Nothing Special by Jay Northcote

Title : Nothing Special                                                 Word Count : 43,453     

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Noah thinks he’s nothing special. Average height, a bit on the skinny side, and cute but rather geeky, he’s relentlessly ordinary. He certainly doesn’t expect to be noticed by Sol, the gorgeous dark-haired stranger Noah sees on his commute home most days. But when Noah’s friend, Dom, persuades Noah to take a huge risk in a bid to get Sol’s attention, things turn out better than Noah dared to hope. Noah and Sol start dating, and much to Noah’s surprise, his feelings seem to be reciprocated.

But Noah’s insecurities make him doubt Sol. He doesn’t believe he’s interesting enough or sexy enough to hold Sol’s attention, and as Sol tries to get closer, Noah’s instinct is to pull away to protect himself. If their relationship is going to survive, Sol needs to convince Noah that he sees Noah very differently than Noah sees himself. Because to Sol, Noah is something very special indeed.

My Review : Noah is a shy quiet guy who takes the  train every morning and evening at the same time. He has a crush on a dark handsome stranger who takes the same train everyday as well. He is prodded by his best friend to place an ad in the paper and bare his soul and take a chance on this stranger by asking him out. Sol is very interested in Noah as well and readily accepts his invitation for a date. The date goes well from start to finish and they end the night with a sleepover.

 Although Noah is concious about his skinnier build Sol cherishes and worships his body all night long. There are sparks between these two and they burn up the sheets. Sol is quite the vocal bed partner and very adept at dirty talk. Sol is as hot as the sun, I wish I had one of him in my bed ;). He masturbates right there in bed with Noah watching , showing Noah what he likes. There is just something so sexy about someone exploring their body and pleasuring themselves while another person watches. It is so intimate, but hey I’m voyeuristic by nature ;). Noah can’t resist and finds himself joining in  before he knows it. 

The sex scenes were very raw and I really enjoyed that. The author’s words were not cloaked in euphemisms or packaged with a bow. I really felt connected to these scenes, because this is the way I would talk during sex, it was very believable. 

This is the first date that never ends, but those are the best kinds. It felt like a whirlwind of a romance, it was very fast paced, feelings developed quickly but it was very sincere. I really do believe that when you find that special someone who you click with , you should grab it and hold on with all your might. It is a very special feeling and only those two people will truly know what’s in their hearts and if it’s real. One of my favorite quotes is from Dom , Noah’s best friend: “if it’s right, there’s no such thing as too soon.” This was a very sweet endearing tale with two uncomplicated characters who show that not every relationship has to go through a lot of drama. This gets my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.