Teddy and his Bear(Oh My! 1) by Andi James & Lila Wilde

Title: Teddy and his Bear    Word Count: 286 pgs
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:At twenty-four, Teddy should be used to feeling abandoned and unwanted. After all, he’s been dealing with it most of his life. But a recent breakup takes him completely by surprise and now he’s on his own again. Nursing new and old hurts, he leans on his makeshift family and finds solace in a growing and unexpected friendship with an older man.

Forty-two-year-old Barrett has successfully ignored his biggest need for years. His last boy left him questioning everything he knew, and he is determined to lead a vanilla life, no matter how much his friends try to convince him to be true to himself. When he learns his favorite barista needs a new place to stay, he offers a solution that leads to spending more time with the younger man.

A change in circumstances brings both men together and their buried feelings to light. Teddy knows he’s attracted to Barrett but isn’t sure if he’s ready to risk his heart again, and Barrett is losing the struggle against his dominant nature. Will learning Barrett’s sexy secret be too much for Teddy, or is it just the thing he never knew he needed?

Teddy & His Bear is a 90K word slow-burn, May/December, Daddy kink MM romance featuring
one hot Daddy, his sweet new boy, coffee, and unicorns.

My Review: Teddy is devastated when his two boyfriends sit him down and tell him they no longer want to be a triad. Teddy is flummoxed , when they explain that they would rather be a pair. They say it’s easier to explain to people. Teddy’s heart shatters when they let him know they’ve been considering it for a month. Teddy leaves feeling as if his whole world has imploded. His best friend Tony and his boss/ friend Claudette help him to pick up the pieces.

Teddy pushes himself to work, but the questions keeping swirling around in his head. What did he do wrong? Most importantly, he wonders why he wasn’t enough for them. This is the thought that really brings him to the brink of tears. Teddy is so distracted by these thoughts that he almost fell off a stool at work. His life is ultimately saved by one of his customers,who happens to be a traveling doctor Barrett. The concern in Barrett’s eyes and being in strong arms causes everything to overflow. Barrett holds Teddy while he cries and he pours out his heartbreak in his story.

Needless to say, Teddy is embarrassed to see Barrett the next time.Barrett is just sad to see Teddy so heartbroken. He wishes he could make Teddy’s world right again. Barrett knows deep down that he sees all the perfect qualities of a ‘boy’ in Teddy. These qualities are the siren song to his repressed ‘Daddy’ persona. There is just one problem, Barrett has put away his ‘Daddy Dom’ after his last boy left him years ago. Barrett has forced himself to live a vanilla lifestyle after his last ‘boy’ accused him of being a smothering daddy. Barrett is scared of making the same mistake again.

Knowing that Teddy needs a place to stay, Barrett offers to rent him a room over his garage. An easy friendship forms between this unlikely pair. Their friendship fills a void in both of them and goes a long way to piecing back together Teddy’s shattered heart. They cook dinner together, binge watch tv with Teddy being the voracious snuggler. Teddy shows Barrett the fun side of life, a part that’s been missing in him for so long. He receives the nickname Bear from Teddy , who sees just how much of a cuddly teddy bear Barrett can be.Barrett enjoys taking care of sweet Teddy, even though he knows it’s not his ‘boy’.

Things change between them at a Halloween party. Teddy acts on his crush for the sexy silver fox Barrett. Their heat reaches combustible levels and they both get exactly what they need. Once the sun comes up though, they both decide that they should remain friends only. That doesn’t work out too well as they can hardly resist each other. When Teddy hurts his ankle at work, Bear steps up as a Daddy Dom taking care of his ‘boy’ unofficially. Teddy enjoys Bear taking care of him, especially when Bear slips and calls him baby boy. Teddy doesn’t understand the significance until his best friend Tony explains that Barrett is a Daddy Dom.

Teddy starts doing his research about the Daddy/ boy dynamic. The more he learns, the more he sees this is the connection he’s been missing. Teddy makes the decision to get his Daddy to see him as the perfect boy. Bear can no longer resist, once he sees his boy’s acceptance of their power play. He falls right back into his Daddy role with such ease. Sparks ignite between Daddy and his boy, their connection is effortless and they fall into their roles seamlessly.

Teddy adapts to the Daddy/ boy lifestyle as if he was living it forever. It definitely doesn’t hurt that he has the most amazing Daddy, who always puts his boy’s needs first. They continue to build their relationship and it grows exponentially with the time they spend together. They hit a bit of a snag, when Teddy finds out that his exes are in the process of adopting a child. This brings about all of Teddy’s insecurities and feeling unworthy. Barrett is sad to see his boy so tormented. He decides to show him how grateful he is to have Teddy in his life, by officially asking him to move in.

They enjoy the newness of their relationship and explores the lifestyle by visiting Barrett’s old kink clubs. This opens up a new world of possibilities for Teddy. He indulges in new experiences and being more open with his sexuality and his exhibitionist side. He revels in belonging to his Daddy and finds a newfound joy in being a Daddy’s boy and taking his punishment spankings and orgasm denial when necessary. This was certainly a feel good story that had me smiling the whole way through and very emotional at times. Barrett, the ever patient Daddy Dom was always there to soothe Teddy’s fears and insecurities. In the end , Teddy’s confidence and happiness was unshakeable because of his Daddy’s love. I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Last Stop by Lou Harper

Title : Last Stop                            Word Count : 53,171

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :When love drifts into his life, danger isn’t far behind.

Sam Mayne’s life is as dull as the dishwater in his small-town Montana diner, and that’s just how he wants it. Quiet, uneventful, safe from his shadowy past. The breezy young drifter who answers his help-wanted ad makes him uneasy in ways he dare not examine too closely. Except he can’t help but be pulled in by Jay Colby’s spunky attitude, endless stories, and undeniable sex appeal.

Fresh off yet another romantic disaster, Jay doesn’t understand his attraction to the taciturn line cook, but there’s no fighting the chemistry that lands them in bed together. Where Sam’s subtly dominant streak takes command, and Jay delights in discovering the pleasures of his submissive side.

Safe in the assumption their relationship is temporary, neither lover holds back when the heat is on. Until Sam’s deadly past catches up with them with a vengeance, forcing him to drop the life he’s built, pick up his lover, and run. As danger cuts closer to the bone, Sam and Jay are forced to face the truth. About themselves, about the depth of their love—and the newly forged bonds that are about to be tested to the limit.

Warning: Contains enough sparks to ignite a sexual fire, ably fanned by the judicious use of some interesting props, as well as some butt-warming spanking. Sizzzzle.

My Review : The lonely drifter meets the mobster in hiding. From the very first moment Jay meets Sam, he is intrigued by the older, dangerous Sam. Sam has a very commanding presence, he is able to maintain his cool in any given situation.  Jay is fresh out of a disastrous relationship and he decides to never again be another man’s secret plaything. Sam needs a waiter and Jay needs a job and a temporary place to crash. Jay also wants into Sam’s bed and he doesn’t wait for an invitation.  He barges into Sam’s room to find him stroking his cock and he applies for the position.

 There are no games between these two, well not the underhanded kind anyway. Sam sees something in Jay that he needs , a willing submissive. Jay likes what he sees and even though he is a virgin to these kinky games, he decides to pick a ‘safe word’ with Sam’s encouragement. Sam introduces him to a whole new world involving bondage, spanking and hot wax. Turn the heat way up😈. Sam is truly a master, kinda makes me want to be submissive for him. Never tried wax play before, but the way Jay responded makes me want to give it a go. Can I tell you, the sex is fabulous between these two, they are living in the moment.  What they have is light and fun and not about entanglements. 

Before they can get too comfortable,  Sam’s mobster past catches up with him. They both have to go on the run , because the people who are after Sam mean business and they are definitely not above hurting Jay to get to him. Even on the run, these two find time to have fun with their kinky sexy games.  Sam uses sex in such a creative,  incentive driven way to get Jay to do as he is told in order to keep him safe. Fun times, gotta love  these incentives😊.

It is so much fun watching Sam train Jay to assimilate to their new nondescript life on the run. Sam is very efficient in getting Jay ready for a life of hiding.  I just love his rewards and punishments of sex that he uses on Jay. It is really great watching him introduce Jay to leather and cockrings. Sam slowly eases him into the BDSM lifestyle and Jay seems to like it all.

When the mobsters finally have Sam and Jay in their clutches, Sam realizes how crazy in love he is with his little ‘tiger’. Jay is definitely in love with his older lover and he plans on having a long life with him. Due to careful schemes and paranoid planning, they are able to get out with just scrapes and bruises.  I really liked these two characters and the sex scenes were very kinky and hot. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Title : Box of Nails: This Old House by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails: This Old House            Word Count : 36,500

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :Devon used to be a server at the Hammer Club, the most exclusive BDSM club in town. But that was before he inherited a lot of money from his grandmother and decided to buy a big old house and convert it into apartments for Hammer Club waiters. It’s hard to find decent, affordable housing and he wants to do something good for his fellow twinks. Unfortunately the house is in much worse repair than he knew when he bought it and he’s slowly drowning under the weight of the demands from both the house, and the boys who live in it.

Enter Barney, the contractor Devon calls in for an emergency fix of the building’s pipes. Barney’s heard of the Hammer Club, in fact he’s saving up for a membership, but it’s going to take a while on his blue collar salary. He falls for Devon on the spot and can only hope the feeling is mutual. He also wants to make sure none of Devon’s twink friends are running roughshod over the man, and he’s determined to help.

Can they work together to find a way to keep Devon, and his old house, afloat?

My Review : From their very first conversation, Barney finds himself drawn to Devon and wants to take care of him.  Devon runs a house filled with twinks who work at the hammer club. This house is sort of a makeshift safe house where no Doms are allowed. It’s clear to see that Barney is a Dom and he is very interested in getting Devon to be his submissive. He can’t wait to take care of Devon and get these twinks to stop taking advantage of him as their landlord. Barney realizes that Devon is a hot mess when it comes to being a landlord and broken pipes seals their fate. I loved watching the relationship unfold between these two and the sex was super hot and constant. Sex like this would cause a friction burn, and oh what a way to burn 😉 .

Barney has his job cut out for him trying to make Devon see his own self worth.  Devon is very insecure and he looks at himself as a nobody. Barney makes it his point of duty to show Devon  how a sweet, caring, loving boy deserves to be treated by his Dom. Devon was so responsive to Barney’s stimulation and it was so much fun watching his passions unfurl even though he was a virgin. Barney is the perfect Dom for a virgin, he knows exactly how far to push Devon’s limits without being overly forceful. Devon was so eager to please Barney and this made for a sweet surrender and some really hot sex. I loved it all, the spankings, the bondage, the sex toys and even the denial of orgasms. For that reason , it gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators.