Claiming His Fate(Scarlet Mountain Pack 4) by Aspen Grey

Title: Claiming His Fate            Word Count:142 pgs
Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance, Mpreg

Blurb:The scent to change lives…

Seth is a hardworking alpha member of the Scarlet Mountain Pack, felling trees and turning them into lumber for the lodge. He’s content with his pack, but there’s something missing in his life — a mate. One day, on what should be another average run to the mill with a fresh load of pine, Seth smells something that turns his world upside down.

Harry is living life as a prisoner, an omega slave to his cold-blooded pack leader, Kade, who rules over a pack of captive omegas forced to work, or worse, bare his children. Once they provide him with a pup, he’s done with them, and with Harry’s heat approaching, he knows he’s next.

Seth almost loses it when he smells Harry’s scent and instantly knows he is his fated mate, but Kade isn’t about to let him go without a fight. Seth tracks Harry to a truck stop and saves him from the horrible future he was certainly facing.

Back at the lodge, love drunk off each other’s bodies and scents, the two realize they are meant for one another. Fueled by desire, Harry’s heat arrives like a speeding train, sending Seth into a frenzy. The only thing on his mind? Put a baby in Harry’s belly and bind him to him forever.

But Kade’s pack is still out there, with a pack of captive omega slaves, and Seth can’t let that continue. He saved Harry, but the rest are still prisoners. Rallying his pack, Seth sets out for the truck stop, but when he arrives, Kade’s pack is gone.

Is the vicious alpha still out there? Tracking them? Hunting for Harry? And will Seth be able to save him a second time?…

Claiming His Fate is the fourth in the Scarlet Mountain Pack series, but can be read as a stand alone. NO cheating, no cliffhangers, and all the sweet, sexy MPREG goodness you’ve come to love from Aspen Grey.

My Review: Seth, one of the alphas at the Scarlet Mountain Pack has just finished dropping off lumber at the Woodcreek mill when he smells the most enticing scent. He turns just in time to see the most beautiful, innocent omega there is. From the look on his face, he knows the omega scents him too. The only problem, the omega Harry seems to be under guard. Seth is not quite sure what’s going on , but it’s definitely suspicious. This is made obvious when he is immediately rebuffed as he approaches the guard to ask him about the omega. Seth knows he needs to bide his time and decides to follow them home. He finds out that a despicable alpha named Kade is in charge.

Seth knows his fated mate is in danger when he sees the hovel he is taken to. It is a truck stop that is infested by drunks, addiction and sex workers. He knows he can’t leave him in this place. Help comes from an unexpected place, a guy named Matias , a disgruntled alpha of Kade’s helps them to escape. The only reason Matias stays is to protect all the other helpless omega’s Kade has imprisoned.

Once Seth has Harry safe at the lodge, their ardor for each other is all encompassing. They are in a frenzy, but Seth sees his mate’s innocence shining through. Harry knows he’s a virgin but he can’t get enough of his sexy alpha. There is a fire raging in him that makes him want to be slutty for his alpha. Seth loves it, he sees how perfect Harry is for him. For the first time since his parents died, Harry knows he’s finally found his home with his alpha.

As happy as they both are, Seth knows he can’t just live blissfully while the imprisoned omega’s suffer. Seth talks to alpha Tate and they decide to scout the truck stop. By the time they get there Seth realize they are too late. They’ve all absconded in the middle of the night. It is disappointing, but life continues on as usual. Harry finds out he is pregnant and even though he is ecstatic, he has debilitating morning sickness.

Their past comes back to haunt them in the middle of the night when the despicable alpha Kade shows up in their territory. Seth can’t wait to tear him to pieces, especially when he sees that Kade’s wolfs are hesitant to fight. Seth gets a little reckless and is almost killed. It is only when he hears his mate encouraging him through his bond that he finds the strength to bring about Kade’s demise. However , he is seriously hurt but he is conscious enough to hold his mate’s hand while he delivers a beautiful baby boy named Graham. The Scarlet Mountain Pack is definitely growing by leaps and bounds. They are always there to help each other to protect their loved ones and bring them home safely. They’ve also gained allies in Matias who is now the successor of Kade’s pack. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Claiming His Love (Scarlet Mountain Pack 2) by Aspen Grey

Title: Claiming His Love Word Count: 152pgs
Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance, Mpreg

Blurb:Before the Love Knot, before the Scarlet Mountain Pack…

Alpha, Bryce’s job at the lumber mill is hard and routine, but when a new omega shows up for work, his scent leaves Bryce helpless and he knows he’s found his one.

Clarence is taking his first job at the mill to learn about wood and become a carpenter like his fathers. He’s ready for the hard work, but he isn’t ready for Bryce.

Bryce knows what that scent means — it means he’s just met his fated mate! But there’s a major problem: Jeremiah, his cruel, sadistic pack leader, wants Clarence for himself. He’s going to take him back to “The Booty Wing” of his motel to be used as just another captive breeder to provide him with pups. But Bryce isn’t about to sit back and watch that happen.

With a decision that will change his life forever, Bryce revolts, attacks Jeremiah and escapes with Clarence on the back of his bike. They spend an unforgettable night together, but when Bryce wakes up in the morning, Clarence is gone without a trace.

Three years later, and Bryce is living at the Scarlet Mountain Pack lodge with his new pack leader Tate, when he catches a scent…a familiar scent…one that he hasn’t smelled in three years, and it’s going to change everything.

Claiming His Love is the second book in the Scarlet Mountain Pack series, and can be read as a stand alone but is more rewarding as part of a series.

Filled with spicy, knotting, MPREG bliss, no cheating and no cliffhanger, this book is extra spicy! Be careful your Kindles don’t set on fire.

My Review:From the moment Bryce sees the shy omega walking in the mess hall at the mill where he works he knows it’s his fated mate. From the look on the omega’s face, he feels the same pull. There is just one problem, Bryce’s arrogant alpha Jeremiah wants to claim Clarence as a brood mare. Bryce tries not to openly show any emotion toward the omega, because he knows his alpha will use it against him somehow.

Clarence is only at the mill to learn about wood so that he can one day take over his father’s furniture business. He is certainly not expecting to smell his fated mate as soon as he walks through the door. Alpha Jeremiah also poses another problem, it is obvious he thinks he is entitled to any omega he lays eyes on. Clarence knows he is in true danger when Jeremiah and a couple betas kidnap him after work. Bryce knows he needs to come up with a plan to rescue his mate. When he notices the betas leaving Jeremiah’s room, he knows he has to act fast. He attacks and kills the betas and before the alpha even knows what’s happening, he is flat on his back with an enraged wolf on top. Bryce incapacitates him and flees with his mate on his bike.

Bryce finds them a safe haven staying with his friend Martin. Clarence feels like he can finally breathe and enjoy being in the presence of his fated mate. The passion ignites between the two men and carries them down a road filled with lust. Bryce knows that his innocent omega has not experienced his heat, so he finds other ways to explore his body while leaving his innocence intact. Little did they know that they would only have one passion filled night, before Clarence vanished into thin air.

It would be three long years of heartache, pain and hard living before they are reunited. In that time, Bryce has met new people that have become lifelong friends. Tate is one of those people, the alpha of the Scarlet Mountain pack founded on Bryce’s insistence. They are truly growing as a pack and have done well for themselves protecting each other. In the meantime, Clarence has been living like a slave under Jeremiah who blackmailed him into leaving Bryce. Jeremiah uses the threat of killing Clarence’s parents to keep him in line. The only good thing is that since smelling his mate, Clarence can’t experience his heat with anyone else. That is the only thing that saves him from being sexually abused by Jeremiah. It doesn’t stop the violence however.

It is purely on a whim that Bryce is able to find his mate again. When two of the foxes Red and Kitchi inform Bryce that there is a wolf pack on the edge of their territory, they decide to check it out. Bryce is incensed to see the much hated alpha Jeremiah again,but it’s his mate’s scent that bowls him over. He is overjoyed , but also filled with rage. He unleashes on a few of the betas quickly killing them. Bryce only injures Jeremiah, but he realizes that the place will be overrun if he doesn’t take his mate away. They barely make it out alive.

Once they are safe back at the pack house Bryce explains the situation to his alpha Tate. Tate understands and supports his decision to get back his mate. When they are alone, the connection between them sparks. The feelings are unadulterated and primal and causes the dominance to explode from Bryce. He knows he is a little bit rough and tries to temper it, but Clarence gives himself over to that primordial instinct that Bryce shows of needing to mark his mate. Clarence relishes the power of Bryce’s untamed passion. They make the most of the night, because they know their troubles are far from over.

They strategize the next day and come up with a plan to strike first. Bryce acknowledges he needs to eliminate the threat of the other alpha. It is not made easy, especially since he has to take Clarence back to sway a few of the alphas to their side. Everything starts off as planned, but when a group of betas target Tate and he is seriously injured, it all devolves. It is sheer determination and the fear for Clarence that keeps Bryce fighting. In the end he kills Jeremiah, but he doesn’t walk away unscathed. He has been shot in the stomach.

It is touch and go there for a bit at the Scarlet Mountain Pack, with two of their main alphas down. It is weeks before they recover. Clarence stays by his mate’s side and try to coerce him back to the land of the living through their bond. Finally, Bryce comes back to him and Clarence can give him the good news that he is pregnant. Bryce is over the moon when he hears this. The Scarlet Mountain Pack is definitely filling up with two new alphas and a new baby on the way which turns out to be a boy named Bruce. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Claiming His Mate (Scarlet Mountain Pack 1) by Aspen Grey

Title: Claiming His Mate Word Count: 154 pgs
Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance, Mpreg

Blurb:Alpha, Tate Hunter’s job as a bouncer at the shifter-only night club, The Love Knot, is pretty routine – tossing out drunks, breaking up fights – but when he saves an omega from a hungry pack of alphas, he catches a scent that will change his life forever.

Kyle Crubbers is going nowhere – living at home in the room he grew up in, spending his nights alone, until his mom convinces him to leave the house to search for a mate. But seriously? The Love Knot? That’s not where you find Mr. Right – it’s where you find Mr. Right Now!

Tate can’t believe it when he catches the scent of his fated mate, but to his horror, the beautiful boy is being attacked by an alpha named Lucas and his pack of sickos, looking to bump fuzzies with the nubile omega whether he wants it or not. Leaping into action, Tate saves the poor guy from whatever horrors they had planned for him.

Taking him to his lodge, Tate tends to Kyle’s wounds, and the two know without a doubt that they’re meant for one another. Tate is determined to claim his mate and put a pup in his belly, but it’s not long before they realize the other pack is still out there – and they’re hunting for Kyle.

It’s time for Tate to step up and be the alpha leader he’s meant to be. But will he be able to form a new pack in time to stop Lucas and protect his new omega?

…The scent of a fated mate…It’s a one in a million miracle most wolves never experience, and he will do anything to make sure Kyle is his forever.

Claiming His Mate is the first in the Scarlet Mountain Pack series, with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and all the spicy, knotting, MPREG goodness to melt your Kindle screens. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…;)

My Review: Tate’s job as a bouncer at the Love Knot is usually just a show of dominance where certain other alphas like to show off. Tate’s very good at reining in his wolf most times. However, when he smells the sweet smell of an omega who is exuding fear and realize that it’s his mate, Tate loses it. Kyle’s night on the town turns into a nightmare before it has really begun, when an alpha and his betas try to kidnap him. He starts to scream when he realizes he’s in real trouble. When alpha Tate comes to his rescue, he knows he is faced with his mate, a dream come true. Tate quickly kills the two betas, but the despicable alpha Lucas gets away.

Tate is eager to take his mate home so he can recover from the failed kidnapping. Kyle is excited when he first sees his new home. Tate talks about his dead parents and the legacy they left for him. He talks about how his father envisioned a big pack like home that could be a safe haven. Kyle loves to see his alpha’s passion and knows he wants to make that vision come true by being the best mate possible. Tate can’t wait to bond with his mate , but Kyle hasn’t had his first heat yet or lost his innocence.

Their vision starts to come alive when Tate’s friends Bryce and Martin comes by to see how they fared after the attack. Bryce proposes that they form their own pack and that Tate become their pack alpha. Tate is excited, but knows he needs to talk to his mate first. Kyle is just as excited and encourages his alpha knowing what a great leader he will be. Before they know it , their pack has grown in size with the newest additions being Kyle’s mom and Bryce’s sister. The pack house is coming together nicely and everyone is settling in.

Finally, Kyle’s heat hits and Tate is overcome with the need to be buried inside his omega. Kyle can’t wait for Tate to be his first and only. Tate introduces his sweet innocent mate to the unexplored passions of the mated bed. It is enlightening and all consuming for them both. There is nothing like the bond between mates. The next morning it is through that bond that Kyle knows that there is trouble on the horizon when he wakes to an empty bed. Tate, Bryce and Martin has gone out to deal with the troublesome alpha Lucas who is infringing on their territory. It soon turns into a bloodbath. Tate kills another beta, but Martin his friend is seriously injured. They are afraid they will lose him when a small group of foxes jump in and offer medical help.

Tate and the foxes alpha Red make a pact to fuse both packs together to fight against Lucas who is a thorn in their sides as well. Tate sees how much their medical training will come in handy when Kyle announces his pregnancy. Everyone is ecstatic about their news and life continues as usual. They all live communally, even the foxes and it is clear that both packs have mutual respect for each other.

The next attack couldn’t have come at a worst time, Kyle is in labour. Tate takes the time to reassure his omega that he will come back to him safely. They have a heartfelt parting, but Tate needs to face impending danger so he can protect his precious omega and their pup. Kyle is worried, but he knows he has to do his part in delivering their pup into the world with the help of Osana, the fox medic.

Tate and his pack emerge victorious from battle , but definitely not unscathed. They have lost one of the foxes Ethan and Bryce is injured. Tate goes back just in time to entreat his omega into pushing their bundle of joy into the world. They name her Scarlet in honour of Ethan’s red hair. They are all saddened by their loss, but they see great things in store for the future of the Scarlet Mountain Pack. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.