When Angels Cry (Phoenix Club 7) by CJ Bishop

Title: When Angels Cry         Word Count: 131pgs
Genre:Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb: ANGEL, Part 1

18-year-old Angel’s sudden arrival at the Phoenix throws Dane’s heart into a frenzy.

But after losing out so recently with Caleb, he is in no hurry to feel the heartache again and resists his own rapidly growing feelings for the young man, unaware that what Angel needs most right now is someone he can trust and feel safe with.

Caught up in an abusive situation at home from which there seems no escape, Angel’s prime objective is to protect his little brother from the same hellish existence he himself has been thrust into at the hands of their sick minded stepbrothers.

Warning: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo.

NOTE: For those coming across the ‘Phoenix Club’ series sporadically, they were written in this order, and if possible, should be read accordingly, due to story lines that run through all the books :


My Review: All Angel has ever known in his life is pain. Him being the new member of the Phoenix Club is a way to lessen some of that pain. Angel lives with his two step brothers, Wade and Axel. Wade is a horrible human being who started exploiting Angel’s innocence from an early age. Wade knows that Angel would do anything to keep his little brother Maddy safe from the harsh realities of their world. He uses that to keep Angel in line. Angel has struck up a deal with his brother that as long as he brings in good money, they will leave Maddy untouched.

Angel tries to sharpen his skills on the dance floor , by getting one of the other dancers help. It is going good with Ricky, but Angel only has eyes for Dane. Dane is one of the sexiest men Angel has ever laid eyes on, but for some reason Dane keeps his distance. Dane is intrigued by Angel’s innocence, but he doesn’t want to fall in the same trap like before. Dane fell a little bit in love with Caleb before and that unrequited love killed him. Angel knows he needs to be focused in order to make enough money to get his brother away from Wade and Axel.

Max and Horatio are still pining over each other, but seeing the turmoil that Max is in, Horatio decides to go away. This kills Max, but this is what he needs to separate himself from the overwhelming feelings. Horatio is half way around the world entertaining another young doppelganger of Max. Even though it is not ideal , he still finds a friend in Seth. Gabe and Cole are still very much in love, but Gabe starts being furtive and taking secret phone calls. Cole has caught on and it makes him very nervous that Gabe is keeping secrets from him.

When Angel is hurt by one of Wade’s friends Byrd, he becomes desperate. He enlists the help of Dane to give him some lessons for sensual dancing. The chemistry between the two is off the charts and soon leads to something more. Angel seduces Dane with his innocence and Dane’s guards around his heart are pushed away. After they fall into a blissful sleep, Angel is caught in the grips of one of his nightmarish memories. Dane sees that loving this boy could be the thing to go break him. He is running scared and pushes Angel away, telling him that their hook up was a one off thing. Angel is heartbroken and leaves in tears, knowing that yet again he was nothing special to another man. To be continued….. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

When Worlds Collide( Phoenix Club 4) by CJ Bishop

Title: When Worlds Collide             Word Count:123pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:CALEB, Part 1

What do you do when the right love finds you at the wrong time?

At age 17, Caleb Dean’s world is ripped apart in a matter of minutes, tragedy striking sudden and violent. Now, four years later, Caleb is still trying to undo what he deems to be his fault. 

Taking work wherever he can get it, Caleb finds his way to New York and The Phoenix Club. Stunning the crowd with his debut performance, Caleb quickly catches the eye of Brock Coulson, an aggressive defense attorney with a secret lust for young male strippers. 

With his brother incarcerated from an unjust sentence and the victim of brutality behind those walls, Caleb will do go to any lengths to get his brother out of prison. But his plans to negotiate with Coulson get interrupted when Caleb meets Samuel. 

He knows not to get too close, but Samuel is a whirlwind of passion, sweeping him off his feet and refusing to let him go.

Warning: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo.

NOTE: For those coming across the ‘Phoenix Club’ series sporadically, they were written in this order, and if possible, should be read accordingly, due to story lines that run through all the books :






My Review: From the first moment Samuel laid eyes on Caleb it was insta-lust. Caleb was just as smitten and couldn’t resist Samuel’s playfulness. They immediately hooked up and there was no turning back for Samuel. He told Caleb it was love at first sight. Caleb was a bit hesitant, even though he was intrigued by the chemistry he felt flowing between them. Caleb is the newest stripper at the Phoenix Club, his debut was a smash hit. He seems to be carrying a heavy load with all the personal baggage he has in his life. His  brother Nick is imprisoned and he blames himself. Caleb knows he shouldn’t be starting any new relationships, but he finds the pull towards Samuel irresistible.

The more they hook up, its the more the lines get blurred for Caleb.  He would like to keep things chaste,since he knows the line of work he is in, but Samuel is pushing for boyfriend status. Caleb only has one goal in mind and that’s helping his brother Nick out of prison.He doesn’t want to be derailed from that track by enjoying something for himself, he feels too guilty. Plus, he  knows there will be unsavory acts that he will probably have to engage in such as ‘private dances’ to get Nick out. However, Samuel seduces Caleb into being his boyfriend during the height of passion. His tactics are deliciously underhanded and it forces Caleb to accept, but a tiny part of him is thrilled to be a part of something so normal.

Dane, one of his coworkers at the Phoenix Club tries to draw Caleb into their close-knitted family. Caleb remains standoffish, because he believes the fewer people  he gets close to, the better. When Caleb decides to go visit his brother in prison, Dane offers him a ride. As much as he loathes getting close, Caleb accepts. When Caleb sees that Nick has been beaten up, Caleb once again feels guilty. It is clear to see the love between the brothers. Caleb is emotionally wrecked when he returns to the hotel and  turns to Dane in his time of need. Dane knows that Caleb is not thinking clearly , but he can’t resist the charms of this sexy young man. Dane’s interest has  been piqued since Caleb’s debut dance. Turns out that Dane is a gentleman so he lets Caleb down easy.They make their way back home in silence.

Caleb first stop is at the club, he wants to see if he can set up an ‘arrangement’ with the high powered attorney who he did a private dance for. Brock Coulson wants all of Caleb, especially his sexy little body, but Caleb knows his soul will definitely be tarnished. The parameters are set up and he has made a deal with the devil. Now , he just needs to break it off with his boyfriend Samuel before things go any further. Sweet Samuel has set up a lavish date night for him that makes it so hard to carry out his plan. Everything is going great when they are interrupted by the untimely arrival of Samuel’s mom and step-father . Caleb knows he’s in trouble when in walks Brock Coulson. His heart shatters and he knows this will tear Samuel apart. To be continued….. I give this my ratings of  3- it was ok. There is just something that was missing for me that caused me not to connect with Caleb and Samuel.

Shattered (Phoenix Club 3) by CJ Bishop

Title: Shattered                   Word Count: 106 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb: Abel, Part 3

Abel’s heart is crushed by Devlin’s vehement rejection and refusal to believe the truth about his brother. With the threat of prison hanging over him, Abel is sent away with Horatio Kaplan to Italy for safe keeping.

Certain he has lost Devlin forever, and broken by the reality that he has devastated Devlin’s life, Abel takes an unexpected comfort in Kaplan when the man begins to show sincere care and affection for him. 

Warning: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo.

NOTE: For those coming across the ‘Phoenix Club’ series sporadically, they were written in this order, and if possible, should be read accordingly, due to story lines that run through all the books :





My Review: Having lost everything, Abel allows himself to be whisked away on a private jet with Kaplan to parts unknown. Abel is devoid of all emotion now that Devlin had forsaken him. Devlin himself is also in a world of hurt. He tries to detach himself from his feelings for Abel and concentrate on doing his duty as Savannah’s doctor. Cole and Gabe wish they could do more to help their friend Abel. It is Gabe who is the impartial voice of reason, telling Cole to give Devlin some time to process,  before going to talk to him. Cole wants to protect Abel and make sure that Devlin doesn’t send him to prison. Gabe realize that these two innocent men, Abel and Devlin are being crucified by  the actions of a monster.

The lines are being blurred in Abel’s arrangement with Kaplan when the man starts treating him more like a person rather than a trophy. Although Abel still mourns for the love lost, he finds a measure of release from his pain in Kaplan’s presence. On the other hand , Devlin finds no peace during his days. The look on Abel’s face when he tore him down is on a constant loop running through his brain. His subconcious also tortures him with long ago suppressed memories of his interactions with his brother that comes in the form of dreams. These dreams conflict with the idea of the idolized brother that Devlin remembers. His dreams remind him of a brother who was too willing to teach him how to masturbate when he was thirteen. Some of his brothers actions are borderline inappropriate. Devlin’s convoluted thoughts make him sick to his stomach as doubts begin to form. 

Now that the vault holding his memories has been cracked open, more and more questionable memories keep on popping up in Devlin’s brain. It’s driving him crazy,paired with the longing he still feels deep down in his soul for Abel. He gleans information about Abel from eavesdropping at Savannah’s door. He learns that Abel is out of the country with a man named Kaplan. It pains Devlin to think about Abel being with another man and he feels disloyal to his brother for even thinking about Abel at all.

Abel gets a little bit lost in the old world romantic feel that Italy offers. He doesn’t think Kaplan is so bad once he starts enjoying his company. Kaplan is very worldly and he explains the history of the beautiful place to Abel, his captivated audience. It doesn’t take long for the illusion to be torn and reality of his situation sets back in. It is Kaplan who encourages him to go back and fight for the man he loves. It is clear that Kaplan feels some sort of affection for Abel and aside from paying him twenty thousand dollars , he never treated him like a whore.

Meanwhile, Devlin has been waging a never-ending war between his emotions and his  memories. It is now solidified in his mind that his brother was indeed a child molester. This is corroborated by his best friend who he hasn’t seen in years. When he runs into him at a restaurant and they start catching up, Brandon has the same look as Abel when he talks about his dead brother, a look of relief. Devlin can no longer hide from reality when his own memories are pointing to the same truth, his brother was a monster.

On the day of Savannah’s release from the hospital, Devlin is shocked when he walks in and sees Abel. He can’t bear to look at his sweet tortured boy so he runs away. Since running away seems to be the theme with these two, their friends set a trap for them in mid-air on Kaplan’s jet. Finally, with all the walls broken down they both acknowledge who the real culprit is, the monster Craig. They both commiserate through their pain and reaffirm their undying love for each other. Sparks fly and they join the mile high club in the age old dance of love. This was a wonderful trilogy and I can’t wait to watch all the other men of Phoenix Club have their happily ever after. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Resilient Love: Unquiet by Melanie Hansen

​Title : Unquiet                         Word Count: 103,129

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Blurb: Loren Smith has been in love with Eliot Devlin almost his entire life. During their turbulent childhood and teen years, Loren didn’t always understand Eliot, and sometimes he could be a challenge, but Eliot was the only one to ever truly ease Loren’s deep loneliness and accept him. When Eliot’s increasingly erratic and self-destructive behavior culminates in a suicide attempt at seventeen, Loren is devastated.

Upon meeting again by chance nine years later, Loren is enjoying a successful career as a police officer while Eliot’s life has been a constant struggle for stability. In and out of mental hospitals, with a rap sheet a mile long, he continues to be buffeted by the twin storms of mania and depression. Loren’s love and protectiveness for Eliot are deeply ingrained in him, however, and their feelings for each other are quickly rekindled.

Loren has issues of his own he’s dealing with, and trying to understand and cope with Eliot’s bipolar disorder isn’t easy. They believe they’re meant to be, and Eliot brings a fulfillment to Loren’s life that no one else will ever match. But as they both come to realize, love by itself can’t cure all.
My Review: This is one of the most heartbreaking romances I’ve read in a long time. It was my first from this author and it definitely will not be my last. It was very well written and quite informative about a very sensitive subject, Mental Illness. From the very first moment Loren and Eliot meets at the age of 6, they’ve been inseparable.  According to Loren, Eliot is the one that took away his loneliness. Loren was a bit of a loner when he was a kid since he was chubby. Eliot always seemed very hyper always jumping from one subject to the next. They were both latch key kids and they often spent their time at each others house. Eliot was always there to support Loren as they were growing up. Loren was always there to hold Eliot and listen to him even when he acted weird. 

It was during their teenage years that they both became more than friends as they came out to each other. They professed their love for each other and talked about  their futures together. Throughout this all, Loren noticed that Eliot was acting more and more strange day by day. He suggested that Eliot get some help when he realized how depressed he was getting. Before he knew it Eliot seemed to be back to his normal self. 

One day at school Loren goes looking for Eliot and finds him on his knees pleasuring one of the football jocks. Loren is devastated and confronts Eliot with his accusations.  When Eliot tries to brush it off  Loren gets really upset and says some really hurtful things to Eliot and walks away. If isn’t until the next day that Loren finds out that Eliot attempted suicide and failed. After this their lives move in different directions without them speaking again.

It isn’t until 9 yrs later that Loren and Eliot meet up again. Loren is now an  undercover cop meeting an informant in a gay strip club when he sees ‘Angel’  dancing on stage and recognized him as none other than Eliot. Eliot doesn’t even seem to know who he is after giving him a lap dance. Loren is horrified to see Eliot in this way and decides to use his resources to get in touch with Eliot’s mother to get some answers.  The answers are definitely not what Loren expects. Eliot has since been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1 where he goes between manic episodes and depression. Eliot’s mom Rebecca has all but given up on him, she  is all burnt out and doesn’t know how to help him anymore. Eliot drinks way too much and does drugs in order to keep the demons away, but it’s obviously not working. Loren feels so much guilt and wants to try to help the boy he once loved.

When Loren knocks on Eliot’s door for the first time after so much time has passed, Eliot thinks he is in a dream.  They come together like they’ve never been apart.  Loren asks Eliot to date him, but he soon realizes that El is even more sick than he was before. It isn’t long before he truly sees what El looks like during a manic episode and it’s definitely not pretty. El is almost thrown in jail and has racked up quite a few charges. They are able to get him into a mental institution after his mother pays a hefty fee. Loren stands by El supporting him the whole way and El gets a little more stable and does his 3 mths. stint successfully.  

El and Loren realize that sticking to a regimen will definitely aid in El’s recovery. El tries to stay on the straight and narrow path and he does well , but it’s not long before he becomes manic again. All of his worries over Loren’s dangerous job as a cop culminates into him having a severe break with reality. This time his manic episodes affect Loren’s professional life when  El outs him at work and causes him embarrassment. This takes a little bit longer to get  over for Loren but  he finally acknowledges in the end that he has to change his thought process about El’s illness. Loren comes to the realization that El’s illness can’t fit into the expectations and dreams that he always had for his future.  He decides to change his dreams to be all encompassing by taking joy from Eliot being a part of his life. This was definitely not the last time that Eliot would hurt Loren.

Three years into their future, El once again tries to  commit suicide and almost succeeds. Loren becomes very bitter and it almost cost them their relationship,  but somehow they persevered. I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to love someone with a mental illness, but what comes through in Loren and Eliot’s journey is unconditional love.  I really enjoyed these characters despite all the adversities that they will face, most of which will be beyond their control. They make me want to believe in a love that is resilient,  one that will stand against the tests of time. I give this my ratings of 4- the sexual chemistry was definitely amazing between these two, but I fell in love with them because of their all encompassing resilient love story. 

Kiss Me by Scarlet Blackwell

Title : Kiss Me                Word Count : 73,817

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Dexter is a rent boy falling for his new client. Logan is a homicide cop falling for his rent boy. Now madly in love, Logan discovers Dexter is dangerously in thrall to a gangster whose clutches he can’t escape. When the gangster finds out about the two of them, he targets Dexter’s friend in revenge. The quickest answer is a safe house, but how long will it be safe?

My Review : There are some relationships that are just destined to fail from the very beginning. From the moment Dexter Anderson first met Logan Maden he knew he was in trouble. Dexter has made his living and become somewhat successful by being a high class prostitute. He has his own website and a nice clean hotel room he rents from his friend Michael. Logan is a cop, a detective in fact who seems to have intimacy issues. Dexter is very wary at first, having this illicit illegal arrangement with an officer of the law. 

Dexter soon realized that Logan is everything that he could have wanted and then some. There is a certain innocence and naiveté surrounding Logan and this is endearing to Dexter. Dexter is very attracted to Logan, more than he’s ever been to any of his customers. He finds himself wanting things from Logan, that someone in his profession has no hope at attaining. Logan is very hesitant and distant in their interactions,  but after a few months he starts to open up. Dexter is weak and always so turned on with Logan that he ends up breaking one of his cardinal rules, no kissing. The first time they kiss , Dexter feels himself plunging into the unknown. He tries to keep himself aloof and jaded, but Logan’s kisses rejuvenates a part of him  that has been dormant.

Logan starts pushing for a relationship  and Dexter keeps on pulling back. He is afraid that his life of prostitution will sully Logan’s innocence. Also, there are unsavoury characters in his life that promises to hurt the people who Dexter loves the most. Dexter’s friends beg him to seek help from Logan when Ivan a known hit man continuously hurts him physically. He doesn’t heed the warnings and then it becomes too late.

A tragic story unfolds when Ivan goes to Dexter’s house in a jealous rage and Ivan kills Ennis, his best friend’s fiancé. It is such a heartwrenching set of events and  Dexter shoulders the blame, as well as he should after so many repeated warnings. His best friend Daron who is out of his mind with grief blames him. Logan does some finger pointing of his own, while tampering with evidence so that Ivan can be put away for life. Logan knows that a person’s lifestyle plays a big part in how they are seen by the jury. He is trying to make sure that Dexter’s prostitution doesn’t cause any further repercussions. 

After a hit is put out on Dexter and Daron, they are moved to a safe house. Logan becomes embroiled in the case after he kills a dirty cop to protect  Dexter. His innocence is under the microscope and everybody’s life is turned upside down with no hope of a happy ending. The evidence is looking very dismal for Logan’s  plight when the trial starts. He becomes very bitter when he is left standing by himself with harsh accusations being thrown at his character. Logan starts doubting their love and outright blames Dexter for the whole mess.

Some relationships are too toxic to survive. So many lives have been irrevocably changed and there is no coming back from certain actions. Logan ended up killing Ivan , because of his love for Dexter. Is it really love though, when it destroys someone so completely? Logan ended up in prison and Dexter did a stint  in a mental institution. 

 It’s twelve years after the fact and everyone is still standing like stagnant putrid water. Daron is still grieving Ennis, Dexter hasn’t had the will to move on with his life or become attached to anyone. He is a shell of his former self. When Daron reveals to Dexter that Logan is getting out, he has a bit of a downward spiral. So much loneliness,  desolation and regrets make for a bittersweet reunion for the two men. They have a lot of soul deep purging of anguish and broken dreams that they need to get out. They have a happily ever after. 

I’m not sure how to feel about this one, because I don’t believe that love can conquer all. As bad as I feel for Dexter, I really do believe that he was at the root of all this chaos which ensued and reigned over so many lives.  I think that the others payed a far higher price for his mistakes and to me that is not forgivable. I give this my ratings of 4 – because there are truly flawed characters in real life and even though I don’t believe in their everlasting love,  it’s enough that they believe. 

Guards of Folsom 2: Tag Team by SJD Peterson

Title : Tag Team               Word Count : 71,978

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Following the death of their sub, the former owners of the Guards of Folsom, Robert “Bobby” Alcott and Rig Beckworth, were left to pick up the pieces as best they could. After seven years, these two Doms are ready to move on and find the boy who will complete them. Their painful past comes crashing back when they meet Mason Howard, a submissive who just weeks ago lost his Doms in a car accident.

Reeling from overwhelming grief that’s complicated by a severe social anxiety disorder, Mason can barely leave his home. When Rig and Bobby find him, he’s hit rock bottom, believing life is no longer worth living. Bobby and Rig set out to prove the younger man wrong. Fate has brought the three men together, but they’ll have to face the pain of fear and loss head-on before they can all truly live again.

My Review : There is one word that comes to mind when we first meet Mason and that’s Fragile. After being with both his Doms for twelve years, they’re suddenly taken from him in a car crash. Mason is adrift on a sea of loneliness and heartbreak. He is withering away in his little house by the beach from grief and his social anxiety issues. 

When he meets vacationers Bobby and Rig, a couple of Doms, Mason is in a really dark place. He is laying drunk on his porch, trying to bolster his courage to commit suicide. Bobby and Rig come to the rescue of this desperate young man. They stay with him and even call in  reinforcements in the form of another Dom, Max who is a shrink. They all help Mason to get to a place where even though he is grieving,  he is taking it one step at a time , living each day as it comes.

Bobby and Rig are very patient with Mason. They form a bond with him that they have never had since they lost their sub seven years ago. Mason fills a hole in their life , he has renewed their spirits and their need to nurture a sub. But is Mason ready to take that plunge again? Mason is still dreaming about his Doms and feels guilty for the growing sexual tension. When Mason hurts his knee accidentally while rough housing with Rig, Rig feels personally responsible for his care and go full on in papa bear mode.

Things get pretty steamy when Mason sneaks off to masturbate in the shower to relieve some tension. He is almost at the pinnacle, when Rig barges in to help him because of his injury. Bobby hears the commotion and comes running, just in time to see their big , sticky problem. Bobby and Rig are filled with lust for the young man that has been playing havoc with their senses. Mason can’t resist Rig and makes the first move. They had one of the steamiest showers ever with all three of them getting exactly what they needed. Mason is still not sure he is ready to go into sub mode or use the honorific Sir, but he can’t deny  the chemistry blossoming with the Doms. 

In my opinion,  I felt as if Mason had a stronger more sexual relationship with Rig whereas Bobby was more his haven , a big teddy bear to shield him from any storm. I still think something was missing from their relationship,  but I think that worked to make it more realistic,  because it shows that it takes time to get over grief of a loved one. It is actually a conversation with Ty, one of the subs, that gives Mason closure. Ty helped him to see that he didn’t have to let go of his former Doms in order to welcome and accept his new Doms in his heart. Rig and Bobby tag teamed Mason’s  heart from the very beginning and that allowed him to give his total submission once again to two special Doms. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. The hard cock against Mason’s stomach twitched, and as if on cue, Bobby slowly went to his knees and nudged Mason out of the way but still held him close by wrapping his arm around Mason’s thighs. With his other hand, Bobby carefully pulled at the waistband of Rig’s shorts, exposing his very large, very hard cock. Bobby then pushed his own shorts down just enough to grasp his length in a fist and stroked himself as he took Rig into his mouth.(  I can picture Mason watching these two Doms being so loving towards each other. Soo sexy.)

Rig and Bobby didn’t exclude Mason from their pleasure. Both men held him close, allowed him into their intimacy. Rig grasped his erection with one hand, guiding it slowly in and out of Bobby’s mouth as the fingers of his other hand tangled in Mason’s hair and held his head against Rig’s shoulder. Bobby continued to stroke himself while he massaged and kneaded the flesh of Mason’s thighs, ass, and lower back. Mason couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen or felt anything so beautiful. Once again, Mason was struck dumb by how these two men had come into his life, put his needs above all other things, and asked for nothing in return.( So very erotic and intimate  watching these three men.)

Warrior Camp 1: Love’s Deceit by Flynn Eire

Title : Love’s Deceit                       Word Count : 33,902

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Dimitri Anslow has been in love with Alexander since he came to the warrior camp as a twenty-four-year-old pre-transition trainee. Fifty years later, he finally has the perfect plan to be with Alexander, at least physically.

After their life changing sex, Alexander tells Dimitri that he doesn’t love or want him. Crushed, Dimitri tries everything he can to forget the man, jumping from guy to guy. As Alexander gives him mixed signals, Dimitri tries to come to terms with the fact that his mate may never be his.

Can Dimitri move on from the one that owns his heart or is there something worth fighting for?

My Review : Alexander is a tough as nails centuries old warrior vampire. Dimitri is second to none other than Alexander. He has been in love with Alexander from the very first moment he came to train in Alexander’s camp. He has finally decided to challenge Alexander, not because he wants the title of the best warrior, but rather because he wants to be fucked and dominated by Alexander who he knows will win. Dimitri gets his heart’s desire and it was oh so glorious having Alexander be close to him and be the one you take his virginity.  One thing that Dimitri didn’t count on is that Alexander would think he was tricking him into mating him. Alexander laughs in his face and rejects him as a mate. Dimitri is devastated. 

Dimitri and Alexander gets into a tumultuous situation. Alexander’s rejection causes a lot of upheaval in  the warrior camp when Dimitri starts playing the field with a few of the Warriors to get over Alexander. Dimitri is really hurt and starts sleeping with Rune who is a hardcore pain slut. He only wants Rune, because he looks so much like Alexander from behind. Alexander hates to see what his rejection has done , but he really doesn’t feel like he will be able to give Dimitri the kind of love he deserves.

When Alexander gets kidnapped by Zakasacs who are killer vampires, Dimitri goes out to get back his leader. Alexander is injured seriously and Dimitri takes out three of these strong vampires with his sword. Alexander waffles through unconsciousness and does the unthinkable when he bites Dimitri and mates him. Dimitri would have been happy with this, but in the same breath Alexander is still trying to deny him as his mate. Dimitri runs off to be by himself. The only problem with that is now that he is mated, he will need to be bitten by Alexander everyday for the rest of his life in order to survive. 

Dimitri is ravaged by feelings of unrequited love. His best friend Matteo tries to impress upon him that Alexander loves him, but he is so done with feeling like Alexander’s castoff. He makes sure that Matteo is around and that they are in a neutral place when Alexander gives him his daily mating bite. Alexander is trying so hard to make amends after he sees how much he has hurt Dimitri.  Alexander knows that deep down inside he is totally in love with Dimitri,  but he is a hardened warrior and he doesn’t always know how to express his feelings.  He realizes that he is gonna  have to go real slow and give Dimitri a chance to trust him again. It takes another injury to Alexander for Dimitri to see that he can’t fight his feelings anymore. Alexander acknowledges that he is exactly what his Dimika needs and gives himself to him wholeheartedly and Dimitri learns to trust in  Alexander’s love. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Chasing the Dragon by Kate Sherwood

Title : Chasing the Dragon                                 Word Count :78,272

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :When mercenary Jack Hunter stumbles upon Christian Manning servicing a client in a back alley, it stirs feelings he’s kept deeply buried. Hunter becomes Christian’s knight in shining armor when he rescues him from an attack and takes him to his secluded cabin to heal.

Being stuck in the cabin over the winter gives both men a chance to get their lives in order. Christian is struggling to break his heroin addiction, and Hunter needs to get away from the organization he helped start years before—a group of people who don’t appreciate being told no. It’s a toss-up which goal is more difficult. Their new starts spark a relationship between them, but nothing good comes cheap. Despite the complications, Hunter wants more, but Christian is resistant to making that commitment. When Hunter’s private security company threatens them, only nurturing the fragile trust they formed at the beginning of their love affair will save them. But for two men with very dark pasts, relying on each other might be easier said than done.

My Review : The first night Hunter meets Christian Manning,  he is on his knees sucking off a john. Something about the sight of Christian’s mouth being pummeled by the stranger tugs at him. Hunter doesn’t think it’s arousal because he is straight,  or so he thinks. The john stiffs Christian the money that was agreed upon and tries to get rough with him. Although Hunter tries to stay out of it, he doesn’t want to see Christian get hurt, so he scares away the guy. After Christian offers his sexual services to Hunter which he denies, they go their separate ways.

Hunter  can’t stop thinking about Christian so he goes to the bar across from the hotel where the kid works. After a few hours of waiting he sees Christian being pulled into a car and he drives up to rescue him.Hunter whisks Christian away to his remote cabin by offering him a job renovating. While on the way Hunter realizes not only is Christian a prostitute, he is also a heroin junkie. He devises a plan with a doctor to help Christian detox and kick the habit. Hunter helps Christian through puking, cold sweat and irritability. After a few weeks he prods Christian to start exercising and walking with him. 

Slowly but surely Christian gets stronger and start helping out around the cabin by cooking and renovating.  Eventually, the physical side of their workouts brings life to another form of workout and the attraction between these two men gets really intense. They can’t keep their hands off each other and Hunter really likes exploring and learning about sex with another man. Hunter finds himself falling really hard for Christian but Christian is quite adamant that they are fuck buddies. Christian tries hard to push Hunter away and commits the ultimate sin which tears Hunter’s world apart. Hunter is left totally devastated and broken hearted. My heart broke in two for the hurt and betrayal that Hunter had to go through because of Christian. He committed a despicable , unforgivable act.

After three years of being apart,  we are reintroduced to Christian who has a job interview with the mercenary company that Hunter belonged to. He goes through the rigmarole of training and boot camp successfully,  but what he doesn’t realize is that the board of directors are just using him as a way to get Hunter to comply with their demands. Christian and Hunter’s first meeting is heartbreaking,  so much time wasted because of stupid mistakes and lack of trust in a love that was real. Hunter is grumpy and sullen to Christian at first but they both have to put their differences aside and band together so that they can work against the company to stay alive. It doesn’t take Hunter very long to know that he is still in love with Christian,  and for Christian after being three years clean, he finally believes that he deserves something pure and good in his life. That would have been all well and good if they didn’t keep dancing around each other scared of their feelings for each other or lack thereof. 

This book was an uphill battle in the romance department right until the end. It wasn’t the typical happily ever after where there is conflict, resolution and then undying love. It was more of: conflict, we meet again, talk through our problems,  we love each other but we are still insecure in our love. I kinda liked it though and I guess it works because really who has that perfect happily ever after in real life? I know I sure as hell don’t.  Relationships take lots of work and I guess this is what Kate Sherwood brought out in these two characters. I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok, give it a try.

Foster Siblings 3: Brokedown Hearts by Cameron Dane

Title : Foster Siblings 3: Brokedown Hearts                   Word Count : 128,316      

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Ex-con David Joyner returns home knowing he must atone for his past sins. Working at an animal shelter, David keeps his head down, desperate to prove to a hostile town he’s a new man. The one time David looks up, he spots fellow motel dweller Ben, and is terrified by his attraction to the man. David doesn’t want to feel anything. He can only damage what he loves.

On a forced vacation, PI Ben Evans accepts a job to tail a recently released prisoner. What begins as an easy gig turns complicated when Ben, a controlled man, can’t deny the pang of empathy he feels for his subject, David. Ben can’t suppress his aggressive sexual desires whenever he’s near David either.

Repeatedly crossing paths, David and Ben do their best to fight their growing attraction. When passion explodes, and secrets are revealed, both men have to conquer inner demons in order to accept the others love.

Someone has turned the tables on David, though, stalking him and leaving threatening notes. Will anyone believe David if he tells? And when David’s stalker raises the stakes, can Ben find the man who has become his world in time to save their love?

My Review : It is very sad when total strangers treat you kinder than your own family. This is what we see from the beginning happening to David, his family treats him with a level of contempt that nobody should have to endure. David is trying to put the pieces of his life in some semblance of order after spending some time in prison for stalking his boyfriend.  He has learned the error of his ways and trained his misguided heart away from his former boyfriend  through therapy. He decides to move on with his life in his quiet hometown. His brothers let him know how disgusted they are with his sexual preference and how unforgiving his transgressions are against their family name. David realizes that he  is pretty much on his own in a town that depises him for his past wrongs. He is shunned, laughed at and tormented by the  people in the town.

It was very hard for me to reconcile this new rehabilitated David to the psycho that he appeared to be in book one A Fostered Love. In the previous book he had kidnapped and held at gunpoint his former lover Christian and assaulted Christian’s boyfriend Jonah. Upon his release from prison, Jonah tasks PI Ben Evans to tail David in order to ensure that he is not after Christian again. As soon as Ben meets David, he sees something in him that he can’t resist. He sees David as a sweet , lost soul who is trying to find his footing  and overcome the stain of previous unfortunate events that led to his downward spiral which caused his imprisonment.

The attraction between these two blossomed and spiraled into something uncontrollable and all consuming.  David was so scared of relapsing to his stalking tendencies and he tries to put some distance between himself and Ben,  so that he could tame his desires. However, that’s not necessary because the passion that David feels is very intense and for once the same obsessive fixation is returned by Ben.

 At first, I really wished that  Ms. Dane had not made David the main character in this one, but I guess this is her way of showing us that everyone deserves a second chance. Ben needed someone like David in his life. Ben strips David bare and forces him to face his past, present and future. He opens him up layer by layer and dominates ever part of his being. Ben pushes David to give that part of himself that he is trying to keep in check so as not to trigger his obsessive tendencies. Ben needs it all from David,  that dependence that feeds his overly dominant personality that he has suppressed in all his past relationships. 

The sex between Ben and David was off the charts, it was sexy, hot and sultry. Ben was a very demanding,  dominant lover and he always pushed David to the breaking point. At times he would take him with an animalistic ferocity. Now that’s the kinda sex I like, I love that friction burn, the one that leaves you walking funny for days ;). Ben was scared that he was pushing David too far in uncharted territory, but David was able to handle all that he dished out and then some.

I was so happy that Ms Dane was able to put together such a beautiful story with these two flawed characters. Actually , they were perfect, lovable characters despite all their imperfections. I swear these two characters were borderline psychotic, but what the heck we are all a little bit crazy anyway. They both trusted each other to make the  best possible decisions for their life and bond to flourish.I loved them together.Ms Dane has a way with words that’s very visceral and she certainly ticked all my happy buttons. This one gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. You’ll definitely need it.