Shifters and Partners 3 : Joey and the Fox by Hollis Shiloh

Title: Joey and the Fox                           Word Count:57,000
Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb:Joey and the Fox (Shifters and Partners) by Hollis Shiloh – Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

Asshole cop. It’s Joey’s role, and one he’s comfortable with. Joey tells gay jokes. He’s crude, tough, and thick-skinned. But now he’s got a chance to work with a fox shifter—and he doesn’t want to lose that opportunity.

Dylan is a mess: clingy and broken, cheerful but lost, seriously unpredictable…and very gay. But Joey desperately wants the partnership to succeed. He’s not willing to lose the fox shifter for any reason, even when Dyl drives him crazy.

Is there any way to make it work? And will the weird attraction he feels to the cute redhead ever go away?

My Review : Joey is a cop who has always dreamed of being paired up with a shifter. It seems like he is finally going to get his chance when he is paired up with potential fox shifter Dylan. However, it’s seems like he is about to get more than he bargained for.Dylan is a sweet, lovable, overly active creature which is great. He is also the same in his human form as well as being extremely sensitive and almost fragile. Dylan is very tactile and has no sense of personal space and herein lies the rub. Joey is not sure how to react to these situations as he is not gay and oftentimes , he has an effeminate young man sitting almost in his lap. Dylan brings out certain feelings in Joey that he is not sure how to process without questioning his sexuality. Although he feels uncomfortable at times, Joey knows he can’t give up on sweet vulnerable Joey. In so many ways he is like a child needing guidance. He trusts Joey explicitly and Joey would hate to break his trust and watch him regress even further.
Joey has a hard time labeling his sexuality, but he can no longer deny that his feelings for Dylan are no longer platonic. This becomes obvious when Dylan decides to go out clubbing because he needs to get laid. Joey spends the whole time getting drunk and feeling absolutely jealous of all the guys who are possibly putting their hands on his sexy fox.
Joey embraces his possessive feelings where Dylan is concerned and decides to talk to him about becoming ‘partners with benefits’. Dylan readily agrees and Joey finds out that it’s definitely not hard for him to become aroused by Dyl and reciprocate the feelings.The fireworks between these two are amazing and a new world is opened for Joey. Their working relationship is also improved because of their bond being stronger.
Joey is constantly plagued by feelings of guilt when he thinks that he might be taking advantage of sweet Dylan. He also realizes that his tactless borderline homophobic jokes when around his cop buddies really hurt Dylan’s feelings. He makes an effort to change and be more mindful of hurting Dyl’s feelings, the man he now realizes he is in love with. Joey is still a bit worried about being perceived as gay , but he soon realizes that it gets easier when he finally opens up to his mom. He is also worried about what his superiors will think of him and Joey partnering up in more ways than one. This hurdle is successfully jumped, when he talks to another shifter-human pair and sees that love is all that matters. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Assassin Shifter 6:For the love of Caden by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title :  For the love of  Caden        Word Count :  99pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Caden Fournier has everything: Money, fame and an international business that’s skyrocketing. But the one thing he really wants, money can’t buy: Love. When fate puts him in the path of a speeding semi, Caden meets handsome paramedic Kellan Brady.

Kellan Brady has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember. Always wanting the fairy tale of true love, he ends up instead with an injured and angry Frenchman pinned in his BMW.

If they can get past their rocky start, can the two men build a relationship when both are hiding a secret?

My Review : From the very first moment that paramedic Kellan met his mate,  his impression  was that he was an asshole. Well, I guess that could be attributed to the fact that self made billionaire Caden Fournier was pinned in his BMW during a pileup caused by a semi and he is claustrophobic . Caden is a very surly patient and this is not elevating his personality in his mate’s eyes. Kellan is further disappointed when a woman comes to Cade’s hospital  room and he mistakenly takes her for his mate’s wife.

After six weeks,  Caden is able to move around more freely after suffering leg injuries. He is lucky to see Kellan on the streets and he tries to apologize.  After the misunderstanding of the wife is cleared up, Kellan finds out that Caden is gay and she is just an assistant. They get together for dinner  and it goes great. They are on their way to having something very special. The sexual chemistry is very intoxicating between the two and they are both able to switch it up in bed. It soon becomes clear that Caden has a simmering passion with a hint of aggression below the surface. When Caden  goes out for breakfast in the morning and meets paparazzi,  he realizes that  his lover  is famous. Caden takes it in stride and their relationship  progressed without a hitch. They are  both  falling for each other.

Their relationship  is  threatened by an old rival Carson who has been causing the pack a lot of trouble. Carson exposes Kellan as a werewolf by showing Caden a video. Even though Caden is shocked that werewolves exist , his first thought is to protect  Kellan. He decides to break off the relationship  and go back to France, not telling Kellan that he knows  his secret. Kellan is stupefied and he is in a world of emotional turmoil, because he thought their relationship  had been going so well.

Their mutual friend Taylor is the one who goes to find Caden and tried to figure out what went wrong. They expose themselves to Caden and proved to him that he knows far more werewolves than he thought.  Caden and Kellan are reunited and their love is still strong. They have to learn to be strong for each other and keep their love insulated from people who will try to tear them apart.

Wayne the most powerful alpha decides to intervene and take down Carson for good with the help of a few pack members. A fight ensues in which Caden is hurt.Wayne and Dakota both bite him to bring on the change in order to save his life since they have the strongest bloodline. It is touch and go for awhile and the wolf dominates Caden’s body. Having the wolf inside him intensified his dominant side and this is cause for some really hot sex scenes  for him and Kellan. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 

Assassin Shifter 5: Best Laid Plans by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title : Best Laid Plans                     Word Count :46,199

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : The men of the super-secret Skull Blaster unit have put down their weapons long enough to find love – and even husbands – from Arizona to Alaska and the Olympic Peninsula. Now their new families and friends are hoping to find their own happily-ever-afters. Werewolf Sawyer Quinton’s brothers have finally found their mates in the Drake brothers, Dakota’s former packmates. Things get off to a rocky start but love conquers all. Or does it? Can the Drakes overcome the gay bashing they suffered at their father’s hands and be true to themselves and the men they love? Or are some lessons just too hard to unlearn?

My Review : The two Drake brothers are in hot water when they first meet their mates while in flagrante delicto. The brothers from the Queets pack are not amused. Xander catches his mate getting a lunch time blowjob from his girlfriend. Grayson catches his mate with a woman draped all over him coming from lunch. The boys are exceedingly dissapointed and hurt, seeing as how they’ve been dreaming about finding their mates for a long time.

Jagger and Taylor know that they have truly messed up and they need to fix things with Zander and Grayson. They take their mates out to dinner and shortly thereafter they go to Vegas for a business trip and a bit of pleasure. Oh what a pleasure it was 😊! These two sets of brothers were definitely hot with their respective partners. Jagger was overjoyed to find out that Zander was a virgin and he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Grayson was hot to trot for Taylor, and they couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.

Things are settling in nicely for the couples when a can of worms open up. The Drake brothers come from a homophobic father who drilled into them how wrong it was to be gay. As much as they are happy to have their mates , they are still in the closet. This creates a minefield and a lot of hurt when Taylor denies that Grayson is his boyfriend at a business dinner. Same goes for Zander, when  Jagger refuses to come out and own their relationship.  The Quinton brothers leave in tears and they end up on a friend’s jet on their way to Arizona to visit with Riley and Mateo. 

Not wanting to lose their mates for good, Jagger and Taylor wrap up their business dealings and head out to get their mates back. They realize how much they miss  Zander and Grayson . They are welcomed with open arms and tears are shed by all. It all ends in a happily ever after for both couples.  We also get a chance to celebrate in the weddings of Sam & Dakota and Troy & Sawyer. This book was all about family and embracing the ones who love us unconditionally.  I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


Assassin Shifter 4: Half Moon Rising by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title : Half Moon Rising           Word Count :39,974

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : They say you can never go home…

After more than a decade, Troy Bishop is going home to the family he left behind when his parents died. Little does Troy know, he’s about to get a lot more than he bargained for….

Sawyer Quinton has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember, and was beginning to think he’d never find him. Until Troy Bishop walked back onto the Reservation.

The attraction is immediate for both men, but one is hiding a secret and the other must finally open is heart.

Sometimes you can’t go back home….and sometimes when you do…you never leave.

This is the fourth book in the Assassin/Shifter stories. To fully appreciate the characters, I recommend you start with “A Marked Man” then “Alaska with Love” and finally “By the Light of the Moon”

My Review : Troy has been on mission after mission for a long time and he’s ready to head back to the reservation finally to catch up with his friends and makeshift family. His best friend Sam’s family became his second family after his family was murdered.

Sawyer has long held out hope of finding his mate and he has an idea who it might be. The day that Troy comes home, Sawyer is so excited he is unable to hold his human form. Troy is shocked to see a wolf at the meet and greet when he gets to the reservation.  He has no clue that he is actually looking at his mate. When he finally meets Sawyer the man, he sees a very strong willed, beautiful , abrasive young man who he ends up offending.

The attraction between the two is instant and soon they can’t keep their hands off each other. Shortly after making love, Sawyer shifts into his werewolf form by accident and this gets an unfavorable response from Troy. Sawyer feels as if his mate rejected him and it’s the worst kind of pain. Troy calms down after it is revealed that Sam, his best friend is also a werewolf. He apologizes to his mate and quickly gets into the swing of things finding himself falling hard for Sawyer. 

Their idyllic bliss is soon interrupted when someone burns down Troy ‘ s parents house and tries to hurt Sawyer.  Troy goes into protective assassin mode and is ready to do what he does best, Kill! Troy is willing to kill, to protect Sawyer because he doesn’t want to lose his beautiful man before enjoying life with him. When the perpetrators are cornered and a fight ensues,  Troy takes a bullet that is meant for Sawyer.  His wounds are life threatening and Sawyer has no choice but to turn his mate in order to save him. Troy is happy to be turned werewolf but Sawyer feels a little guilty.  Sex with the two Werewolfs is even hotter than before.  Troy and Sawyer had great chemistry and the makings of an everlasting love. They are already planning a double wedding with Sam and Dakota. Can’t wait 😆. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Assassin Shifter 3:By the Light of the Moon by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title : By the Light of the Moon      Word Count :45,680

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Dakota Cadotte is on the run and alone. Forced out from his pack by the Alpha for being gay, Dakota fends for himself in the Denali wilderness. When he ventures too far away from his safe zone, he’s put right in the path of a truck on the highway and right into the arms of Sam Waters.

The two hit it off immediately as man and wolf, but Dakota fears Sam won’t be so understanding when he sees what he truly is. When Dakota shifts in front of Sam, the sparks fly, but Dakota’s past and pack threaten their new-found relationship.

Sneak peek of “Half Moon Rising” at the end.

This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence.

My Review : Well it turns out that Dakota the docile wolf from book 2 is actually a shape shifter. He is running for his life after being shot in the leg and collides into a moving car. Sam the driver of the car is alarmed that he has hit this poor animal. He is very wary approaching the animal, but he gets him in his truck and doctors him in his hotel room.  Sam really likes the company of the sweet little wolf and he takes care of it and feeds it steak. Dakota can’t believe how hot Sam is , but he is scared to show him his human side out of fear of being rejected.

When Sam goes out, Dakota follows him to a bar so he can meet him in his human form. Sam is instantly turned on by the sexy grey eyed young man  who he stops from being harassed by another guy. Sam is appalled that the young guy who calls himself ‘Darren’ seems not to have proper clothing or a place to stay.  Sam feels very protective towards the young man and offers him some money and rents a room for him to stay comfortably.  Dakota is so turned on  by Sam and he loves how sweet and considerate he is. 

Dakota invites Sam in and the night is magical and explosive for them both. It is very hard for Dakota to keep his wolf from coming to the fore.  Dakota only wished that he could show Sam his true self. Dakota leaves Sam in the early hours of the morning, so that he can go back and pretend to be just a wolf. He leaves a note for Sam , letting him know where they can meet up again.

Dakota can feel his body changing but he is not sure what is happening. Spending the night with Sam has unlocked some deep seated power within him that alludes to him being an alpha.  The bond between these two get stronger and if makes them both protective of each other. The truth about Dakota’s origins and his true nature is revealed to them when they meet up again and go home to Sam’s reservation. Sam’s parents and the reservation alpha welcome Dakota with open arms. This is almost overwhelming for him since he was kicked out by his own parents and pack for being gay. The alpha explains that Sam is Dakota’s mate and this makes sense given the strength of their bond and how much they have started relying on each other.  It is clear to see that they are each other’s strength. The sex between these two is almost primal and extremely hot.

As their domestic bliss continues,  trouble is on  the horizon about to rain down on their doorstep in the form of Dakota’s old pack. Dakota’s old alpha desperately wants to eliminate him by underhanded tactics , because Dakota is just too strong and poses a threat to his rule. Carson the alpha is not above beating his sons or anyone in his pack into submission and to help with his foolhardy plan. Carson kidnaps Dakota knowing that his present pack will come after him. A fight ensues and Sam even though human tries to protect his mate at the detriment to himself. Carson tears Sam’s stomach with his sharp claws and Dakota has no other choice than to save his mate by turning him into a werewolf.  Dakota hates the circumstances but he can’t stand the thought of living a life without Sam. The change is hard on Sam and it takes him awhile to be comfortable with his wolf.  The measures that Dakota uses to help Sam shift is quite pleasurable . Sex cures all ailments and problems😉. 

 Many of Dakota’s pack become allies , because it is clear that quite a few of them have smelt their mates within Dakota’s new pack the Queets. I can’t wait to read about these pairings. I am really enjoying this series so far and this book has been my favorite so far.Well detailed  and very interesting.  I’m enjoying seeing these assassins pair up with the shifters. I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. You’ll definitely need it. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Dakota was jacking himself off and the smell of semen was strong on the night air as his mate took him. Sam leaned over Dakota and kissed his neck, then sunk his teeth into Dakota’s shoulder tasting blood as he rammed into him relentlessly. Dakota cried out and hot spunk escaped his cock into the white snow, as his body jerked with the force of his orgasm. Sam’s nose twitched at the smell of semen in the air and he exploded in Dakota’s ass, holding his hips. His body jerked and bucked into Dakota as his balls emptied into his mate.( Hot damnnn, I can almost feel it. They are so hot together.)

2.Sweat rolled down his biceps as the smell of Dakota’s spunk filled his senses; he grabbed Dakota’s legs under his arms and threw them over his shoulders, hanging onto his lover by his ass. Spreading his ass cheeks wider, Sam slammed into Dakota; feeling his orgasm rising, his cock hardened and his balls reared up, almost disappearing inside him. Sam let loose with a hoarse cry, shooting hot cum up Dakota’s chute. His hips still bucking and jerking, Sam fought for control as his eyes shifted and his teeth elongated. He was going to be fucking his mate as a werewolf. ( Their sex gets very primal at times. I love it.)

Bear County 5: Cowboy Legend by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Legend                                    Word Count : 33,027

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Gabe Summerville has been thrown for a loop. His father has just announced that his bank has been used for laundering money and he needs to send Gabe away to keep his son safe. Gabe refuses to leave, insisting that he can help. But once Miller Legend is called in to protect Gabe, all bets are off. The attraction is instant and Gabe soon finds that he is fighting a losing battle, especially when Legend is a temptation he can’t resist.

Miller Legend belongs to Executive Bodyguards, a personal protection service that has settled in Bear County. When Legend takes the assignment to be Gabe’s bodyguard, he has no idea that Gabe is about to change the rules. Legend doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, but soon finds his resistance to Gabe is futile. He must not only keep Gabe safe, but coax the human into pleasures the man could only dream of.

My Review : Gage Summerville is not a man who likes giving up control in any aspect of his life. He is super pissed when his father tells him that he needs to go into hiding for awhile. Gage’s dad has also decided to hire a bodyguard to protect Gage. Its a love hate relationship from the moment he meets Miller Legend. He is instantly attracted to Legend, but he can see that a man like Legend is too dominant for him. Gage bottoms for nobody.

 Gage smells wonderful to Legend’s bear, he suspects that Gage is his mate. Gage is  a pain in the ass and tries to run away every chance he gets. Legend is so not afraid to put Gage over his knees and give him a good spanking. Gage is appalled, but he is secretly turned on and soon finds himself begging for more. Before he knows it, he is enjoying Legend dominating him especially in the bedroom. He opens up for Legend and he finds himself bottoming for him. Although he is scared, Legend is very patient and treats him with so much care.  Gabe loves it. There is a very strong connection between these two and the sex is exceptionally good.

On their way to bear county, Gabe starts getting really sick. Legend suspects that  Gabe might be pregnant,  but he doesn’t know how to explain it to Gabe. That was a big mistake on Legend’s part. When Gabe is told what is going on with his body, he is furious with Legend for taking away his choice yet again. When his mate stops talking to him, Legend feels his world breaking into pieces. He goes out to the ranch to visit Harland and friends where Renee gives him some great advice. Legend learns that even though mates are forever, the mate bond should not be taken lightly. He understands that he needs to take care of his mate and communicate more honestly.

After all was said and done Gabe forgives Legend and finally puts him out of his misery. Gabe is happy about his pregnancy and decides to stay in bear county with his sexy dominant bear.  They had a beautiful daughter named Sophia after Gage’s mom. I really enjoyed this one and I’m liking this new set of bears from Sparrow’s old military unit. This gets my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Favorite Quotes :1. “Calm down,” Legend said. “You flipped the bitch switch in me. So sit down and buckle up for the ride.” (  Lol, Gabe is fiery as hell, even more so when he is pissed at Legend for not telling him he could get pregnant.)

2. “Spread your legs for me,” Legend commanded. “Show me that you want me.” Hooking his hands under his knees, Gabe spread himself wide. Legend moved until he was lined up perfectly and then drove his cock deep inside Gabe’s body. “Legend,” Gabe moaned, his hips shifting and ass clenching. “Fucking good,” Legend groaned. “Fuck me, sweetness. Stop teasing the hell out of me.” Ecstasy began to pound inside Legend when Gabe began to move. Legend scooped the man up, twisted, and then took a seat, his mate straddling him. “That’s it, baby,” Legend groaned, his fingers bunching on Gabe’s ass, pulling the rounded flesh apart as his mate rode him. Gabe’s eyes flared open as his fingers gripped Legend’s shoulders. Heavy-eyed and intense, Legend watched Gabe with increasing hunger. Gabe took Legend’s cock deeper as his mate’s head lolled to the side, exposing his creamy-white shoulder. ( Did I mention how hot Legend was , he is fucking hot and sexy as hell. Loved the chemistry between these two.)


Predatory Hunters: Craving His Embrace by Lynn Hagen

Title : Craving His Embrace        Word Count : 24,734

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Trevor has the worst taste in men. So when he spots a hot guy at one of his tables, Trevor hesitates talking to the man. But a little flirting never hurt anyone. So Trevor thought. When Jordan invites him back to his hotel room, Trevor shows up and gets more than he bargained for.

Jordan Roderick is in Hawaii on a business trip but can’t resist the tasty little waiter. The guy flips every trigger Jordan possesses. He is drawn to Trevor in ways he never thought possible. Unfortunately, Jordan realizes that Trevor is a Chekota Breeder after two nights of blissful passion.

The two must flee in order to keep Jordan from being killed and Trevor from being kidnapped. But when Trevor is hauled away by two henchmen, Jordan must call on a friend in order to save the man who just might be carrying his child.

My Review : Jordan is in Hawaii on a business trip when he encounters the sweetest tempting morsel of a waiter. Trevor is instantly attracted and a little bit nervous of losing his job if he is seen fraternizing with the clientele. Jordan tries to put Trevor’s mind at ease and invites him to his hotel room after his shift. The chemistry between these two is spot on the minute Trevor arrives at Jordan’s hotel suite. They have a beautiful night together and Jordan makes it clear that he wants forever with Trevor. 

It’s after they make love that Jordan sees the mark on Trevor that exposes him as a Chekota breeder.  Jordan tries his best to explain to Trevor that there is a possibility that he might be pregnant. Trevor freaks out a bit, but after an attempted kidnapping, he decides to go home with Jordan to his panther territory. 

Trevor is feisty and brings a lot of fun and joy to the Panthers’ home. He is a little freaked out when he meets a pregnant Sari, but he really likes his new friend. He decides to embrace this experience wholeheartedly and him and Jordan start shopping for baby stuff. Jordan is excited and happy  to see that his mate is taking their relationship and impending fatherhood in strides. The sex was amazing between these two. This was a happily every after and I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Favorite Quotes : 1. He tightened one hand on his shaft, and used the other to let his fingers brush over the man’s lips.

“Taste me, sweetheart.” His cock was throbbing, the tip aiming for Trevor’s lips. “Open your mouth and give me what I want, baby.”  Trevor’s lips opened, and he moaned as the thick head pushed past them, stretching them wider.

“Oh yeah, such a hot little mouth.” Jordan groaned, wrapping his fingers around the base as he sank deeper in the hot depth, stopping only when Trevor’s eyes began to widen with fear.

“Relax your throat, Trevor,” he urged the man. ( This created such a visceral reaction,  it’s almost as if I am right there. Soooo hot.)

Predatory Hunter’s 1: Alpha’s Caress by Lynn Hagen

Title : Alpha’s Caress                                          Word Count : 27,456

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : I should have kept my big mouth shut. That’s all Sari Thorne can think as he’s escorted to a hotel in protective custody after witnessing a murder. Before he can testify, though, someone is sent to eliminate Sari. He flees and finds safety with a handsome man who changes his life in ways he never could have dreamed.

Alpha Maxwell Consenza is at the hotel for a meeting when he notices a man being escorted inside by three guards, a man who bears the unmistakable mark of a Chekota Breeder.

Max doesn’t think twice about helping Sari escape. He takes the man to his home in the Yosemite forest, where he tries to convince Sari that it’s his destiny to help carry on the race of gifted panther shifters. Sari thinks Max is insane. But when danger follows Sari to the forest, Max must keep Sari safe while helping him come to terms with his destiny, and what it means to be caressed by an alpha.

My Review : This is the first book in a new series I found from one of my favorite authors Lynn Hagen. I must say I was a little bit disappointed.  It has one of my favorite tropes,  male pregnancy,  but I thought that the book had too many gaps. I didn’t think there was a natural progression between  the two main characters Max and Sari. 

Sari who is human was a little resistant to adapt to the panther shifter world. Max realized from the first moment he saw Sari fleeing for his life how  special Sari is. Sari is a rare find, a Chekota breeder, someone who can prolong the longevity of the panther line. Sari didn’t believe that a man could get pregnant and he denied the very possibility right up to the end. He went from being afraid and trying to run from Max to being in a relationship with him in zero to sixty seconds. The sex was okay.  I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok, give it a try.  It had a good base, I just wished it had been fleshed out more.

Favorite Quotes : 1. “I want to fuck your mouth,” Max said as he nuzzled Sari’s neck.“I want to see those pretty lips open, watch my cock sink into your mouth.” (I got a rush from these words, very hot.)


Knocked up by His Werewolf Dom by Anya Byrne

Title : Knocked up by His Werewolf Dom

Word Count : 30,676           Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb :Jessie Orwell has a secret. He likes a little pain with his pleasure, and he craves the freedom he can only find in another man’s domination. But that secret has cost him, and now, he no longer dares to indulge in his true needs.

One night of loneliness and desire makes his path cross with that of Andreas Brandt. For the first time in years, Jessie trusts a Dom, allowing himself to surrender to Andreas’s strength. His faith seems misplaced, as he soon learns Andreas has a secret of his own. He is a werewolf, and his role is to track down Jessie’s best friend, Gavin.

Andreas is an enforcer, carrying the important duty of ensuring the safety of the werewolf world is protected from humans. Tasked with finding Saul Simmons and his mysterious human mate, he plans to approach Jessie for the investigation—only to run into him at a D/s club. One look at the beautiful human, and he knows his life will never be the same again. He knows he can never let anyone else touch Jessie. Jessie is his, his lover, his sub, his mate. His everything.

But there are a few more secrets hiding in Jessie’s past and eventually in his belly. And Andreas will face a battle he never expected, to protect his new mate, his new family, and the new precious bond growing between him and Jessie.

My Review :  Jessie has had a terrible experience with his former Dom. He is very hesitant to enter the gay D/s club, but his body and mind craves the experience of being a submissive in a relationship.  From the moment he meets Andreas, he experiences a powerful attraction to the dashing sexy Dom.

Andreas knows exactly what Jessie’s body craves and he can’t wait to give it to him. Despite the fact that Andreas has been sent to ascertain the situation of how much information the human Jessie knows about his werewolf nature, he is very drawn to Jessie. At first glance or should I say sniff, he realizes that Jessie is his mate. His protective instincts are ramped up tenfold and he can’t resist getting to know his mate better. He strums Jessie’s body beautifully and really tugs at his submissive side. They have a perfect night together involving spankings and nipple clamps, ooh what a night to remember 😊. 

 This all ends too soon, as assassins are sent out to kill Andreas and possibly Jessie in order to start a serious turf war between Saul’s pack. It was lovely to be reintroduced to Saul and Gavin whose pregnancy is going well by the way. Saul is still as protective as ever over his mate.  Jessie realizes shortly after having sex with Andreas that he might be in the same predicament as Gavin. Oopsie, another  male pregnancy. Jessie and Andreas learns a lot about their bond and Jessie’s body. Many secrets are revealed and Jessie’s father Will is  finally reunited with his true mate the older Alpha Simmons. This was a very sweet read. Can’t wait to see who finds  their mate next. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Pregnant With his Werewolf’s Baby by Anya Byrne

Title : Pregnant With his Werewolf’s Baby       

 Word Count :30,631                            Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Gavin Price has had enough. He’s lost countless relationships because he can’t seem to take that last step into intimacy. Never again. He’s going to get rid of his pesky virginity.

It’s a simple enough plan. Go into a club, pick up a handsome guy. Shouldn’t be hard. Other people do it all the time.

Of course, other people don’t run into Saul Simmons, a man with eyes that seem to change color, and whose sheer presence makes Gavin’s breath catch. One night together, and Gavin thinks this might be it. He might have finally found someone worth not only of his body, but also of his heart.

And then, Saul mysteriously disappears, leaving Gavin heart-broken and… quickly gaining weight? What in the world is happening to him? And why is his stomach suddenly being kicked from the inside? Surely it must be indigestion from his new excessive diet of meats.

Unbeknownst to Gavin, Saul is actually a werewolf. From the very first moment they meet, Saul realizes they are mates. But Saul is also a naturally born Alpha, and his pack has very specific plans for him, none of them including a bonding with a human. He also has no idea he’s going to be a daddy.

Can two men from two different worlds accept everything they thought they knew was wrong? Can they handle both a forbidden relationship and impending parenthood? They’re definitely going to try.

My Review : Gavin comes home to surprise his boyfriend for their  two month anniversary and gets the shock of his life . He finds his boyfriend pounding another man in his bed. The boyfriend is not even repentant or sorry. Instead he blames it all on Gavin telling him he is frigid and not meeting his needs, so he had to go elsewhere. His ex boyfriend really hurts him with those careless words and he decides to go to a club and find the first attractive guy to sleep with.

As soon as he enters the club Saul Simmons notices Gavin and approaches him. The two hit it off and they leave the club and go to Saul’s house where he treats Gavin like prince charming. Saul knew right off the bat that Gavin is his mate and he tries to show him how special he is to him. He treats him with all the care and love in the world when he is gifted with Gavin’s virginity.

Gavin feels a special affinity to Saul and he is able to open up and tell him anything. He knows he is in deep trouble, because he feels like he is falling in love after one beautiful night. Gavin feels self concious, wondering what a hot guy like Saul sees in him.He doesn’t realize that the pull he feels towards Saul is because of  the mate bond and he doesn’t know that Saul is a werewolf.

The pack comes calling the morning after they sleep together and Saul goes with them to avoid any repercussions to his mate. When Gavin calls Saul for their prearranged date, Saul’s brother rudely tells him to get lost. Gavin is heartbroken and he doesn’t know where things went wrong. He doesn’t know that Saul has been injured by one of the members of his pack and can’t come back to him.

Gavin is depressed and he eats incessantly. He has put on so much weight to the point where he thinks something is wrong. He visits his best friend’s father who is a doctor who reveals to him that he is pregnant after doing an ultasound.  He is flabbergasted and he feels so dejected because he doesn’t know what to do. Gavin knows that there is no way on earth that a man can possibly be pregnant,  but he knows no matter what, he would do anything to keep the baby who he already loves. In a fit of desperation,  he calls out for Saul.  Their mate bond is still so strong that his call wakes up Saul out of his unconcious state and he  awakens and rushes off to see what’s wrong with his mate.

When he finds Gavin,  he is shocked that he is pregnant, because he didn’t realize that his alpha genes could impregnate his mate even though he is a man. He apologizes to his mate and bares his soul to him, telling him the whole truth. Gavin accepts him and his bond wholeheartedly.  This was a really sweet,  loving story and I can’t wait to read the other books in this series. I will give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.