Consent by Bruce Rose

​Title: Consent                         Word Count : 40,510

Genre: Dark Gay Romance/ BDSM

Blurb:Only desperation could drive him to commit such a crime…

Lonely survivalist Travis Winslet has everything in his underground bunker, everything but a companion. Determined to get his needs met at any cost, Travis decides to hunt for a man the same way he does for food. When he spots a blond-haired, blue-eyed cutie who matches his requirements, he acts. Only to find his target wants to be tied up and abducted.

Kinkster Skye Randall paid his Dom for a kidnap scenario, never expecting he’d come through with a captor who was just the right combination of scary and sexy. But there’s more to his abductor than just a man willing to fulfill all of Skye’s darkest fantasies. When Travis asks for Skye’s consent, Skye realizes the true power of giving himself to his master and what it really means to be submissive.

But what will happen when Skye discovers Travis isn’t the man his Dom hired?

My Review:  Skye has been searching for most of his adult life for the perfect Dom. He yearns to have his kinky fantasies fulfilled. He goes on a camping trip with his friends, hoping that his part- time Dom who he pays will finally step up and do something intriguing.  Skye has suggested a role play where he gets kidnapped and used hard by his kidnapper.

Travis has been searching for something as well. He is overwhelmed by his need to kidnap someone without getting caught. His motive and plans for his victim are far from sinister. He just wants to push the boundaries of fear, knowing that his victims are his to control without hurting them. When he stumbles upon Skye camping, he has no idea that he has hit the jackpot  with this victim. Travis bides his time.

Skye realizes the futility of his hope of a kinky role play when his Dom Warren doesn’t show up.  Feeling rather dejected, Skye decides to relieve himself in the woods and then head off to bed. Skye is definitely  shocked and a bit nervous when Travis nabs him. His nerves come into play when he realize that the man behind him is not Warren. Skye is turned on by the grittiness and hint of danger he hears in his captor’s voice. When he is allowed to see the man’s face , he is surprised at the kind eyes that stare back at him. At this point Skye is definitely excited and elated, believing that all his dreams  are about to come true with this sexy mountain man.

Travis finds it strange that Skye is not putting up much of a resistance,  but the truth is revealed after talking to him. He realizes that Skye has mistaken his intentions as a part of his role play fantasy with Warren. Travis does not correct him. He can’t believe his luck on finding someone like Skye who is willing to play right into his fantasy. The more he talks to Skye is the more he sees how perfect he is for him.Travis shows Skye new perspective on  pleasure. He uses orgasm denial and this heightens their explosive chemistry. They talk about their wants and needs and Travis encourages Skye to live the life he’s  always wanted to live. Their connection is out of this world and they both fulfill each others fantasies. Travis feels so close to Skye , but he knows it can’t last because of his lie of omission. 

After 3 days of bliss,  Travis let’s Skye go. Skye is hurt and confused as he thought they had something that they could build on. Travis gives Skye a warning to value himself more and to be more careful. Everything is finally  revealed when Skye’s friends tell him that they thought he had died at a fire that broke out at the campsite. He realizes what a true snake Warren really is when he goes home and finds most of his stuff stolen by Warren. Skye puts all the pieces in his mind together  and acknowledges that the kidnapping was actually real. He combs through his time spent with his sexy mountain man and he doesn’t blame Travis for his actions. Skye understands the lonesome life that Travis must  lead living at his hidden bunker away from civilization. 

Skye tries to acclimate himself back to his old life, but all his routines feel tiresome. He decides to take Travis’ advice  and do things that make him happy. It takes 3 months for him to decide to try to find  Travis. He  misses him desperately . Skye experienced so much happiness , peace and contentment in 3 days than he ever did in his whole life. He sets out to find Travis’ hideaway. When Skye finds him , he offers himself up wholeheartedly to Travis. Travis knows that how he met Skye was very wrong, but it was also the most perfect unique circumstance for them. They both accept each other’s faults and foibles and love each other despite them. I really enjoyed these two characters and I give this my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Straight Boy by Alessandra Hazard

Title :  Straight Boy             Word Count : 12,500

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Young, blond and handsome, Sage attracts unwanted attention in prison. When his cellmate offers him protection, Sage accepts the offer, even though he doesn’t trust the guy. Little does he know how much it will change his life.

When he’s released from prison, Sage finds himself needing and wanting things he shouldn’t want. Sage is straight. He is. He has a girlfriend. What happened in prison stayed in prison—or so Sage tells himself.

Until he meets his former cellmate again. Xavier. The guy he hates and craves.

My Review : This is a prequel to a series I’m planning to delve into. Like so many people, Sage makes a life altering mistake. He drinks too much one night and unwittingly kills someone. He gets a year in prison and from the first moment he gets a rude awakening from his cell mate. Xavier explains to him how things are going to be from the get go, he is going to get his ass and in return Sage will get his protection.  Sage is very resistant at first, hanging on to all his claims that he is straight and proclaims he has a girlfriend. Xavier eases Sage into things by being dominant and firm without being forceful. He likes the challenge of taming the straight boy and he is oh so eager to wait until Sage will beg for it. When that day finally comes Sage truly becomes Xavier’s bitch and even though he is humiliated to say , he loves it and thrives on being used by Xavier. 

When Sage is finally released he finds it very hard to adjust to his previous life. Sex with his girlfriend Laura has become nonexistent.  She pushes him to see a therapist and when he goes, he tells it all. He is definitely shocked when he runs into Xavier in a secluded park and he can’t help himself from being reeled in by the power of his dominance.  Sage  kneels and worships Xavier. He has feelings of shame and confusion, but most of all he realizes what has been missing from his life. He tries to hold on to his claims that he is straight, but Sage acknowledges that maybe he is a bit bent for Xavier after all. He tells his girlfriend the truth and she dumps him. When he sees Xavier again, it is free reign for both their lust. Xavier stakes his own claim on Sage, letting him know that he is definitely not willing to share. This was a great little quickie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.