Men in the Shadows 4: The Porn Star by Rain Carrington

Title : The Porn Star              Word Count : 382 pgs
Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Sammy is looking for the man who could make him feel the way Neil had, and finding it impossible. A secret admirer starts to leave him roses and notes, stalking him. Sammy is intrigued, but with college, his job at his father’s garage and his new tutoring gig, he doesn’t have a lot of time to guess who it could be. Secretly, though, he hopes that it is Neil, who he couldn’t stop wanting.
He finds out and soon begins to explore his kink, to be watched. A video is uploaded to a website and attracts the attention of a porn producer. IS this Sammy’s big break, or will it end in heartbreak?
The student Sammy starts to tutor is a rich and difficult man named Andrew. Andrew disregards and berates anyone who crosses him, including the new personal assistant his father hired to “babysit” him.
Tom is a former Marine with a secret agenda, keeping him in the job with the privileged man he doesn’t know if he’d rather slap or kiss. Once Andrew’s parents announce their impending divorce, Andrew goes off the rails, only to find Tom there to catch him.
Through the last two years, Malcolm and Kirk have lived and loved, but when Sammy asks Malcolm to keep a secret from his big lover and his biker brothers, including Road Dog, Sammy’s father, Malcolm agrees, only to be found out and losing everyone who mattered the most to him. Can he and Kirk find their way back to one another, possibly with the help of the big Marine they met through Sammy?
Secrets, intrigue, murder and unspeakable acts abound in this final installment of the series. Three couples unite and are put to the test by family, friends and new jobs. Can three men come out stronger or end up another casually of their Men in the Shadows?

My Review : This book really showed how to bring the two halves of our ‘selves’ together and how to reconcile the disparity between the two. First of all, we meet Sammy who is a sweet young man who seems to be lost. Sammy has been hurt by a former lover and has decided to cure his pain by sleeping around. This helps him for a time, but lately he has realized that these encounters are leaving him unfulfilled. When Sammy starts getting notes from a secret admirer, he has to admit that he is somewhat intrigued. He tells his best friend Malcolm who seems to be worried for Sammy. He suggests that it could be the work of Sammy’s former lover Neil. Sammy agrees with Mal, but even though he still feels hurt over Neil’s betrayal, deep down he hopes the notes are from him. Sammy goes through his everday life as usual, going to college, working at his father’s garage and doing some tutoring to a spoiled brat named Andrew.
Things come to a head when Neil reveals himself as Sammy’s secret admirer. Sammy’s immediate reaction is to walk away from Neil as he knows no good can come from it. Neil persuades him and begs him for a chance to apologize. Neil is sorry for the way he betrayed Sammy. He knows that he messed up before and got Sammy’s friend Malcolm hurt, but he was also the one who helped find Malcolm when he was kidnapped. Sammy wants to forgive Neil and he realizes that he is still very much in love with him. He is in a quandary, because he knows that his family would definitely not appreciate him getting back together with Neil. Sammy’s father Road Dog, belongs to a biker gang, and he has forbidden his son to ever speak to Neil again after all the problems he caused the family .
Against his better judgement, Sammy decides to give Neil another chance and take things slowly . Neil is ecstatic that he gets to be with his sweet Sammy again. They agree to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. Things are going great with them and within no time they have totally reconnected. Neil is the only man that has been able to bring out Sammy’s kinky side, he is a bit of an exhibitionist. Neil caters to Sammy’s exhibitionism by filming their passionate lovemaking and uploading it to a porn site with Sammy’s approval. Sammy is beyond excited to see the thousands of views that their video has gotten. This sparks a flame within Sammy which can no longer be tamed.
In the meantime, another relationship is being formed between Sammy’s spoiled brat student Andrew and his live in bodyguard Tom. Andrew comes from a family of wealth and he is rude and disrespectful to everyone. He is over priveledged and his father has paid his way through life. He is failing his classes and Sammy realises that the true problem lays in the fact that he can’t read. Andrew goes through life ,covering his failings by being rude and not letting anyone get close to him. He pushes everyone to their breaking point, so that they will eventually leave him. This did not work with Tom, who he thoroughly pissed off with his attitude. Tom is a former marine and a Dom and he is absolutely fed up with Andrew’s disrespect. He is outraged and resorts to his natural inclination to discipline. It isn’t until he starts spanking Andrew and hears him screaming and sees the tears roll down his face , that he realize he does not have the right to discipline him. He starts to apologize, but he sees something in Andrew’s eyes and demeanor that appeals to him. Andrew thrives on punishment and their is a sparkle in his eyes that was never there before. Tom decides to hone Andrew’s submissive nature and turn him into the perfect slave . Tom wants to be his master so bad and soon sees the reality coming through.

It was truly an awakening for both of them to see the rich snobbish attitude taken over by the true mindset of what it means to be a perfect slave to his master. Andrew knows that his true purpose in life is to service Tom in all aspects of his life. Tom initiates Andrew to the life of a slave surrounded by like minded friends. Andrew endures a lot of pain with all the devices used by master Tom and his mentor, but he relishes it and receives pleasure as well. Andrew’s lessons in submission is definitely not for the feint of heart. Tom is a hardcore Dom and there is a lot of pain play , hot wax play amongst other things that I couldn’t fathom. However , the one thing that resonates with me is the open love that these two men experienced once both of their dreams are fulfilled.
Sammy’s feelings for Neil are becoming overpowering and he feels he can no longer hide his relationship from his family. To say his father was upset is a true understatement. Road Dog walks away without speaking to his son. His confession also opens a can of worms when it is revealed that Malcolm kept his secrets. Malcolm’s husband Kirk who is a member of the same biker gang as Road Dog believes that keeping secrets from his biker brothers is a true breach of trust. This causes a rift in their marriage and Malcolm walks out on Kirk. I was really sad to see this as they are my favorite characters.
They have been through a lot and they are really a solid couple.
They all have to pull together when trouble comes in the form of Andrew’s rich daddy. He is the head of a pharmaceutical company that developed a drug that can ‘cure the gay away’. Finding out that his son is gay would definitely cast a shadow on his wonder drug causing him to lose money, so he decides to have his son killed. This is where Malcolm comes up with the brilliant idea that the members of the biker gang could protect Andrew for a fee. It was very interesting to see the different kinds of friendships that were formed amongst these three couples. They all faced the dangerous ordeals with the support of their friends. They endured and came out victorious as three devoted couples. Tom was able to find his perfect slave in Andrew. Neil was able to cater to Sammy’s kinky side and this allowed Sammy to appreciate the man he knows and loves. Kirk was able to reaffirm the strength of the bond that he has with Malcolm.I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Indiscreet 6: Caden’s Dilemma by A.C. Katt

Title : Caden’s Dilemma          Word Count : 54,000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Masato is a rich sub who has no life, Caden has a life but no money, can Caden get past his pride to be Masato’s Master.

There are only two things that Masato knows—how to write brilliant code and how to fly in subspace. He is rapidly losing control of the company he founded because the CEO he hired is running roughshod over him.

Masato needs someone to help him run his life, his business and the charities he wants to found. He thinks he might have found his Master in Caden. There is one problem, Masato is a billionaire and Caden has more than his fair share of pride. Can Caden get over his pride and help Masato take back control of his life or is Masato doomed to a life of fending off men who only want his money?

My Review :  It is quite clear that all the submissives in ‘club sub’ at the popular BDSM club Indiscreet are quite accomplished young men. So far they have added a psychiatrist,  accountant , business owner among other professions. One of the few paid subs, Masato  is a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Masato designed a very intricate software program at the age of sixteen which allowed him to be a billionaire and retiree at age twenty-two. Masato is on a journey to explore his submissive side at leisure.  He has enjoyed the lifestyle so far for a year, but he still has not found that perfect Dom that pushes all his buttons.

Masato is in a very unusual position due to his extreme wealth, because money tends to shift the power dynamics in any relationship even more so a Dom/sub union. Masato is looking for a  Dom who can  overlook his wealth, while at the same time making all the decisions in their lives and being fiscally smart. He thinks he might have met his perfect match in Caden, the new Director of Security of Indiscreet  and sub Danny’s older brother.  Masato appreciates many of the values he sees displayed in Caden.

Caden is smitten from the first moment he is partnered up with Masato for Danny and Gary’s summertime wedding. Caden appreciates Masato’s submissive nature while at the same time being able to communicate intelligently in any given situation. Masato is well known in the club for being able to take a certain amount of pain . When Caden uses his flogger with knotted roses on Masato , he knows they are close to a perfect match. Masato responds beautifully to Caden’s flogging and is in subspace after the third hit.

Caden is cautioned by Reed to get to know Masato properly for three months before getting too involved.  Reed is aware of Masato’s true identity and has been protecting it from the other club members due to Masato’s extreme wealth and his position as a sub. Only Reed knows that Masato is really Johnny Nguyen,  billionaire.

Masato has a few sleepovers at Caden’s but things get dicey due to him having to hide his wealth. He steers clear of his home and tries to hide his limousine and driver. Masato is very worried how his omission will affect his relationship that is beginning to mean everything to him. After he is invited to the sub club weekly teatime, he starts opening up to the other subs who he realizes are great friends and allies. They advise him as best as they can when he dicloses his secret. Danny warns Masato that his brother will be upset and he will see this ommission as a lie.

Masato builds up the courage and decides to tell the man who he loves the whole truth. He invites Caden to his home. When Caden gets to the house , he realized there was something off about Masato. Caden is furious when Masato exposes his true identity and storms out without giving him a chance to explain. Masato is devastated as the thing he feared the most has come to pass. Once again he is rejected because of someone not being able to look beyond his wealth. He is left to pick up the shattered pieces of his heart. The sub club are called in and they support and embrace Johnny in solace shedding their tears right alongside him and making their masters lives hell.

Caden understands the full weight of what he has done when he sees the masters the next day. All the masters are furious with Caden and they let him know in no uncertain terms where he can stuff his pride. Bear and Gary hate to see their mates crying,  Cisco is deprived of his breakfast, Bull can’t find anything in his house and Reed’s life is definitely not running smooth because Jim is on the warpath. Caden gets a taste of the subs wrath and quickly realized that they are the ones in charge. When they are upset and commiserating with tears at Johnny’s plight, everything is turned upside down in their masters lives.

Johnny refuses all  of Caden’s attempts at an apology and gives him the cold shoulder.  It takes a fire at Johnny’s house and being hurt to make them both see what they almost lost. Caden sets his pride aside and takes charge as soon as he gets to the hospital by dealing with Johnny’s affairs. Johnny acknowledges the changes in Caden seeing for the first time that Caden truly loves him despite his pride. Caden and Johnny can’t wait to start their lives as master and sub properly. They have a bedside wedding while Johnny convalesces. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.

Assassin 3: Sins of the Father by Fyn Alexander

Title : Sins of the Father                Word Count :77,949

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : MI6 assassin, Kael Saunders, is a larger than life, dominant master who finds himself becoming a Daddy to nineteen-year-old Angel Button. Over the last year and a half Kael and Angel have settled into a loving Dom/sub relationship. But no matter how comfortable the highly intelligent and ruthless assassin and his sweet, eager, loving boy become with each other, Kael is still the boss and Angel wants him to remain so, whether in the dungeon, the bedroom, or the kitchen. Naturally submissive, Angel has learned how to be a good Daddy’s boy and a good slave, but his childlike willfulness still makes itself known now and again.

When Angel is kidnapped by an enemy of Kael’s, he’ll stop at nothing to save his boy, but his boy may have to take what he’s learned and help him.

My Review : Kael and Angel are back again, only this time the mood is a little different.  Kael has to deal with  a recalcitrant young man when he doesn’t get his own way. Angel wants to take a year off before going to university and Kael believes he knows what’s best for his boy. Kael’s boss Conran has suggested that Angel go into the service seeing as how his training  is so precise after being trained by Kael who is the best. Kael wants something totally different and better for his boy. He does not condone Angel becoming an assassin. Kael would much rather Angel go to Cambridge University and get a history degree,  but Angel feels like he can’t measure up to Kael’s esteem.

 In a pique of anger, Angel runs away from his ‘Daddy’ rather than stay and be disciplined. He gets himself in serious trouble when he gets drunk and drugged in a bar. Daddy Kael is just in time to stop Angel from being raped by a man  in his fifties. Angel is very sick when he comes home and Kael takes care of him, but he is not happy about it. Angel is still being rebellious and he feels adrift on a sea of unsurity and helplessness. Kael not knowing what else to do , locks him in the cage. 

Kael needs to realign his expectations for Angel and that pisses him off. Angel has always been a great sub, but at the end of the day he is still just a teenager with all these adult expectations foisted upon him. Kael learns that he can’t always control everything and Conran actually imparts some useful advice. Kael rewards Conran with a flogging and a good hard fuck with a dildo. Angel apologizes to his daddy and Kael takes him to the dungeon and uses the cane on him while he is hanging upside down  with a hood over his head. Kael knows that above all else , Angel hates the hood and that makes it a true punishment especially when he sticks a piece of gingeroot in his most sensitive place. I found this to be truly archaic,  even for Kael.

 Life goes back to normal for them , but when old ghosts and secrets from Kael’s past come back to haunt him, his life is in uproar. For the first time ever, Kael gets so angry at Angel and slaps him for disclosing some parts of Kael’s past that has the potential to hurt Kael’s mom. There is one thing that is clear throughout this series, there is only two people that Kael loves above all else and that’s his mom and Angel. Angel is ashamed for disappointing his daddy, and Kael is devastated that he actually hurt Angel physically outside of their consensual meetings in the dungeon. 

This incident was truly an eye opener for Kael when his mother pointed out how scared Angel is in his presence sometimes.  Kael realized for the first time that his rigidity is very off putting and causes a barrier in his relationship with Angel. He starts to understand that loosening the reins could go a far way in curbing some of Angel’s rebellious ways. Kael questions his methods and sees that he is probably stifling Angel’s  youthful exuberance in his quest for training the perfect ‘boy’. Kael apologized and treated Angel like the precious boy that he is and gives some leeway for spontaneity.  This results in a hot lovemaking session where Angel rocks his world with a ride of his life. The sexual chemistry is out of this world between these two, the sex is better than ever.

Angel schooled his daddy in how to live in the moment and just have fun, even when in his dungeon. Lots of love, discipline and a bit of leniency brought out the best in Angel. He made Kael proud by getting into Cambridge University  and Kael allows Angel the freedom to take a year off to train as an agent. Kael has really mellowed out under Angel’s tutelage in how to be more human. Kael has become a better daddy and he now proudly embraces his feelings for his boy and shows his love unrestrainedly. I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. Another great addition to the series,  I am never bored or dissapointed to hear about these two. Kudos to Fyn Alexander for keeping it fresh, interesting and sexy all the time.

Indiscreet 5: Gary’s Choice by A.C . Katt

Title : Gary’s Choice                  Word Count :55,000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Can someone that suffered when he came out go back in the closet for love? Should he have to?

Danny, a house sub at Indiscreet, loves Gary, a former major league pitcher. Gary wants a contract but he’s still bound by his agreement with his manager which forbids him from coming out.

Danny and Gary, with the help of their friends at Indiscreet, find a middle ground and sign a contract. But will it be enough?

My Review : So far, we’ve met quite a few different Doms from different stations in life with different requests and protocols specific to their subs. Gary is a professional baseball player who was introduced briefly in book 3 where he attempted to get a contract from Greg and was outbid by Dom de Loria. House sub Danny is totally in love with Gary and would love to get a contract from him. Gary proposes a contract, the only stipulation is that it has to remain a secret. Being a a professional baseball player is definitely not conducive to their lifestyle. As much as Danny has gotten under his skin, he can’t be out due to it being a breach of his professional contracts. 

It doesn’t take long for Gary to fall under Danny’s spell. He soon realizes that he will brave coming out of the closet to have someone sweet like Danny in his life forever. Gary sees that he can’t abide the stipulations of secrecy set in their contract. He hires a team of lawyer and agent to fine tune his professional contracts,  so that he won’t lose his endorsements and can continue with his life with Danny with pride. He comes out for Danny on national TV and he proudly announces to all that Danny is his after Danny’s brother Caden gives his approval. Gary has enemies that would like to keep him in the closet and under their thumb. They are easily vanquished with the help of the ‘family’ which includes all the Doms and the omnipresent subs who knows and sees all. Danny and Gary has a beautiful wedding and collaring ceremony with everybody in attendance. As  bear said “all us kinky bastards have to stay together”. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.  

Indiscreet 3: Cisco’s Boy by A.C.Katt

Title : Cisco’s Boy                           Word Count :55, 000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Master Cisco de Loria wants everything from his new sub Greg Harris, that is everything but love, in fact his contract expressly forbids it.

Dr. Greg Harris finally has the money to buy a submissive membership at Indiscreet, a gay BDSM club. The only thing he wants is to have Dr. Cisco de Loria as his Master. Cisco wants Greg too, but the one thing Greg most wants to give, Cisco refuses to take, Greg’s love. Cisco is so sure he doesn’t need love that he puts it in as a clause in their contract. If Greg ever mentions love, the contract is terminated. Cisco finds out the hard way that things somehow don’t always work out the way you plan.

My Review : These two have been well liked secondary characters from the very beginning.  Dr. Greg Harris is the psychiatrist that has helped the sub Brian with his memories of child abuse and Reed the Dom who is bipolar. Dr. Harris has made it clear that he is in love with Dr. Francisco de Loria who has no clue. Greg has recently become a member of club Indiscrete where he is paying to be a sub. He only has one Dom in mind and that’s Cisco. Cisco is very surprised to see Greg being introduced as one of the new subs and he immediately puts in a bid to have him for six months.  Master Dom Bear negotiates the contract for them. The only stipulation that Cisco wants to add is that Greg should not expect love from him or fall in love with him. Cisco is adamant about this as he refuses to have his heart crushed again. Greg is willing to have Cisco in his life , however he can get him.

Cisco is very specific about how he wants to take care of his boy and his word is law. He puts Greg in charge of the maintenance of the home, but in everything else he is the Dom. Cisco wants all the financial burdens to fall to him and he has more than enough money to take care of him and his boy comfortably.  The only thing he requires of Greg is full obedience,  companionship,  great intellectual conversations and sex at his disposal. 

The relationship progressed really well between these two. Greg was really attentive to all of Cisco’s  needs and it soon became clear that it wouldn’t be easy for Cisco to stay detached. Cisco had issues concerning his money,   since his previous lover cheated on him and wiped him out financially. Cisco is lucky that after his parents died they left him over a hundred million dollars and he has guarded it ever since, making sure that his lovers have no clue about how wealthy he is. Cisco is able to see right off the bat that Greg would like to remain financially independent. This is the only contention in their relationship that earns Greg punishment.

Greg does everything in his power to please his Dom, but he doesn’t always feels as if it’s enough. He wants to be everything to Cisco , but he has to keep on reminding himself about the stipulation in their contract about not falling in love. The heart wants what the heart wants. His close friendship with Brian and Jim is what keeps his head above water, and his perseverance and faith in love that continues to guide him in his relationship with his Dom. His friends encourage him to watch Cisco’s actions rather than his words. It is obvious to all their friends that Cisco is so in love with his boy. It takes an almost tragedy where one of Greg’s psychiatric patients tries to hurt him for Cisco to confess his true feelings.

This was another enjoyable addition to this series. I didn’t feel as much connection with these two as I did with Jim and Reed,  but they were definitely a solid couple with a great sex life. I really like the fact that the author is drawing attention to mental health issues which has been the premise for all the stories that I have read so far. In our society today , I think it is really important that we not shy away from the ‘touchy’ subjects,  but rather highlight them as part of our everyday lifes. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.  

Assassin 2: Be Brave by Fyn Alexander

Title : Be Brave               Word Count :76,857

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : MI6 assassin Kael Saunders was supposed to kill Angel Button after he witnessed a kill. Not only did Kael refuse to hurt Angel, but he took him home and fell in love with him. Living together now in a loving D/s relationship, Angel wants to follow in his daddy’s footsteps while Kael is determined to keep his boy out of the dangerous world of international assassins.

During an assignment Kael finds a little girl who is caught up in human trafficking and determines to rescue her. When he is taken prisoner Angel sets out to find his beloved Daddy and bring him home.

My Review : The angel and his assassin are back again and hotter than ever. Angel is now in school and having very productive days. He strives to make his ‘daddy’ proud by being obedient and submissive. Typical 18 yr old , he gets into trouble every now and then and this leads to a flogging which is not very pleasurable for him , but he knows that his daddy has his best interests at heart. Kael has to remind him every now and then not to talk about their relationship to his school friends , because they are not mature enough to grasp the full concept of their D/s lifestyle.  Angel in all his naiveté possess a certain level of maturity that gains the love and respect of his protective ‘daddy’.

 It is clear to see that although sex is a big component in their relationship,  Kael truly loves Angel and he takes care of him like no other.  ‘Daddy’ Kael is there to guide Angel into a progressive future where he will finish college and university and go on to be whatever he wants to become. Kael gives Angel a chance at life that he wouldn’t have gotten had he stayed with his selfish self -serving mother.

Throughout this book we are able to see a gentler, more caring human side to Kael rather than the trained assassin that is so ingrained in him. Kael takes fewer missions now that Angel has become a part of his life.

It is on one of these missions to extract a pedophile where he sees a 9 yr old sex slave desperately in need of his help. He idly promises to get her out, but when he goes back home  he can’t sleep for thinking of her. He goes back in, not as an assassin but as a human being who made a promise to a little girl. The extraction doesn’t go as planned and he is captured and tortured by the vicious animals running the sex slave ring filled with children.

Angel becomes really agitated when Kael doesn’t come back from his mission on time . He seeks out Kael’s boss Conran and pleads with him to find his ‘daddy’.  ‘Daddy’ has trained Angel well and so he ends up in  France with an operative on the hunt to bring Daddy safely home.

Angel kills a few men and does some unspeakable things to get Kael out . Kael is so proud that his ‘boy’ was so brave. He feels honored to have the love and affection of his Angel. They are both introspective when they get home and they wrap themselves in each other. Daddy sets things in motion so that Angel will be well taken care of if ever  he gets in trouble again which he undoubtedly will given his line of work. I really enjoyed this storyline even more so than the first book. There are some parts of the BDSM lifestyle that I just can’t understand like the mummification process, enemas among others that doesn’t sit well with me , but to each his own. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Angel and the Assassin by Fyn Alexander

Title : Angel and the Assassin        Word Count :88,823

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Kael Saunders loves to dominate handsome, masculine men like himself. Being in charge is his way of life whether it be in his work with the Secret Intelligence service, his personal life, or in the dungeon. The last thing he expects when he is out on a hit is to fall in love with Angel, a young man desperate for the love and guidance of a Daddy. Yet Angel also has a passion for being spanked and restrained. Two very different men find love in a world of skilled assassins, Bosnian terrorists, and dungeon play.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and content, male/male sexual practices.

My Review : Kael is a very hard , ruthless man at first glance.  Well he would have to be in order to be an assassin for the the government.  He takes care of business in the blink of an eye. He is cold, dominant,  very chiseled, big and sexy with an air of danger.

Angel is a sweet young twink who lives with his mother and his rich abusive stepfather. He is getting ready to flee the coop after his housekeeper  informs him that his mother has run off with her lover. Angel knows there is no way he can stay in the same house with his stepfather who hates him. Angel goes into the kitchen to get a drink after he is done packing; that is when he noticed the shadow, right before Kael sticks his scalpel through his step father’s skull.

When Kael realizes that there is a witness  to his crime, he tracks Angel to the bathroom.  Kael likes what he sees, a tight ass and long legs and Angel’s overall beauty is just what Kael likes. He sees right away that Angel is submissive and he likes how well Angel obeys him. He immediately orders Angel to his knees to service him with a blowjob. Angel is quite adept at it and Kael can’t seem to get enough of it. Kael takes Angel back to the UK with him. He doesn’t have the time for a ‘boy’ , not in his line of work and he knows that he should definitely take care of collateral damage, but there is just something about Angel.

There is a naiveté and an almost childlike quality to Angel’s personality that can be off putting for some, but this actually drew me in . I really liked that about Angel, the juxtaposition between his silliness and Kael’s worldliness makes their relationship work beautifully. Despite the fact that Angel is submissive,  his yearning for a ‘daddy’  who loves him, causes him to test Kael’s patience. It is hard for Kael to assimilate Angel in his orderly life, because Angel being the 18yr old that he is, can be  messy at times. 

It’s quite obvious that Kael’s life is inundated with everything BDSM. He is a full time master who expects to be  obeyed at all times and in everything. He expects Angel to always address him as ‘Sir’. What Angel wants is for Kael to truly be his ‘daddy’, someone who can keep him safe, take care of him,make all decisions and love him unconditionally.  Angel wants to be the best slave for his ‘daddy’ and he tries to put his master’s needs before his own. 

Their relationship is totally focused on the BDSM element , rather than intimacy.  Their sex life is all about lots of pain, orgasm denial, rimming seat , hoods , floggers, cages, forceps and all other torture devices that you can think of. These are all part and parcel of their everyday lives. I didn’t really like this so much, but there is something interesting about this pairing that would make me go back and read the second book in this series.

When Angel overhears Kael telling his friend that Angel is just a temporary amusement,  he withdraws within himself. Kael misses Angel’s affectionate nature and his willfullness. He actually is a little dissapointed with Angel’s obedience. Angel decides to leave Kael and move on to some place where he will be wanted. He is kidnapped by enemies of Kael. Kael didn’t truly appreciate what he had until it was too late. Finally,  he was able to acknowledge to himself how much he truly loved Angel. He moved heaven and earth to get back his angel,  killing a few people along the way. Angel found his ‘daddy’ in Kael. I give this my ratings of 3 – give it a try.  It just might be for you.

The Firsts & Forever 2: All In by Alexa Land

Title : All In                     Word Count :238 pgs

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Even though he’s really not over his ex-boyfriend Jamie, twenty three year old former football player Charlie finds himself drawn to Dante Dombruso, the gorgeous, highly dangerous leader of a mafia crime family. Dante is the perfect rebound fling, six feet, four inches of raw sex and hard Italian muscle, wrapped in an expensive suit.

The confident, sexy crime boss is way out of Charlie’s comfort zone. But Charlie already lost everything once by giving in to his fear, and he’s not willing to make the same mistake again.

If he’s going to do this, Charlie knows he can’t hold back. He can’t date this man a little, he can’t trust him a little, he can’t go to bed with him a little. If he’s going to get involved with Dante Dombruso, Charlie has to be All In.

Please note: This book is a lighthearted m/m romance. It contains explicit language, just a bit of BDSM to spice things up, and plenty of steamy sex between two hot guys. It’s intended for adult readers only.

My Review : From the beginning of the book Charlie started tugging at my heartstrings. My heart broke for the treatment he received from his parents after coming out to them. I was kinda prepared  not to like Charlie because of the way he treated Jamie in the first book  Way Off Plan,  but my hatred was unfounded. I was so sympathetic to his plight , I found my self feeling sorry for him and crying right along with him. Nobody deserves to be treated so carelessly by their parents, children should be loved unconditionally regardless of whatever  future paths they choose to take. At his lowest point , Dante was there as a shoulder to cry on , he was there to pick up the pieces of Charlie’s shattered life and dust him off.Everyone should have a Dante to take care of them, (sigh***) talk about romantic.

Nana is hilarious, Dante’s Sicilian grandma is crazy, she swears like a sailor and says whatever she feels whenever. She’s a warm , loving person and  a great woman to have in  your corner. Dante is one off the best things that could have happened to Charlie , because he not only gained a lover, he gained an extended family and a great friend in Christopher Robin,  Dante’s ex submissive prostitute. Dante tries to deny his need for inflicting pain during sex because he doesn’t want to hurt Charlie. What he can’t wrap his head around is that Charlie needs to feel the pain just as much as he needs to spank, flog and redden that ass. The spankings were so hot and so sensual and I’m glad Charlie was able to embrace this side of himself wholeheartedly. They both realized that they needed to trust each other to make their relationship truly work.There is a thin line between pain and pleasure and this book was a perfect portrayal of that. For that, this gets my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.