I Need A Hero by Peter Styles

Title: I Need A Hero                Word Count: 156 pgs
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Hurt and harassed, can his hero save him?

After a brutal sexual attack during his high school years, Harris Zelgman steers clear of the hustle and bustle of city life. Running his family’s comic book store and casually dating his friend provide Harris with all the excitement he needs. When he’s accosted and saved by a new hero, the Shadow Hunter, everything changes for Harris.

Seeking more security in a dangerous world, he enrolls in a self-defense class–where he learns more than he ever imagined. The instructor, Jonah, although strangely familiar, is sexier and more manly than anyone he’s ever known. As the two men fight against the ills of society, they learn how to truly trust each other. But when Harris discovers the truth about Jonah, his trust in his new instructor is shattered. Will Jonah prove his love and dedication to Harris and be the real hero he’s needed all along?

In this 50,000 word gay romance novel, one man discovers the hero within himself as he learns to trust his heart and life with another man. With steamy scenes and a sexy superhero, you’ll yearn for a hunky hero of your own. But with love, comes struggles and setbacks that threaten any true romance. Can one man discover how to save his heart while losing it along the way?

My Review: Harris Zelgman can definitely be called a nerd. He owns a comic book store and spends all his free time having lively discussions with his two best friends Gary and Leonard about superheroes. Harris has been hurt in his teenage years and he has allowed himself to be closed off. He is very insulated and surrounds himself with limited friends. Harris hooks up from time to time with his best friend Gary rather than trying to be in a relationship. This way of life is safe for him as he doesn’t allow himself to become romantically involved with Gary even though they have sex. Harris is very good at compartmentalizing his life and he definitely keeps their friendship separate and apart from their fling.

When Harris’ store is robbed and he is almost sexually assaulted, it brings up a lot of old residual feelings of being scared and helpless. The sexual assault is foiled by a real life superhero vigilante called the Shadow Hunter. Harris is extremely grateful and slightly in awe of his new protector. He is also a little bit attracted to the Shadow Hunter but he feels his expectations are too unreasonable where this superhero is concerned.

After the attack , his friend Christy encourages him to take up private jiu jitsu classes at the YMCA. Harris is blown away when he first lays eyes on his instructor. Jonah is a sexy hunk with muscles, in a perfect world he would definitely be the man of Harris’ dreams. Harris sees Jonah as another unattainable dream in his life. This does not stop Harris from pushing all of Jonah’s buttons. They soon form an easy relationship and Harris feels much more confident with the things he has learnt from Jonah. Jonah soon reveals to Harris that he is attracted to him and would like to pursue a more romantic relationship with him. Harris is shocked and scared to make the next step, but he really wants to be brave and move on with his life.

Things get a little bit confusing in Harris’ mind with his relationships between Gary , the Shadow Hunter and Jonah. All three men represent different things in Harris’s safe world and it starts rocking the foundation. Gary is a safe bet for him, but there is certainly no future there. He sees the Shadow Hunter as unattainable, something of a fantasy. Jonah is an unexpected, uncertain future that he would love to believe in , but feels as if he doesn’t deserve. Harris knows that he needs to make a decision once and for all.

This comes in the form of Harris having farewell sex with Gary, ending their friends with benefits arrangement amicably. It just happens that Harris puts on an erotic display for the Shadow Hunter when he notices him watching from afar. Harris explores the Shadow Hunter voyeuristic tendencies and is rewarded when the Shadow Hunter gets involved in a mini show of his own. Harris is exhilarated, but his insecurities rear their heads when the Shadow Hunter keeps away.

Harris decides to let Jonah in and share his past telling him about being sexually assaulted as a teenager. Jonah is very sad that happened to Harris and he starts revealing secrets of his own. Things come to a head when Harris realizes that Jonah is none other than the Shadow Hunter. Everything clicks in place and Harris becomes embarrassed at the things he revealed to the Shadow Hunter. Harris sees this as a breach of trust and this pisses him off enough to walk out on Jonah.

Even though Harris feels a sense of betrayal at Jonah’s revelations, he misses the camaraderie that they shared. Harris gets a chance to forgive Jonah , but it comes at the unfortunate time of another attack. They both get attacked by the same thugs who Jonah helped to put behind bars. It is Harris who steps up to the plate this time and becomes a hero with his new and improved jiu jitsu moves. Harris takes them out once again, hopefully for good this time. He takes Jonah home pampering him and taking care of his bruises. They come to an understanding that they will no longer have any secrets between them.Flash forward three years into the future and Harris and Jonah are secure in their newfound love and enjoying a wonderful relationship. I really enjoyed this and I give it my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.