Foster Siblings 3: Brokedown Hearts by Cameron Dane

Title : Foster Siblings 3: Brokedown Hearts                   Word Count : 128,316      

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Ex-con David Joyner returns home knowing he must atone for his past sins. Working at an animal shelter, David keeps his head down, desperate to prove to a hostile town he’s a new man. The one time David looks up, he spots fellow motel dweller Ben, and is terrified by his attraction to the man. David doesn’t want to feel anything. He can only damage what he loves.

On a forced vacation, PI Ben Evans accepts a job to tail a recently released prisoner. What begins as an easy gig turns complicated when Ben, a controlled man, can’t deny the pang of empathy he feels for his subject, David. Ben can’t suppress his aggressive sexual desires whenever he’s near David either.

Repeatedly crossing paths, David and Ben do their best to fight their growing attraction. When passion explodes, and secrets are revealed, both men have to conquer inner demons in order to accept the others love.

Someone has turned the tables on David, though, stalking him and leaving threatening notes. Will anyone believe David if he tells? And when David’s stalker raises the stakes, can Ben find the man who has become his world in time to save their love?

My Review : It is very sad when total strangers treat you kinder than your own family. This is what we see from the beginning happening to David, his family treats him with a level of contempt that nobody should have to endure. David is trying to put the pieces of his life in some semblance of order after spending some time in prison for stalking his boyfriend.  He has learned the error of his ways and trained his misguided heart away from his former boyfriend  through therapy. He decides to move on with his life in his quiet hometown. His brothers let him know how disgusted they are with his sexual preference and how unforgiving his transgressions are against their family name. David realizes that he  is pretty much on his own in a town that depises him for his past wrongs. He is shunned, laughed at and tormented by the  people in the town.

It was very hard for me to reconcile this new rehabilitated David to the psycho that he appeared to be in book one A Fostered Love. In the previous book he had kidnapped and held at gunpoint his former lover Christian and assaulted Christian’s boyfriend Jonah. Upon his release from prison, Jonah tasks PI Ben Evans to tail David in order to ensure that he is not after Christian again. As soon as Ben meets David, he sees something in him that he can’t resist. He sees David as a sweet , lost soul who is trying to find his footing  and overcome the stain of previous unfortunate events that led to his downward spiral which caused his imprisonment.

The attraction between these two blossomed and spiraled into something uncontrollable and all consuming.  David was so scared of relapsing to his stalking tendencies and he tries to put some distance between himself and Ben,  so that he could tame his desires. However, that’s not necessary because the passion that David feels is very intense and for once the same obsessive fixation is returned by Ben.

 At first, I really wished that  Ms. Dane had not made David the main character in this one, but I guess this is her way of showing us that everyone deserves a second chance. Ben needed someone like David in his life. Ben strips David bare and forces him to face his past, present and future. He opens him up layer by layer and dominates ever part of his being. Ben pushes David to give that part of himself that he is trying to keep in check so as not to trigger his obsessive tendencies. Ben needs it all from David,  that dependence that feeds his overly dominant personality that he has suppressed in all his past relationships. 

The sex between Ben and David was off the charts, it was sexy, hot and sultry. Ben was a very demanding,  dominant lover and he always pushed David to the breaking point. At times he would take him with an animalistic ferocity. Now that’s the kinda sex I like, I love that friction burn, the one that leaves you walking funny for days ;). Ben was scared that he was pushing David too far in uncharted territory, but David was able to handle all that he dished out and then some.

I was so happy that Ms Dane was able to put together such a beautiful story with these two flawed characters. Actually , they were perfect, lovable characters despite all their imperfections. I swear these two characters were borderline psychotic, but what the heck we are all a little bit crazy anyway. They both trusted each other to make the  best possible decisions for their life and bond to flourish.I loved them together.Ms Dane has a way with words that’s very visceral and she certainly ticked all my happy buttons. This one gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. You’ll definitely need it.