Lucky Seven by E. L. Esch

Title: Lucky Seven               Word Count : 56,352

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Dante Mathers, college student, fifth year, has a track record for being dishonest with himself, and is about to undergo the biggest, scariest change of his life.

Dante’s forced himself to go out with girls in the past and he does it again when he’s approached by the beautiful Serena one day on campus, desperate to prove to himself that he’s “normal.” But when he loses a drinking contest and is dared to go to the next campus GLBT meeting by his best friend, he’s not sure how to handle it. Sure, he could blow it off and say he went, but something nagging at the back of his mind compels him to go anyway. After all, he’s had problems with intimacy in the past and his first crush was a boy in high school. But is he really forcing himself to go, or is he finally starting to be honest with himself? No need to overthink this, Dante tells himself. It’ll be get in, get out. No need to talk to anyone. Easy, right?

But then he meets Sven. Sexy, toned, wearing a leather jacket with spiked up bleach-blond hair, Sven’s bad-boy flare sticks out on campus and catches Dante’s eye. But there’s more to Sven than his punkish looks, and Dante’s about to find out all the sultry little details.

My Review : This was a sweet romance.  It is always refreshing to indulge in young love, watching them bumbling about is a joy. Dante has always questioned his sexuality in the deep recesses of his mind. He is a virgin who finds girls pretty, but  has never really been attracted to them. The first time he sees Serena,  he is spellbound by her ethereal beauty. They go on one date and even though he is shy , he finds her easy to talk to. His best friend Greg dares him to go to a LGBTQ  meeting after losing a bet. He is a little surprised to see how chilled the group is and he feels a bit guilty for going under false pretenses or is he? He leaves the meeting feeling even more confused than when he went in.

 Dante  is wandering around in the cafeteria one night when one of the LGBTQ members James , introduces him to Sven. Sven  is painfully shy and not very good at meeting new people. Dante doesn’t think anymore about Sven until he sees him one morning all beaten up and bruised on his front lawn. He helps Sven inside and tends to his wounds. They talk for a bit and Dante realize how easygoing Sven seems.  

When his best friend Greg  questions his sexuality after seeing him with Sven and reveals that Sven is a known cross dresser, Dante is shocked. He sees it for himself when he finds Serena all beaten up behind the bleachers at the track. It is obvious that Sven and Serena is one and the same. Sven is extremely embarrassed and explains that because of his shyness,  cross dressing is the only way he feels comfortable meeting new people. 

Dante admits to himself and Sven that he is attracted to him. Their relationship develops beautifully and they have lots of fun hanging out and exploring with each other. It soon becomes clear that Sven is very important to Dante. They share their lives and issues together and continue to encourage each other to be better men. Dante  has to come out to his family and it was a happily ever after all around as they accepted him with open arms. The sexual chemistry between these two was sensual, lighthearted and fun. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.