Broken – Nail Diva by Stormy Glenn

Title : Broken – Nail  Diva            Word Count : 35,151

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Harper Brooks refuses to be anybody except who he is, and who he is shocks most people. When he meets a gorgeous man at a sidewalk café, he has no problem telling him exactly what he wants—in vivid detail. When Memphis rejects him, Harper hides his hurt behind flippant words and a flash of indignation, but forgetting the man might prove impossible.

Memphis doesn’t know what to think when he’s propositioned by an imp with dreamy blue eyes and an ass to die for. He doesn’t do relationships—ever—and one night spent in the gorgeous man’s bed isn’t enough. Memphis wants more. He just knows he can’t have it. Nights of passion could lead to the sexy little diva dying at the hands of Memphis’s beast.

When Harper gets kidnapped by a madman, Memphis runs to the rescue, and in doing so reveals his darkest secret. But there is a lot more going on than either of them know, especially when the bond between them creates more than either of them expected.

My Review :  Harper has a serious crisis, he has broken a nail and he can’t find his damn nail file  in his man  purse. He has his sights set on the little cafe table when a gorgeous mountain of a man sits down. Harper decides to ignore the man and file his nail to perfection anyways . Once his crisis is averted, he checks out the eye candy. Memphis is shocked by the flamboyant man’s brazen attitude, when Harper tells him in great detail what he could do if he had a man like him in his bed. Memphis shuts down the little human, because he knows he can’t get attached. However, this doesn’t stop him from thinking about the sexy little diva. Little does he know that Harper has the same problem forgetting him. Memphis becomes the main attraction in Harper’s fantasies once he gets home.

Memphis can’t get the sexy little man out of his thoughts and follows Harper’s  scent to an apartment  building. He sneaks into the room after running over in wolf form. Harper’s fantasies become a reality when Memphis makes passionate love to Harper and bites him. Harper wakes up believing he has dreamt about his wild night with Memphis. He starts noticing changes in his body and starts having wild wacky food cravings. Unbeknownst to them   Memphis being a werewolf has impregnated Harper. 

It takes Harper being kidnapped by one of Memphis’ stalker for them to be reunited. They are very happy to see each other and their bond developed  very quickly.  Memphis realizes that he has to protect  his sexy little diva from all harm.

There is much to learn about this werewolf business and Memphis is shocked to learn that he can get another male pregnant. He learns a lot about himself with the help of Harper’s  knowledge of research methods. Harper becomes an asset to Memphis and his werewolf brothers,  not only as a pregnant mate , but also as a source of information on being werewolves. This was a lighthearted fun read.  Can’t wait to see if this will be a series.I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Memphis leaned forward again and licked the drop of pre-cum gathering on the head of Harper’s cock. He groaned at just how sweet the taste really was. He suckled at the head and savored the man’s flavor before he took the cock all the way down. Harper shouted and writhed as Memphis gripped the man’s hips to still him. His lover thrashed his head back and forth as Memphis lavished Harper’s cock with his tongue.

He could hear Harper above him crying out every time he swallowed the man down his throat. It spurred him on to do more. Memphis moved his hand between Harper’s legs. He pushed against the man’s knee with his shoulder, encouraging Harper to spread his legs wider. It worked. Harper spread his legs enough for Memphis to reach between them and find his hole.

He sucked Harper’s cock into his mouth then let it slide from his mouth as he began kissing his way down to the sweet puckered hole waiting for him. He pushed his finger into Harper’s tight ass. Harper cried out above him. Memphis began a slow rhythm of moving his finger in and out of Harper at the same time he stuck his tongue out and lavished the tight ring of muscles. His saliva would act as a lube, easing his way.  ( The best sex scenes are the ones where you feel you are right there with them. I was right there with them , every lick and every touch, ooh la la.)