Bear County 10: Cowboy Trouble by Lynn Hagen

Title :  Cowboy  Trouble                 Word Count :99 pgs

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Isaac Newton has been sheltered his entire life. He’s been taught that being gay is wrong, sinful, and knows that if he reveals his deepest desires, he’ll be shunned from his family. Isaac’s managed to keep his secret hidden until he meets a man who tempts him in ways that threaten his very way of life. Tanner Rexford finds Isaac fascinating. His friends rib him about how straight-laced Isaac seems to be. But T-Rex knows what he wants and goes after Isaac, unknowingly setting into motion a course that will leave them both with more than one devastating loss that will test their very beliefs. Fate seems to have it out for both men as T-Rex and Isaac try to put the pieces of their lives back together. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. T-Rex finds this out when the stakes become even higher. With family, friends, and each other, T-Rex and Isaac just might put the pieces of their lives back together and find the happiness that seems just out of reach.

My Review :  I always  wondered about  the set up of team leader  T-rex’s story. T-rex  is one of the few humans from the Executive  Bodyguards who is not a shape shifting bear. When T-rex  first sees Isaac Newton,  he is not immediately  attracted. Isaac’s family  is very  religious  and lead an Amish  lifestyle.  Isaac’s mother makes the clothes that he wears and the closest thing  they have to modern  is an old beat up rust bucket that they call a truck. When Isaac’s  truck breaks down  on the way home after leaving the grocery store,  he realizes  that  he  is totally stuck because  he knows nothing about cars. He gets lucky  when someone  stops, after splashing him on the side of the road. Isaac is very nervous when he encounters  the super hot guy he’s been eyeballing.

T-rex apologizes to the very shy Isaac and offers to take him to the mechanic. He feels  a pull towards this awkward young man and he is not sure why , but he is willing to get to know him. While they were at the mechanic T-rex  is overcome by a wave of lust and kisses Isaac by the side of the road. He takes Isaac to lunch and gets to know a little about him and his way of life. Isaac is a very sheltered young man who has lived a very insular life with his homophobic  uber- religious  parents. 

When Isaac gets home his father beats him severely,  because unbeknownst  to them someone saw the mind melting kiss T-rex laid on him. Isaac’s father forbids him to go back to town. It’s been a few days and T-rex becomes very worried  when he doesn’t  see Isaac in town. He drives out to Isaac’s home and is met by Isaac’s father with a shotgun warning him off his property.  T-rex leaves peacefully. He is  very determined to go back with help to get Isaac out after talking to Sheriff Sparrow who suggests that Isaac might be T-rex’s  mate. Before T-rex can  go in with guns blazing,  Isaac’s  younger brother comes to the ranch to  tell him that their dad has severely beaten and kicked out Isaac.

T-rex is on the the brink of madness and it  takes him and his friends almost a week to find Isaac. Isaac is half starved, bruised and living under a bridge. Isaac is overwhelmed and happy when  his mate T-rex takes him home to the ranch. They are just getting  settled in when T-rex gets a call to meet up with his brother who is the VP of a notorious motorcycle gang. T-rex and his older brother have always been close and it was heart-rending when he tells him that he only has a few days to live due to a malignant tumor. T-rex decides to spend what precious little time they have together.  He was there holding his brother’s hand when  he takes his last breath. T-rex is devastated and all he can think about is getting home to his mate.

It is definitely  a double blow when he finds out that while he was taking care of his brother Shott had to rush Isaac to the hospital where he found out that he was pregnant and was having a miscarriage. T-rex is devastated and wished that he could have done more to protect his  mate from heartbreak. Due to the trauma that his body withstood from his father’s  beating, Isaac will never be able to carry a baby successfully. T-rex and Isaac grieve for the future children that they would never have.

They say everything  happens for a reason and that  was  proven for Isaac and T-rex. It so happens that T-rex’s brother left a  will naming him as the sole guardian over his 6 month old nephew MJ. It was such a joyous moment  to see their reaction to the revelation of the beautiful baby boy. MJ was the blessing  and the healing balm that both their souls needed. It was awesome and extremely funny watching them navigate the diaper situation on their journey back home. This was one of my favorite of the series and one of the most emotional . I loved the connection between Isaac and T-rex . I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Bear County 9: Cowboy Stripper by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Stripper             Word Count: 90 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Stripper is no stranger to using whatever means necessary in order to gain the information he needs. He’s been hired to find a missing woman who has the codes Nicolas Reno is after. When Stripper kidnaps Reno and takes him to a place where he plans to torture the man for information, he soon discovers that he just might have the wrong guy. Wilbur Castro has no clue why he’s been kidnapped. He wakes tied to a chair in a grungy room with no recollection of the night before. The stranger with hazel eyes keeps calling him Reno and no matter how much Wilbur argues otherwise, the guy isn’t listening to him. His captor is convinced that Wilbur is the man in question. When the real Reno goes after Wilbur, intent on stealing the man’s identity and life, Wilbur finds himself reaching out to the very man who’d kidnapped him.

My Review : We have long awaited Stripper’s chance at finding love. I was definitely not dissapointed.  Stripper has been the sexy fun loving, balls hanging out naked  bear of the house. He has been the most fun secondary character that I have met up to this point. It would stand to reason that his mate needs to be worthy of him. Everything about Wilbur is unique, even the circumstances he finds himself in when he first meets Stripper. Wilbur is tied to a chair about to be ‘dry drowned’ by Stripper who is working him over like the criminal he is ‘supposed’ to be. Only in this situation , Stripper’s intel is faulty. Wilbur is definitely not the mastermind criminal Stripper is hunting. He is just a shy, quirky, sexy little accountant who has lived a dull life. Wilbur is almost socially awkward, but there is just something about him that Stripper can’t get enough of. 

The criminal mastermind that Stripper is hunting looks exactly like Wilbur and he has decided to kill Wilbur and take over his identity. When he breaks into Wilbur’s hotel room, Wilbur is just in time to get outta there and call the Executive Bodyguards for help.  By the time they get to the restaurant , Stripper knows that something is awfully wrong. They find Wilbur shot in the shoulder, unconcious lying in a pool of his own blood. Stripper is going out of his mind , but he rushes Wilbur to the new shifter doctor Gallagher.  It is just a superficial wound and Wilbur soon recovers.

While on the mend , he has been getting to know his mate. Stripper is very warm, loving and introduces Wilbur to the art of online gaming  at which he is a pro. Stripper is hesitant to make love to Wilbur , because his mother died in childbirth and he is scared of the same happening to his mate.  Unbeknownst to Stripper his mate still ended up pregnant even though he didn’t bite him during sex.  Stripper begins to withdraw within himself emotionally and Wilbur is at a lost in understanding what to do.  He seeks out the other mates in the house but he doesn’t know how to express himself since he’s never had friends. Steven sees that he is overwhelmed and turned out to be a great confidante.

 Steven encourages him to have an honest talk with Stripper and he takes his advice. Wilbur decides to take the bull by its horns  and corners  Stripper  as he is about to go out on  a mission. Wilbur goes into warrior mode which is hilarious to see. Stripper gets the dressing down that he needs. They resolve their issues with a torrid makeup sex quickie. Ooh la la, Stripper is as hot as I imagined and Wilbur is the perfect mate for him. They have a beautiful baby boy named Abriel. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.


Bear County 7: Cowboy Trust by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Trust                 Word Count :90 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : [Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Cowboy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] A diabolical corporation is after him. Some ranch hands want to teach him a lesson. Steven is surrounded by danger and it seems Colton is the key to his survival. Because Steven has a gift that people are dying to get their hands on. It’s a gift that has been nothing but a curse for him. Colton spots Steven working with the other construction men. They are finishing off the bunkhouse and Colton has yet to get close enough to speak to the man. But he’s determined to make Steven his, even when he discovers Steven’s dark secret. Together they strive to not only keep Steven alive, but to build a life both desperately yearn for. But when Steven goes into premature labor, Colton fears he will lose the family he’s craved his entire life. Worse, betrayal hits home when one of their own tries to cash in on the contract that is on Steven’s head.

My Review : Colten is the technological guru out at the Big Bear Ranch. He has been eyeing Steven, one of the construction crew who is helping on the new bunkhouse.  Steven is very different, he is quiet and keeps to himself. Steven can sense things that people have done or what they are thinking from a single touch. It  is a very debilitating condition for him , because he has no shields set up in his mind to block all the outside influence. Colten shows Steven that he is interested and would like to get to know him better. Steven shies away from him, because even though his interest is piqued, he has stayed a virgin because he can’t touch anyone without repercussions.

Rowdy the foreman on the job notices Colten’s interest and suggest he tones it down, because of the backlash that Steven would receive from the homophobic pricks on the construction crew .

Steven is not sure what it is about the big guy that draws him in , but he realizes that when  he is around Colten it nullifies all the voices that normally bombards his mental faculties. Steven is on the run from the big scientific corporation run by his parents. They see Steven as their pet project and they are forever experimenting on him like a lab rat. Steven knows that as much as he likes to see and enjoy the easy camaraderie between Colten and his brothers ,he can’t stay for too long. He sees a shadow of a Bear in Colten but he doesn’t know what it means.

 Colten sees a crack in Steven’s defenses and decides to seduce him. His seduction goes over really well,  because Steven just can’t resist him. They start to trust each other a little more when they realize that they come from similar backgrounds where they have been betrayed by their own parents.Colten tells Steven that he is a bear and explains how the mating works and that the success will be proof of pregnancy.  Steven gives himself up wholeheartedly , because he wants to belong to Colten body and soul.

 Shortly after they make love, Steven has to be put in the house to do paperwork due to his extreme morning sickness. One day after sitting for hours hunched over, Steven realizes that there is something wrong with the baby after experiencing serious pains. The doctor is called and pronounces that Steven is in early labour; the only way he can stop it is by taking him to his medical facility.  Shott and Colten goes to protect Steven , because they have recently learnt that Steven’s crazy parents are searching for him. 

After  staying in the facility for weeks watching and marveling at the beauty of his mate all swollen with his child, Colten is horny as hell because he hasn’t touched his mate sexually since he went into premature labour. Steven is really super horny as well and convinces his mate to give him a blowjob. What a blowjob it was, the orgasm immediately puts Steven out like a light. Colten goes to the bathroom for a washcloth to clean his mate up.  He comes back to find doctors examining Steven,  only to realize that it’s Steven’s crazy parents. They have a gun pointed at Steven’s stomach. Colten feels helpless , but he knows he can’t let them take Steven.  He tries to protect Steven and gets shot in the process ,before Shott notices there is a breach in security and kills both parents. 

Shott figures out that the breach is an inside job and corners the doctor who he suspects. They have to find someone else to deliver the baby when  Steven goes into labour.  Rene, Harland’s mother decides she is up for the job since she used to be a midwive. Moirai, a beautiful son is the newest addition to the Big Bear ranch. All this happens while Colten is recovering from his gunshot wound. Colten wakes up to find his mate and his son safe and at home. He can’t wait to make sweet love to his mate and provide a safe haven for them always. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Bear County 6: Cowboy Seduction by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Seduction                  Word Count :81 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Taylor fled Nebraska with his best friend, running from a monster that trapped Taylor into a life he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy. After settling down in Bear County, Taylor meets a man who is charming, his sense of humor something Taylor has never experienced before. When Sam invites Taylor over to watch a movie, Taylor isn’t sure he’s ready to get back into the dating pool. Sam spots a sexy little goth angel in the grocery store. He’s taken with Taylor at once. The more time they spend together, the more Sam knows that Taylor is his mate. But winning Taylor’s heart isn’t easy. Not when the man has been obviously hurt. When Sam has to go off on an assignment, Taylor goes missing. Can he help save Taylor from his worst nightmare? Can Sam help Taylor heal his wounded soul and bring the man back into the light, or has Taylor’s experiences broken the man beyond repair? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

My Review : From the moment Sam lays eyes on his beautiful goth angel in the grocery store,  he knows he is his other half. Taylor is amazed that a sexy, sophisticated man is interested in getting to know him. He is a little bit fragile and considers himself to be broken after escaping an abusive relationship with a bear shifter. Sam invites Taylor to dinner and a movie at the ranch and he has no clue that Sam is also a bear shifter. 

As soon as Taylor arrives, the date starts going south. Sam makes a wonderful shrimp bisque for dinner to impress Taylor,  but Taylor is allergic to seafood. Sam realizes after they are settling in that Taylor is very skittish.  As much as he would like to pounce, Sam gentles his approach and allows all his other shifter brothers to sit in on the movie when he notices that Taylor is more comfortable that way. Their second date doesn’t fare much better when Sam falls off a horse trying to impress Taylor yet again. Poor Taylor is shaken up thinking about how Sam could have gotten seriously injured. Taylor makes the decision to start opening up a little more to Sam, when Sam gets an assignment from T-rex and has to go away. 

Sam hates to leave Taylor unattended but he can’t tell Taylor that he is so protective because they are mates . He wants to ease him into the idea gently. Taylor is enjoying Sam’s  flirty phone calls and he even starts to flirt back a little.  This is until he gets a call from his  abusive ex. His ex tears him down with just a few vindictive words, bringing Taylor to a depressing low that pushed Taylor into a bottle of tequila. 

Taylor’s best friend Cameron is worried when his friend doesn’t come home. Cameron calls Sam and explains the situation.  Sam is frantic, and  comes home immediately.  He finds Taylor hungover in his car. Sam knows that he can no longer put off telling Taylor he is a bear. Sam reveals his  news after making passionate love to Taylor.  Taylor is distraught and runs back to his apartment. Sam begs for a chance to prove himself. He needs to protect his mate desperately.  

Taylor moves to the ranch to gain  his mate’s protection as well as getting to know Sam. It is only a matter of time before trouble comes knocking. Taylor’s abusive ex shows up to try to take Taylor away and Sam ends up killing him. Taylor reclaims his life and take it one day at a time. They take their relationship slowly and they both come to a mutual decision that they are not ready for kids. I give this one my ratings of 3 – it was ok. 

Bear County 3: Cowboy Naughty by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Naughty           Word Count : 30,358

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : After witnessing a man change into a bear and another giving birth, Sheriff Zackary Sparrow wants nothing to do with Clayton Calabria. He runs in the opposite direction until he pulls Josh Abrams over for speeding.

Clayton wasn’t sure if he should give up on Sparrow. It’s been over a year since he last spoke to the sheriff of Bear County. He knew Sparrow was running from him and there didn’t seem to be anything he could do about it. That was until a striking blond blew into town.

Josh Abrams was looking to start over. He never thought to find a handsome man chasing after him, let alone two. But when the sheriff finds a gun in his backseat, Josh must prove his innocents or risk going to prison.

When Sparrow is shot in a robbery, Clayton and Josh try to convince the sheriff that he is better off with them. Will Sparrow finally give in to his desires or will he refuse the two men and continue on with his lonely existence?

My Review : Clayton is the fun, sexy italian cowboy on the ranch. He has been lusting after Sheriff Sparrow since day one. After Sparrow accidentally sees Harland’s male mate giving birth and Harland changing into a bear, he wants to run for the hills and get his head checked out. Sparrow goes about doing his job day by day. 

 Sparrow makes a traffic stop one day and he is immediately attracted to the sexy little blond with the fruity scent. However, this attraction has to be put on the back burner when he finds a sawed off shotgun in the back seat of Josh’s car. He arrests Josh while he protests vehemently that the shotgun is not his , but a hitchhiker he picked up along the way.

 Clayton watches the scene between the sheriff and the blonde play out and is also intrigued by the fruity scent. Clayton can’t resist going into the station to find out who’s the blond.  After investigating,  he finds out that Josh is his friend Harland’s cousin. Josh acknowledges to himself that he finds both Sparrow and Clayton sexy and it makes him a little uncomfortable the thoughts running through his head.

 All three men are confused with the feelings they have for the other two. Once they give in and decide to give their threesome relationship a try, they realize how great a connection they all feel. Sparrow and Clayton both knock Josh up creating another beautiful unconventional family. They welcome their beautiful son Kane into the mix. The sex  with these three was super hot. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Bear County 2: Cowboy Heart by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Heart             Word Count : 27,550

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Noah Cross grew up in Lamont’s Trailer Heaven, a place that is nothing but hell for him. The park is drug-infested and any sane man’s worst nightmare. Noah wants more out of life. He wants a man who can show him what it really means to be loved. When he meets Jedediah Gibbs, Noah falls head over heels in lust. The problem is, Jed won’t give him the time of day.

Having been scorned once already, Jed has sworn off love. He wants nothing to do with Noah or the human’s infatuation toward him. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. When Jed buys a gas station, Noah presents an offer Jed can’t refuse. Life in Bear County is getting exceedingly complicated. The harder Jed pushes Noah away, the more attracted he is to the man. But it takes Noah nearly dying for Jed to finally let down his guard and allow himself to love again.

My Review : Noah Cross has had the hots for the sexy bear shifter Jed for quite some time. Jed keeps pushing Noah away , because he knows that the sexy little man could break his heart.  He’s dealt with heartache before and he doesn’t want to have to go through that pain again. When Jed buys a gas station,  Noah sees the perfect opportunity to use his skills as a mechanic to make some more money and to get closer to his boss.

Jed knows the moment he gave Noah a job  that he was in trouble. It’s getting really hard to resist Noah’s charms. When Noah offers Jed no strings attached sex, Jed accepts thinking that he can keep his heart detached. Jed finds out how truly hard it is to not fall in love with Noah. Their first time together is spectacular and their second time is totally blissful. However , that bliss doesn’t last when Jed realizes that Noah is still not pregnant. Only if Noah is Jed’s mate will he get pregnant.  It’s obvious that they are not mates.

Noah makes the hardest decision to let Jed go now, rather than when Jed finds his mate. Jed is devastated that Noah is shredding his heart to pieces but he understands self preservation.  They decide to part ways and make love one last time baring their soul to each other. Their lovemaking was so heartbreakingly tender, it brought tears to my eyes.

It’s  been a few months since they’ve been apart, when Noah realizes that  he is pregnant with Jed’s baby. When he reveals the truth to Jed, Jed is a little upset Noah waited so long, but most of all, he is overjoyed.  Noah delivered triplets and gave Jed the perfect family that his soul yearned for . The Triple B ranch is expanding exponentially.  Can’t wait to see who is next. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


Bear County 1: Cowboy Love by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Love                     Word Count :29,559

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : After losing it all, Dresden is forced to move in with his uncle—a man who makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Dresden and his son there in the first place. With a two-year-old son to take care of, Dresden is increasingly desperate to move out of the drug-infested trailer park his uncle resides in. When he finds out his uncle’s dirty little secret, he must grab his son and run.

Being one of the partners of the Triple-B ranch and half owner of the Ugly Broad Saloon, Harland Macy tries to lead a simple life in Bear County. That is until he meets Dresden. What started out as simple fascination turns into a fantasy come to life. When he discovers that Dresden is not only his mate, but can conceive his child, Harland must find a way to stop Dresden’s troublesome uncle from destroying the life Harland so desperately yearns for.

My Review :  This was a really fun loving lighthearted story of a Bear of a man and a  down- on -his -luck gas station clerk.  As soon as Harland smelt the sweet scent wafting from the little man , he knew Dresden was his mate. Harland piques Dresden’s interest, but Dresden is afraid that his homophobic uncle will kick him and his young son to the curb. As much as he hates his uncle, he has to stay strong and grin and bear it to keep a roof over his son Markey’s head. Harland leaves him his phone number before they part ways and Dresden finds it hard to resist calling. Dresden is so lonely and just hearing Harland’s sexy as sin voice lifts his spirits while turning him on.

Harland can’t wait much longer, his bear is craving it’s mate. He finally convinces Dresden to get away from his horrible living situation.  Dresden knows he needs to get him and his son out of his uncle’s house before the man hurts them both.

Dresden feels a sense of peace at the ranch where Harland lives with his three best friends. Everyone falls in love with the beautiful little boy. Dresden really appreciates how much Harland cares for his son.  He finds himself falling for Harland and he can’t wait to immerse himself in all that manliness. Harland warns him that if they are mates there is a possibility that Dresden can become pregnant. He thinks Harland is a little cuckoo, but he wants to feel Harland  inside him so badly that he is willing to take the risk. 

Dresden cannot deny it for too much longer, when he keeps on feeling nauseous and paying homage to the toilet gods. He is pregnant,  he finds it  hard to wrap his mind around the fact that a man can be preggers. Dresden is nervous and exhilarated to be having a child with Harland. Harland is overjoyed to finally get the family that he’s always envisioned. He asks Dresden to marry him and of course Dresden accepts. The sex was awesome and they are both so in love. I can’t wait to read the other cowboys stories. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.