The Music of the Spheres by Chase Potter

Title : The Music of the Spheres              Word Count : 216 pgs
Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :An athlete and introvert from a family touched by loss, Ryan Mattson splits his life between reading and spending time with his dad and precocious younger sister. With the wounds of Ryan’s past almost healed, high school is simple, and so is everything else.

But that changes when he’s paired with Adam for a class project. Adam, the guy with birthmarks like flecks of mud and compost-brown eyes that hide behind dorky glasses. Grudgingly, the two young men work together, and as they do, an unlikely friendship is formed.

With the passing college years, their bond deepens and grows. Even Ryan’s sister and dad take a liking to Adam, and the family – always missing a voice – seems to gain another. But just as Ryan is forced to confront what Adam really means to him, his family is dragged toward crisis. And beneath the silent snows and starlit sky of a Minnesota winter, their friendship will be tested more than ever before.

My Review : Here we have the journey of two high school students, Ryan the Jock and Adam the geek. They are two polar opposites who are thrown together because of a high school project and form an unlikely friendship. Ryan is rich and has a familial bond that is beyond compare, whereas Adam is a foster kid after being taken away from his meth- addicted parents.
Over the years their friendship blossoms into something that is not quite defined, but Adam is definitely accepted as one of the family by Ryan’s dad and his sister. They spend most holidays together and after getting drunk and playing truth or dare, things get a little awkward between the two friends. They enjoy a circle jerk between friends and this changes their friendship subtly , especially when Adam admits that he is bisexual. After a few months of tension, they get back on track with a family trip to Adam’s university. This deepens their connection after a very earnest conversation between Ryan and Adam, where they admit to each other that their feelings might be more than platonic. Before that can even get off the ground tragedy strikes.
Ryan’s little sister who has such a prosperous future as an artist finds out she has leukemia. This is devastating for the family, but they all pull together and they fight it into remission. Things are beginning to look bright again when after a few months the cancer is back. They do a bone marrow transplant with Ryan being the donor, only to find out that it’s too late. The transplant is successful, but now the cancer has spread all through her body and is at a stage 4 category. It is not long before she dies. Ryan is destroyed into a million little pieces and Adam is right there to pick them all. This was very emotional and I cried buckets. Adam gives the eulogy and it shows the true testament of family, friendship and overall love. It shows that sometimes, very rarely our family is comprised of the people we choose and it is somehow better than the ones we were given.
Even from the grave , it is Ryan’s sister who finally brings them together. Their love is immemoralized through the pictures she has taken over the years. Looking at these photos shows their love with such clarity that Ryan calls Adam and ask if he can move in with him. Without hesitation Adam agrees. When they culminate their love , it is explosive, steadfast and comforting. It was something that was always meant to be, a fulfilling prophecy . It is not long before Adam proposes and Ryan accepts.  This was a slow build and I really enjoyed it  . I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.