Jailhouse Cock by Barry Lowe

Title : Jailhouse Cock       Word Count : 4,400         Genre : Gay Erotica

Blurb : Gay guy? Straight Guy? Just who is conning who?

He never realized his ground-floor room in the boarding house had a window of opportunity. Not until the night a straight ex-con forced his way in looking for his girlfriend. What’s a gay guy to do when he has a knife at his throat and an angry criminal breathing down his neck looking for pussy?

My Review : This book was so hot and raunchy, but what else did I expect from Barry Lowe.  There are times when you just want some good old dirty porn and this is it. This was straight up smut, just two strangers having sex. Who haven’t had fantasies of non- consensual sex? That element of danger excites us, there are times when you just want be used and degraded. I’ve always had fantasies about someone breaking out of jail, holding me down and just taking what they need. It’s a little bit hot , don’t lie 😇. This ramped me up from zero to twenty in the first few lines. I loved it. I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. I sure as hell did, I need new batteries now😉.