Blackwater Falls : Plan B by Shannon West & Susan E. Scott

Title :  Blackwater Falls : Plan B       Word Count : 44,582

Genre : Paranormal  Gay Romance

Blurb : Life was going fine for Camron MacKay. His plan to marry a nice girl, settle down and have a couple of kids seems to be right on track—until the mating urge hits the cougar shifter on one dark of the moon night. He soon realizes that the only mate for him is the gorgeous, young, hard-drinking, wild-as-hell Travis Sutherland. Camron tries his best to roll with the punches. He tries to explain to Travis how things will be. He’ll be the boss, Travis will straighten up and quit his irresponsible ways and together they’ll try to find a way to work things out, even though legend says no two clan males could ever live together without killing each other. But while Travis is perfectly willing to have a little fun with the handsome Camron, he has absolutely no desire to settle down and refuses to even consider Camron’s plans for the future. That’s when Camron decides he has no choice but to fall back on Plan B.

My Review :  Travis Sutherland  is a young cougar shifter who is spiraling out of control.  At 21 yrs old, he has recently had his first shift and has been creating havoc for his cousin Sheriff Hawke Sutherland. Despite the advice of the sheriff,  Travis keeps on getting drunk, doing drugs and keeping bad company with the clan rival Holden Mackay. Travis is a spoiled mama’s boy who seems to have no sense of purpose for his future.

Camron  Mackay is a hard working guy who is all about taking care of his family. He is straight and looking  forward to start his life with a nice young lady and have a few kids. Needless to say,  he is very surprised when his cougar takes over and mates Travis. It is very unusual for for two male shifters to mate , because they are too dominant. This makes for some really hot sex scenes between these two. Camron is determined to be the more dominant one in the relationship and he fights Travis until he submits to him. It  causes conflict between the two men as Travis feels belittled and like he is being treated like a girl. Camron doesn’t know how to treat his male partner because he is used to the softer side of women.

Camron has to try really hard not to let Travis walk over him . He is determined to get Travis out of the spoil pampered mode that everyone is susceptible to.Camron and Travis start bonding a bit when Travis shows his silly playful side. Things start to go downhill, when family members start to interfere in their relationship. Thus far Camron has been sexy and dominant, but that soon turns into overbearing when he insults his mate by calling him lazy. They have a heated argument and a lot of hurtful words are exchanged. Travis is left devastated and walks out of Camron’s life without being stopped. His heart aches and he feels all the worthlessness that his reputation proclaims.

The fork in the road might have deadly consequences for  Travis when he stumbles upon trespassers intent on their own nefarious plans. As soon as Travis leaves, Camron realized that he made the biggest mistake of his life. He feels like he is missing a limb. When he hears shots fired, he knows that he is about to lose the other half of his soul. Travis gets hurt and Camron goes crazy and kills two of the men in self defense.Travis is rescued successfully by Camron  and the help of  Hawke and company. Their reconciliation is sweet and their relationship is on the mend. Also,  It was great to see Hawke and Jace’s relationship still flourishing. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.