The Cat’s Meow- Assassin’s Pride 1 by Stormy Glenn

Title : The Cat’s Meow- Assassin’s Pride 1          Word Count :55,686

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not always a bad thing…

Noah Anderson is odd and he knows it. He has a strong obsessive compulsive disorder that keeps him organized but distances him from the world around him. He doesn’t have any friends, family, or even a lover. He’s never had a lover. When he finds himself in the wrong place at the right time, Noah discovers that the dangers posed by having sex for the first time pale in comparison to having sex with the assassin that comes to kill him, even if it means his life.

Gage Tynan is a killer. It’s what he’s always been. And he excelled at his job until he jumped into the car of a passing motorist when his latest mission goes wrong. The man driving is so odd that Gage suspects he might have been sent to harm him. Gage has no idea that the little man that asks him to take his cat will change his life in ways he has no clue of. Gage is dragged into a world of shifters and exiled kings, one where his strength will be called upon to keep Noah safe from the pride soldiers sent to keep him from taking the throne.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

My Review : I really loved the chemistry between Gage and Noah. Noah was so adorably clueless and uncoordinated., but he was also a kind and gentle soul. He was exactly what professional killer Gage needed in his life. It’s certainly not everyday that your car gets hijacked and you cordially ask the hijacker to put on their seat belt. Noah is unlike anyone else that Gage has ever stumbled across in his life. To Noah , the world is very uncomplicated as long as his immediate space is clean and tidy. He doesn’t understand a lot of the nuances and sarcasm in everyday life. He is honest to a fault, inexperienced and incredibly  lonely for human interaction. Gage sees Noah as a walking disaster who needs a protector  and he decides to apply for that position. He needs something new and different in his jaded existence.

 When Gage seduces Noah and takes his virginity he doesn’t realize the special qualities that he has awakened in  Noah. Noah is a royal shifter who transforms into a house cat and since he is no longer a virgin, his cat shifter abilities are no longer dormant. All other cat shifters and house cats are drawn to his aura. This is really dangerous for Noah, because now everyone is able to pinpoint his location and his uncle the current ruler of the pride sends men to kill Noah. Gage decides that no one is gonna take away the man that he is falling deeper in love with. He is ready to protect  Noah with all of his being, and that’s a lot since he has now gained super strength and abilities in order to properly take care of his royal mate.

Noah is still very insecure and his unsurity crops up when he is faced with a decision on whether he wants to rule his pride. This sparks an argument between him and Gage, causing Gage to storm out. Noah is left in tears feeling sorry for himself and believing that Gage has left him for good. Gage realizes that he has made a mistake by not staying and working things out. He goes home and work things out with his little kitty cat and help him to take over his pride. 

Wild make up sex between Gage and Noah helps to strengthen their bond and restore their trust in each other. They used sex as a communication tool in their relationship.  What a way to communicate😉.  I love it. I give this one my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. I have a vested interest in keeping your ass safe.” Gage grinned down at Noah and wiggled his eyebrows. “I plan on using it later tonight.” ( Gage is crude, but he is just what Noah needs to pull him out of his shell.)

NOTE: If you’ve previously bought this book, I don’t think you need to buy the revised edition,  I didn’t notice a difference.

Billie Jean by Claire Davis

Title : Billie Jean                                Word Count :18,430

Genre: Gay Romance/ Erotica

Blurb :Niall has a boyfriend. Dan. His hot, beefy, bad-ass cop boyfriend, with protective instincts galore and an inexplicable weakness for a certain flighty – and flexible – dance major. Things are getting hot and heavy and Niall is realizing exactly how cherished and wanted and safe he is in Dan’s hands. And he thinks he just may have met the one man he can trust with his secret. But he hesitates, and the decision is taken out of his hands. Dan knows. Will he run? Or will Niall have the nerve to stick around long enough to find out?

My Review : This was a very sexy short read and  the two main characters are juxtaposed nicely. You have Dan who is a big bad-ass cop and his boyfriend who is a dancer. Niall likes to surprise Dan by waiting in his car and he has lots of fantasies of Dan fucking him in public. I think most people have had one or two fantasies about public exhibitions.  It’s a thrill, a panty wetter if I say so myself😉. Speaking of panties, Niall has a little secret that he keeps to himself. He loves to wear sexy lacy panties around the house when he does the dishes, watches movies and when he is dancing. Dan comes home unexpectedly and catches Niall dancing around in his sexy little number. He is definitely turned on and he doesn’t waste time in showing Niall how hot he is for his bod. He pounds  Niall into the matress, taking him to heaven.

Dan the gentle giant treats Niall so precious, but Niall doubts that he deserves Dan’s affection, because he’s never been special to anyone before. I really love Dan’s and Niall’s chemistry and they definitely balance each other out. Then Niall gets kidnapped by criminals who are out to exact revenge on Dan for sending their brother to prison. Dan’s goes out of his mind when he is sent a picture message showing Niall all tied up. Niall is let go and disoriented, but in his confusion he finds his way to Dan’s precinct. Dan could care less about what his fellow officers think about his relationship . He was just so happy to see Niall unharmed. He takes Niall home and pampers him while the shock wears off and the tears flow.This incident solidifies in their minds how much they mean to each other and Niall sees how proud Dan is to be with him when he takes him to the police man’s ball. This was really hot and sexy with all the outdoors and kinky sex. I really loved how free and open they were to trying new things. It was way too short , I would have loved to read more. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

My Favorite Quotes :

1. Then he just stared at my arse hole. Now, that doesn’t sound like much, but fuck me backwards with a spoon— it was hot as hell. I felt dirty, cheap and hot, as he spread my butt cheeks and just… looked, then circled my hole with his thumbs— so arousing I tried to grab my own cock, but he stopped me by putting my hands behind my back and holding them together. ( Niall remembering what Dan had done to him.) This got me hotter than a damn volcano😁.


Omorphi by C. Kennedy

Title : Omorphi                                 Word Count :189,675

Genre : Young Adult / Gay Romance

Blurb : High school senior Michael Sattler leads a charmed life. He’s a star athlete, has great friends, and parents who love him just the way he is. What’s missing from his life is a boyfriend. That’s a problem because he’s out only to his parents and best friend. When Michael accidentally bumps into Christy Castle at school, his life changes in ways he never imagined. Christy is Michael’s dream guy: smart, pretty, and sexy. But nothing could have prepared Michael for what being Christy’s boyfriend would entail.

Christy needs to heal after years of abuse and knows he needs help to do it. After the death of his notorious father, he leaves his native Greece and settles in upstate New York. Alone, afraid, and left without a voice, Christy hides the myriad scars of his abuse. He desperately wants to be loved and when he meets Michael, he dares to hope that day has arrived. When one of Michael’s teammates turns enemy, and an abuser from Christy’s past seeks to return him to a life of slavery, only Michael and Christy’s combined strength and unwavering determination can save them from the violence that threatens to destroy their future together.

My Review: From the very beginning where we are introduced to Christy, we see that he is very special.  Christy is androgynous , he’s very tiny and looks very pretty and he doesn’t speak due to a trauma that he has sustained to his neck. He has had to endure sexual abuse since he was a child. His father kept him locked away where he was repeatedly abused and passed around to the father’s business partners. They were able to do whatever they wanted to Christy. Christy is incredibly scarred both emotionally and physically and like most victims he sees himself as a dirty, broken human being.Christy’s survival speaks to resiliency.

Michael knows what he likes, he has never had a boyfriend but he has a huge crush on Christy. He has no clue the extent of  the emotional baggage he is getting when he approaches Christy. Once he gets to know Christy, he realizes how much repair and rejuvenation he will have to do to Christy’s self esteem. Their relationship is definitely not easy, it is conflicted and convoluted with secrets of Christy’s past. He finds it hard to open up to Michael about all the atrocities that has been done to him. Michael tries hard to pull Christy out of his shell and protect him from all the demons that are chasing him figuratively and physically. 

This book was over 500 pgs long and I really think that it could have been reduced by taking out some of the unnecessary drama. After awhile I found that the drama became very unrealistic for what a high school student would normally have to endure. It was a little off-putting for me. To give an example, one of the bad guys shoots Michael and by the next day Michael is back at school to protect Christy. I think these scenes were overly dramatized and was just far beyond the capacity of what is expected of a typical 18yr old. That being said, as much as I wanted to put down the book, I couldn’t because the storyline was riveting and I couldn’t wait to see how everything turned out for this couple.

The sex between these two main characters was really good. Michael really allowed Christy to truly be himself by wearing all the frilly girly underwear that he wanted. This really turned Michael on and was Christy’s way of feeling pretty. He believed that the feminine underwear and makeup really transformed him into a beautiful person,  someone who wasn’t tainted by all the abuse.

Michael and Christy finally got their happily ever after amidst all the craziness. I really appreciated this story after reading the author’s note at the end. It says that the abuse suffered by Christy in this story is based on real events. All I can say is how utterly horrifying it must be for someone to have these life experiences.  My heart truly goes out to everyone who has ever suffered through abuse especially children. I give this my ratings of 4 – not only because the chemistry between Michael and Christy was super hot. My ratings are for all the Christys in the world who have endured, survived and conquered their demons and heartfelt tears for those who didn’t make it through. 

Pushed by E.M. Leya

Title : Pushed                                  Word Count :49,065

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Tyler really needs the advertised nursing job after the recent break-up left him with nothing more than a bag of clothes and his car. To his surprise, the child he thought he would be caring for turns out to be a fully-grown, angry, young man who appears to be busy feeling sorry for himself.

Jason is more than fed up at his mother’s attempts to coddle him while he is fighting his own demons. When the new nurse appears, he tries to send him packing straight away. He doesn’t need or want anyone’s help.

The two strike a deal to help them with their situation, working together to try and piece back their broken lives and find a way to move forward.

Overcoming their differences and finding common ground isn’t easy at first, but Tyler is convinced he can prove to Jason that there is so much more to look forward to. A little trust and honesty can go a long way into helping both of them heal and show that sometimes it takes just a gentle push to make big things happen.

My Review : From the very first moment we meet Jason, it’s clear to see that he is lashing out like a bear because he is lonely, hurt and he feels trapped into a body that portrays him as half of a man. He is a man who has been to war in Afghanistan and came home, only to have a car accident turn him into a double amputee with a useless right arm. He is stuck in his third floor rooms with overbearing parents who are constantly pushing him to talk about his feelings. He has given up on trying to convince them that he is not a threat to himself. They have hired Tyler a down on his luck nurse who has just endured a horrible breakup and needs to get away from sunny California. Tyler is just the right person to push back and get Jason to get moving again.

 After a few weeks Jason realizes how good Tyler is for his sanity. Their attraction for each other starts building slowly but surely. They are both hesitant, because  they each think the other is straight. Jason is scared and insecure about Tyler’s reaction to his scarred and broken body. On the other hand, Tyler is worried about losing his position and the only home he has at that moment.  Despite their secret attraction , a very easy friendship plays out with these two. There is a nice build up in this story that makes it a very sweet romance. 

Once they figured each other out, Jason became very assertive in the bedroom which was cause for some hot fun. Who doesn’t like a man who knows what he wants and takes charge? I know I certainly enjoy the efforts of assertive men😉. Tyler truly offers a new lease on life to Jason in every way.  He has totally rejuvenated Jason’s mind , body and spirit. Tyler has carved out the perfect man for  himself. They both trusted each other implicitly and formed a stronger bond than they could have ever imagined. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

For a Price by Hallie Burton

Title : For a Price                            Word Count : 51,367

Genre : Young Adult / Gay Romance

Blurb : At seventeen, Charles “Trey” Maddox Taft III has had better years. His father ran off with a younger woman, and with no alimony or child support, his family has to move from affluent Coconut Grove to a rough neighborhood near Miami’s Little Havana. It’s a completely different world, but Trey is determined to make the best of a bad situation, if only no one finds out he’s gay.

On Trey’s first day in his new territory, he’s saved from being run over by local bad boy Bobby Cruz. Bobby is an unabashedly gay, sexually active high school senior who’s tired of one-night stands. After meeting preppie Trey, Bobby decides to try something new. Things go well at first, but being in a relationship is tricky and might take more work than either wants to do.

My Review :  This really had a great story line.  It solidified in my mind why I like opposites attract tropes. Bobby is a tough guy from the Barrio and Trey was the nerdy former rich kid. They really complemented each other and it was fun to watch their young love blossom.  Trey realizes he is attracted to Bobby from the moment he laid eyes on him. Bobby teases Trey mercilessly about his preppy clothes. Throughout all of this a precious undeniable friendship is fostered between the two. After giving Trey a makeover,  Trey kisses Bobby and they start to explore their passions  for each other. Their explorations had the right amount of steamy for a coming of age story.

At the end of summer when Bobby’s friends come back from vacation,  Trey sees that he might have some competition for Bobby’s affection from Hazy , Bobby’s best friend. After some posturing and mistakes Hazy and Trey realize that they can be friends for Bobby’s sake and Bobby and Trey realize how special it is to have their kind of connection.    

Bobby and his friends become a part of Trey’s family. This shows that family is not only by blood and DNA. Family can be about the people who we open our hearts to and  who in turn open up and let us in their lives and take precious care to mold that love. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.

When Harry met Jason by Sean Micheal

Title : When Harry met Jason         Word Count :50,483

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : The world met Harry, Jason and Sammy in Between Friends, Sean Michael’s popular novel about a pair of couples and the troubles they face. When Harry Met Jason goes back in time to when cop Harry met just-graduated Jason, who’s living with his college roommate Sammy and worrying about trying to find a job.

When a frat party goes bad, Jason ends up more than just drunk, but Harry shows up just in time, policing the party and taking Jason home. That’s the start of something neither one of them can deny, a relationship that Harry wants to take slow, while Jason would like to go in fast forward.

The party starts something for Jason’s best friend Sammy, too, something not so great. He’s been hurt, and is being stalked to boot, which makes Jason hesitant to leave Sammy alone to pursue Harry.

As Harry and Jason become closer and closer, Sammy’s stalkers get more and more violent, until finally something has to break. Can Harry and Jason keep Sammy safe and fall in love all at the same time? Read this wonderful love story today and find out!

My Review : What can I say , you just can’t go wrong with Sean Micheal. I really loved this one,  it was just a really sweet romance with a hint of drama. Jason is a sweet little twink who Officer Harry rescues at a graduation celebration after someone drugs the beer. Jason is so out of it and so incoherent.  Instead of putting him in the drunk tank, Harry takes him home and lets Jase sleep it off in his bed. When Jase wakes up in a strange bed,  he realize he didn’t dream officer Harry.  He thinks of Harry as his hero and he is proven correct as time and time again Harry helps him out in his drama filled life. 

 Jase’s roommate and bestie Sammy was also hurt at the party. He was badly beaten by a few guys who he claims not to remember. Jase encourages Sammy to file a report but Sammy’s fear causes him to clam up.  Sammy’s tormentors are watching their house and they get really bold with their threatening phone calls. Jase is really worried for Sammy’s state of mind and well-being. 

Officer Harry decides to get his makeshift family out of harms way by offering them a place to stay until the perpetrators are caught.Jase and Harry’s relationship grows stronger and stronger the more time they spend with each other. The sex was really hot between these two. They had so much chemistry and they both couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Their relationship grows into an equal partnership in every way possible.   Harry asks Jase to move in permanently after everything is resolved with Sammy’s situation. After the guys are caught Sammy moves back to their old apartment.  We see Sammy being fragile , but trying to get stronger on his own. I  can’t wait to read about Sammy’s journey. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Wet Paint by Will Parkinson

Title : Wet Paint     Word Count :70,995           Genre : Young Adult / Gay Romance

Blurb: Although Addy’s heart and body bear the scars from his life before he was adopted by the Deans, he’s ached for something he thought he would never find. Until he met Benny. He isn’t sure how anyone can care for someone as broken as he is, even though he wants it desperately.

High school senior Benny Peters has his whole life planned out for him, until a chaste kiss at summer camp opens a new world of possibilities. Determined to erase Addy’s insecurities, Benny works to take away his boyfriend’s pain and replace it with love.

When Addy’s past intrudes on their future, it’s going to take everything Benny can muster to show that no matter what–or who–they face, they belong together.

My Review : My heart broke for Addy, he was such a sweet tortured soul. Addy is adopted and he is slowly learning to open up to these wonderful giving parents, the Deans. He has been put through the wringer and he is trying to overcome the trauma he has sustained after years of abuse. His biological father had abused him emotionally, physically and sexually from the age of six. Addy is a strong sixteen year old who is trying to put his life together bit by bit. He goes to Camp Care where he undergoes some intensive healing through the use of art. Best friends Taylor and Benny gives him the tools to express himself and allows him to see what true friendship means. He opens up even more to Benny on the one on one talks that they have. Addy feels safe with Benny even though Benny is such a big guy. He kisses Benny and it confuses Benny because he is straight, but there is just something about Addy he can’t resist.  He feels the need to cherish and protect Addy and show him what pure love is. 

Benny was the epitome of a great man. He was almost saint-like. Benny truly was the kindest person there was who looked out for his friends and others.  He hated watching the people he loved being bullied, so he was always there to protect them. Even though it was his first time with a guy, he took to it like a fish to water. He treated Addy like gold and made him feel special in a way that nobody else had before. Addy was resilient and he found his strength through Benny’s love. This was a sweet romantic story, not a lot of sex scenes but powerful nonetheless.  I give this one my ratings of 4 – not because it was steamy, but because the characters were resilient and learnt from each other what true friendship and loving is all about.

Nail Polish and Feathers by Jo Ramsey

Title : Nail Polish and Feathers     Word Count :74,223      Genre : Young Adult/ Gay

Blurb : Sixteen-year-old Evan Granger has no problems with being gay. Despite his mother’s objections, he wears nail polish and makeup to school and pursues his goal of becoming a professional drag queen.

TV drag star Taffy Sweet gives encouragement and Evan’s cousin Holly tries to protect him, but school bullies abuse him so badly because of his sexuality and the girly way he dresses that he ends up at the hospital emergency room. After that, even his new crush, a closeted football jock named Moe Garcia, is unhappy about Evan’s choice to live his life openly gay. But even in girly clothes and nail polish, Evan is a force to be reckoned with, and he soon shows the bullies—and everyone else—that beating a drag queen up does not mean the queen is beaten down.

My Review : I must say I really ran the gamut of emotions reading this book. Evan is a sixteen year old that is gay and likes to wear some feminine apparel and nail polish. Needless to say he gets picked on constantly by some of the members of the football team. They take it a step further after one of their own gets detention for shoving Evan at school. They actually corner Evan on a crowded street and beat him to a bloody pulp.

It was really disconcerting and it made me really furious to see how most of the adults in this book dealt with the bullying Evan was faced with. From his mother right to the faculty of the school, it was a recurring theme where they told Evan that if he didn’t dress so girly he wouldn’t be picked on all the time. To me, this is the same as when a woman gets raped and the focus is on her clothes and how she was behaving prior to the incident. No one deserves to be abused,no matter how they look or what they wear.  Whenever there is bullying or a crime, we tend to blame the victim and I think this is one of the problems we need to fix  in our society. Let’s lay the blame at the feet of the perpetrators and stop blaming the victims.

 Everyone should be free to love who they want to love. I find that anti-bullying policies are not always enforced in schools properly by the  administration and it always takes someone getting seriously hurt before something is done. It’s a serious problem that our kids are faced with in our schools which should be safe zones but are not. STOP the BULLYING,  STOP the HATE.

 There was also some romance between Evan and the running back of the football team Moe Garcia. Moe was very different from all the other players, he actually stood up for Evan against the whole school.  Moe was ok with them having a relationship behind closed doors, he just wasn’t ready to come out of the closet.  Moe really respected Evan and admired him for being brave and withstanding all the shit that came his way. I really admired Evan for being true to himself and not trying to let anyone change him. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 

Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2) by Marcy Jacks

Title : Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2)

Word Count :31,894                  Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb :Beta wolf Tom Parker only wanted to protect his little brother. He didn’t want to work for dragon hunting Templars. To make matters worse, one of the dragons he brought in is his destined mate.

Grant Hamilton is disgusted when a wolf comes to him for sex, although he cannot deny the lust he feels for Tom, who is handsome, so he will play along simply for the pleasure. But he also cannot deny the urge to protect Tom when the wolf helps him escape.

Now Tom is a captive amongst the dragons, and though he has his brother back, he is miserable because the mating is one sided, and Grant’s entire clan hates his existence. Though Grant tries to stay away, he cannot, and when he learns that Tom mated with him before being ordered to by the Templars, he will do everything in his power to make up for bad behavior.

My Review : In order to save their pups, Tom and other beta wolves agree to work with an overzealous religious  group called the Templars to capture dragons. After capturing twin brothers Fraser and  Grant, Tom realizes that Grant is his mate. He is so overcome with passion that he takes matters into his own hands in the bathroom, not knowing that there is a camera planted there by one of the Templars. This guy uses this as  blackmail, forcing Tom to sleep with the dragon as a way to glean important information about the whereabouts of the dragon’s castle.

Grant is very shocked at the way his body responds to one of his kidnappers. He is disgusted and upset after participating and he pushes Tom away thinking that he whores himself out on a regular basis for the Templars. As punishment and retribution he decides to take Tom whenever he gets free from his prison. Tom feels horribly ashamed for what he’s had to do to his mate and he finds a way to free his dragon by taking a beating from some of the guards.

When Tom finally comes around he finds himself in the dragon castle in a comfy bed. He tried to submit to his dragon for punishment,  but Grant lets him know that dragons don’t lay a finger in anger on their mates. Grant tries to care for his mate by being with him physically.  The sex is really explosive between Grant and Tom that it causes Tom to blackout from exhaustion.  Grant decides to keep his hands off his mate and Tom takes this to mean that his dragon doesn’t want him. This kills a part of Tom and he starts withering away from his mate not touching him.

 Grant forces Tom to snap out of his funk and when they finally have a heart to heart, all the misunderstandings are cleared up. They realize that they both adore each other. This was a sweet romance throughout with not too much drama. It was a very comfortable read. I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok,  give it a try.

One True Sacrifice (Of Dragons and Wolves 1) by Marcy Jacks

Title : One True Sacrifice  (Of Dragons and Wolves 1)

Word Count : 36,602    Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Conner Abbot is the youngest, and weakest, of many brothers. A runt and an omega, he is unable to hunt after a dragon attack left him scarred. Though he’s worthless to his family, he knows they love him, and he loves them. Which is why Conner volunteers to mate to a dragon for peace, rather than watch one of his brothers be taken away.

Aris Macleod, high dragon of his clan, wasn’t happy with the arrangement. Peace is more important than his happiness, however, and he will go through with the mating, even when the wolves insult him by sending him a weak omega.

Aris is stunned when the frail omega has some bite in him, and as he slowly finds himself falling in love, he comes to the terrible realization that Conner may never love him back, and the only way to make his true love happy will be to send him back where he came from.

My Review : Conner , the youngest wolf pup out of all his siblings sacrifices himself as a means of procuring a peace treaty between wolves and dragons. In a world where strength is  highly valued, Conner is tired of feeling useless due to his small stature and a limp that was left over from a dragon attack in his youth.

Aris, the high dragon is slightly offended when he realizes that the wolves have given him an omega who is weak and has a limp. When he finds out that Conner is the one who offered himself up as the sacrificial lamb , he is intrigued and he works at bridging the gap with his mate.

Although Conner is an omega , he is definitely not timid, he is very brazen and he shows Aris how fearless he is in the bedroom when he offers up his virginity. The sex between these two men was fantastic,  they were really hot together. Conner knew that it wouldn’t take too much for him to fall in love with his dragon and Aris found himself having feelings for his little omega. Aris really appreciated the spunk and fire that his little omega had within.Conner showed him that even though he was small , he could protect their love and all that it entailed. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.