Of Dragons and Wolves 8: Indecision by Marcy Jacks

Title : Indecision                   Word Count : 35,536

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : After being kidnapped and supposedly murdered, Kendrick Ainsley has finally been reunited with the love of his life, warrior dragon Roman of the Firethorn Clan. Though months have passed, and they appear to be getting back on track with their relationship.

Or are they? While Roman was hunting the man who murdered his lover, Clatcher, another dragon warrior, kept him from going insane. Roman fell into dark times, and Clatcher prevented him from falling apart, and Roman is having a difficult time hiding how much he misses the warrior.

Kendrick understands. He really does. He was gone for many months, and Clatcher is everything he is not, a dragon who can watch Roman’s back in battle, handsome, and independent. Kendrick doesn’t want his mate to choose, so he will choose for them. He suspects that Roman mated with both Clatcher and Kendrick, and Kendrick wants to try a relationship between the three of them, before they break apart for good.

My Review :  Roman is caught between a rock and a hard place.  On one hand,  he is ecstatic and very grateful that his mate Kendrick  who he thought to  be dead , is now among the living again. There is only one small problem,  Clatcher the dragon who had been helping him to avenge his mate’s death is in love with him. Now that he is faced with both men, he realize that he has developed some tender feelings for Clatcher and just might be in love with both men. This leaves Roman feeling very disloyal to his mate, and he hates seeing the pain in Clatcher’s eyes. 

Kendrick doesn’t begrudge the comfort that Roman felt in Clatcher’s arms, but he can’t help but to  feel useless and unloved. He starts to question the bond that was so strong between him and Roman, a bond that defied even death. All of Kendrick’s insecurities are coming to the fore,  leaving him to think that maybe Clatcher would be a better fit for his mate since he has more to offer Roman .

When Roman  and a few other hunters are hurt by hunters, Kendrick is horrified that he might lose the man he loves. Clatcher stays by his side, feeling very guilty when he reveals that Roman was hurt while protecting him. Kendrick feels a twinge of  jealousy,  but he sets that aside and helps Clatcher with his wounds. When Clatcher undresses in the privacy of Kendrick’s and Roman’s room, Kendrick starts seeing Clatcher’s attributes  for the first time. Clatcher also sizes up Kendrick seeing him for the cute sexy little shifter that he is. 

Kendrick can no longer deny that  he sees something special between his mate and Clatcher.  He makes the decision that he would rather share Roman than lose him entirely.  Kendrick comes up with the plan to bring Clatcher into his relationship wholeheartedly.  At first, Roman is a little resistant to the idea ,believing that  Kendrick is forcing this relationship due to his fear of losing Roman. It soon becomes clear that  Kendrick is very much on board with the plan when he pulls Clatcher into a hot steamy liplock. They have a lot of fun figuring out the logistics of their threesome and it is apparent that there are deeper feelings amongst this trio.

The sex was exceptionally hot with these three sexy men.  I was  very connected to this trio and there are quite a few tender moments that got me teary-eyed.  I am very happy that they were all able to find something that was so unparalleled. This was the best of the series so far. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.