Hedgehog’s Delight ( Wolf Creek 3 ) by Jade Buchanan

Title : Hedgehog’s Delight ( Wolf Creek 3 )                      Word Count :18,000  

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb :Rick Black has been putting off the inevitable for weeks ever since he smelled his mate in a local coffee shop. He’s been waiting for the right moment, but everywhere he turns the little hedgehog shows up, and Rick is past ready to lay a claim on his prickly mate.

Ethan Abbott is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to catch a hint. For the first time in years he’s in control of his future. So, when he’s informed he’s the mate of a big, bad werewolf with Alpha issues, he’s not sure he’s ready. He sure is looking forward to the adventure, though.

My Review : Finally, Rick gets a taste of his own medicine. He has been playing matchmaker, hooking up his family members with their mates. Well, it’s his turn at the wheel now and he is hooked up with none other than a prickly, crazy, hilariously funny hedgehog. His first time officially meeting his mate and Ethan tases and shoots Rick with a dart gun thinking that he is a psycho stalker. From that very moment, Rick realizes that he is gonna have is hands full. But oh what a sexy handful it will be. Rick and Ethan are immediately drawn to each other. Even though Rick does not understand half of the references Ethan makes, he knows he will have fun with his mate. I am very happy found his mate and that things worked out well. Another great addition to the series. I give this one my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. “Listen, you must be starving. I know I could eat the crotch of a low flying duck right now.” (Ethan’s way of saying he’s hungry. What a strange duck? Oops😉hedgehog. )

2. “Are we having a party? You want I should put my glory hole manties on?” “Glory hole manties. Crotchless panties. But they’re real masculine. No homo.” – (Ethan says this to Rick. Who knew such a thing existed? 😀Hilarious)

3. “Yeah, but I don’t really want to start throwing loonies and toonies and I’m too cheap to put a fiver in your drawers. You’ll have to do something spectacular for that.”-( Ethan says this to Rick during foreplay. Gotta love being Canadian,  can’t even get a cheap lap dance cause we don’t have 1 dollar bills, we have coins which are called loonies. Anyways, I am proud to be Canadian ☺.)