The Bent Zealots MC 1: A Dangerous Reality by Layla Wolfe

Title :  A Dangerous Reality          Word Count : 81,000

Genre : Dark Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : TURK. My club sent me to track him down. And when my mission was over, I never wanted another one again. When I found him, I kicked the crap out of Havelock Singer. I issued the mightiest beatdown of all time. Problem is, we’re evenly matched. We’re equals in every way, and when we finished whaling on each other, exhausted, we fell into each other’s arms.

I’ve never regretted it for an instant. It’s been the ride of my life. But loving another man in the MC world is a risky business. As if our business isn’t already brutal and ruthless enough, Lock’s homophobic sergeant-at-arms Stumpy gets an eyeful of our lovemaking and blackmails us into doing some of his dirty work, or be exposed for what we are—a couple of deviants.

This run into the Indian reservation is sleazy and beneath us, but now I’m cornered, and I’ll do anything to keep my sweet Master from being lynched by his club.

LOCK. When that kingpin Carmine Rojas got a load of my beautiful stallion Turk Blackburn, he’d stop at nothing to have him—and Rojas gets what he wants. It’s my fault we’re in this situation. I should’ve kicked Turk’s ass and sent him packing back to The Bare Bones. I wasn’t even close to being ready to come out, but now they’re forcing my hand.

I can hear my destiny calling me. Either I’ll slink back to my club like a hetero bounty hunter with no morals—and no respect from anyone in my own backyard—or I’ll step up to the plate and be the lion of the day.

Either way, my lover and I are screwed. Our clubs are going to hound us underground or into another country before we escape this mess—if we don’t die trying.

“Living off the grid and being an outlaw brings a dangerous reality.” –Ron Perlman

Publisher’s warning: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes of gay sex, consensual BDSM, illegal doings, dubious consent, and man-on-man violence.

My Review :   Turk and Lock start out as enemies and rivals from opposite motorcycle clubs. They have a big slap down drawn out fight when Turk recognizes Lock as the guy his cheating ex was having a tryst with in the back of a club. Turk feels betrayed and hurt by his boyfriend. All those feelings come to the fore when he sees Lock again. It is clear that they are evenly matched. There is an underlying sensuality during their fight that somehow reveals to them the thin line between hatred and passion. Their erections definitely expose their need for each other. Being the tough bikers that  they are and being in the company of other homophobic bikers,  they walk away. It is not long before they meet again. When it becomes obvious that someone from Lock’s group the  Assassin’s is infringing on Turk’s product,  they end up working together. Their passion ignites and they just can’t seem to resist each other as much as Lock denies that he is gay.

At times I felt as if I needed a biker’s dictionary to truly decipher what was being said. I liked the book, I just think that it would have been a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable without all the excessive slang and lingo to deal with. The darkness and the brutality of both characters was somehow tantalizing,  it kept me wanting more. I really liked how Turk was a power bottom, he did a whole lot of topping from the bottom. I really enjoyed Lock’s dirty talk, he is definitely crude and not everyone will appreciate his personality. Each man is exactly what the other needs in their life. Lock’s resistant nature is just what Turk needs. Turk enjoys cajoling and luring Lock who adamantly professes to be straight to the dark side .  

 Things become treacherous for them when they are found out by the vindictive sergeant of arms Stumpy who seem to have it out for Lock.  Before they can admit to themselves or each other, how special they are, Stumpy’s nefarious plans gets deeper. They become embroiled in a  mess which involves a drug cartel kingpin who seems fixated on Turk. Turk tries to go along with the kingpin’s plan to save their lives , but he finds out how truly in love he is with Lock when his body fails to respond sexually.

When they are let go, it becomes clear to both men that they would do anything to be with each other. A plan starts forming in Lock’s mind when he comes across another gay biker Ormond  who doesn’t belong to a club because of his sexuality. After dealing with their enemies,  they resign from their respective motorcycle clubs and welcomed the birth of their own gay motorcycle club, the Bent Zealots. This is raw and gritty and the perfect kind of love to showcase the passion these big , burly bikers have for each other. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.