Pregnant With his Werewolf’s Baby by Anya Byrne

Title : Pregnant With his Werewolf’s Baby       

 Word Count :30,631                            Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Gavin Price has had enough. He’s lost countless relationships because he can’t seem to take that last step into intimacy. Never again. He’s going to get rid of his pesky virginity.

It’s a simple enough plan. Go into a club, pick up a handsome guy. Shouldn’t be hard. Other people do it all the time.

Of course, other people don’t run into Saul Simmons, a man with eyes that seem to change color, and whose sheer presence makes Gavin’s breath catch. One night together, and Gavin thinks this might be it. He might have finally found someone worth not only of his body, but also of his heart.

And then, Saul mysteriously disappears, leaving Gavin heart-broken and… quickly gaining weight? What in the world is happening to him? And why is his stomach suddenly being kicked from the inside? Surely it must be indigestion from his new excessive diet of meats.

Unbeknownst to Gavin, Saul is actually a werewolf. From the very first moment they meet, Saul realizes they are mates. But Saul is also a naturally born Alpha, and his pack has very specific plans for him, none of them including a bonding with a human. He also has no idea he’s going to be a daddy.

Can two men from two different worlds accept everything they thought they knew was wrong? Can they handle both a forbidden relationship and impending parenthood? They’re definitely going to try.

My Review : Gavin comes home to surprise his boyfriend for their  two month anniversary and gets the shock of his life . He finds his boyfriend pounding another man in his bed. The boyfriend is not even repentant or sorry. Instead he blames it all on Gavin telling him he is frigid and not meeting his needs, so he had to go elsewhere. His ex boyfriend really hurts him with those careless words and he decides to go to a club and find the first attractive guy to sleep with.

As soon as he enters the club Saul Simmons notices Gavin and approaches him. The two hit it off and they leave the club and go to Saul’s house where he treats Gavin like prince charming. Saul knew right off the bat that Gavin is his mate and he tries to show him how special he is to him. He treats him with all the care and love in the world when he is gifted with Gavin’s virginity.

Gavin feels a special affinity to Saul and he is able to open up and tell him anything. He knows he is in deep trouble, because he feels like he is falling in love after one beautiful night. Gavin feels self concious, wondering what a hot guy like Saul sees in him.He doesn’t realize that the pull he feels towards Saul is because of  the mate bond and he doesn’t know that Saul is a werewolf.

The pack comes calling the morning after they sleep together and Saul goes with them to avoid any repercussions to his mate. When Gavin calls Saul for their prearranged date, Saul’s brother rudely tells him to get lost. Gavin is heartbroken and he doesn’t know where things went wrong. He doesn’t know that Saul has been injured by one of the members of his pack and can’t come back to him.

Gavin is depressed and he eats incessantly. He has put on so much weight to the point where he thinks something is wrong. He visits his best friend’s father who is a doctor who reveals to him that he is pregnant after doing an ultasound.  He is flabbergasted and he feels so dejected because he doesn’t know what to do. Gavin knows that there is no way on earth that a man can possibly be pregnant,  but he knows no matter what, he would do anything to keep the baby who he already loves. In a fit of desperation,  he calls out for Saul.  Their mate bond is still so strong that his call wakes up Saul out of his unconcious state and he  awakens and rushes off to see what’s wrong with his mate.

When he finds Gavin,  he is shocked that he is pregnant, because he didn’t realize that his alpha genes could impregnate his mate even though he is a man. He apologizes to his mate and bares his soul to him, telling him the whole truth. Gavin accepts him and his bond wholeheartedly.  This was a really sweet,  loving story and I can’t wait to read the other books in this series. I will give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 


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