Gemini by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Title :  Gemini                          Word Count : 67,865

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Cass Manning is a serial monogamist, grad student, and identical twin to Paul, a drug-addicted prostitute. Fleeing his unfaithful boyfriend, Cass returns to Houston after years away only to be drawn into danger before he’s out of the airport.

When Paul dies under suspicious circumstances, Cass must rely on one of Paul’s clients, Kilo, a mercenary willing to protect Cass in exchange for sex. Together they have a chance to bring justice to the corrupt heart of Texas’s political power structure, but Kilo’s mysterious past may tear him from Cass when he needs him most. Even if they outlive their untouchable adversaries, how does a polite academic find lasting love with a soldier of fortune?

My Review : Kilo the mercenary and Cass the scholar met at a very turbulent time in Cass’s life. Cass runs away from England after finding his boyfriend having sex with his female best friend.  After he steps off the plane, Cass is accosted in the airport’s washroom  by someone who calls him by his twin’s name. Cass runs off to warn his brother about the incident. What he is faced with when he sees his twin brother is a washed up mirror image of himself. His twin brother Paul is a belligerent junkie prostitute who seems to have an axe to grind with Cass. Feeling nostalgic and very lonely, Cass reaches out to Paul trying to reclaim the closeness that they once had in utero. Paul is very messed up and seems to be embroiled in some life threatening drama. 

Paul seems frightened and  calls the only person he knows who can  protect him, Kilo. Kilo is one of his clients who is also a hired mercenary. Paul decides he needs a hit of heroin before he can explain the situation to Cass. It is very unfortunate that as soon as the heroin reaches his veins, he starts having convulsions and dies in his brother’s arms. Cass is paralyzed with fear until he hears a banging on the front door.  Before he can get to it, the door opens and their stands this sexy dangerous stranger who is none other than Kilo. 

Kilo scoops Cass up in his arms and before he can grasp what is happening,  they are in a liplock so scorching, all he can do is feel. Kilo sets Cass’s blood on fire and he doesn’t try very hard to resist. He is at the lowest point in his life after so much loss and he really needs the passion to make him feel alive again. Kilo is rough and crude and treats him like the experienced prostitute that he thinks he’s dealing with. It’s exactly what Cass needs, something different that he’s never had before, a walk on the wild side.

They enter in a bargain where the use of Cass’s body offers him Kilo’s protection. It soon turns into more when they embark on dangerous missions to find out the truth about Paul’s death and to maintain Cass’s safety. Coming together for them is a meeting of two lonely, desperate souls. Cass pushes and prods until he sparks certain emotions in Kilo that has long been buried.

Cass and Kilo have a symbiotic relationship where they affirm their need body and soul for each other. The plot thickens and they realize they might be in over their head. The truth leads them to government corruption and ghosts from Kilo’s past collides with the nightmare within which Cass is embroiled. There are life threatening scenarios where Cass has to be the aggressor and do unspeakable things to protect the new love of his life. Cass knows that Kilo is well worth it. A new identity is reborned for Kilo where he can embrace the pure , innocent, intoxicating love that Cass has bestowed upon him. This was a well written,  intriguing storyline that had me on  the edge all the way to the end. The chemistry between Kilo and Cass was extremely volatile and explosive. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. His straining legs trembled in the confined space, and his lungs burned for oxygen. He shuddered and tapped Kilo’s side frantically. Kilo kept sucking, lips moving swift and determined along Cass’s shaft as he pulled his cock from Cass’s mouth. One of Kilo’s legs shifted, knee pinning Cass’s chest. He took Cass deep into his throat, sucking like his life depended on it. Cass hit him again, one last warning, but he couldn’t hold back. He filled Kilo’s mouth, hips jerking helplessly as Kilo’s fingers milked Cass from the inside to force out every drop in Cass’s body. Kilo’s guttural moan as he swallowed was almost as satisfying as release itself. (We don’t always know what we can handle sexually,  until the right person comes along and pushes our boundaries.  I would definitely let Kilo push my boundaries. I’m a sucker for bad boys 😉.)

2.A moment later, Kilo’s entire frame convulsed above Cass. His meaty cock twitched in Cass’s hand, pulsing as semen shot from its tip. Cass shut his eyes as he had in the alley and aimed Kilo’s cock to spend all over his face. Rain dripped down his cheeks and chin, and he basked in the warmth as it dribbled over his lips and down his neck. Cass tried to control his breathing, but he couldn’t still his trembling and twitching. Once the bliss faded and he began to recover, Kilo turned and kissed away his cum, cleaning Cass’s skin tenderly. Only then did Cass open his eyes and process what they’d done.( Sex can get messy, the messier the better 😉.)

3. When Kilo turned Cass around, he could process only the chill of his neglected erection. Then Kilo pried his cheeks apart and gently nibbled Cass’s opening. It felt experimental at first—quick, darting flicks of tongue and soft little kisses. Then Kilo shoved his entire face hard against Cass’s ass and forced him open with his tongue. Cass grabbed the sink for balance and spread his legs, giving Kilo room to move. No one had ever done this to Cass; he’d never even asked. Bliss overwhelmed his embarrassment. (Kilo opens up a new world of sexual delights for the sweet innocent Cass.)

4. Cass spit on his fingers and reached behind him. He brought up one leg and eased a finger inside, biting his lip as he tried to relax. The position was awkward and he was sore, but Kilo’s lusty gaze motivated him. Cass added another finger, closing his eyes as he eased onto it…… Kilo spread Cass’s cheeks and worked his tongue around Cass’s fingers. It felt dirty, but Kilo treated instincts as pure, natural instead of wrong. When Cass was with him, it was hard to remember why he’d ever thought otherwise. (Cass has become enlightened and is now embracing his sexual side with great pleasure.)