Welcome to Alvarado 3: In the Wind by C.E.Kilgore

Title : In the Wind                          Word Count :64,000
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Sometimes you have to get good and lost before you’ll have any hope at finding yourself.

Dustin Hunter has returned to Alvarado after seven years of military service and one bad shot that shattered his self-assured ego. Struggling to forget what he left behind in the desert, he finds himself drifting in the wind, homeless and without direction. When the wind blows something unexpected his way, he has to decide if he’s ready to feel emotion again and deal with what he lost in the sand.

Scott Weller’s red hair, strange clear blue eyes, glasses and mechanically inclined intellect have always made him the perfect lure for bullies. Despite being well past the age of school yard harassment, Scott’s reoccurring bruises don’t go unnoticed by his friends and the newly returned Dustin. Scott’s easy smile and calm voice give Dustin a needed sense of peace, and Scott’s blushing freckles make Dustin feel something he never has before.

As the desire to protect Scott grows, Dustin finds himself in a different kind of war. An unsettling wind is blowing through Alvarado, dividing families and bringing change. When the dust settles, the small town of Alvarado will never be the same again.

My Review : Dusty comes home to his small town Alvarado from a seven year stint in the military. He is a little bit broken from all the horrific things he has seen and done. Dusty is a shell of a man his first night back, seeking out something familiar. He shows up at his grandmother’s house only to find out that it has been sold. The occupants are none other than Clint and Ricky. Clint is a familiar face from his high school days. Clint is shocked to see Dusty, but he offers him a safe place to stay while he gets his land legs. Dusty is shocked to find out that Clint is gay, but it doesn’t bother him seeing the beautiful love that these men share. He hopes one day he’ll find his way out of the darkness to experience what they have.
In a small town, news travels at the speed of light. It is not long before the whole town knows he’s back. When an old friend stops by, Dusty starts to reminisce about his old school friends and the good times they had. He is shocked to see how much Scott has grown, the little boy he used to protect from schoolyard bullies. Dusty realizes how easy it is to talk to Scott and they gravitate towards each other forming a very easy friendship. Scott is a loner who lights up whenever he is in his junkyard tinkering with old cars. He likes breathing new life into things that no longer work. Scott is laced with mysterious bruises around his neck , but Dusty doesn’t feel as if it’s his place to question him.
Dusty’s reintegration into civilian life is going better than expected especially with the help of Scott. Soon Dusty realize that what he feels for Scott is more than friendship. Dusty and Scott fall into an easy , comfortable, loving relationship. It is made easier by the fact that Dusty is also working alongside Scott at the junkyard. Their relationship is definitely not embraced by everyone in the small town of Alvarado. They make an enemy out of one of the more esteemed members of the community. Dusty defends
Scott from his bully Ryan McMasters who turns out to be the bank manager’s son. Ryan is arrested for beating up Scott and almost raping him. It’s only Dusty’s timely intervention that stops Scott from being abused further. Lots of secrets come out into the light when Ryan commits suicide and leaves a note for Scott.
Sweet , caring Scott is devastated by his bully’s death wishing that he could turn back the hands of time to help a lonely, terrified, repressed young man. Ryan leaves behind a legacy of self hatred when he tells of the conversion therapy that was foisted upon him by his father who could not accept his homosexuality. He left the world feeling still confused and so desperate and totally in love with Scott, the same man he bullied because he could not acknowledge his feelings. It is so sad to think that so many young men go through these feelings of desperation, confusion and utter loneliness because of their sexuality.
Scott confronts Ryan’s father and he continues the cycle of violence. Gabe McMasters retaliates by setting fire to Scott’s home in the middle of the night. Scott is hurt, regardless of Dusty pulling him to safety. Dusty realizes how precious Scott is to him. He makes a conscious decision to leave the shadows of his past that haunts his every waking moment and live in the light with Scott beside him. Scott and Dusty create history by being the first gay couple to tie the knot in small town Alvarado. I truly enjoy watching these flawed characters redeeming themselves through their love for each other. I give this my rating of 4 – lose the underwear.

Shifters and Partners 3 : Joey and the Fox by Hollis Shiloh

Title: Joey and the Fox                           Word Count:57,000
Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb:Joey and the Fox (Shifters and Partners) by Hollis Shiloh – Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

Asshole cop. It’s Joey’s role, and one he’s comfortable with. Joey tells gay jokes. He’s crude, tough, and thick-skinned. But now he’s got a chance to work with a fox shifter—and he doesn’t want to lose that opportunity.

Dylan is a mess: clingy and broken, cheerful but lost, seriously unpredictable…and very gay. But Joey desperately wants the partnership to succeed. He’s not willing to lose the fox shifter for any reason, even when Dyl drives him crazy.

Is there any way to make it work? And will the weird attraction he feels to the cute redhead ever go away?

My Review : Joey is a cop who has always dreamed of being paired up with a shifter. It seems like he is finally going to get his chance when he is paired up with potential fox shifter Dylan. However, it’s seems like he is about to get more than he bargained for.Dylan is a sweet, lovable, overly active creature which is great. He is also the same in his human form as well as being extremely sensitive and almost fragile. Dylan is very tactile and has no sense of personal space and herein lies the rub. Joey is not sure how to react to these situations as he is not gay and oftentimes , he has an effeminate young man sitting almost in his lap. Dylan brings out certain feelings in Joey that he is not sure how to process without questioning his sexuality. Although he feels uncomfortable at times, Joey knows he can’t give up on sweet vulnerable Joey. In so many ways he is like a child needing guidance. He trusts Joey explicitly and Joey would hate to break his trust and watch him regress even further.
Joey has a hard time labeling his sexuality, but he can no longer deny that his feelings for Dylan are no longer platonic. This becomes obvious when Dylan decides to go out clubbing because he needs to get laid. Joey spends the whole time getting drunk and feeling absolutely jealous of all the guys who are possibly putting their hands on his sexy fox.
Joey embraces his possessive feelings where Dylan is concerned and decides to talk to him about becoming ‘partners with benefits’. Dylan readily agrees and Joey finds out that it’s definitely not hard for him to become aroused by Dyl and reciprocate the feelings.The fireworks between these two are amazing and a new world is opened for Joey. Their working relationship is also improved because of their bond being stronger.
Joey is constantly plagued by feelings of guilt when he thinks that he might be taking advantage of sweet Dylan. He also realizes that his tactless borderline homophobic jokes when around his cop buddies really hurt Dylan’s feelings. He makes an effort to change and be more mindful of hurting Dyl’s feelings, the man he now realizes he is in love with. Joey is still a bit worried about being perceived as gay , but he soon realizes that it gets easier when he finally opens up to his mom. He is also worried about what his superiors will think of him and Joey partnering up in more ways than one. This hurdle is successfully jumped, when he talks to another shifter-human pair and sees that love is all that matters. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Bully for You by Catt Ford

Title: Bully for You                           Word Count:22,732
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:What could be hunkier than a cowboy? Not much, according to Martin Du Bois. He convinces two friends that a visit to the rodeo is every gay man’s wet dream, and so the three of them gaily (and I do mean gaily) set off to watch cowboy asses in action.

A visit to a bar after the event gets Martin closer to the action than he ever thought possible, and he meets Jesse Cumberland, the man who caught his eye in the ring and made his rhinestones sparkle. Instant attraction leads to a one-night stand that gets under Martin’s insouciant skin and causes him to rethink his determination not to get involved emotionally. When Jesse invites Martin to his ranch, the visit is almost derailed by Martin’s realization that they lead very different lives. As a flaming city queer, he sees no way to fit with the solid, athletic Jesse. It’s up to Jesse to see if he can change Martin’s mind.

My Review: Martin Dubois is very excited to go to the rodeo with his two friends Dale and Curt. He is definitely going for the eye candy or should I say ‘ass candy’. He is enthralled by these sexy cowboys with asses to die for. Dale and Curt remind him to look but not touch, seeing as how rodeos tend to be dominated by homophobes and rednecks.Martin is pleasantly surprised when he goes to a bar after the event and a sexy cowboy immediately comes to his rescue.
Martin hits it off with Jesse Cumberland as soon as they meet. The chemistry between these two is off the chain. Marti is a bit shocked that Jesse finds him attractive. He describes Jesse as being extremely masculine versus his uber femme looks. Marti allows his insecurities to get in the way of him and Jesse moving forward as their little fling comes to a halt.

After staying away for a few weeks, he decides to go to another rodeo.Jesse is pleasantly surprised when he looks in the stands to see Marti. They pick up where they left off and they realize that they like spending time together in and out of the bedroom.
It seems that Marti’s insecurities were not all unfounded. When he goes to Jesse’s ranch for a weekend rendezvous, their differences become glaringly obvious. This casts some self doubts on their relationship for both men . Can they reconcile their differences and turn them into something cohesive ? They just can’t see how they will be able to fit into each other’s life seemlesly for something on a more permanent basis.
They have a big blowup when Marti feels useless and clumsy while riding his first horse. He feels a sense of defeat and makes the decision to return home to his city life. Jesse sees the challenges in their situation , but he believes that they can overcome them and build a strong foundation together. He convinces Marti to work with him and take things one step at a time. This was really a sweet short read and I hope there will be a sequel showing where these two end up. I give this my ratings of 4-lose the underwear.