Blue Collar by Sean Micheal

Title: Blue Collar                                      Word Count :42,500
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Kendall Webber is deep in the closet. Between working in a garage, having been in the army and a fundamentalist preacher step-father who sent him to summer camps to make him straight, he’s learned to hide his sexuality from absolutely everyone.

Still, when Barton Willis the Third roars into the garage with his Mustang, Kendall can’t help but look, just a little. When Barton not only looks back but invites him in, Kendall’s whole world is turned upside down.

Can Barton help Kendall let go of the past and the attitudes he had literally beaten into him?

My Review : From the moment that Kendall meets Barton Ellis the third at the mechanic shop where he works, he knows he’s in trouble. Barton is just as flashy as the cherry red mustang that he wants to be serviced. It soon becomes clear that’s not all he wants serviced. Kendall is a bit uncomfortable around Barton and this feeling intensifies when his boss suggests that he should drop the flirty Barton home. Barton invites him to dinner as a thank you and Kendall tentatively accepts not wanting to offend a customer .
Kendall is very nervous around this man who exudes class and money. Barton pushes Kendall to open up to his desires. He sees something in Kendall that he can’t wait to tap into. Ken is very resistant to his advances at first, but clearly he is attracted. Barton stirs something that has been long held dormant inside him. Barton pushes him to explore their passion for each other and even though it feels really good it is tainted by shame. Through their conversations Barton realize that someone has had a hand in making Ken feel that his homosexual desires are wrong and needs to be repressed.
Kendall reveals that he was sent to conversion therapy when he was younger and this makes Barton want to hurt the people responsible. Barton makes it his mission to make Ken feel good about himself and he offers his home as a safe space to be free. Their explorations become less one-sided and Ken revels in these new feelings that Barton brings out. It takes awhile for Ken’s shyness to disappear, but there is a whole new world that Barton would like to gift him on a silver platter. Barton loves his toys and he has a wide array that he wants to introduce to Ken. The first toy he tries on Ken is the sound which he inserts in his penis. Barton explains that this will give him a more intense orgasm without the ejaculation. Ken is a bit unsure, but he gives in to Barton and truly let go. The feeling is exhilarating and so overwhelming that he breaks apart in Barton’s arms.
The more time they spend together is the closer they become to each other. Ken starts opening up about his horrific experiences as a kid at the conversion camp. Barton heart goes out to the little boy who was abused , but surprisingly not broken . He is amazed at how remarkable of a man Ken has turned out to be. He continues to show Ken just how much he adores him by inviting him to come live with him.
They get really comfortable with each other and start to live a blissfully idyllic life. All this changes slightly when they go on a shopping trip to the mall. Kendall is brought back to the real world and all his fears of discovery. While he is shopping he comes across his sister who he had not seen in months. It brought home how much he missed his sisters. He introduces Barton as his friend and leaves a card with her to contact Barton if ever she cant reach Ken. Its when they run into one of Ken’s homophobic coworkers where things get dicey. Ken knows he is going to face a lot of questions on his return to work.
The atmosphere definitely changes for him at work and puts a little distance between the young couple. It isn’t until Ken gets pushed at work causing him to break his wrist and leg that Barton knows the severity of Ken’s troubles. Barton is furious that someone would hurt his sweet young lover. He corals some of his high powered friends to help and convinces Ken to sue the garage and everyone involved. Ken realizes how in love he is with his sexy man. Barton has only ever encouraged him and Ken truly feels a sense of purpose in life now. In the end, he opens his own garage where he can use his skills as a mechanic and be his own boss. I really enjoyed this book, but I believe that the ending was too abrupt. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

When Harry met Jason by Sean Micheal

Title : When Harry met Jason         Word Count :50,483

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : The world met Harry, Jason and Sammy in Between Friends, Sean Michael’s popular novel about a pair of couples and the troubles they face. When Harry Met Jason goes back in time to when cop Harry met just-graduated Jason, who’s living with his college roommate Sammy and worrying about trying to find a job.

When a frat party goes bad, Jason ends up more than just drunk, but Harry shows up just in time, policing the party and taking Jason home. That’s the start of something neither one of them can deny, a relationship that Harry wants to take slow, while Jason would like to go in fast forward.

The party starts something for Jason’s best friend Sammy, too, something not so great. He’s been hurt, and is being stalked to boot, which makes Jason hesitant to leave Sammy alone to pursue Harry.

As Harry and Jason become closer and closer, Sammy’s stalkers get more and more violent, until finally something has to break. Can Harry and Jason keep Sammy safe and fall in love all at the same time? Read this wonderful love story today and find out!

My Review : What can I say , you just can’t go wrong with Sean Micheal. I really loved this one,  it was just a really sweet romance with a hint of drama. Jason is a sweet little twink who Officer Harry rescues at a graduation celebration after someone drugs the beer. Jason is so out of it and so incoherent.  Instead of putting him in the drunk tank, Harry takes him home and lets Jase sleep it off in his bed. When Jase wakes up in a strange bed,  he realize he didn’t dream officer Harry.  He thinks of Harry as his hero and he is proven correct as time and time again Harry helps him out in his drama filled life. 

 Jase’s roommate and bestie Sammy was also hurt at the party. He was badly beaten by a few guys who he claims not to remember. Jase encourages Sammy to file a report but Sammy’s fear causes him to clam up.  Sammy’s tormentors are watching their house and they get really bold with their threatening phone calls. Jase is really worried for Sammy’s state of mind and well-being. 

Officer Harry decides to get his makeshift family out of harms way by offering them a place to stay until the perpetrators are caught.Jase and Harry’s relationship grows stronger and stronger the more time they spend with each other. The sex was really hot between these two. They had so much chemistry and they both couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Their relationship grows into an equal partnership in every way possible.   Harry asks Jase to move in permanently after everything is resolved with Sammy’s situation. After the guys are caught Sammy moves back to their old apartment.  We see Sammy being fragile , but trying to get stronger on his own. I  can’t wait to read about Sammy’s journey. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Box of Nails : Making Repairs by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails : Making Repairs                     Word Count :33,500

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Something terrible happened to Mike, and he’s been living in the attic of Devin and Barney’s house ever since. He’s shy, he’s scared and he cuts. Paul and Jeff do what they can to make sure his razors stay clean and that he’s fed, but they’re both worried that it’s not enough.

When Barney’s friend, police officer Angus, attends a summer party at the house, he catches sight of Mike in the shadows and is immediately drawn to the young man. Mike is clearly in need of help and that’s what Angus does best.

Will Mike let Angus in? And if he does, is there anything Angus can do to help Mike out of the nightmares of his past?

My Review : Mike is this very fragile, beautiful soul that we’ve been introduced to at Devvie’s house of twinks. He has been damaged and traumatized by the harsh cruelties of life. He manages to barely survive each day a little at a time by cutting to help to ease the pain. He can’t work or leave his apartment. It falls to Paulie and Jeff to bring him non-perishable food items such as peanut butter and jelly  to keep him alive. Every now and then Paulie coaxes him to come out of his apartment for a meal and this is such a huge step for him. This was such a heartbreaking and heartwarming story to watch all these friends help to nurse Mike back to health, putting him back a piece at a time. In walks Angus,  he is drawn to Mike’s fragility from the very first moment and his cop’s instincts come out making him want to protect him from harm. Angus is the most gentle , caring person you could ever meet. He helps Mike by being consistent and offering friendship and pulling him out into the light. He is non-judgmental and offers Mike the ultimate gift of blood play, he controls cutting Mike and this provides a safe environment where he doles out specific amount of cuts at a time as reward. This goes a far way in allowing Mike to trust him and fosters a relationship between the two that grows into something really special. Angus is there for Mike through his good days and his bad days, forever being patient, gentle and loving. The sexual part of their relationship took awhile to build up because of all the fear and anguish that this act brought to Mike’s pysche. It was oh so beautiful and special when Mike’s sexuality was awakened  and brought back to life. It was precious to watch Mike embracing this side of himself wholeheartedly with Angus.This is one of the best stories I have read from this author. It really touched me to the core , it was all about conquering  and embracing vulnerability and fragility and turning into something positive. When Angus suffers an injury at work,  we see Mike the brave boy coming out of his shell and he decides to do everything possible to protect his master, even braving the big bad world. I loved this book. It deserves my ratings of 5 – not because of the hot sex but for the raw vulnerability, fragility, reawakening and repairing of these two lovely men. 

Box of Nails : This Young Stud by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails : This Young Stud                            Word Count :34,900

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Jeff has hired on as the manager of the house owners Dev and Barney are trying to create for the servers at the Hammer Club, and dealing with all those twinks is like herding cats. Still, he loves his new job, which is partly due to meeting hot, interesting sub, Paul.

Paul is Devvie’s best friend, a bartender at the Hammer Club, and a sweet little bottom. He believes he breaks Doms, though, so when he falls for Jeff, he figures the best thing he can do is stay away. Jeff won’t let him hide, and soon they’re seeing each other, despite Paul’s worries.

Can Jeff and Paul overcome the past and make a life together?

My Review : Jeff is given the task of coralling the twinks at the ‘box of nails’ house which is supposed to be a safe haven from all Doms. However , Barney came up with the bright idea of hiring a Dom so the twinks are not running roughshod all over Devvie. As soon as Jeff sees Paulie the attraction is instantaneous.  Paulie is a shy sweet twink that has a low self esteem. He believes that he is broken and that every Dom who he’s been with is tainted by him. From the moment he meets Jeff he’ s been intrigued. He tries to make a good impression, but he always seem to end up in the rose bushes or hurt in some undignified way.

This was such a sweet, sensual read. Jeff explores the dominant side of their relationship and sees how far he can push Paulie. Jeff knows that he has found the one after giving Paulie his first spanking.Paulie responds beautifully to his Dom and falls a little bit deeper as his ass gets redder and more tingly. Jeff is very patient and that is why even though he is young, he is such a great  Dom. When tragedy hits and threatens to overwhelm Paul, Jeff is there to push him into letting out all the pain. Jeff allows him to have a totally cathartic experience. I am getting very curious about the discipline side of submission, I am very tempted to try. This book gets my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Title : Box of Nails: This Old House by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails: This Old House            Word Count : 36,500

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Devon used to be a server at the Hammer Club, the most exclusive BDSM club in town. But that was before he inherited a lot of money from his grandmother and decided to buy a big old house and convert it into apartments for Hammer Club waiters. It’s hard to find decent, affordable housing and he wants to do something good for his fellow twinks. Unfortunately the house is in much worse repair than he knew when he bought it and he’s slowly drowning under the weight of the demands from both the house, and the boys who live in it.

Enter Barney, the contractor Devon calls in for an emergency fix of the building’s pipes. Barney’s heard of the Hammer Club, in fact he’s saving up for a membership, but it’s going to take a while on his blue collar salary. He falls for Devon on the spot and can only hope the feeling is mutual. He also wants to make sure none of Devon’s twink friends are running roughshod over the man, and he’s determined to help.

Can they work together to find a way to keep Devon, and his old house, afloat?

My Review : From their very first conversation, Barney finds himself drawn to Devon and wants to take care of him.  Devon runs a house filled with twinks who work at the hammer club. This house is sort of a makeshift safe house where no Doms are allowed. It’s clear to see that Barney is a Dom and he is very interested in getting Devon to be his submissive. He can’t wait to take care of Devon and get these twinks to stop taking advantage of him as their landlord. Barney realizes that Devon is a hot mess when it comes to being a landlord and broken pipes seals their fate. I loved watching the relationship unfold between these two and the sex was super hot and constant. Sex like this would cause a friction burn, and oh what a way to burn 😉 .

Barney has his job cut out for him trying to make Devon see his own self worth.  Devon is very insecure and he looks at himself as a nobody. Barney makes it his point of duty to show Devon  how a sweet, caring, loving boy deserves to be treated by his Dom. Devon was so responsive to Barney’s stimulation and it was so much fun watching his passions unfurl even though he was a virgin. Barney is the perfect Dom for a virgin, he knows exactly how far to push Devon’s limits without being overly forceful. Devon was so eager to please Barney and this made for a sweet surrender and some really hot sex. I loved it all, the spankings, the bondage, the sex toys and even the denial of orgasms. For that reason , it gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators.