Born This Way by Francis Gideon

Title: Born This Way        Word Count: 42,871                    Genre: Transgender Romance


Jacob Matthews has gotten really sick of confessing his autobiography every time he meets someone new. Ever since coming out as a gay transgender man, Jacob feels as if no one really cares about who he is right now. Instead, they would much rather have access to his past and create another Lifetime movie out of it. The typical transgender narrative, Jacob notes, always ends in surgery or tragedy. It’s been two years since Jacob’s crossed the final marker to become who he is, and he’s running out of options of what to do next.

The only way that Jacob can overcome his own backstory is by blending in. Every Tuesday Night, he heads out to the local gay club called Boy Division and watches gay men from the sidelines. But when Jacob hooks up with a stranger who understands him with just a simple look, Jacob soon realizes that blending into the walls no longer satisfies him.

Jacob soon runs into his old friends at the LGBT community center, where he is forced to reconsider his life beyond rainbow colors and poppy disco beats. In group therapy, Jacob is confronted by the harsh realities of being transgender, hate crime violence, and the dwindling offers for his future. Just before Jacob leaves, his favorite doctor makes him a bet: if Jacob can find someone to connect to, then she will renew his testosterone prescription without question or qualm. She urges him to find some type of community, even if it’s not in the community center’s brightly painted walls.

Jacob takes the bet, figuring he has nothing to lose but his happy ending that may — or may not — really exist. He becomes determined to find the mystery man from the club again, even if it means blowing his cover.

My Review: This one was a slow start for me. It started picking up about halfway through the book.It was a slow boil, but then it got hot like lava. This was my third time reading a transgender romance and I must say they are becoming my new thing. I find that this book was really informative for those who know nothing about the transgender community. This book let me see that there are different types of sexuality in being transgender. Jacob was a female to male transman and this was a very different type than what i was used to reading.The sex was hotttt and I was a little skeptical at first because there is a vagina in the mix. I like reading gay romance for the hot man on man action, but I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. Jacob was definitely hot, manly and virile even though he hadn’t done bottom surgery. He was able to satisfy Benjamin through the use of dildos , vibrators and his mouth. This book made me realize that sex has a lot to do with your mind , because Jacob felt like a man and the dildo became an extension of himself. For him it felt it like a real penis.OK, enough about penises and vaginas :). I was deeply immersed in the life of a transman and the author did that for me. Very well written. It was hard to watch the struggles that Jacob had to go through in order to become the man that he knew he was meant to be. Jacob is hesitant in his actions with Benjamin because of all the hurt , pain and rejection that he has faced on a everyday basis being transgender. Jacob is tired of having to explain his life story to everyone when he decides to take his clothes off to shag. Benjamin was the first exception in his sexual history. Benjamin takes the time to know Jacob as a man and shows him how beautiful he is in his transitioned body. Benjamin doesn’t make a big deal about Jacob’s body , he just loves it the way it is, vagina and all ;). Another happily ever after, that leads me to my ratings of 4- Lose the Underwear.