Stockton Wolves 1: Get Off my Case by Lisa Oliver

Title : Get off my Case         Word Count :69,777

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : The first 20,000 words of this story were published as a free read for the Goodreads MMRomance Group Love’s Landscapes Project. 49,000 words have been added to make this into the book my characters wanted it to be.

Shane West was used to being the only wolf shifter at the Stockton Police Department. His enhanced senses helped him do his job efficiently and he prided himself on keeping control of his animal instincts. Gay from the first day he’d shifted, he also expected to live his long life alone, and provided it meant that he didn’t have to come into contact with any of his ex-pack, he told himself he was happy. And he was. Until Dimitri Polst was assigned as his new partner.

Confirmed ladies man, Dimitri Polst knew Shane from before he’d ever shifted into his wolf form. Two years older and from the same pack, Dimitri had made it his teenage mission to bring as much pain and humiliation to pretty-boy Shane as possible. But years later, he searched for that pretty boy, now all grown up, with a completely different mission in mind.

Being fated mates was hard enough, but when one man is straight and the other one has no reason to trust, then sparks are bound to fly. Add in a serial killer who is making inroads into the gay population and a possible shifter involvement, and Shane and Dimitri have a lot of thing to overcome before they get their HEA.

My Review : Shane has come a far way to become the man that he was destined to be. He is definitely not the geeky little short stuff who got picked on constantly by the bigger wolves in his pack. Shane has put on some bulk and he has left  his pack behind after telling his parents that he is gay. Being gay is something that is not acceptable in his old pack, so he decides to sever all ties and move to Stockton where he is a respected detective, despite his sexuality.

  One of Shane’s main tormentors from high school was Dimitri. He always had a crush on Dimitri and this is what made it so hard for him. After Dimitri’s first shift, he realized that Shane was his mate. However,  Dimitri is straight and he keeps on denying his mate bond for several years.  His wolf fights him on this and this is one of the main reasons he moves to Stockton to be with his mate. Shane is a bit stand-offish and very confused about forging a relationship with his mate.Their relationship is definitely not one demensional and it causes great conflict, no matter how they feel pulled to each other. Their life is fraught with tension, both their professional and intimate lives. There are many barriers that have to be overcome  due to them being enemies in their teenage years and all the hurt feelings on both sides. There are some things that just can’t be erased even though it’s been forgiven. Sometimes it’s the hard truths in our lives that help us to heal and it can also repair torn relationships. 

The passion between the two wolves is electrifying and is cause for some really hot sex scenes. For  Dimitri,  sex with a man is uncharted territory but he soon revels in his explorations.  For Shane who always identified as being gay, sex with his mate was a reawakening of his senses and a co-mingling of their souls. It was so much fun watching these two navigate the  sexual side of their relationship.  They were both evenly matched sexy dominant men. They were switch hitters who each had a turn to get into each other. This led to  lots of marathon sex and I was right there with them all the way. 

Our notions about our sexuality are usually deeply ingrained from a really young age . This is why Dimitri’s constant denial that he is not gay is understandable , but it causes untold  pain for his mate. Even though he’s thought about claiming his male mate for years, actually putting it into practice is entirely different and is cause for quite a few setbacks on his journey to lifelong happiness. For me   this added a touch of realness to their situation because it showed that  despite them being shifters, their relationship wasn’t uncomplicated. It wasn’t all about forever love and all their problems would dissappear once they mated. Relationships take lots of work and we all make mistakes along the way. I really appreciated this quality and how it makes Dimitri seem genuine in my estimation. That being said,  my heart broke for Shane for the rejection, confusion and hurt he was undergoing from a man that should cherish him above all else.  It is testament to Shane’s strength that keeps him going throughout it all.

By working together in both a professional and personal capacity,  they were able to learn a lot about each. They were able to put the past were it belonged and conquered all obstacles that stood in the path of their happiness. This was really a full-bodied story , all the components worked for me. The back story was great and I really liked the secondary characters that were introduced. I am hoping that they each get their own stories. It was great fun watching it all unfold. I applaud Lisa Oliver for another great read, I am never dissapointed.  Dimitri and Shane have a beautiful happy ever after to their love story.  They were able to trust and love each other wholeheartedly.  I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators.