son Markey’s head. Harland leaves him his phone number before they part ways and Dresden finds it hard to resist calling. Dresden is so lonely and just hearing Harland’s sexy as sin voice lifts his spirits while turning him on.

Harland can’t wait much longer, his bear is craving it’s mate. He finally convinces Dresden to get away from his horrible living situation.  Dresden knows he needs to get him and his son out of his uncle’s house before the man hurts them both.

Dresden feels a sense of peace at the ranch where Harland lives with his three best friends. Everyone falls in love with the beautiful little boy. Dresden really appreciates how much Harland cares for his son.  He finds himself falling for Harland and he can’t wait to immerse himself in all that manliness. Harland warns him that if they are mates there is a possibility that Dresden can become pregnant. He thinks Harland is a little cuckoo, but he wants to feel Harland  inside him so badly that he is willing to take the risk. 

Dresden cannot deny it for too much longer, when he keeps on feeling nauseous and paying homage to the toilet gods. He is pregnant,  he finds it  hard to wrap his mind around the fact that a man can be preggers. Dresden is nervous and exhilarated to be having a child with Harland. Harland is overjoyed to finally get the family that he’s always envisioned. He asks Dresden to marry him and of course Dresden accepts. The sex was awesome and they are both so in love. I can’t wait to read the other cowboys stories. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Predatory Hunters: Craving His Embrace by Lynn Hagen

Title : Craving His Embrace        Word Count : 24,734

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Trevor has the worst taste in men. So when he spots a hot guy at one of his tables, Trevor hesitates talking to the man. But a little flirting never hurt anyone. So Trevor thought. When Jordan invites him back to his hotel room, Trevor shows up and gets more than he bargained for.

Jordan Roderick is in Hawaii on a business trip but can’t resist the tasty little waiter. The guy flips every trigger Jordan possesses. He is drawn to Trevor in ways he never thought possible. Unfortunately, Jordan realizes that Trevor is a Chekota Breeder after two nights of blissful passion.

The two must flee in order to keep Jordan from being killed and Trevor from being kidnapped. But when Trevor is hauled away by two henchmen, Jordan must call on a friend in order to save the man who just might be carrying his child.

My Review : Jordan is in Hawaii on a business trip when he encounters the sweetest tempting morsel of a waiter. Trevor is instantly attracted and a little bit nervous of losing his job if he is seen fraternizing with the clientele. Jordan tries to put Trevor’s mind at ease and invites him to his hotel room after his shift. The chemistry between these two is spot on the minute Trevor arrives at Jordan’s hotel suite. They have a beautiful night together and Jordan makes it clear that he wants forever with Trevor. 

It’s after they make love that Jordan sees the mark on Trevor that exposes him as a Chekota breeder.  Jordan tries his best to explain to Trevor that there is a possibility that he might be pregnant. Trevor freaks out a bit, but after an attempted kidnapping, he decides to go home with Jordan to his panther territory. 

Trevor is feisty and brings a lot of fun and joy to the Panthers’ home. He is a little freaked out when he meets a pregnant Sari, but he really likes his new friend. He decides to embrace this experience wholeheartedly and him and Jordan start shopping for baby stuff. Jordan is excited and happy  to see that his mate is taking their relationship and impending fatherhood in strides. The sex was amazing between these two. This was a happily every after and I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Favorite Quotes : 1. He tightened one hand on his shaft, and used the other to let his fingers brush over the man’s lips.

“Taste me, sweetheart.” His cock was throbbing, the tip aiming for Trevor’s lips. “Open your mouth and give me what I want, baby.”  Trevor’s lips opened, and he moaned as the thick head pushed past them, stretching them wider.

“Oh yeah, such a hot little mouth.” Jordan groaned, wrapping his fingers around the base as he sank deeper in the hot depth, stopping only when Trevor’s eyes began to widen with fear.

“Relax your throat, Trevor,” he urged the man. ( This created such a visceral reaction,  it’s almost as if I am right there. Soooo hot.)

Predatory Hunter’s 1: Alpha’s Caress by Lynn Hagen

Title : Alpha’s Caress                                          Word Count : 27,456

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : I should have kept my big mouth shut. That’s all Sari Thorne can think as he’s escorted to a hotel in protective custody after witnessing a murder. Before he can testify, though, someone is sent to eliminate Sari. He flees and finds safety with a handsome man who changes his life in ways he never could have dreamed.

Alpha Maxwell Consenza is at the hotel for a meeting when he notices a man being escorted inside by three guards, a man who bears the unmistakable mark of a Chekota Breeder.

Max doesn’t think twice about helping Sari escape. He takes the man to his home in the Yosemite forest, where he tries to convince Sari that it’s his destiny to help carry on the race of gifted panther shifters. Sari thinks Max is insane. But when danger follows Sari to the forest, Max must keep Sari safe while helping him come to terms with his destiny, and what it means to be caressed by an alpha.

My Review : This is the first book in a new series I found from one of my favorite authors Lynn Hagen. I must say I was a little bit disappointed.  It has one of my favorite tropes,  male pregnancy,  but I thought that the book had too many gaps. I didn’t think there was a natural progression between  the two main characters Max and Sari. 

Sari who is human was a little resistant to adapt to the panther shifter world. Max realized from the first moment he saw Sari fleeing for his life how  special Sari is. Sari is a rare find, a Chekota breeder, someone who can prolong the longevity of the panther line. Sari didn’t believe that a man could get pregnant and he denied the very possibility right up to the end. He went from being afraid and trying to run from Max to being in a relationship with him in zero to sixty seconds. The sex was okay.  I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok, give it a try.  It had a good base, I just wished it had been fleshed out more.

Favorite Quotes : 1. “I want to fuck your mouth,” Max said as he nuzzled Sari’s neck.“I want to see those pretty lips open, watch my cock sink into your mouth.” (I got a rush from these words, very hot.)


Mossy Glenn Ranch 4: Fences and Freedom by Bailey Bradford

Title : Fences and Freedom                  Word Count : 52,899

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Ramsey Carmichael has never cared about anyone or anything except writing the next story, until one innocent man turns his life around.

Barney Rader can’t shake the label he’s always carried—that of the town’s poor kid. It’s been him and his mom ever since his dad died years ago. He’s struggling to make a living and bring home enough money to keep him and his mom going. After months of trying, Barney gets hired at the Mossy Glenn Ranch, and the first thing he learns is that he wants Ramsey Carmichael. Bad.

Ramsey Carmichael has fucked more men than he can remember, and Barney is one tempting piece of ass. But while Barney might be naive, he isn’t stupid. Before Ramsey knows what hits him, he’s tangled up with Barney—and re-examining his life. Ramsey doesn’t like what he discovers, but turning his life around is a lot easier said than done.

My Review : No doubt about it, Ramsey is a prickly asshole.  Mostly all the people at the Mossy Glenn Ranch hated him and I could definitely see why. Ramsey is an insufferable obnoxious excuse of a man that is just miserable and he doesn’t play nice with others. I couldn’t stand him for half of the book. He is selfish and a little underhanded in the way that he is posing as something he is not. It takes a man like Barney to chip away at all of Ramsey’s defenses and tear down those walls brick by  brick. Barney is a little naive, poor country boy who everyone sees as a big dumb oaf. Barney knows how everyone in town views him and his mother, but he doesn’t let that bother him. He is a beautiful,  caring, helpful person and he is just the sweetest man ever.

 From the very beginning,  Ramsey sees Barney as fresh meat , someone he could fool around with and get off. Barney sees someone who is lonely and who everyone despises. Barney decides to befriend Ramsey. Barney knows he is very attracted to Ramsey and even though he is warned that Ramsey is not a nice person, he takes the plunge and get to know him better. They quickly come up with a standing arrangement to get off with each other whenever they can. Ramsey was very selfish and uncaring of Barney’s needs. He doesn’t even touch Barney, making Barney do all the work.

 Ramsey finds himself needing something more than a hook up and he starts opening up surprisingly. After seeing the disgusting similarities to his own miserable father, he decides he wants something different for his life. He is so amazed at the closeness he has with Barney, he starts to cherish that  beautiful feeling that just might be love. Ramsey sees how precious Barney is and he wants to be a better man because of him. I am a little dissapointed though, because I didn’t really feel all that invested in their relationship.  I just didn’t feel the chemistry that I have felt with other main characters of Bailey Bradford.  I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 

Mossy Glenn Ranch 3: Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford

Title : Saddles and Memories           Word Count :56,243

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Salt Johnson has had his heart broken, or at least his ego dented, but he’s about to meet a man who wipes away every bad memory Salt ever had.

Saul ‘Salt’ Johnson had a crush on the wrong man. No surprise. He doesn’t have much experience when it comes to relationships despite his age. Being a cowboy in Montana means keeping in the closet, which has left Salt with a long line of one-night stands. Getting hired on at the Mossy Glenn changes all of that, and he’s beginning to see that maybe he can have more than he’s been settling for.

He just doesn’t expect to find it with another one-night stand.

Andy Calder spent years taking care of his brother Destry and helping to raise his nephew, Ty. Now both are gone—Destry passed away and Ty being raised by Andy’s spiteful younger brother. Andy hasn’t forgiven himself for being manipulated after Destry’s death. He just hopes Ty is happy. Andy’s working hard to build up the company he’d started with Destry, wanting to leave Ty a legacy he could build on. Things just aren’t going as planned, and when he decides to blow off some steam with a sexy, rough cowboy, they end up connecting in a way neither of them ever expected.

It’s definitely not a one-night stand kind of thing.

My Review :  I am really enjoying this new series by Bailey Bradford.  The main characters are very relatable,  it’s not just twinks and perfectly chiseled bodies. These are real men with love handles, laugh lines, hard working sunburned,  sweaty stinky cowboys. Ooh la la , I’m in hog heaven. 

The  two main characters are older,  Salt who we met in the previous book , he is 45 and he meets a sexy one night stand Andy who is 37. Andy has his own start up business where he is trying to sell organic feed to ranches. He has some painful memories he is trying to outrun. He finds himself feeling listless and craving more than a one night with the sexy ranch hand Salt. Salt has to hold back his feelings because he doesn’t want to come off as too clingy. He yearns for a relationship where he is settled and can have a home with a partner. He is really drawn to Andy and he likes how their conversations are easygoing and the sex is amazing.

The sex between these  two is all about pushing boundaries and getting to a comfortable place for both of them. Andy doesn’t consider himself to be a Dom,  but he can be forceful and play rough when he needs. Salt is not submissive, but he craves a hard touch and he totally gets that with Andy spanking that lean ass of his.  Sex is a messy business and it is so much hotter that way. Andy is raunchy and he prefers to have a sweaty cowboy in his bed. He just can’t get enough of Salt’s flavour after he’s been at work all day in the hot sun. Hot , hot , hot😊.

They both come to the realization that they need something more than a quick hook up from the other. They decide to give a monogamous relationship a try even though it will probably be long distance. 

Andy’s painful memories that he’s been trying to outrun finally catches up to him. His brother calls to tell him that his nephew  Ty who lived with him as a kid, ran away. Andy is worried sick and has to leave abruptly from the weekend getaway he had planned with Salt. Salt is very understanding and tells Andy how much he adores him and has his back. This crisis definitely brings them closer together and drives  home the fact that they can’t live apart for too much longer. They crave being in each other’s presence and they make the necessary arrangements for Andy and his nephew to live with Salt on the ranch. They all ended up with the family that they always hoped for. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Though the tickling as the cum seeped back out of him could stop. Salt remembered exactly how Andy had solved that problem last time.  As if reading his mind, Andy whispered, “Can’t wait to lick you clean.” ( Hot damn, if this book gets any raunchier, I will be in a constant orgasmic state. It’s like a fucking wet dream that never ends 😇.)