Billie Jean by Claire Davis

Title : Billie Jean                                Word Count :18,430

Genre: Gay Romance/ Erotica

Blurb :Niall has a boyfriend. Dan. His hot, beefy, bad-ass cop boyfriend, with protective instincts galore and an inexplicable weakness for a certain flighty – and flexible – dance major. Things are getting hot and heavy and Niall is realizing exactly how cherished and wanted and safe he is in Dan’s hands. And he thinks he just may have met the one man he can trust with his secret. But he hesitates, and the decision is taken out of his hands. Dan knows. Will he run? Or will Niall have the nerve to stick around long enough to find out?

My Review : This was a very sexy short read and  the two main characters are juxtaposed nicely. You have Dan who is a big bad-ass cop and his boyfriend who is a dancer. Niall likes to surprise Dan by waiting in his car and he has lots of fantasies of Dan fucking him in public. I think most people have had one or two fantasies about public exhibitions.  It’s a thrill, a panty wetter if I say so myself😉. Speaking of panties, Niall has a little secret that he keeps to himself. He loves to wear sexy lacy panties around the house when he does the dishes, watches movies and when he is dancing. Dan comes home unexpectedly and catches Niall dancing around in his sexy little number. He is definitely turned on and he doesn’t waste time in showing Niall how hot he is for his bod. He pounds  Niall into the matress, taking him to heaven.

Dan the gentle giant treats Niall so precious, but Niall doubts that he deserves Dan’s affection, because he’s never been special to anyone before. I really love Dan’s and Niall’s chemistry and they definitely balance each other out. Then Niall gets kidnapped by criminals who are out to exact revenge on Dan for sending their brother to prison. Dan’s goes out of his mind when he is sent a picture message showing Niall all tied up. Niall is let go and disoriented, but in his confusion he finds his way to Dan’s precinct. Dan could care less about what his fellow officers think about his relationship . He was just so happy to see Niall unharmed. He takes Niall home and pampers him while the shock wears off and the tears flow.This incident solidifies in their minds how much they mean to each other and Niall sees how proud Dan is to be with him when he takes him to the police man’s ball. This was really hot and sexy with all the outdoors and kinky sex. I really loved how free and open they were to trying new things. It was way too short , I would have loved to read more. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

My Favorite Quotes :

1. Then he just stared at my arse hole. Now, that doesn’t sound like much, but fuck me backwards with a spoon— it was hot as hell. I felt dirty, cheap and hot, as he spread my butt cheeks and just… looked, then circled my hole with his thumbs— so arousing I tried to grab my own cock, but he stopped me by putting my hands behind my back and holding them together. ( Niall remembering what Dan had done to him.) This got me hotter than a damn volcano😁.