Boyfriend For Rent by Jamie Lake

Title: Boyfriend For Rent             Word Count: 91pgs           Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:When Casey’s long term boyfriend suddenly locks him out of the house, he thinks his world has ended. Who would have known after everything they’d been through together Father McDermott, a Catholic priest he has secretly been dating would do something like that to him?

Then he meets Hunter, a slightly older, slow-talking, smart but simple country boy who takes him in and teaches Casey to believe in himself, what true love is, and how to please a real man in bed (or on his knees).

My Review: This book is a very light, comfortable,  short read. After four years of hiding with his closeted pastor boyfriend,  Casey gets a rude awakening when he is kicked out for touching the pastor’s arm in public. The pastor lashes out at Casey and points out all the things he hated about him and puts him down for his effeminate ways. Casey is distraught and devoid of all prospects without any money to call his own and nowhere to go.  He sees an ad in the paper for a room to rent in the country and decides to check it out. When he gets there he is faced with a big mountain of and man. Hunter takes pity on Casey and allows him to stay and help him out on the farm even though he can’t afford the rent. Casey gets to know Hunter and realizes that he is one of the kindest , sweetest person he’s ever met who willingly stands up for others. Hunter is not the most educated and he is a little bit rough around the edges and he is straight. Casey really starts falling for Hunter and Hunter finds himself attracted to Casey. Casey and Hunter balance each other’s insecurities. This was a sweet read , not a lot of drama or a lot of sex. There is only one sex scene and it’s very tame. This one for me was just ok. I’ll give it my ratings of 3- give it a try.