West Coast Boys 1:King of Snowflakes by Michele Fogal

Title :  King of Snowflakes             Word Count : 68,474

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Grade twelve is flying by like a pride parade of gay freedom and love until Skyler finds his gorgeous downtown boyfriend cheating on him over Christmas break. The breakup leaves him raw and not up to ignoring the usual gay taunts from soccer star Ryan and his teammates.

When Skyler loses it, he’s surprised to find a straight jock like Ryan knows what it’s like to have your heart broken and what it’s like not to belong. Behind his cocky smile, Ryan is feeling hopeless about his grades, his chances of getting into university, and his lack of real friends.

When Ryan invites him on a family ski trip, Skyler thinks escaping the city will let him lick his very private wounds in peace. He doesn’t count on Ryan’s warmth and affection amid the grandiose snow-covered mountains with their wonderland white trees, or the magical way Ryan’s silky hair fills with perfect six-point snowflakes. He certainly doesn’t expect Ryan to have secrets of his own that could burn them both–or lead to Skyler’s first truly loving relationship.

My Review : Wouldn’t  it be great if we could  all stand up to our bullies? Well Skyler sure did, after one too many jabs about him being gay. Skyler is heartbroken after breaking up with his ex for cheating on him. He already feels like the weight of the world is on  his shoulders  and he is tired of feeling downtrodden. This is probably  why when football jock Ryan starts teasing him, he flipped out and gave him the proper dressing down he deserved. Ryan becomes introspective and he is ashamed at how he has terrorized Skyler.  He gains new respect for Skyler in the way that he stood up to him. He apologized to him, stating that it wasn’t  his intention to be purposely mean or homophobic.   Skyler is very surprised when Ryan acts like they are old chums the next day at school. Ryan is persistent  and it is pretty hard for Skyler to keep on refusing Ryan’s  offer of friendship. Ryan commiserates with Skyler about their teenage  heartbreak. Ryan helps to rebuild Skyler’s self-esteem, because he feels that he was at fault for his ex-boyfriend ‘s cheating ways. Their bond is taken to another level when Ryan  convinces Skyler to go on vacation with him and his family to their ski lodge.Ryan is a sweet , caring, very obtuse individual. It takes him awhile to see that he  is falling for Skyler  and to admit that he might be gay. 

It was a beautiful  journey for both Skyler and Ryan. Ryan taught Skyler how to ski,  but most of all Skyler  gained strength of will and emotional  fortitude.Skyler taught Ryan how to capture the beautiful things all around and live in the moment. Ryan wanted to be a better man for Skyler , but most of all Skyler allowed him to embrace his true self. They were very insulated  at the ski lodge, seeing as how they were separated from the outside world. The sexual chemistry  between them was a slow build and it was intensely  hot. Ryan’s family  was very accepting of Skyler and their relationship. Wish all parents could be so understanding and love their kids so unconditionally. This was a wonderful  love story that deserves my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.    

Favorite Quotes : 1.Their cocks slid together in Ryan’s well-oiled hand and Skyler gasped. It was so slick and so smooth and so hot. He gave in to it then and let his hips go, ramming down again and again. He lifted his face from Ryan’s neck and risked a peek at Ryan’s face. His eyes were closed, his eyebrows up, his lips parted. His face was wide open. Skyler came first this time, onto Ryan’s stomach, and then had a moment to worry that the sticky cum-puddle might gross Ryan out. That was settled quite definitively when Ryan smeared it on himself and came hard. (Very sensual and erotic, it doesn’t  always have to be about penetration.  Although  penetration is right up there on the totem pole 😉.)