Duck Fart (Wolf Creek 2) by Jade Buchanan

Title : Duck Fart (Wolf Creek 2)                      Word Count :40,182  

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Keith Malone is incredibly content. He loves coming around Wolf Creek… great food, great company, and a decent place to rest his soul when he needs it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that his cousins let him dust off his carpenter skills with the odd job here and there.

Bailey Mitchell is incredibly nervous. He’s come all this way to Campbell River, following up on a chance encounter that happened months earlier, and now he doesn’t know what to do. One glance and it’s obvious Adam’s already taken. What’s a lonely Siamese shifter to do?

Drake McKale is incredibly grouchy. He’s sick and tired of every shifter he’s run across making fun of him. Hey, duck’s have feelings too! So what if he’s smaller than everyone else? Spoiling for a fight he can actually win, he decides to pick on the shy, little kitty in the corner. Only, Drake never reckoned the diminutive cat would proposition him. Or that the big human in the corner would want in on the action.

One part burly human, one part shy Siamese shifter and one part twinky (and kinky) duck shifter… layer together and enjoy!

My Review : After seeing the man, who he has a crush on snuggled up to a wolf , Bailey is feeling very dejected. He notices Keith and starts up a conversation with him to get his mind off of Adam. He starts telling Keith about the nice meals he could prepare for him , including his special duck bone in and that’s where they are introduced to mallard duck shifter Drake who is rather incensed about their meal plan.

Adam finally notices Bailey and comes over to see what he is doing in town. Drake realizes how sad and small Bailey is feeling and comes to his rescue by bragging to Adam that he is there to be with Drake. Drake convinces Bailey to go home with him to explore the spark they feel. Once they are there Bailey sees a cock cage that he wants to try. Only after it is on , Drake realizes he can’t find the key. Drake ends up calling for help while Bailey is freaking out. Damn hilarious, these two just can’t stay out of trouble. The cavalry is none other than Keith the  carpenter who they met at the bar. He comes with bolt cutters and gets Bailey free from the cock cage.

 The sparks is off the chain with all these three guys and Drake realizes that they are both his mates. They move the party over to Keith’s house and oh does it get even hotter. The sex scenes were totally hottt and Keith can’t seem to get enough of these troublemakers.

 My heart goes out to the duck Drake , he puts up a facade but he is really very insecure about people leaving him . After their two wonderful nights, he hightails it out of there even though he knows they are his mates. He is so afraid of their rejection. On the other hand, poor Bailey is so clueless, he is a siamese cat but his nose doesn’t pick up that these two guys are his mates. He is so confused,  he thinks he is in love with Adam but he misses the two guys he slept with. Keith is human and has no extra senses when it comes to his mates, but once he is enlightened of the fact, he hangs on for dear life. He has watched the bond between his parents and their mates and knows how beautiful and precious their love is. He has always wanted that for himself and goes in search of his mates. He is the strength, the alpha of the three and he takes control of the situation by telling them nobody is going anywhere. That’s exactly what they crave, someone to dominate them and Keith is oh so hot. I loved this threesome , they were perfect. This was a very cute story, I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. “Uh…I want you to put your alligator in my love tunnel?”    – (Bailey’s idea of dirty talk :).