Torn in Two (Phoenix Club 5) by CJ Bishop

Title: Torn in Two                     Word Count: 120 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb: CALEB, Part 2

Torn by the discovery that Attorney Brock Coulson is also Samuel’s stepdad, Caleb is forced to choose between retribution for his brother and his new found love for Samuel. 

But when Coulson makes the choice for him, insisting he stop seeing Samuel or the deal is off, Caleb doesn’t resist the man’s stipulations. He refuses to allow his own wants and desires to hinder his quest to free his brother – even if it means sacrificing everything else, including his own dignity. 

Torn between love of a brother and love of his heart, Caleb must choose who he will sacrifice.

Warning: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo.

NOTE: For those coming across the ‘Phoenix Club’ series sporadically, they were written in this order, and if possible, should be read accordingly, due to story lines that run through all the books :






My Review: The tension between Brock Coulson and his step son Samuel are unmistakable. Harsh words are thrown around when Brock tells him to get his whore out of his house. Caleb is decimated by this title, but he has no choice if he wants Brock to work on his brother’s case.  When Samuel drops home Caleb , he apologizes profusely, but Caleb asks him to leave because he is not feeling well. Samuel knows there is more to it, but he decides to give Caleb some time.

Caleb is certainly not shocked when Brock shows up at his apartment. It chills him to have Brock in his private space , but he knows he can’t renege on his arrangement no matter how vile it is. Brock takes pleasure in belittling Caleb and making him feel every  bit the whore. Caleb fully understands the kind of deal he made and he knows that it will  corrode his soul.When Samuel sees Caleb, he knows something is horribly wrong and he can feel Caleb pulling away emotionally, but he tries to give him space.

Caleb’s boss Max always tries to help his boys through their emotional turmoil, now it’s his turn. Horatio Kaplan proved  himself to not be a villain after all with Abel. We had an inkling that  Kaplan had experienced loss in his life and that’s why he encouraged Abel to get back together with his sexy doctor. Now we see that there is history between Max and Horatio. These two men are both pining for each other and  Horatio reminds Max of the love they once shared. Max is hesistant, but he wants to remember the passion that only Horatio offers.

When Samuel visits Caleb again, it is to find his mood downtrodden. Samuel had a feeling this was coming, but is still destroyed when Caleb tells him their relationship is over without giving a reason. Samuel leaves ,but he is not giving up. Caleb and Brock are on their way to visit Nick. Nick is ecstatic, but he is suspicious about how Caleb can afford an attorney like Brock. There is just something about Brock that rubs him the wrong way, but for Caleb’s peace of mind, he tries to believe in Brock.

Caleb tastes the true monster that is Brock when they get back to the hotel room. Brock is cold and ruthless and has no care for Caleb’s pleasure. He tries to dominate Caleb’s spirit and erase every ounce of Samuel’s loving touch. Even though it was consensual, what Brock did to Caleb was rape in the most visceral sense. Caleb soon finds out that his degradation is just beginning. He realized that Brock has filmed the act of depravity and he forces Caleb to pretend he likes it.

Don’t go snooping if you don’t want the answers. Samuel finds this out first hand  and is devastated by what he finds. He is beyond horrified when he finds video files on Brock’s  computer of himself in the nude. Samuel is disgusted at the huge invasion of his privacy, but he is sick to the stomach to realize that his step father is perverted and looks at him in a sexual way. However, nothing rips him to shreds until he sees Caleb in the act with Brock saying how much he likes it. To be continued….. I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok.

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