A Bit of You (Love in Xxchange 7) by Bailey Bradford

Title: A Bit if You             Word Count:200 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Billy’s been the bouncy, perky, somewhat slutty drink server at The Xxchange since it opened, and frankly, he’s tired of those labels, but it will take the love of FBI agent Liam Stone to give Billy the strength he needs to become the man he’s always wanted to be.

Billy’s used to everyone looking at him and seeing a perpetually perky, goofy twink.

Inside he knows he isn’t those things, or not only those things, at least. He isn’t sure how to get anyone to see past that. He isn’t sure if he can stop acting the part, either. It’s always been easier to let people see what they expect to see. But lately he’s been thinking, and he’s not at all sure the easy way is the right way.

Liam Stone came to The Xxchange to blow off a little steam.

An FBI agent working on the kidnapping case of one James Stratton, Liam figures he’ll head back to Dallas as soon as he can shake the dust off his heels. Then he sees Billy and Karma slaps Liam on the ass. How many times has he scoffed at the idea of love at first sight, thought people who said it happened to them were full of cow patties?

A lot, and now he’s been hit between the eyes with something he can’t quite explain, except it all has to do with Billy. Now if he can protect the man from a sadistic jerk and help Billy come to terms with his past, maybe they can have the happy ending they’ve both always wanted.

My Review:  From the first moment Agent Liam Stone laid eyes on Billy in club Xxchange, it was insta-lust. Billy has that androgynous, effeminate look that turns Liam’s crank. This is not always ideal, since this brawny FBI agent doesn’t advertise to the world that he is gay. Billy’s exuberance and sweet smile draws him in like a moth to a flame. Liam’s horniness is tempered by the scared, nervous vibes Billy is exuding. Before he knows it Billy disappears out back and when he hears the owner Xavier Talbot looking for Billy he gets concerned.

Liam follows Xavier and the bartender Troy outside and is shocked to see Billy laying on the ground hurt after being assaulted by Randy, Xavier’s brother.  Xavier is pounding the hell out of Randy since he sees Billy more like an adopted little brother than an employee. The guys are surprised at Liam’ s presence, but they let it go when Liam explains that there is just something special about Billy.

Liam stays by Billy’s hospital bed  for awhile just watching the sexy little blond. Liam is surprised at the depth of his feelings since he’s never even spoken to Billy. Xavier allows Liam to stay with Billy because he sees a longing in his eyes that can only mean he cares for Billy. When Billy awakes to find the sexy hunk of a man is not a figment of his imagination,  he is definitely excited and it’s  a bit hard to hide.

Liam is so tempted by Billy, but he would really like to show him how special and precious he is before having sex. Liam lets Billy know that he wants more than one night together. All of Liam’s good intentions fall to the wayside, when he gets Billy back to his hotel room and he begs to be touched. Billy loves the chivalrous side of Liam , but he desperately wants the horny beast he sees lurking behind his eyes.The pull between them is so strong and they enter into a whirlwind romance. Their first night together is filled with so much passion and intensity.

Shortly after, Liam has to go back  on the case of a missing man named James Stratton who happens to be Xavier’s boyfriend Chase’s best friend.Liam and his boss Agent Glenn Shearing go on a wild goose chase and after a few bum leads , they find James severely malnourished and beaten, but alive. Liam misses Billy fiercely, but he is hoping that the time apart will show Billy that they have a future together. They spend the time texting whenever they can and Billy realizes how much he misses his man. 

When the couple is reunited, Liam gets to see a more confident Billy. There is a role reversal where Billy aims to please Liam. Billy takes on a more dominant aggressive role and Liam is pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to bottom for his sexy little blond. Liam is definitely feeling sexually liberated. Their relationship continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Liam knows its too soon ,but he asks Billy to move in with him after professing his love for him. The only reason Billy is hesitant is because he has a few secrets that he thinks will make him unworthy of Liam’s love.

Billy is nervous to reveal secrets that he has never told another soul. With his newfound confidence comes bravery. He tells Liam how he was abused by his aunt’s lovers at an early age and when he couldn’t take it anymore he ran away and started hooking on the streets at 15 and that’s how Xavier found him. Liam makes a vow to  find those responsible for hurting his sweet Billy. With his resources at the FBI , it doesn’t take him long. Its small consolation when Liam confronts one of the men to find him withering away in a nursing home. Liam knows that justice will be served in the end.

Billy decides to take the plunge with the love of his life and move in together. He’s also decided to further his education at college with the support of his sexy lover Liam. Liam has a few insecurities that Billy will find someone younger, but he knows he needs to trust in their love. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

A Bit of Me ( Love in Xxchange 6) by Bailey Bradford

Title: A Bit of Me              Word Count:309 pgs

Genre:  Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Chase Murphy lost everything—money, his best friend, and his confidence-but one man wants to help him regain what was taken from him along with a love that Chase never expected to have and doesn’t believe he deserves.

A chance encounter gives hope…

Xavier Talbot has everything a successful man should, or at least he thought he did. Suddenly he discovers that his brother is a sick sadistic jerk, the boy he found on the streets and raised for the past several years is going to give Xavier a clear understanding of ‘empty nest syndrome’, and the club he’d built up from nothing, The Xxchange, now seems like a sleazy place instead of the GLBT paradise Xavier had imagined. Then a chance encounter with one man gives Xavier a bit of hope in his rapidly depressing world.

…but will they discover love together?

Chase Murphy only wanted one thing—to find his best friend, James Stratton, who’d been kidnapped by a vengeful sociopath. Hurt and stranded in a town he has no intentions of staying in, Chase meets a man he wants to hate, but he can’t stop thinking about Xavier Talbot no matter what he does. Slowly, seductively, the town and its inhabitants draw Chase in and make him rethink his opinion on forming friendships and the possibility of a long term relationship. He isn’t sure he wants to hang around to see if things would work out, but it isn’t until James is found that Chase discovers the truth about what it means to love people, as friends and, for Xavier, as a lover.

My Review: Xavier Talbot, owner of club Xxchange can be described in so many ways: snarly, sexy, dangerous and definitely dominant but never vulnerable. But that is exactly how he feels when he thinks he is about to lose Billy, his faux brother/ son. Xavier has protected Billy since he picked him up off the streets since  he was 15. Billy is very effeminate and a twink to boot. He is always getting into trouble since he bites off more than he can chew with the burly men he’s attracted to.

 When Xavier finds his own brother Randy assaulting Billy for the second time, he goes off the rails and beat the holy hell out of his brother. Xavier is helped  by FBI Stone who also comes to rescue Billy and who promises that he wants to become a more permanent fixture in Billy’s life. Xavier’s bond with Billy feels threatened and he just knows that his place in Billy’s life will be usurped by this sexy FBI agent. He feels insignificant and he knows he is experiencing the empty nest syndrome even if it hasn’t happened yet officially.

When he meets Chase Murphy, a friend of his former employee Adam, he knows he is just the man to fill the void. Their connection is very electric, but there is only one problem, Chase is determined to fight their connection every step of the way. Chase has been tortured by some bad people from Adam’s past and even though he is hurt, he is on a mission. A mission to find his best friend James Stratton who  has been missing for awhile and feared to be dead. Chase believes he has no time to pursue whatever he feels brewing between him and Xavier. Also, Chase has a few issues with intimacy. He is definitely a self professed top in the bedroom and looking at Xavier it is clear that he is definitely very toppy and dominant. Chase just doesn’t see how things can  work out for them. 

These guys realize how potent heir attraction is when they see each other again, but Chase is still fighting it. Also , Chase is in the midst of receiving confirmation from agent Liam Stone that his friend James is alive, but has been thoroughly tortured. He pushes all thoughts of Xavier to the side,but his fantasies are too vivid and he lives through these. Chase tries to be honest with himself and in his dreams its feels liberating to be vulnerable and bottom for Xavier.

Things come to a head when Xavier is drugged at his club by a twink named Paulie. Chase is livid that something like that has happened to Xavier. He can’t seem to stay away anymore. As soon as Xavier is out of the hospital, Chase goes up bluntly to tell him that he wants him. Xavier counteracts by letting Chase know he doesn’t bottom and that he is not looking for a one night stand. Chase has to rethink everything he ever understood about himself and sex. He compromises, but it wasn’t very hard since he can’t lie about the way Xavier makes his body open up. Their first time is combustible even though they don’t go all the way. Xavier knows that he will have to earn Chase’s trust.

Trust comes in increments for them and soon these sexy strong- willed men find out what its like to be vulnerable while falling for each other. They both open themselves up to each other, both doing things that they said would never be a possibility because of their dominant personalities. The trust that they feel for each other is amazing and definitely a good foundation on which to build their relationship. 

Chase proves to Xavier that he is in it for the long haul. He pools their resources together and makes plans with Xavier to revamp their club the Xxchange into something more sophisticated. Xavier also helps Chase to sneak around trying to find out the secure location where his friend James is being hidden. Chase is so happy to see that even though James is just a little broken , he is still alive. They are all hoping to to have James recover to his former self. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

 Love in Xxchange 5: Ex’s and O’s by Bailey Bradford

Title: Ex’s and O’s            Word Count: 294 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Adam Masterson paid a steep price for doing the right thing, but it might be more than worth it if he can get through tough cop Les Stanton—and if they can survive one man’s plans for vengeance.

He tried to do the right thing…

All Adam Masterson tried to do was the right thing—stop a psychotic man from hurting anyone else. While he may have succeeded, he also put himself in the crosshairs of the man’s wealthy father, and Adam soon finds himself battered, homeless and unemployed. When his mother is also evicted from her home, Adam packs up his car and takes Charlene, his mother, with him as he heads to Texas to plead for help from someone he isn’t sure will help.

…so they might have a chance together.

When officer Les Stanton pulls over the beater car with Montana plates, he already knows who is in the vehicle. His friend Josh has been complaining about his partner, Nick, helping out the too-attractive blond from Montana. Les soon finds himself irresistibly drawn to Adam. Even his fear of Charlene can’t keep him away. Now, if he can just let go of the past and learn to trust, he and Adam might have a chance-unless one wealthy man swearing vengeance destroys them both.

My Review: Tough as nails Officer Les Stanton has always thought of himself as straight. Until he meets the spunky blond named Adam who he stopped for speeding. Les recognizes the name from his friend Josh, so he is surprised at the bruises he sees on Adam’s face.He remembered that Josh told him that Adam had been run  out  of town after taking down his would-be rapist. It just so happens that the rapist’s Dad Mitch Rollins Sr. is very rich and has quite a few people in his pockets. A few of his goons roughed up Adam, before he got away with his mother Charlene. 

Les decides to take Adam to the hospital where Josh works as a nurse so he can patch him up. Josh’s partner Nick and Adam are really good friends and this makes Josh a tiny bit jealous since Adam is so gorgeous and twinky. Josh is just as much a twink and he sees him as competition. After seeing how downtrodden he is, Josh decides to cut him some slack and offers Adam and his mother Charlene his old apartment to stay.

With the help of friends , Adam soon gets himself a job at the club Xxchange. Adam doesn’t mind the work , he just hates that he has to fend off the owner’s brother. Adam decides to put him in his place and almost breaks Randy’s hand in the process. When he is called to the office , he is almost sure that he will be sacked. He explains himself to his boss Xavier telling him he was just defending himself. He is in the process of showing Xavier the bruise on his buttocks, when Les walks in. The possessive beast rises up in Les and he just can’t stand anyone else seeing the man who he wants for himself. Les is furious when he sees Adam’s bruises, he just wants to kiss them away.Les is surprised at the feelings Adam incites in him, he never really thought about his sexuality since he is a virgin. Adam is happy at the possessive traits he sees within Les, it makes him feel special and definitely wanted. That night he goes home with Les.

Adam makes Les  want to share all his secrets. Les opens up to Adam and tells him that he is a virgin. Adam can’t believe that this big sexy cop is untouched, he knows that there is a story there. However, Adam decides not to push and accepts it for the gift that it is. Their first time together is explosive and Les knows that he has found someone very special in Adam. Les wants to explore with Adam, but he feels vulnerable to let someone so intimately in his body. He enjoys himself thoroughly with Adam and he realizes that there is no shame in the passion between two men.

Things are going great for them and the sex is out of this world. It has certainly opened up their eyes to having a more long-term relationship. It doesn’t take long for things to go south though. Chase Murphy , the PI who helped Adam send the would be rapist to jail shows up thoroughly beaten, but tries to warn him. Before he can get the words out, Chase falls unconscious. Les is worried that Adam and Charlene is in danger and offers his home as a sanctuary even though he is a bit uncomfortable around Adam’s mom. Adam is scared out of his mind that he has put his friend’s lives in jeopardy. Les lets him know that they will face things head on , because he loves Adam and wants to spend his life with him.

That moment was the turning point for Les where he decides to reveal his whole self to his lover. Les had a horrific childhood and his mother was a monster. She purposefully made Les and his brother sick by slow poisoning them. She succeeded in killing his brother and Les was able to expose her to the authorities before she killed him. It is no wonder he has certain trust issues and is standoffish with Charlene.

After Les’ revelation , things definitely progressed in their relationship when Les realized that their was no judgement , just unconditional love. Their is definitely a storm cloud hanging over their happily- ever- after  and this comes in the form of more thugs sent by Mitch Rollins. This time they are sent to kidnap Les and intimidate Adam in their  home. With the help of friends Josh and Nick, the situation is thwarted. Adam is frantic with the need to find his man and is happy when Les is finally found. They are happy to hear that this whole debacle is resolved with the death of Mitch Rollins who was gunned down when he tried resisting arrest. They can finally move on with their lives without fear. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford

Title : Something Shattered                Word Count : 64,448
Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : When something inside him is shattered by an act of violence, Caleb Tomas doesn’t think he can ever be whole again.

Police Officer Jesse Martin has lived in the small town of El Jardin, New Mexico, for a decade, but he’s never seen anything like the mysterious man who moves in in the middle of the night. The house across the street from Jesse’s trailer is no longer empty. There’s a puzzle waiting to be solved there in the form of one sexy, but decidedly different, man.

Bruised and battered inside and out, Caleb Tomas flees to the town of El Jardin in the hopes of escaping the terror that haunts him. Instead, he becomes more of a recluse, scared of everything, unable to get more than a dozen feet past his porch before he panics. His head’s a mess, and he knows he needs help, but that’s a step he doesn’t want to take. It’s easier, safer to stay hidden away with only his adorable puppy, Loopy, and the bird-murdering cat, Mix, for companionship.

But Caleb can’t help but notice the sexy man across the street, and when Loopy escapes from the back yard, it’s Jesse Martin who comes to the rescue.

And he might save more than one bouncy little poodle, if Caleb and Jesse are willing to take the risk.

My Review : All the tongues are wagging in the small town of El Jardin, everyone is wondering about the new resident Caleb who moved there in the dead of night. Caleb is in a very fragile state of mind when he meets Jesse Martin. Jesse Martin is a police officer and also Caleb’s neighbour. He has heard the rumours and he has some speculations of his own. He has caught glimpses of Caleb and he knows right away that the young man has been through something very traumatic. Caleb is bruised and battered and seems to be afraid to come outside. Jesse is the only one that Caleb allows to get close to him. To Caleb, Jesse represents strength and safety, two things that he desperately needs.
Jesse slowly inserts himself into Caleb’s life by coaxing him out to the mailbox. Everyday, he walks him the few feet to the mailbox, just to help him get over his fear. As much as Jesse would like to know what happened to this beautiful young man, he tries not to pry and doesn’t prod beyond what Caleb is comfortable with. This somehow strengthens Caleb’s resolve to get back to the person he once was. Although he has that residual fear of the outside world which is a memento from the violent assault he recently experienced , Caleb does not fear Jesse. He eagerly awaits the minutes until he sees Jesse. The relationship doesn’t take long to be forged between these two lovers. Caleb is a bit sweet and shy but underneath that lies a sexy vixen which allows Jesse’s dominant side to come out and play. The chemistry between them is explosive and leads to some really hot scenes. Whether it is a quick romp on Jesse’s lunch break or a lengthy session in Caleb’s bedroom, they attack each other passionately and voraciously.
With the encouragement of his sister, Caleb decides to open up and tell Jesse what he’s been running and hiding from. Jesse wraps Caleb up in his strong arms and knows that he will protect him from any harm. Their wills are soon tested and they face adversity in the form of smallminded police officers. They all come together as a family and stand strong against the actions of a few. Caleb also appeals to his audience, since he’s a writer. He discloses all his hidden truths and exposes his life and all the problems and hurt that he has been through . This sheds light on the homophobic jackasses in their lives and they soon realize that they can’t win in the face of such strength. Jesse and Caleb work seemlessly as a couple and even though small town life will not be perfect, their love for each other will see them through . I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Love in Xxchange 11: My Heart to Keep by Bailey Bradford

Title : My Heart to Keep         Word Count : 62,195

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Losing everything doesn’t mean Remy’s lost.

Fred’s been the bar manager at The Xxchange for a long time. He’s seen servers come and go. With the bar revamped and turned into a more reputable club, the last person he ever expects to see walk in is Martine, a snarky booty-boy server who worked at The Xxchange years ago then just didn’t show up one night.

But Martine isn’t really Martine—he’s Remy, and always has been. To get hired at a place he could party and have fun in, Remy had previously lied about his age and got a fake ID. Then he got into a bad relationship, one based on money and a contract no one should ever have agreed on.

After his parents commit a crime that lands Remy in trouble with his sugar daddy, Remy loses everything. The only place he can think of to turn to is The Xxchange, and the people he used to work for. If they’ll just give him a chance to prove he can be a mature, responsible adult, he might end up no longer living on the streets.

These two men come together first as rescuer and lost soul, then as friends. If there’s going to be more than that, Remy wants them to be on an equal footing. He’s learned his lesson about trying to find the easy way through life.

But someone doesn’t want him to have a chance at freedom or love…

My Review :  Remy formerly known as Martine is back in town. He is definitely not the twinky ass-baring flirt that we are used to at the Xxchange. In his place is a very scared, skinny downtrodden young man. He is desperate to put the pieces of his life back together.  He goes to the Xxchange looking for a job and it’s Xavier and Chase the club owners who first recognize him. It is clear to them that something is definitely wrong. They point Remy out to their longtime trusted bartender Fred who approaches Remy only to have him run away.

Fred forgets about  Remy until the next day he sees him begging outside a restaurant. Fred corners him and takes him home to feed him. The story soon pours out of Remy how his longtime sugar daddy Grey turned him out after it became public that Remy’s father scammed a lot of old people, one of which was Grey’s brother.

Remy is left destitute with no one to lean on as his father committed a murder – suicide by taking Remy’s mom with him. Remy has to now learn how to stand on his own two feet. Fred helps him with that and helps him to acknowledge that he is blameless of his father’s crimes. Fred is definitely there when he needs a friend. Remy is able to see all of Fred’s attributes that his former vapid self was not able to comprehend.  Remy soon realize that he has a crush on Fred. Fred brings out qualities in Remy that he never knew he possessed. He yearns to become a better man, one who will be worthy of Fred’s love. Their friendship soon turn into a healthy , loving sexy committed  relationship something that both men crave. They fit together like a perfect puzzle.

Remy’s ex Grey is intent on tearing them apart and he tries this by kidnapping Remy. Fred calls on the cavalry with Les and Glenn in the lead, ready to get his man back. By the time they find him Remy has already freed himself by diligently holding on to his hopes and dreams for the future with Fred. He is overwhelmed when he is reunited with the love of his life. They continue on with their lives to a bright promising future when Remy goes down on one knee and propose to Fred.

 I’ve always loved the men of the Xxchange who have proven time and time again that  they are a strong support system for each other.  We get to catch up with quite a few of my favorites like Josh the pink penguin loving twinky nurse, James the abused lawyer and Les the very stoic police officer who was abused by his mother. It’s great to see them all and to see that love indeed prevailed. They are all leading fulfilling lives, some with kids and the whole marriage and picket fence deal. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Aw, come on, let me see.” Fred made a twirling motion with one hand. “Turn around.”  Remy knee-walked up to Fred before straddling him again, this time facing Fred’s feet. They were nice feet. Remy had never really cared about a guy’s feet before, but he didn’t think he’d mind sucking on Fred’s toes sometime. He bent over and pushed two fingers right into his hole. “Ah, that always feels so fucking good.” Better when it was Fred doing the fingering, of course. Still, Remy enjoyed opening himself up, too. “Like what you see?” he asked after Fred moaned.  “You know I do. Watching you fingering yourself is something I could spend hours doing,” Fred said.  “Not today you won’t,” Remy mock-groused. “Today, I’m going to do this for another minute, max, then I’m going to get on that big dick of yours and ride it until you shoot your cum all up inside of me.” “Fuck. Fuck ( I loved watching  Remy gain back his sexual confidence.)

Mossy Glenn Ranch 6: Broncs and Bullies by Bailey Bradford

Title : Broncs and Bullies               Word Count : 61,487

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Frankie never let anyone close, until Duke refused to give up on him.

Frankie Freemont knows everyone at the Mossy Glenn thinks he’s a jerk for breaking things off with Jody. Letting people get close to him just isn’t something Frankie does. And older men? No way. Frankie doesn’t do that daddy thing so many younger guys seem to like.

Which is why he can’t understand his reaction to Duke Edmonds. Duke has always made him nervous for no reason Frankie can figure out.

Duke suffers a concussion, and Frankie suffers the consequences of a bad choice he makes. With his family wanting him for only one thing—money—and Duke slowly breaking down his defenses, Frankie doesn’t know which way is up.

Duke is determined to prove to Frankie that he’s a good man—they both are. Duke’s worked hard to overcome his youthful past. He’s still ashamed of being a bully years ago, and does everything he can to make sure he never makes mistakes like that again. Being a better man is hard at times, but Duke’s spent his whole adult life doing so.

Now he and Frankie have to decide what they want, and how to go about getting it. That means making some changes that can break each man’s heart.

My Review :  There is a thin line between  pain and pleasure during sex and Frankie Freemont had first hand experience. Frankie is one of the gay ranch hands at the Mossy Glenn Ranch. He’s become very unpopular with the other cowboys,  because of the way he dumped Jody when Jody found out he had a child. Frankie  feels bad for how he dealt with the situation,  but he just wants to have some no- strings attached fun. He definitely doesn’t  want the responsibility of raising a child with Jody. Frankie  punishes himself by going out and being a little bit reckless. He is very careless with his body and have meaningless Internet hookups for sex.

 Frankie’s life takes a dangerous turn when he meets Clem who leaves quite a few bruises both physical and emotional after his harsh treatment during sex. His actions speak loudly of internalized homophobia which he perpetrated on Frankie’s most intimate parts. Clem dessimates Frankie’s self esteem by using extremely  profane and derogatory slurs to shred him. Unbeknownst  to  Frankie,  Clem films them having sex and uses it to further demean and exploit him by posting it on an Internet site for voyeurs.

Duke , the craggy cowboy always knew he was attracted to Frankie,  but for some reason Frankie always avoided him. When Duke found out that someone hurt Frankie,  he just wants to wrap him up and protect him. Duke knows that he is way more invested in Frankie and he plans to go gentle so that he doesn’t spook him. All the gentleness that Duke exhudes is Frankie’s undoing, he really likes how safe he feels in Duke’s arms. 

Oftentimes, people  self medicate with sex and it is clear to see that Frankie has a low self worth. He is not used to the men he hooked up with treating him special. His sense of self has been fractured and he doesn’t think he deserves a whole  lot in relationships. He has kept everything very shallow, putting up a facade of being a playboy and this has definitely backed him in a corner with no friends to call his own. Duke continues to reach out and gently ease his way into Frankie’s life so that he can love him like how he has dreamed of loving someone.   

This book was  about repairing bonds that have been broken. It’s all about the rebirth of relationships and the rejuvenation of our souls. Frankie  and Duke prove to be one of my favorite couples on the ranch. Frankie learnt to cling to his family of choice at the Mossy Glenn Ranch when his own family betrayed and abused his trust. Duke’s  loving care helps Frankie to see how worthy and strong of a man he can be to his partner. Having Frankie’s love allows Duke to feel ten feet tall, it makes him want to move mountains and to just be a better man overall. I found this one to be very emotional,  I loved it. Best book out of the whole series in my opinion. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Mossy Glenn Ranch 5: Riding & Regrets by Bailey Bradford

Title : Riding & Regrets               Word Count : 54,228

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Jody Bates just wanted to fit in and forget his past, but you can’t escape everything.

Jody Bates had a hard life as a kid, but he’s moved past that and is making a home for himself at the Mossy Glenn. Sometimes he smarts off, but he’s young, and he’s learning.

What he hasn’t learned yet is that you can never completely escape your past.

Jody has a few blank spots, things he can’t quite remember. Like a lot of kids, he did some stupid things and figures he’s lucky to have come out relatively unscathed. Sure there’s a scar here and there, but on the whole, he’s doing just fine.

But something that happens brings about an enormous change in his life. Jody finds himself with a kid he didn’t know he’d fathered and memories trying to surface about the drug-filled night the child had to have been conceived. Jody, at twenty, is overwhelmed and more scared than he’s ever been in his life.

Noel Cuthbert needed a change. He was tired of the bar scene, tired of getting dumped. He seemed to have a six-month expiration date per relationship. The last guy almost broke him in more ways than one, and moving across the country had sounded like a brilliant idea when he’d first thought of it.

Now he’s in Ashville, Montana, and his Aunt Gertie is doing everything she can to talk him into staying. She needs his help, and Noel needs to be needed.

And he’s never seen anyone who needs him more than the young man who walks into Gertie’s daycare with a screaming toddler on his hip.

My Review : The cocky young man we were introduced to in the previous book is no more, Jody has made a complete 360. I guess finding out you are a dad for a beautiful little girl will shake anyone’s foundation, especially when you are a gay man who can’t remember ever having sex with a woman. Prissy is a little cherub who looks so much like Jody. All the cowboys on the ranch dotes on this little beauty. Everyone is really great about letting bygones be bygones and they really step up and help Jody with Prissy.

Jody meets Noel for the first time  when he takes Prissy to Daycare. Noel is new in town and he’s staying with his Aunt Gertie who owns the daycare. Noel is sweet and caring . He is instantly attracted to Jody ‘ s red hair , freckles and that sexy, wiry little body.  Noel is surprised by his attraction since he decided  to forgo relationships for awhile. His last boyfriend tried to snuff out his life while he proceeded to rape him. Noel has terrible nightmares and he lives in fear when his ex Clive threatens to come after him and finish the job.

As Jody and Noel gets closer, Noel opens up and Jody goes through a whole gamut of emotions.  Jody is a virgin and his innocence is refreshing. Noel is very happy to be the one to help this beautiful man in his explorations. The sex is mind blowing between the two and brings about scintillating reactions. Jody opens up to Noel about his past as well. Being ostracized by his family has not been easy for Jody and that’s why even as young as he is, all he ever wanted was to create his own family. Jody and Noel realise that they are both craving the same thing and it works out well since they already have their prepackaged insta-family. Jody is still amazed how quick the ranch family that they have fallen into is quick to rally whenever there is a problem. The cop Ian and the trio’s FBI friend from the Xxchange take care of Noel’s problematic ex boyfriend Clive.

I really liked the introduction of a little princess on the ranch. Jody and Noel has started a beautiful foundation that has a lot of potential to flourish. The sex scenes were very vivid and very sensual. This is one of my faves from this series. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Favorite Quotes : 1. Noel tongued his hole until it was soaked with spit and softened up, the muscles relaxing for him. He pushed his tongue in then, and Jody howled, that ring clenching as the scent of spunk hit the air.  Jody went down with a soft thump, his hand pinned beneath him. Noel followed him, laving that tight pucker. He kept at it while Jody lay still except for the shivers that raced down his length. He was still licking and working his tongue in and out of that hole when Jody whimpered, his hips moving as he started fucking himself on Noel’s tongue.

Mossy Glenn Ranch 4: Fences and Freedom by Bailey Bradford

Title : Fences and Freedom                  Word Count : 52,899

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Ramsey Carmichael has never cared about anyone or anything except writing the next story, until one innocent man turns his life around.

Barney Rader can’t shake the label he’s always carried—that of the town’s poor kid. It’s been him and his mom ever since his dad died years ago. He’s struggling to make a living and bring home enough money to keep him and his mom going. After months of trying, Barney gets hired at the Mossy Glenn Ranch, and the first thing he learns is that he wants Ramsey Carmichael. Bad.

Ramsey Carmichael has fucked more men than he can remember, and Barney is one tempting piece of ass. But while Barney might be naive, he isn’t stupid. Before Ramsey knows what hits him, he’s tangled up with Barney—and re-examining his life. Ramsey doesn’t like what he discovers, but turning his life around is a lot easier said than done.

My Review : No doubt about it, Ramsey is a prickly asshole.  Mostly all the people at the Mossy Glenn Ranch hated him and I could definitely see why. Ramsey is an insufferable obnoxious excuse of a man that is just miserable and he doesn’t play nice with others. I couldn’t stand him for half of the book. He is selfish and a little underhanded in the way that he is posing as something he is not. It takes a man like Barney to chip away at all of Ramsey’s defenses and tear down those walls brick by  brick. Barney is a little naive, poor country boy who everyone sees as a big dumb oaf. Barney knows how everyone in town views him and his mother, but he doesn’t let that bother him. He is a beautiful,  caring, helpful person and he is just the sweetest man ever.

 From the very beginning,  Ramsey sees Barney as fresh meat , someone he could fool around with and get off. Barney sees someone who is lonely and who everyone despises. Barney decides to befriend Ramsey. Barney knows he is very attracted to Ramsey and even though he is warned that Ramsey is not a nice person, he takes the plunge and get to know him better. They quickly come up with a standing arrangement to get off with each other whenever they can. Ramsey was very selfish and uncaring of Barney’s needs. He doesn’t even touch Barney, making Barney do all the work.

 Ramsey finds himself needing something more than a hook up and he starts opening up surprisingly. After seeing the disgusting similarities to his own miserable father, he decides he wants something different for his life. He is so amazed at the closeness he has with Barney, he starts to cherish that  beautiful feeling that just might be love. Ramsey sees how precious Barney is and he wants to be a better man because of him. I am a little dissapointed though, because I didn’t really feel all that invested in their relationship.  I just didn’t feel the chemistry that I have felt with other main characters of Bailey Bradford.  I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 

Mossy Glenn Ranch 3: Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford

Title : Saddles and Memories           Word Count :56,243

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Salt Johnson has had his heart broken, or at least his ego dented, but he’s about to meet a man who wipes away every bad memory Salt ever had.

Saul ‘Salt’ Johnson had a crush on the wrong man. No surprise. He doesn’t have much experience when it comes to relationships despite his age. Being a cowboy in Montana means keeping in the closet, which has left Salt with a long line of one-night stands. Getting hired on at the Mossy Glenn changes all of that, and he’s beginning to see that maybe he can have more than he’s been settling for.

He just doesn’t expect to find it with another one-night stand.

Andy Calder spent years taking care of his brother Destry and helping to raise his nephew, Ty. Now both are gone—Destry passed away and Ty being raised by Andy’s spiteful younger brother. Andy hasn’t forgiven himself for being manipulated after Destry’s death. He just hopes Ty is happy. Andy’s working hard to build up the company he’d started with Destry, wanting to leave Ty a legacy he could build on. Things just aren’t going as planned, and when he decides to blow off some steam with a sexy, rough cowboy, they end up connecting in a way neither of them ever expected.

It’s definitely not a one-night stand kind of thing.

My Review :  I am really enjoying this new series by Bailey Bradford.  The main characters are very relatable,  it’s not just twinks and perfectly chiseled bodies. These are real men with love handles, laugh lines, hard working sunburned,  sweaty stinky cowboys. Ooh la la , I’m in hog heaven. 

The  two main characters are older,  Salt who we met in the previous book , he is 45 and he meets a sexy one night stand Andy who is 37. Andy has his own start up business where he is trying to sell organic feed to ranches. He has some painful memories he is trying to outrun. He finds himself feeling listless and craving more than a one night with the sexy ranch hand Salt. Salt has to hold back his feelings because he doesn’t want to come off as too clingy. He yearns for a relationship where he is settled and can have a home with a partner. He is really drawn to Andy and he likes how their conversations are easygoing and the sex is amazing.

The sex between these  two is all about pushing boundaries and getting to a comfortable place for both of them. Andy doesn’t consider himself to be a Dom,  but he can be forceful and play rough when he needs. Salt is not submissive, but he craves a hard touch and he totally gets that with Andy spanking that lean ass of his.  Sex is a messy business and it is so much hotter that way. Andy is raunchy and he prefers to have a sweaty cowboy in his bed. He just can’t get enough of Salt’s flavour after he’s been at work all day in the hot sun. Hot , hot , hot😊.

They both come to the realization that they need something more than a quick hook up from the other. They decide to give a monogamous relationship a try even though it will probably be long distance. 

Andy’s painful memories that he’s been trying to outrun finally catches up to him. His brother calls to tell him that his nephew  Ty who lived with him as a kid, ran away. Andy is worried sick and has to leave abruptly from the weekend getaway he had planned with Salt. Salt is very understanding and tells Andy how much he adores him and has his back. This crisis definitely brings them closer together and drives  home the fact that they can’t live apart for too much longer. They crave being in each other’s presence and they make the necessary arrangements for Andy and his nephew to live with Salt on the ranch. They all ended up with the family that they always hoped for. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Though the tickling as the cum seeped back out of him could stop. Salt remembered exactly how Andy had solved that problem last time.  As if reading his mind, Andy whispered, “Can’t wait to lick you clean.” ( Hot damn, if this book gets any raunchier, I will be in a constant orgasmic state. It’s like a fucking wet dream that never ends 😇.)


Mossy Glenn Ranch 2: Ropes and Dreams by Bailey Bradford

Title : Ropes and Dreams        Word Count :50,988

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Ian McCain’s always been one cold, hard man, but a sexy little cook is about to melt his heart.

Drake loves his job as a cook at the Mossy Glenn Ranch. He just wishes he wasn’t scared out of his mind. His ex has him convinced he’s never going to be loved again, so he vows to remain alone.

Officer Ian McCain doesn’t play well with others—unless he’s got a whip or paddle in his hand and a sub at his feet. Control is all he’s had for years now, and he doesn’t think he’s capable of having a relationship.

Then he pulls up at the Mossy Glenn and sees a sexy man with a cute puppy on a leash. From that moment on, Drake might as well have Ian on a leash too, or at least his heart. Ian breaks down Drake’s walls almost as fast as Drake destroys his.

But their chance for a happy life together is something they’re both going to have to fight for as Drake faces his fears and Ian faces losing everything.

My Review : We are in for another dirty hard ride. Here we  have our favorite ranch cook, Drake Cuttington and local cop Ian McCain. Drake is the sweetest little guy you could ever meet. We met him in book 1 of the Mossy Glenn series, where he became the new cook and friend to the hottest trio Carlos, Troy and Will. My heart really goes out to him, because Drake has always had the displeasure of meeting jerks. The last jerk he was with, cheated on him and later called him to let him know that he is HIV positive. Drake has been depressed and living in fear ever since he got the news. His first round of tests proves that he is HIV negative, but he is fearful of hoping that he will be truly healthy when he does his next round of tests in the next six months. Drake has become closed off and written off all hopes of a relationship until things are sorted out in his life.

Ian comes off as a silent, emotionless man but we are able to see a flicker of interest and attraction for Drake on their first meeting.  Ian is a hardcore Dom who sees something in Drake that would make him the perfect submissive to share his life with. Ian comes from a past where he was exposed to abusive adults as a child. He considers himself to be socially inept and he doesn’t really know how to carry on conversations and make friends. Him being dominant is a way of freeing his true self and exploring possibilities. 

 From their very first meeting, Ian is very attracted to Drake and Drake is powerless to deny his intense stares. Ian really puts out the effort to talk to Drake even though he is not sure what to say. Ian just says what’s in his heart and he realizes that’s more than enough for Drake. They meet each other in the middle and they are perfect for each other. 

The sex between them was very intense and not for the feint of heart.  Their sex involved floggers, nipple clamps and cock cages. Drake really embraced that part of himself that needed to get off on the pain and Ian was so in charge and knew exactly how far to push Drake. They participated in breath play which was kinda hot, I’m not sure if I could handle that though. Drake reveled in taking Ian’s cock as far as it would go down his throat until he was almost choking. Drake is a pro at taking care of Ian’s needs.  

Drake brought  Ian out of his shell and taught him how to have fun, while Ian taught Drake how not be afraid after his HIV scare.  Drake was exceedingly happy when he found out he was still negative after two testings. He realized his ex lied to him  and used scare tactics to get him to come back to him. Ian showed Drake how much he appreciated his body even though he had a few love handles and a big bubblebut. Everyone in the house benefitted from that butt when Drake gave Will lessons on twerking 😀. I give this one my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Carlos twisted his upper half around. “Hey, Troy! C’mere!” “Okay, what’s the emergency?” Troy yelled back.  “Drake’s gonna teach Will to jiggle his ass like a bowl of Jell-O.”  Troy’s footsteps could probably have been heard all the way to Texas as he ran inside. “Wait!” ( Fun times at the ranch with everyone getting tongue tied by Drake’s twerking abilities.  It seems he can really make that ass clap😀. I want me some twerking lessons, lol.)