Of Dragons and Wolves 6 : Falling in Love Again by Marcy Jacks

Title :  Falling in Love Again      Word Count : 35,801

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Garret Abbot is an alpha wolf amongst a clan of dragons, and the gorgeous healer, Kristoff, has caught his eye. Now he can’t go back to his pack.

Garret is driving himself and his wolf insane by keeping away. He hasn’t been interested in more than a one night stand since the death of his mate and child, and now here is someone else he feels the mating call for.

Garret feels it so intensely that he comes on too strong during their first round of fabulous sex, and he bites Kristoff without his permission, sealing them together forever.

Kristoff was forced once before, and he never wants to be in that position again. If Garret doesn’t want to lose his new mate, he will do everything in his power to make up for his mistake, including giving his life to make sure hunters don’t harm the only man he’s come to love in years.

My Review : Conner’s  older brother Garett is very confused about his feelings after meeting the dragon doctor Kristoff.  He has only ever had one night stands after his female mate died in childbirth and he has never been attracted to a man before. On the other hand, Kristoff senses the attraction that the alpha wolf feels for him , but it scares him. 

After weeks of watching Kristoff with such intensity,  Garett decides to approach him. He goes to Kristoff’s room with the intention of speaking with him , but as soon as he sees the sleep rumpled healer his body gets other ideas. Before he knows what’s happening,  he is kissing and seducing Kristoff.  Garett has a very domineering personality that scares Kristoff,  but makes him oh so hot. Kristoff decides to accept the alpha’s dominance if only to prove to himself that he is not broken. Kristoff was attacked and raped by wolf alphas previously and this is where his fear stems from.

Garett is so carried away by his lust that he bites Kristoff and mates with him. Kristoff is furious that once again something is taken away from him against his will. When Aris the high dragon gets involved Garett sees the error of his ways. He decides to curtail his dominance and try to woo his mate instead. Kristoff is very impressed with his alpha, but before they can further their relationship Garett is shot while protecting his mate and some other dragons of the castle. Garett’s bravery goes a far way to solidifying the peace treaty between the wolves and the dragons.

Their relationship changes for the better when Kristoff realized how close he came to losing Garett. They had amazing chemistry and they were on the road to having a blissful life together.

We get glimpses of Roman who is still hunting for the shapeshifter who killed his mate Kendrick. Clatcher , another dragon warrior has been helping him. Clatcher makes it very clear that he is in love with Roman, but Roman tries to gently rebuff him as he is still pining over his dead mate. When Clatcher offers his body to be used in place of his true love, Roman can’t resist his physical need. My heart aches for both these men, because Roman’s feelings will always be held back because of the love he feels for another. Clatcher is so desperate to be loved by Roman that he will endure any emotional turmoil just to have a piece of Roman. Things are getting  really strange at the castle. Can’t wait to see what happens.  I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


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