Louder Than Words( More Than Words 3) by T. T. Kove

Title: Louder Than Words              Word Count:210 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Life might be good now, but that’s all about to come to an end soon, and what then?

I’ve had a turbulent few months; surviving a gay bashing, dealing with my abusive parents, and getting used to my new life with my equally as new boyfriend. I could do without his best friend who doesn’t like me—or maybe he does? 

Life’s about to become even more turbulent though. The last term of our education is well underway, and it’s time to figure out what I’m supposed to do next. Only I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Andreas knows, and he’s got it all figured out, but I don’t. 

Can our new relationship survive what lies ahead? More importantly, can I survive it?

My Review: The story of Andreas and Alex continues. Alex has had a rough time in life starting with his neglectful abusive parents. He self-harms as a way of coping and was ready to end it all when he meets Andreas. Andreas means the world to him , he has given him a reason to live. This is almost taken away from him when he is gay-bashed by Andreas’ best friend’s brother Marcus. For awhile there Alex lived in fear,  but therapy has helped both him and Andreas to recover from this trauma.

Andreas and Alex are looking forward to finishing up school and embarking on college. They have a few trips planned before Andreas has to go to the army for a year. Alex is worried about what life will be like while Andreas is gone. He feels like he only just started living. Andreas tries to reassure him that they will be fine. It is fun to watch how these two have grown as a couple and especially Alex as an individual.

Alex has stopped cutting and even though he  hates his scars , he is being more open about his issues. There were lots of sexy times with Alex and Andreas when they start exploring their sexuality during their vacation. They visited a sex shop and bought some great toys and handcuffs. Alex explores his submissive side and Andreas was only too happy to indulge him. 

Alex definitely feels less socially awkward, he now feels a part of Andreas’ friends. He sees himself in a new light and this bolsters his self confidence. Andreas’ best friend Glenn opens up to Alex about his conflicted feelings towards him and Andreas. It seems that Glenn is a bit in love with both of them. This boggles Alex’s mind, but it certainly makes him happy to know that Glenn doesn’t hate him.

Their summer is filled with lots of sex and some truly passionate moments. Andreas gives Alex a night to remember before he goes off to the army. However, Alex is still sad when he wakes up to find Andreas already gone. He sobs uncontrollably and it’s Ben, Andreas’ cousin who picks up the pieces. In that moment, Alex realizes that he has friends to help him through their year apart. 

Alex only lasts three days before going back to his coping mechanism. He cuts thin lines into his wrists and it seems to hurt more since he is out of practice. He feels thoroughly ashamed and he cries at the hopelessness he feels. He befriends another of Andreas’ cousin Jorgen and this helps a little. Jorgen misses his boyfriend Geir who had to go away as well. They commiserate together and Alex knows he will be fine. He knows for sure that he has found another friend. 

Alex soon goes away to school where he shares an apartment with his brother Leo. He is overwhelmed his first day,but Andreas calls and reminds him how strong he is and this helps him a lot. Alex acknowledges that he is dependent on Andreas , but Andreas is his lifeline the one that showed him the true meaning of love. He gets stronger day by day. It is the passion they share together that helps Alex in the end. Andreas encourages Alex to use the toy he got him before leaving while thinking about him. Alex is a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed at first , but he relishes trying new things.

It is two months before Andreas comes home for a few days. It is clear to see the growth in Alex as he has made a new friend from school. He is happy to see Andreas and they make the most of the few days reconnecting and reinforcing their love. It is definitely not easy for Alex, but he lives day by day with a stronger support system than ever. He is counting down the days to embark on their forever love and life together. I really enjoyed this and I give it my ratings of 5- bring out the vibrators.

Blue Collar by Sean Micheal

Title: Blue Collar                                      Word Count :42,500
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Kendall Webber is deep in the closet. Between working in a garage, having been in the army and a fundamentalist preacher step-father who sent him to summer camps to make him straight, he’s learned to hide his sexuality from absolutely everyone.

Still, when Barton Willis the Third roars into the garage with his Mustang, Kendall can’t help but look, just a little. When Barton not only looks back but invites him in, Kendall’s whole world is turned upside down.

Can Barton help Kendall let go of the past and the attitudes he had literally beaten into him?

My Review : From the moment that Kendall meets Barton Ellis the third at the mechanic shop where he works, he knows he’s in trouble. Barton is just as flashy as the cherry red mustang that he wants to be serviced. It soon becomes clear that’s not all he wants serviced. Kendall is a bit uncomfortable around Barton and this feeling intensifies when his boss suggests that he should drop the flirty Barton home. Barton invites him to dinner as a thank you and Kendall tentatively accepts not wanting to offend a customer .
Kendall is very nervous around this man who exudes class and money. Barton pushes Kendall to open up to his desires. He sees something in Kendall that he can’t wait to tap into. Ken is very resistant to his advances at first, but clearly he is attracted. Barton stirs something that has been long held dormant inside him. Barton pushes him to explore their passion for each other and even though it feels really good it is tainted by shame. Through their conversations Barton realize that someone has had a hand in making Ken feel that his homosexual desires are wrong and needs to be repressed.
Kendall reveals that he was sent to conversion therapy when he was younger and this makes Barton want to hurt the people responsible. Barton makes it his mission to make Ken feel good about himself and he offers his home as a safe space to be free. Their explorations become less one-sided and Ken revels in these new feelings that Barton brings out. It takes awhile for Ken’s shyness to disappear, but there is a whole new world that Barton would like to gift him on a silver platter. Barton loves his toys and he has a wide array that he wants to introduce to Ken. The first toy he tries on Ken is the sound which he inserts in his penis. Barton explains that this will give him a more intense orgasm without the ejaculation. Ken is a bit unsure, but he gives in to Barton and truly let go. The feeling is exhilarating and so overwhelming that he breaks apart in Barton’s arms.
The more time they spend together is the closer they become to each other. Ken starts opening up about his horrific experiences as a kid at the conversion camp. Barton heart goes out to the little boy who was abused , but surprisingly not broken . He is amazed at how remarkable of a man Ken has turned out to be. He continues to show Ken just how much he adores him by inviting him to come live with him.
They get really comfortable with each other and start to live a blissfully idyllic life. All this changes slightly when they go on a shopping trip to the mall. Kendall is brought back to the real world and all his fears of discovery. While he is shopping he comes across his sister who he had not seen in months. It brought home how much he missed his sisters. He introduces Barton as his friend and leaves a card with her to contact Barton if ever she cant reach Ken. Its when they run into one of Ken’s homophobic coworkers where things get dicey. Ken knows he is going to face a lot of questions on his return to work.
The atmosphere definitely changes for him at work and puts a little distance between the young couple. It isn’t until Ken gets pushed at work causing him to break his wrist and leg that Barton knows the severity of Ken’s troubles. Barton is furious that someone would hurt his sweet young lover. He corals some of his high powered friends to help and convinces Ken to sue the garage and everyone involved. Ken realizes how in love he is with his sexy man. Barton has only ever encouraged him and Ken truly feels a sense of purpose in life now. In the end, he opens his own garage where he can use his skills as a mechanic and be his own boss. I really enjoyed this book, but I believe that the ending was too abrupt. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Two steps back by Lyn Gala

Title : Two Steps Back                                 Word Count :69,600

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : The poor economy has forced Dallin to return to his old way of life to avoid homelessness, but when his former associate hooks him up with a wealthy Dom, Dallin figures it’s too good to be true. William is older, wealthy, experienced, and a complete dominant. He’s the sort of man who can go to a club and pick up a dozen subs, and yet he wants to hire Dallin.

William knows how to succeed in finance and the bedroom, but trying to keep a relationship going is a far more difficult proposition. Instead of dealing with the messy reality of the club scene or dating, he decides to hire a sub. While William would like to have a long-term relationship develop, he’s not expecting anything. However the longer he plays with Dallin, the more he realizes that he wants more.

Dallin is willing to give his body to William–he enjoys the bondage, the games, and ropes and toys. He’s more wary about trusting William with his heart. William is a master of domination, but for Dallin, he wants to learn to love.

My Review : Let me just say, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this book. I kinda like it , but I kinda don’t.  I really don’t get off on the service element of BDSM and I don’t understand why people would enjoy that. I am also not into S &M and that is one of the main focus in this book. I am not into toys like cock cages, humblers, spreaders, violet wands and I’m not a pain freak. I do like the characters though. Dallin has fallen on hard times due to the economy and even though he has lost his apartment , he is still trying to keep his business afloat.  He has decided to go back to prostitution  so he calls up his ex pimp to see if he could get a regular client. 

Right off the bat, Ben finds him a match. William is  willing to pay   for someone to be his full-time sub without all the hassle.  He is a very busy man and he has a lot of stipulations that he wants followed to the tee. To me it seems all very clinical rather than sexy. William even has a contract drawn up that ensures that Dallin keeps his sexual preferences secret . If not, he could end up paying an exorbitant fine. For some reason I’m compelled to keep on reading , maybe because it’s so different.

Dallin has been on his own since he was sixteen and his Mormon parents kicked him out for being gay. They packed him up and sent him off to a strange older man. Dallin decided to live life on his own terms, so he sold his body and figured out his own living arrangements. William is a socially inept rich gay man with certain extreme proclivities.  After a disastrous relationship,  he decides he still wants all the trappings of a relationship without having to deal with the messy break-up. Ben, the pimp suggests that William hire a sub instead of trying to train a new one. William sets up Dallin as his personal assistant on his company’s payroll. Dallin is a legit prostitute,  who pays taxes and even has a part of his paycheck going to a retirement savings plan. William might be a strange duck but he pays really well and  Dallin sees a way how to get himself out of a financial bind.

Dallin and William has a really nice dom/ sub bond and Dallin really sees William as the strange but likable person that he is. It is clear that William is very controlling and he doesn’t have a good grasp on human relationships.  He deals better in numbers and  negotiating contracts. William tries to negotiate his way through his relationship with Dallin. It’s only a matter of time before William tries to infiltrate Dallin’s personal private life  and this pisses off Dallin.  Although William is doing it as a way of helping, Dallin doesn’t want to be indebted to a client and William just doesn’t understand boundaries.  Dallin realized that he has gotten far too close to a client who he has fallen in love with so he decides to quit. 

The feelings that William have developed  causes him to breach his own contract clause and for William that’s tantamount to blasphemy. He has pushed too far over into the boundary that Dallin has set up to maintain a part of his independence and Dallin finds this unforgivable. When Dallin confronts William about his overbearing nature,  William finally opens up showing some amount of emotion. They try to regain their footing and equilibrium with each other and realise that they have a stronger bond with each other than they expected. Their sex scenes were inundated by harsh BDSM elements  and that is not really my cup of tea . I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. Even though I really didn’t get the whole concept of this book, maybe someone else can really enjoy it.

Foster Siblings 3: Brokedown Hearts by Cameron Dane

Title : Foster Siblings 3: Brokedown Hearts                   Word Count : 128,316      

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Ex-con David Joyner returns home knowing he must atone for his past sins. Working at an animal shelter, David keeps his head down, desperate to prove to a hostile town he’s a new man. The one time David looks up, he spots fellow motel dweller Ben, and is terrified by his attraction to the man. David doesn’t want to feel anything. He can only damage what he loves.

On a forced vacation, PI Ben Evans accepts a job to tail a recently released prisoner. What begins as an easy gig turns complicated when Ben, a controlled man, can’t deny the pang of empathy he feels for his subject, David. Ben can’t suppress his aggressive sexual desires whenever he’s near David either.

Repeatedly crossing paths, David and Ben do their best to fight their growing attraction. When passion explodes, and secrets are revealed, both men have to conquer inner demons in order to accept the others love.

Someone has turned the tables on David, though, stalking him and leaving threatening notes. Will anyone believe David if he tells? And when David’s stalker raises the stakes, can Ben find the man who has become his world in time to save their love?

My Review : It is very sad when total strangers treat you kinder than your own family. This is what we see from the beginning happening to David, his family treats him with a level of contempt that nobody should have to endure. David is trying to put the pieces of his life in some semblance of order after spending some time in prison for stalking his boyfriend.  He has learned the error of his ways and trained his misguided heart away from his former boyfriend  through therapy. He decides to move on with his life in his quiet hometown. His brothers let him know how disgusted they are with his sexual preference and how unforgiving his transgressions are against their family name. David realizes that he  is pretty much on his own in a town that depises him for his past wrongs. He is shunned, laughed at and tormented by the  people in the town.

It was very hard for me to reconcile this new rehabilitated David to the psycho that he appeared to be in book one A Fostered Love. In the previous book he had kidnapped and held at gunpoint his former lover Christian and assaulted Christian’s boyfriend Jonah. Upon his release from prison, Jonah tasks PI Ben Evans to tail David in order to ensure that he is not after Christian again. As soon as Ben meets David, he sees something in him that he can’t resist. He sees David as a sweet , lost soul who is trying to find his footing  and overcome the stain of previous unfortunate events that led to his downward spiral which caused his imprisonment.

The attraction between these two blossomed and spiraled into something uncontrollable and all consuming.  David was so scared of relapsing to his stalking tendencies and he tries to put some distance between himself and Ben,  so that he could tame his desires. However, that’s not necessary because the passion that David feels is very intense and for once the same obsessive fixation is returned by Ben.

 At first, I really wished that  Ms. Dane had not made David the main character in this one, but I guess this is her way of showing us that everyone deserves a second chance. Ben needed someone like David in his life. Ben strips David bare and forces him to face his past, present and future. He opens him up layer by layer and dominates ever part of his being. Ben pushes David to give that part of himself that he is trying to keep in check so as not to trigger his obsessive tendencies. Ben needs it all from David,  that dependence that feeds his overly dominant personality that he has suppressed in all his past relationships. 

The sex between Ben and David was off the charts, it was sexy, hot and sultry. Ben was a very demanding,  dominant lover and he always pushed David to the breaking point. At times he would take him with an animalistic ferocity. Now that’s the kinda sex I like, I love that friction burn, the one that leaves you walking funny for days ;). Ben was scared that he was pushing David too far in uncharted territory, but David was able to handle all that he dished out and then some.

I was so happy that Ms Dane was able to put together such a beautiful story with these two flawed characters. Actually , they were perfect, lovable characters despite all their imperfections. I swear these two characters were borderline psychotic, but what the heck we are all a little bit crazy anyway. They both trusted each other to make the  best possible decisions for their life and bond to flourish.I loved them together.Ms Dane has a way with words that’s very visceral and she certainly ticked all my happy buttons. This one gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. You’ll definitely need it.

Box of Nails : This Young Stud by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails : This Young Stud                            Word Count :34,900

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Jeff has hired on as the manager of the house owners Dev and Barney are trying to create for the servers at the Hammer Club, and dealing with all those twinks is like herding cats. Still, he loves his new job, which is partly due to meeting hot, interesting sub, Paul.

Paul is Devvie’s best friend, a bartender at the Hammer Club, and a sweet little bottom. He believes he breaks Doms, though, so when he falls for Jeff, he figures the best thing he can do is stay away. Jeff won’t let him hide, and soon they’re seeing each other, despite Paul’s worries.

Can Jeff and Paul overcome the past and make a life together?

My Review : Jeff is given the task of coralling the twinks at the ‘box of nails’ house which is supposed to be a safe haven from all Doms. However , Barney came up with the bright idea of hiring a Dom so the twinks are not running roughshod all over Devvie. As soon as Jeff sees Paulie the attraction is instantaneous.  Paulie is a shy sweet twink that has a low self esteem. He believes that he is broken and that every Dom who he’s been with is tainted by him. From the moment he meets Jeff he’ s been intrigued. He tries to make a good impression, but he always seem to end up in the rose bushes or hurt in some undignified way.

This was such a sweet, sensual read. Jeff explores the dominant side of their relationship and sees how far he can push Paulie. Jeff knows that he has found the one after giving Paulie his first spanking.Paulie responds beautifully to his Dom and falls a little bit deeper as his ass gets redder and more tingly. Jeff is very patient and that is why even though he is young, he is such a great  Dom. When tragedy hits and threatens to overwhelm Paul, Jeff is there to push him into letting out all the pain. Jeff allows him to have a totally cathartic experience. I am getting very curious about the discipline side of submission, I am very tempted to try. This book gets my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Title : Box of Nails: This Old House by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails: This Old House            Word Count : 36,500

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Devon used to be a server at the Hammer Club, the most exclusive BDSM club in town. But that was before he inherited a lot of money from his grandmother and decided to buy a big old house and convert it into apartments for Hammer Club waiters. It’s hard to find decent, affordable housing and he wants to do something good for his fellow twinks. Unfortunately the house is in much worse repair than he knew when he bought it and he’s slowly drowning under the weight of the demands from both the house, and the boys who live in it.

Enter Barney, the contractor Devon calls in for an emergency fix of the building’s pipes. Barney’s heard of the Hammer Club, in fact he’s saving up for a membership, but it’s going to take a while on his blue collar salary. He falls for Devon on the spot and can only hope the feeling is mutual. He also wants to make sure none of Devon’s twink friends are running roughshod over the man, and he’s determined to help.

Can they work together to find a way to keep Devon, and his old house, afloat?

My Review : From their very first conversation, Barney finds himself drawn to Devon and wants to take care of him.  Devon runs a house filled with twinks who work at the hammer club. This house is sort of a makeshift safe house where no Doms are allowed. It’s clear to see that Barney is a Dom and he is very interested in getting Devon to be his submissive. He can’t wait to take care of Devon and get these twinks to stop taking advantage of him as their landlord. Barney realizes that Devon is a hot mess when it comes to being a landlord and broken pipes seals their fate. I loved watching the relationship unfold between these two and the sex was super hot and constant. Sex like this would cause a friction burn, and oh what a way to burn 😉 .

Barney has his job cut out for him trying to make Devon see his own self worth.  Devon is very insecure and he looks at himself as a nobody. Barney makes it his point of duty to show Devon  how a sweet, caring, loving boy deserves to be treated by his Dom. Devon was so responsive to Barney’s stimulation and it was so much fun watching his passions unfurl even though he was a virgin. Barney is the perfect Dom for a virgin, he knows exactly how far to push Devon’s limits without being overly forceful. Devon was so eager to please Barney and this made for a sweet surrender and some really hot sex. I loved it all, the spankings, the bondage, the sex toys and even the denial of orgasms. For that reason , it gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. 


Title: Forever Mates: Zus & Rue by Stormy Glenn

Title : Forever Mates : Zus & Rue                             Word Count : 31,896

 Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb: Zus took one look at the brown-haired beauty that walked into the bar with his friends and knew that he had found the perfect submissive. He just wasn’t sure the sexy little man was ready for his dominant brand of mating. Being in control was second nature to him and he wasn’t about to change that for Rue, even if the man was his forever mate.

Rue Tasquer had just about given up hope that he would find the perfect man to dominate him until he found a set of deep, piercing green eyes staring at him from across a bar. As eager as he is to find someone to accept him—kink and all—Rue quickly gives into the man’s demands and follows him for what turns out to be the beginning of something that will either make Rue the happiest man alive or send him running for his life.

My Review : Rue desperately needs someone to dominate him so that he can feel safe and warm. He is disappointed when he believes that Zus is not able to be what he needs. Zus is devastated when he realizes that Rue is rejecting him as his forever mate after he has bonded with him. Typical alpha male, he doesn’t realize that Rue is not a part of his  shifter world and doesn’t accept him as a forever mate, because he can’t fathom the significance of such an honor. It turns out all Rue needed was a good hard spanking, some handcuffs and some hot sweaty sex for things to be clarified for him. He really blossomed and opened under Zus’ domination. Zus recognized Rue as the perfect submissive from their lovemaking. Zus takes control to a whole different level and I was able to see the beauty in it. It must be so freeing to give someone so much control over your body, it made me so excited that I think I’ll give it a try ;). Zus was so vocal and I really love that, there is so much power in his words.

My one problem with this book was that, Ms. Glenn regurgitated the same incidents from the first book and just used a different character to tell the story. Therefore the dialogue was pretty much the same in the two books, I totally did not like that. I kinda felt like I wasted my money a little. I am a loyal fan and this made me very disappointed. Only because I’m loyal am I giving this one my ratings of 3 – it was just ok 😦 .