Snatch: Cerberus MC Book 5 by Marie James

Title: Snatch Word Count: 216 pgs
Genre: Contemporary Biker Gay Romance

Blurb:I’ve been Jaxon Donovan since the day I was born, obviously. My road name, Snatch, came years later due to my ability to literally snatch up any woman I set my sights on. I’ve always been a connoisseur of the opposite sex. Tall, short, thin, thick and juicy, my tastes knew no limitations.

I didn’t think there was a limitation to my sexuality, and I found out just how true that actually was the night my best friend took it upon himself to take me in his mouth. Sure, there’d been close calls before, the slip of a hand or misplaced lips. With our propensity to share women, it’s bound to happen. That fateful night, I was met with pure intention and an experience I never want to forget.

How do you explain to your friends, your brother’s in arms, that your extremely active sexuality has led you to your best friend’s doorstep? How do you admit, after twenty-six years of heterosexuality, that you’re into something else?

I’ll soon find out that what happens in the dark will always come to light.

My Review: Itchy and Snatch belong to the same motorcycle club. The club is comprised of all former Marines who risk their lives to save innocents. Itchy and Snatch are almost identical, they are best friends who like to share women. There is just one main difference between them, Itchy is more fluid with his sexuality and he is halfway in love with Snatch who is uber straight. Being bikers , they are never without female companionship.

The dynamics of their relationship change after they go on a mission and save a few high priced hookers . Darby catches their eye and they promise her a night filled with two of the hottest bikers. Darby is a beautiful woman blessed with a sinful body and certainly not afraid to use it. The passion surrounding these three is all consuming. It is in the heat of the moment where Itchy takes a leap of faith and take what he’s always wanted. He grabs the bull by the horns and shows Snatch where his true passions lie. Snatch is confused and definitely hesitant as he had no prior knowledge of Itchy’s sexual fluidity. Itchy reaching out to Snatch in a sexual way freaks him out for sure, but it was one of the most hottest experiences of his life. It puts a strain on their friendship, which is what Itchy was always afraid of.

Darby helps to bridge the gap , because she always wanted both men together. She facilitates a guilt free zone, where they can come together freely without any societal recriminations. Once the door is open, it is hard for Itchy and Snatch to turn back. Things go even further when they go on a mission out of country. The men are finally alone with no woman between them. The fire between these two burn hot and bright and turns into an explosion. This is what Itchy always wanted, but for Snatch he also discovers a yearning for his best friend like no other. However, he is still not ready to admit what they have going on.

It is Darby who brought them together, but in the end she pulls them all apart. Her nagging and expectations becomes too much for Snatch. Snatch refuses to indulge Darby’s notions of a love they all share. He shuts her down and rejects her thoughts of being a triad relationship. Snatch and Itchy argue over this and this brings a wedge to their already precarious situation. Darby is out of the picture and the once best friends have gone months without speaking. They each pull separate sex partners that are all left unconsummated and unfulfilled, just to make the other jealous.

This game that they are both playing finally comes to a head when Snatch corners Itchy in a hotel room alone. Snatch ravishes Itchy and shows him how much he missed him. Although they don’t talk about it, the love and longing between these two is palpable. They continue their charade for eighteen months hiding in secret and building their relationship. They definitely become stronger, but the secrecy is tearing Itchy apart, especially with so many profound moments happening around the clubhouse. Other members getting married and having babies, this leads Itchy to take stock of his own life and future. Itchy knows he wants more and he wants it all with Snatch. Some members are becoming suspicious. They start scrutinizing Itchy and Snatch more closely. Itchy is ready to spill the beans, but Snatch is too afraid of a negative reaction, he is just not ready to admit he is gay for his best friend.

One of the jilted club whores with the apt moniker Snapper decides to add fuel to fire. She has a private video of Itchy and Snatch in a compromising position and decides to blackmail Itchy. Itchy hates to play along with Snapper when she tells the club that they are getting married, but he would sacrifice anything to protect the man he loves. Snatch is jealous and extremely hurt that Itchy has slip through his fingers and will now bond with someone so undeserving. For him , the most hurtful part is that he was finally ready to shout it to the world how much he loves Snatch. Snapper holds the reigns so tight and intervenes anytime the men get close to each other.

Everything goes to hell in a hand- basket on their next mission. Itchy is shot and almost bleeds out. Snatch is right there holding on and professing his love for Itchy oblivious to the audience of their other team members. The team members help him to keep his sanity, but he is a total wreck over Itchy. Itchy pulls through and finally they can make plans to start their life as a couple. Fifteen years into the future shows Itchy and Snatch settled with their love going strong raising fraternal twins. I really enjoyed this author and am very happy for her foray in m/m romance. All her other novels are m/f romance. I can’t wait for her to take another walk on the wild side. I give this my ratings of 4-lose the underwear.

Werewolves & Dragons 1: Axel’s Pup by Kim Dare

Title :  Axel’s Pup                    Word Count : 176,000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : As the landlord of The Dragon’s Lair and leader of The Black Dragons Motorcycle Club, Axel Carmichael has seen it all and done it all. He’s a respected and experienced dom. Nothing shocks him any more, and nobody catches him off guard.

When Bayden rides up to The Dragon’s Lair on a bike worth more than most men earn in a year, and immediately demonstrates that he has far more attitude than sense, it’s easy for Axel to write him off as a silly little rich boy who’s about to get himself killed.

But, there’s more to Bayden than meets the eye. He’s no silly little boy, rich or otherwise, and werewolves aren’t easy to kill.

My Review :  Bayden is a wolf shifter, living in a world where humans despise his kind, only being tolerant enough to coexist with them. There are many rules that govern the new world in the favor of humans. No more than two wolves can ever cohabit in the same residence, leaving most  wolves without the support and strength  of a pack. Wolves are stronger than humans and as usual the fear of the unknown and humans’ ignorance encourages  the horrible treatment faced by wolf shifters. Many wolves are denied entrance into business places and services, because they are regarded as animals. Wolves are often stereotyped as troublemakers, whores and dirty. They are often jeered and tested in order for humans to prove their dominance over them.

From the moment Bayden walks into the Dragons motorcycle club, Axel the  leader takes notice.  Bayden is hesitant at first thinking that Axel would deny him service being that he is a wolf shifter. Axel treats everyone as equals and allows Bayden to prove his worth.  Bayden is soon challenged by a few members of the club whether it is for a fight, whipping or for sex. Axel allows all the bets to be carried out on his property and he safeguards Bayden’s winnings and ensure that things don’t get out of control. Bayden is very quiet and he doesn’t reveal too much about himself for fear that people will use it against him. Soon he learns to trust Axel, not only as a friend and protector, but there is something else. 

It is obvious that there is chemistry between Bayden and Axel. Axel has an air of dominance that he wears like a second skin. It should be hard for Bayden to acknowledge Axel’s dominance,  but that is far from the truth. Even though he is not a wolf, Bayden accepts Axel as the alpha in their pairing. Wolves trust in their instincts and rely heavily on body language. They teach each other how to be what the other needs. Bayden needs to pleasure Axel, but Axel desires for Bayden to embrace full submission for them to be master/sub . They have different ideas of what if means to submit. Axel shows Bayden what he expects as his Dom and that his greatest pleasure would be true submission from Bayden. Bayden tries to control his reactions thinking that it is his duty as a sub. Axel teaches him how to be free to allow his feelings and body to react naturally to stimulus. Axel teases him in delicious ways on his journey to submission. He tutored Bayden on the finer  points of kissing, teasing  and orgasm denial which he uses as tools of pleasure. 

There is a lot of nuances surrounding the topic of wolves versus humans and it becomes clear that Bayden’s reality has been shaped by this. When the Dragons go riding and Bayden gets pulled over by a vindictive cop who abuses his power, another piece of the puzzle is revealed.  Axel gains insight in the life of a wolf from the interaction between Bayden and Officer Granger. Axel and other members of the club stand up for Bayden  against the injustice of the cops. It would seem that their are certain connotations to being a wolf, one of which is being abused  and having your rights downtrodden by people in power.

Their relationship is a long hard road because of the tensions underlying their different species. They both have to look beyond the prejudices that have both been ingrained in them about humans and wolves. Accepting their role of master versus sub and trusting in their dominance and submission is the true key and the main foundation of their relationship.  Bayden’s submission is the highest form of trust. Bayden finally sees that unlike other humans in his past, Axel’s sole purpose in life is to protect and treasure him. Their master/sub union blossomed into true love. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.