Clear Ridge Pack 1:The Alpha’s Fated Mate by C.J. Colton

Title :  The Alpha’s Fated Mate         Word Count : 60 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : It was only meant to be one night. One night for the omega who’s loved the big, powerful alpha ever since the pack merger two years ago, and one night for the alpha who’d given up on finding his destined mate and wants to sate his lust, hard and rough, with the little omega whose presence has always intrigued and aroused him.

Wyatt has spent nearly a century searching for his fated mate only to come up empty and now there’s no more time. The future of the Clear Ridge pack depends on the alphas breeding and replenishing the pack numbers, and he’ll do his duty even if it means giving up his search. He just never expected that the one night with the omega would produce an irrevocable bond between him and Seth, and as the wolf swells with his pups, he realizes that he wants more than just one hot, intense night with him.

My Review : OMG,  this book was just way too short for my liking , I didn’t want it to end. It definitely was a little package with a lot of bang. Wyatt is one of the oldest alphas of Clear Ridge pack. He has been holding off for his fated mate for centuries. However,  time is running out, their race is dying. The alphas need to mate so that they can reproduce and increase their pack numbers. It is at alpha Wyatt’s bachelor party where we are introduced to Seth, the little omega wolf who has been in love with Wyatt forever , but too afraid to approach him. Wyatt approaches him and after talking for a bit , seduces Seth into going back to his hotel room.

After an unbelievably passionate night between these two sexy men,  Seth becomes really sick. It’s his best friend Gabby who points out that he seems to be pregnant.  Seth is resistant to the idea at first , but then he realizes that only an alpha’s potent sperm can get another male pregnant. Meanwhile, Wyatt can’t seem to get the sexy little omega out of his mind and all the hot stuff they did together.

Surprisingly to Seth,  when he tells Wyatt he is pregnant,  he asks him to move in right away.  Wyatt and Seth gets along great, however they are both under the impression that they are in love with other people.  This makes their life a whole lot more complicated. Seth overhears the tail end of a conversation that he misinterpreted. He runs out of the house and being so distraught,  he gets hurt by a car. It takes almost losing Seth for Wyatt to confess his feelings for his sweet , adorably sexy mate. They realized that they are fated mates and this makes for a happily ever after with their 5 pups and more on the way. I really enjoyed this book and I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators.

Favorite Quotes : 1. He moaned, his hips rocking back as I licked and nipped at his rim, laving the puckered opening before spearing my tongue into his hole. He made a strangled noise as I entered him and delved deeper, licking and fucking him with my tongue as I prepared him for my cock. He was tight, his muscles clenching down around my tongue and trying to draw it in deeper as I drilled him. (Mmmm, who doesn’t love a good rimjob.)

2.I reached for my cock and spread the pre-cum leaking from my slit onto the palm of my hand before dragging it down my turgid length as I teased and softened his hole. The pre-cum our bodies produced was more copious and slicker than that of a human’s and as I finished slicking up my cock, I brought my coated fingers up and replaced my tongue with them. Seth moaned as I pushed my fingers into him and opened him up , twisting and pumping my digits in him. Unable to wait any longer I pulled them out and nudged my cock against his hole. I held him tight to me as I slammed into him, burying my cock balls deep in his tight, lithe body. ( Gotta love hot werewolf sex.)

3.He opened automatically for me with a moan, his arms coming up to dig into my back as I licked my tongue into his mouth and fed him his cum. He swallowed it hungrily, his tongue canvassing the interior of my mouth as he sought out every drop. I growled and slid my arms beneath him, wrapping them around his back as I rolled the both of us until I was on my back and had him sprawled on top of me.( Sometimes you have to get down and dirty, the dirtier the better.)

4.I slid my hands down his back , smoothing them over the firm globes of his ass. I gave them a squeeze as I bit down on his full lower lip before massaging his ass cheeks. I pulled them apart and then pressed them back together, over and over. We both groaned as we felt my seed leak from his hole, trailing down onto my balls. I moved my mouth to the corner of his lips and pressed a kiss there before trailing wet open-mouthed kisses along his smooth jaw and up the side of his neck. He wriggled in my hold, grinding down onto my hard cock as I nipped at his rapid pulse and stroked my tongue over it, soothing the pinch of pleasurable pain. I pulled his earlobe between my teeth as I lifted his hips up and rubbed the head of my once-again leaking cock over his dripping hole . “I want you to ride me, little wolf. I want to see you take my cock into your tight ass and feel you gripping down tight as you bounce on it.” ( Hot, hot, hot. )