Two steps back by Lyn Gala

Title : Two Steps Back                                 Word Count :69,600

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : The poor economy has forced Dallin to return to his old way of life to avoid homelessness, but when his former associate hooks him up with a wealthy Dom, Dallin figures it’s too good to be true. William is older, wealthy, experienced, and a complete dominant. He’s the sort of man who can go to a club and pick up a dozen subs, and yet he wants to hire Dallin.

William knows how to succeed in finance and the bedroom, but trying to keep a relationship going is a far more difficult proposition. Instead of dealing with the messy reality of the club scene or dating, he decides to hire a sub. While William would like to have a long-term relationship develop, he’s not expecting anything. However the longer he plays with Dallin, the more he realizes that he wants more.

Dallin is willing to give his body to William–he enjoys the bondage, the games, and ropes and toys. He’s more wary about trusting William with his heart. William is a master of domination, but for Dallin, he wants to learn to love.

My Review : Let me just say, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this book. I kinda like it , but I kinda don’t.  I really don’t get off on the service element of BDSM and I don’t understand why people would enjoy that. I am also not into S &M and that is one of the main focus in this book. I am not into toys like cock cages, humblers, spreaders, violet wands and I’m not a pain freak. I do like the characters though. Dallin has fallen on hard times due to the economy and even though he has lost his apartment , he is still trying to keep his business afloat.  He has decided to go back to prostitution  so he calls up his ex pimp to see if he could get a regular client. 

Right off the bat, Ben finds him a match. William is  willing to pay   for someone to be his full-time sub without all the hassle.  He is a very busy man and he has a lot of stipulations that he wants followed to the tee. To me it seems all very clinical rather than sexy. William even has a contract drawn up that ensures that Dallin keeps his sexual preferences secret . If not, he could end up paying an exorbitant fine. For some reason I’m compelled to keep on reading , maybe because it’s so different.

Dallin has been on his own since he was sixteen and his Mormon parents kicked him out for being gay. They packed him up and sent him off to a strange older man. Dallin decided to live life on his own terms, so he sold his body and figured out his own living arrangements. William is a socially inept rich gay man with certain extreme proclivities.  After a disastrous relationship,  he decides he still wants all the trappings of a relationship without having to deal with the messy break-up. Ben, the pimp suggests that William hire a sub instead of trying to train a new one. William sets up Dallin as his personal assistant on his company’s payroll. Dallin is a legit prostitute,  who pays taxes and even has a part of his paycheck going to a retirement savings plan. William might be a strange duck but he pays really well and  Dallin sees a way how to get himself out of a financial bind.

Dallin and William has a really nice dom/ sub bond and Dallin really sees William as the strange but likable person that he is. It is clear that William is very controlling and he doesn’t have a good grasp on human relationships.  He deals better in numbers and  negotiating contracts. William tries to negotiate his way through his relationship with Dallin. It’s only a matter of time before William tries to infiltrate Dallin’s personal private life  and this pisses off Dallin.  Although William is doing it as a way of helping, Dallin doesn’t want to be indebted to a client and William just doesn’t understand boundaries.  Dallin realized that he has gotten far too close to a client who he has fallen in love with so he decides to quit. 

The feelings that William have developed  causes him to breach his own contract clause and for William that’s tantamount to blasphemy. He has pushed too far over into the boundary that Dallin has set up to maintain a part of his independence and Dallin finds this unforgivable. When Dallin confronts William about his overbearing nature,  William finally opens up showing some amount of emotion. They try to regain their footing and equilibrium with each other and realise that they have a stronger bond with each other than they expected. Their sex scenes were inundated by harsh BDSM elements  and that is not really my cup of tea . I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. Even though I really didn’t get the whole concept of this book, maybe someone else can really enjoy it.