Mossy Glenn Ranch 4: Fences and Freedom by Bailey Bradford

Title : Fences and Freedom                  Word Count : 52,899

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Ramsey Carmichael has never cared about anyone or anything except writing the next story, until one innocent man turns his life around.

Barney Rader can’t shake the label he’s always carried—that of the town’s poor kid. It’s been him and his mom ever since his dad died years ago. He’s struggling to make a living and bring home enough money to keep him and his mom going. After months of trying, Barney gets hired at the Mossy Glenn Ranch, and the first thing he learns is that he wants Ramsey Carmichael. Bad.

Ramsey Carmichael has fucked more men than he can remember, and Barney is one tempting piece of ass. But while Barney might be naive, he isn’t stupid. Before Ramsey knows what hits him, he’s tangled up with Barney—and re-examining his life. Ramsey doesn’t like what he discovers, but turning his life around is a lot easier said than done.

My Review : No doubt about it, Ramsey is a prickly asshole.  Mostly all the people at the Mossy Glenn Ranch hated him and I could definitely see why. Ramsey is an insufferable obnoxious excuse of a man that is just miserable and he doesn’t play nice with others. I couldn’t stand him for half of the book. He is selfish and a little underhanded in the way that he is posing as something he is not. It takes a man like Barney to chip away at all of Ramsey’s defenses and tear down those walls brick by  brick. Barney is a little naive, poor country boy who everyone sees as a big dumb oaf. Barney knows how everyone in town views him and his mother, but he doesn’t let that bother him. He is a beautiful,  caring, helpful person and he is just the sweetest man ever.

 From the very beginning,  Ramsey sees Barney as fresh meat , someone he could fool around with and get off. Barney sees someone who is lonely and who everyone despises. Barney decides to befriend Ramsey. Barney knows he is very attracted to Ramsey and even though he is warned that Ramsey is not a nice person, he takes the plunge and get to know him better. They quickly come up with a standing arrangement to get off with each other whenever they can. Ramsey was very selfish and uncaring of Barney’s needs. He doesn’t even touch Barney, making Barney do all the work.

 Ramsey finds himself needing something more than a hook up and he starts opening up surprisingly. After seeing the disgusting similarities to his own miserable father, he decides he wants something different for his life. He is so amazed at the closeness he has with Barney, he starts to cherish that  beautiful feeling that just might be love. Ramsey sees how precious Barney is and he wants to be a better man because of him. I am a little dissapointed though, because I didn’t really feel all that invested in their relationship.  I just didn’t feel the chemistry that I have felt with other main characters of Bailey Bradford.  I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 

One thought on “Mossy Glenn Ranch 4: Fences and Freedom by Bailey Bradford

  1. Hi guys , I’ve done quite a few posts already and I would really appreciate your feedback on what you have liked so far and even what you haven’t liked. You can also give me suggestions on other LGBT romances that I might not have read yet and I could review it when I’m done reading. Let’s open up the communication lines. I’m really curious to meet some of my followers. C’mon, drop me a line 😉


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