Tales From the Edge 2: Living on the Edge by L. M. Somerton

Title : Living on the Edge         Word Count : 37,371
Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Sometimes it takes willpower to resist temptation but courage to give in.

Aiden Keller is a brilliant and intriguing young man. When he’s convicted of hacking, his sentence takes him to The Edge, a high-end corporate training company with a mysterious sideline. There he is given into the custody of its owner, the enigmatic and demanding Heath Anders, and his business partner Joe Dexter.

From the moment Heath takes charge of Aiden he recognises the boy’s submissive nature, even though it is well hidden beneath a veneer of snarky attitude. But for twelve months, Aiden will be his responsibility and Heath cannot allow himself to get involved whilst the boy is obliged to obey him.

Aiden settles into his new life with the help of Olly, Joe’s pretty, submissive boyfriend, who is very perceptive when it comes to noticing the sparks of attraction flying between Aiden and Heath. Slowly and gently, he teaches Aiden that submission is not a weakness and to accept his desire to be dominated.

Unable to resist, Heath starts to test Aiden’s willingness to be obedient, and against all the odds, love (and lust) start to bloom. Aiden, however, is not quite what he seems and his past is about to endanger all their lives.

My Review : This is the second book in the Edge series and I really had high hopes for it. I was drawn to Heath from the first moment meeting him in book 1. Sadly , I was really dissapointed. I didn’t feel the connection between Heath and Aiden so much. Aiden was sent to the Edge as an alternative to a prison sentence for a technological crime he committed. From the moment he laid eyes on Heath , he was instantly attracted but he was definitely intimidated by him.
Heath is certainly attracted to Aiden as well. Aiden is feisty and willful and Heath can’t wait to make him submit. Heath is afraid to abuse his power while Aiden is at the Edge, so he introduces him slowly to the BDSM lifestyle with the help of the precocious Olly and the very dominant Joe. Olly drops hints to make Aiden curious about submission. Heath likes the challenge, but Aiden was a little too resistant to my liking. There are different forms of dominance and submission, but I just did not feel connected with these two. Heath was too much into chastity and orgasm denial and this just did not float my boat. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.

Tales from the Edge 1: Reaching the Edge by L. M. Somerton

Title : Reaching the Edge            Word Count : 40,638
Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : When you reach the edge, you can’t avoid taking a leap of faith.

Joe Dexter leads a complicated life. In one world he is a consultant criminal psychologist—in another he runs The Edge, a successful corporate training company. He’s also an active Dom in the London BDSM scene.

A social call to The Underground, a club owned by an old friend, turns into much more when Joe is introduced to a prospective sub. Falling hard for the boy’s tumbling blonde curls, huge blue eyes and desperate need for protection, Joe carefully coaxes him out of his shell. By the end of an intense weekend, unbreakable bonds have been forged and Joe is well on the way to becoming Olly’s Master.

Joe knows that there is trauma in Olly’s past, but it is not until his professional and private lives collide that Joe discovers the truth. He knows he shouldn’t have let Olly out of his sight but it’s too late—Olly’s old Master is back on the scene and he’s not in the mood to forgive and forget.

With Olly’s life on the line, Joe risks everything to save him. Has Joe found his perfect submissive only to lose him in a horrible twist of fate, or will love win the day? They’ve reached the edge and there’s no avoiding a leap of faith.

My Review : Joe Dexter is a Dominant who leads a very busy life. He is a criminal psychologist who is also trying to run his up and coming company the Edge. Being deep in the lifestyle, his company is near and dear to his heart because the Edge is where newly minted Dominants do their training to learn about their submissives. Joe is ready to take the next step in collaring a submissive. There is only one problem, he is still searching for that ‘perfect one’. He finds the perfect one in Olly.

Olly has been mentally scarred by a vicious assault that took place when he was taken hostage in a prison he worked at . He was brutalized and tortured by some of the inmates. Moreover, he was rebuffed and dumped by his previous master Mark when he needed him most. Olly is trying to heal and pick up the pieces of his life. He doesn’t know that he needs a Dom until he sets eyes on Joe. Joe looks like the perfect dominant for him. He is strong without being too abrasive while being gentle and kind at the same time. They fall into a seemlessly perfect dom/sub relationship and Joe does his best to keep it at a pace that safeguards his precious Olly.

Olly has definitely not been downtrodden by the events of the past. He maintains a precocious innocence that goes well with his angelic blond curls. Olly is so open to starting something new with this kind dominant man who he hopes will become his master. However, trouble comes in the form of his old master Mark who is dead set on renewing his relationship with Olly.

It soon becomes clear the sinister bastard hiding behind Mark’s facade when he succeeds in kidnapping Olly. He is adamant about carrying out his nefarious plans, but his plans are foiled by Joe and his friends Heath and Carey who rides to the rescue of sweet Olly. Joe goes into protective papa bear mode and he wastes no time in revealing his love for Olly.

Their love was quick , but it was a deep abiding love and a connection between two lost souls in need of the same thing. They complimented each other very well. Olly’s playfulness needed a firm hand which is what he got from Joe who is all so willing to paddle that sweet derriere. Their sexual chemistry was very strong and led to some very hot sexiness. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.