A Dragon’s Treasure 1: Cody’s Dragon by K.M. Mahoney

Title :  Cody’s Dragon              Word Count : 63,533

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : How far is Cody willing to go to keep his dragon?

Kirit is lonely and he’s sick of coming home from the king’s assignments to a cold, empty cave. After searching for years for a mate, Kirit decides it’s time to try a new approach. Against the advice of all his friends, he heads for the human side of the world. There he finds Cody, and the man is everything he could ever want. It takes a little bit of persuasion, but he manages to talk Cody into coming back with him to Faerie.

Within a week of arriving, Cody is beginning to rethink his impulsive decision. He’s trekked across more terrain than he would care to remember, been summoned to meet a king, and flown on a dragon—not an experience he’s willing to repeat anytime soon. Kirit’s growly possessiveness is starting to wear on his nerves, and the unexpected hostility he encounters at the palace is almost enough to make him give up.

But Cody is stubborn. He may not be willing to admit it out loud, but Kirit has got under his skin. He may even, shockingly enough, love the big guy.

Now Cody has to decide what he’s willing to do to keep the man of his dreams.

My Review : Kirit comes from a race called Draak, they are fire breathing warrior  dragons who guard the land beyond the veil. For centuries,  Kirit has waited for his mate to come along to no avail. He is lonely and desperate enough to believe that maybe his mate is not in the land of Faerie. He takes a trip over to the human realm to see if he can find his mate. Kirit seeks the help of Harper, a witch who gives him a list of clubs to check out. At first he doesn’t succeed,  largely in part to his defective sense of smell. Dragons are usually born with the propensity to smell their mates. The sex is off the chain and dragons get hugely possessive over their treasure.

Kirit is on his way to his hotel room when he sees a tiny figure huddled by a dumpster. As soon as he touches  Cody, Kirit has an idea it’s his mate. Cody is a rent boy so he willingly goes to the hotel with Kirit telling him his prices. Kirit is  extremely confused and very jealous that other men have touched his mate. The sex between them is explosive and leaves them both longing and eagerly awaiting a stronger emotional connection.

Cody finds his grumpy dragon a little overbearing at times, but when he thinks about his life he realized that there is nothing to hold him on earth. When he gets to Faerie,  he is definitely popular  due to his title as dragon-mate. He is welcomed into the clutch of dragons where mates are really precious to their race. The dragons haven’t seen a mate in a very long time. 

Kirit and Cody are summoned to the King’s castle before they can go home to their cave. All is not harmonious in the castle and not everyone welcomes a human.  When the ominous threat makes its presence known, the big bad Kirit is there to protect his mate. Cody becomes increasingly unhappy and Kirit becomes exceedingly restless. They get some great advice from their clutch of dragons. It allows them to see that they have something very rare and precious that needs protecting.Cody with his fiery personality decides to kick some ass. In the end, their love prevailed and vanquished all the unhappiness surrounding their joyous union. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. The thick shaft slid into his throat and he held Kirit there for long seconds, breathing through his nose, before swallowing. Kirit bucked, his roar deafening. The taut muscles under Cody’s body tightened, giving him just enough warning to pull back a bit. Warm spunk hit his tongue and Cody continued to swallow, sucking Kirit through his release and beyond. (Cody is so tactile  and very exuberant in pleasuring his mate. Super sexy!!!)

2. Cody shoved Kirit’s hand away and rose up on his knees. He held the base of Kirit’s cock, and the grip had Kirit moaning in need. Then, in one swift motion, Cody slid down, enveloping Kirit in heaven. It was smooth and effortless, then Cody’s ass was resting against Kirit’s groin. “Oh, mate. So good. Move. Please.” Kirit wasn’t too proud to beg, not with Cody holding him so close that he could feel his mate’s heartbeat. Cody held the intimate embrace, tightening his muscles in a delicious taunt. Kirit growled, at the end of his tether. Cody laughed. Using Kirit’s shoulders for balance, he rose, almost pulling off Kirit’s cock before sinking back down. He began a swift, pounding tempo. Kirit could do little but hold on and let his mate control the sex. ( It’s fun to see the smaller mate in charge, controlling the outcome for them both. Big sexy dragons are super hot 😉.)

3. Cody didn’t offer any protest when Kirit retrieved a cloth and another bottle. He took great pleasure in scrubbing every inch of pale skin within reach. Then he made Cody stand and paid particular attention to Cody’s smooth balls and now-limp cock. He kept his grip light, knowing how sensitive the skin would be. When he finished his inspection, he turned Cody around and, just as gently, cleaned out the red and swollen hole that still bore his seed. He regretted having to wipe it away, but his mate’s comfort came first. He could console himself with the thought that his scent would linger. ( Such a caring move from the big bad dragon. I love a man who takes care of all his partner’s needs.)

Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2) by Marcy Jacks

Title : Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2)

Word Count :31,894                  Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb :Beta wolf Tom Parker only wanted to protect his little brother. He didn’t want to work for dragon hunting Templars. To make matters worse, one of the dragons he brought in is his destined mate.

Grant Hamilton is disgusted when a wolf comes to him for sex, although he cannot deny the lust he feels for Tom, who is handsome, so he will play along simply for the pleasure. But he also cannot deny the urge to protect Tom when the wolf helps him escape.

Now Tom is a captive amongst the dragons, and though he has his brother back, he is miserable because the mating is one sided, and Grant’s entire clan hates his existence. Though Grant tries to stay away, he cannot, and when he learns that Tom mated with him before being ordered to by the Templars, he will do everything in his power to make up for bad behavior.

My Review : In order to save their pups, Tom and other beta wolves agree to work with an overzealous religious  group called the Templars to capture dragons. After capturing twin brothers Fraser and  Grant, Tom realizes that Grant is his mate. He is so overcome with passion that he takes matters into his own hands in the bathroom, not knowing that there is a camera planted there by one of the Templars. This guy uses this as  blackmail, forcing Tom to sleep with the dragon as a way to glean important information about the whereabouts of the dragon’s castle.

Grant is very shocked at the way his body responds to one of his kidnappers. He is disgusted and upset after participating and he pushes Tom away thinking that he whores himself out on a regular basis for the Templars. As punishment and retribution he decides to take Tom whenever he gets free from his prison. Tom feels horribly ashamed for what he’s had to do to his mate and he finds a way to free his dragon by taking a beating from some of the guards.

When Tom finally comes around he finds himself in the dragon castle in a comfy bed. He tried to submit to his dragon for punishment,  but Grant lets him know that dragons don’t lay a finger in anger on their mates. Grant tries to care for his mate by being with him physically.  The sex is really explosive between Grant and Tom that it causes Tom to blackout from exhaustion.  Grant decides to keep his hands off his mate and Tom takes this to mean that his dragon doesn’t want him. This kills a part of Tom and he starts withering away from his mate not touching him.

 Grant forces Tom to snap out of his funk and when they finally have a heart to heart, all the misunderstandings are cleared up. They realize that they both adore each other. This was a sweet romance throughout with not too much drama. It was a very comfortable read. I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok,  give it a try.

One True Sacrifice (Of Dragons and Wolves 1) by Marcy Jacks

Title : One True Sacrifice  (Of Dragons and Wolves 1)

Word Count : 36,602    Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Conner Abbot is the youngest, and weakest, of many brothers. A runt and an omega, he is unable to hunt after a dragon attack left him scarred. Though he’s worthless to his family, he knows they love him, and he loves them. Which is why Conner volunteers to mate to a dragon for peace, rather than watch one of his brothers be taken away.

Aris Macleod, high dragon of his clan, wasn’t happy with the arrangement. Peace is more important than his happiness, however, and he will go through with the mating, even when the wolves insult him by sending him a weak omega.

Aris is stunned when the frail omega has some bite in him, and as he slowly finds himself falling in love, he comes to the terrible realization that Conner may never love him back, and the only way to make his true love happy will be to send him back where he came from.

My Review : Conner , the youngest wolf pup out of all his siblings sacrifices himself as a means of procuring a peace treaty between wolves and dragons. In a world where strength is  highly valued, Conner is tired of feeling useless due to his small stature and a limp that was left over from a dragon attack in his youth.

Aris, the high dragon is slightly offended when he realizes that the wolves have given him an omega who is weak and has a limp. When he finds out that Conner is the one who offered himself up as the sacrificial lamb , he is intrigued and he works at bridging the gap with his mate.

Although Conner is an omega , he is definitely not timid, he is very brazen and he shows Aris how fearless he is in the bedroom when he offers up his virginity. The sex between these two men was fantastic,  they were really hot together. Conner knew that it wouldn’t take too much for him to fall in love with his dragon and Aris found himself having feelings for his little omega. Aris really appreciated the spunk and fire that his little omega had within.Conner showed him that even though he was small , he could protect their love and all that it entailed. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Scales and a Tail by Stormy Glenn

Title: Scales and a Tail                          Word Count:42,170    

Genre : Paranormal  Gay Romance

Blurb :The paranormal world is in chaos. The elders are tired of their younger people playing the field, causing trouble, and fighting with each other. Everyone who attends the UPAC Conference now has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species. If they don’t, they will never have a mate. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

Beauregard Stratford is a bunny shifter. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, he is the only white bunny shifter in existence. He also is cursed with violet eyes, hyperactivity, a strong weakness for anything shiny, and a penchant for leaving bubble gum everywhere.

When he finds himself mated to Sebastian Drakus, a dragon shifter and prince of his kind, Beauregard can’t seem to make himself behave no matter how hard he tries. He wants to be good, to make Sebastian proud of him, really he does, but things just keep happening to him…bubble gum mishaps, getting drunk, not to mention the fact that he is a true bunny and constantly horny. Nothing seems to go right. Can he convince Sebastian he’s worth the trouble, or will the dragon prince wash his hands of the whole bunny fiasco?

My Review :  I really like this series because the pairings are very unusual and they  totally work for me . In this book their is a dragon shifter Sebastian who is paired with a bunny shifter Beauregard. Beauregard is a very kind hearted, self- concious bunny who comes from a colony where he was pretty much a loner. They are both forced into a mating where one of the stipulations is that they have to have sex every 24 hrs for 2 yrs. I wish I had that stipulation in my relationship ;).It is far from smooth sailing at first, because they are two different shifters who had different expectations for their mates. Sebastian is a dragon prince that is used to being obeyed,  he is very confident and dominant. Beauregard brings out his protective instincts and at times he comes off a little bit overbearing rather than caring. The bunny is a little bit awkward and strange and he does whatever he feels without listening to his mate. This often leads him into trouble and more than one argument with Sebastian. After a few weeks of them living together in Sebastian’s castle, secrets and lack of knowledge and understanding of each other’s species start taking a toll on their relationship and causes a break down that will test their faith in each other. Their love for each other sees them through to a blossoming relationship.The make up sex was unbelievably hot, pair a very flexible bunny and a horny dragon and you are bound to see fireworks. My ratings for this is a 4- lose the underwear.