Drown by Alex Jones

Title: Drown     Word Count: 275 pgs               Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance


Blurb: Dom Sal is the star quarterback of his high school football team. His charming, earnest personality has girls tripping over themselves to be with him. Everyone knows his family lives in the St. Michael Charity Housing, but all that matters is how many touchdowns he can score. And Dom never lets them down. No one knows he hides a secret–he dreams about men.

Damion Adrik is the school freak. His gothic style and cold, biting sarcasm keeps everyone at arm’s length. His all-too-perfect family is a prison cell, and he’s slowly destroying himself from the inside out. No one knows he has secrets of his own and that he’s tormented by the darkness he takes comfort in. No one truly sees him, until Dom.

When these two worlds collide and the spark of attraction pulls Dom and Damion together, both boys are faced with choices that will break their realities in two. While conflict with parents and peers drives them closer together, their inner battles threaten to destroy the relationship they fight so desperately to keep. In the end, they must choose whether to be true to themselves, and each other, or to drown in the lives they built before.

Note: This book contains themes of self-harm and drug use.

Review:If you are looking for a typical cutesy romance novel, this is not for you. It’s a lot of heavy reading dealing with a lot of sensitive issues. This book is saturated with self-harm and bitter self-hatred at times stemming from self-blame , loss and pain. I was so tempted to put it down, but I was captivated, I just couldn’t stop reading until I got to the end. I first bought this book because it had some of the elements that I liked: it had high school romance and also Jock/Goth juxtaposed, I love opposite attracts, it had rich boy/ boy from the other side of the tracks. Overall I would say it was a good book, it’s just a lot to wrap your mind around. This book also mentions religion a lot, something that I don’t care for in my gay romance. The sex scenes are more sedate than I would have liked, they barely scratched the surface and the language used was not overt at all. I like my sex scenes raw, not cloaked in euphemisms. This book eventually had a HEA after quite a few bouts of self-harm. It’s not a book I would necessarily reread due to the heavy subject matter. It was just OK.
My Rating: 3 Tingly