Lost in the Outcome by Rowan McAllister

Title : Lost in the Outcome                 Word Count :71,904

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : When Nathan Seward wakes up in a cheap hotel with a stranger, unable to remember the night before, unscrupulous plots and clandestine schemes are the furthest thing from his mind. True, he’s in Houston to bid on his biggest contract yet, one that will put his software development company on the map, but he’s the underdog at the table, not one of the big players. Unfortunately someone out there sees him as a threat and isn’t above drugging and blackmailing him to put him out of the running. Luckily for Nathan, the man in bed next to him couldn’t be further removed from the corporate world.

Tim Conrad is scraping the bottom of the barrel. He left college during his freshman year to take care of his dying mother, and life and lack of money prevented him going back. Now twenty-seven, his dreams are long buried, and he’s scraping by with dead-end jobs and couch surfing because he can’t afford a place of his own.

As Nathan tries to run damage control and figure out what the hell happened to him, he and Tim discover a connection neither was looking for, as well as dreams they’ve both forgotten.

My Review :  You know you’ve had a hell of a night  when you wake up beside a naked man and you have no clue how you got there. To top it all off , you are straight. This is how Nathan found himself in a strange hotel room. Nathan is really confused and a little bit scared because he can’t remember anything after eating dinner the previous night. When his sexy bed partner Tim wakes up, Tim is a little dissapointed that Nathan doesn’t remember their memorable, passionate night. Tim doesn’t have the answers to Nathan ‘s questions about his whereabouts the previous evening.  All he can offer Nathan is to say that he picked him up in a gay club , they hit it off and rented a hotel room. Nathan is shocked , because he has never slept with a man before. However,  he pushes that to the back of his mind as he is in town for a presentation for his company and he needs to focus more on that. He feels a twinge of sadness and guilt when he sees that he has hurt Tim with his reaction and awkwardness to the whole situation, but he let’s him walk out of his life anyway. 

After Nathan goes back to his hotel room, he checks his email only to find pictures of himself in a gay bar with guys rubbing all over him. Someone is blackmailing him so that he can’t further his company in a professional capacity. After he tells his business partner the sequence of events, he urges him to go see a doctor who relays to him that he has been drugged with rohypnol, the date rape drug. Nathan doesn’t want to jeopardize his company’s bid by going to the police. He decides to retrace his steps and do some investigating of his own. He goes back to the club where Tim said they had met. Nathan doesn’t have to wait long before he finds Tim and tries to see if Tim is involved.  The shocked and hurt  look on Tim’s face is telling. Tim’s willingness to help Nate allows him to see how genuine and honest he is. The sparks fly between Tim and Nathan and they combust into the ultimate satisfaction. 

As Nathan gets to know Tim, he realizes that he really likes him. Tim is a sweetheart, but he’s down on his luck.  He drives a piece of shit car, he has nowhere to live , he works two jobs that doesn’t make a dent in the student loans he owes from college and  he didn’t even earn a diploma. As sad as it is, many people can relate to a life like Tim’s.

Tim knows that he has fallen in love with Nate and Nate knows that he has never felt this way for anyone other than Tim.We all want a prince to rescue us at some point in our lives. Nathan certainly stepped out  of his comfort zone , setting his social awkwardness aside  in the hopes of forging a stronger bond with Tim. Nathan whisks Tim away to California like a true prince charming.  This was a really sweet romance and the sex was hot. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok,  give it a try.