The Firsts & Forever 9: Coming Home by Alexa Land

Title: Coming Home          Word Count: 432 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:For twenty-six-year-old rent boy Chance Matthews, surviving day-to-day in San Francisco is difficult enough. Then an ill-fated road trip to Wyoming to search for his biological father throws his life into a tailspin. When a string of catastrophes leaves him stranded and desperate, help comes from the last person he’d expect. His knight in shining armor is everything he could want and then some, but Chance is sure a man like that would never want someone like him. That’s the stuff of fairy tales, and he stopped believing in those a long time ago.

My Review:  Chance Matthews has been chewed up and spit out by this thing we call life. He ran away from home when he was 14 after being abused. He has been earning his living as a prostitute on the mean streets of San Francisco since then. Although he doesnt have a good relationship with his mother, he has been diligently sending her a 1000 bucks for more than 10 yrs to help take care of his little brother.

One night after he finishes with a John, Chance’s path crosses the stoic Finn Nolan. Chance is not sure what to do since Finn is a cop and he fears being arrested. Finn is just as shocked to see Chance since he only knows him as the photographer and friend of his brother’s husband Christian. Chance tries to make a quick exit, but before he can go Finn propositions him and swears him to secrecy. Chance is still very wary , thinking that maybe he is being set up for entrapment. However, there is something in Finn’s eyes that call to him.

Although their arrangement should seem illicit and tawdry, Finn somehow makes it special. Chance tries to remain detached, but he is sucked in by the beautiful person Finn is. Finn is a virgin when it comes to man on man action, but he always makes Chance feel priceless. Chance is able to feel connected to a lover for the first time in his life. Their chemistry was out of this world.

When Chance decides to go visit his family and hunt down his biological father, he uses this as a way to cut the ties with Finn as well. He has become far too attached and fallen in love with Finn. Finn definitely doesn’t want to give up Chance and he wants to further the special connection they have between them. 

Everything turns upside down once Chance goes on his journey. He finds his sixteen yr old brother half starved and living on his own  with another  vulnerable looking sixteen yr old. He thinks he might have found his father , but the man practically threw him out. To top it all off, someone steals his beat up old car with all his possessions and money in it. He is at an all time low and feeling hopeless when Finn calls him. When Chance hears his familiar warm voice , he has a meltdown and stutters out the whole story.Finn would do anything for this beautiful man so he rushes to the rescue.

It was very emotional watching the progression between these two.  To see Chance finally opening up and trusting Finn. Also, watching Finn throwing caution to the wind and holding on to Chance and coming out to his parents and claiming who he truly is.

 Their ready made family was very interesting with two teenagers on the brink of manhood. It was lovely to watch them navigate through all the feelings of loneliness and coming to care and love each other while dealing with their trust issues. I really enjoyed this one . I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. 

Favorite Quotes: 1. He laid me on the floor again and spread my legs with a hand on the back of each thigh, exposing me as he pressed my knees to my chest. I moaned when he drove his tongue into me, opening me up before he slid it out again and licked my opening. He kept that up for a while as I reached down and stroked my cock, and then he sat up a bit and pulled a bottle of lube from his jacket pocket. ( Such a visceral reaction .)

2. I kept my legs right where he’d put them as he drizzled the lube over my hole and onto his hand. He pushed two fingers inside me and rotated his wrist, grazing my prostate and making me yell as a shockwave of pleasure pulsed through me. Then he slid his hand out and said, “I’m going to fuck you raw, baby .” I stopped stroking myself and raised my head to look at him. “We both got tested last week, just like you’ve been doing every six months. We know it’s safe.” ( There is nothing better than skin on skin. It definitely heightens the arousal.)

3.“Just so you know, I’m not going to hold back. We can make love some other time. Tonight, we’re going to fuck. I want you to feel so damn good and cum so hard that you forget everything but my name. I’m going to make you mine with every thrust into you, and then I’m going to cum inside you. I want you to know for an absolute fact that you belong to me. Only me. Do you have a problem with that?” (Sometimes you  just need a good hard fuck, no frills and gentle touches.)

4.He slammed into my prostate again and again, his big, thick cock filling me, stretching me, and I threw my head back and yelled as I arched up off the floor. I needed him closer. Deeper. I needed him to be a part of me. I clawed at his back, wildly, desperately, and when he yelled and came in me, I shoved his jacket out of my way and bit his shoulder, hard. All rational thought had completely fallen away. I was distilled down to sex and need and hunger, and he was, too. He fucked me like it might be our last time ever, urgently, almost frantically, pushing his seed into me with each thrust, yelling as he came in me. He dropped onto his elbows, his face inches from mine, his pupils so dilated that his eyes looked black, and told me, “You’re mine.” It was an absolute statement of fact. “Yes. Fuck yes. Yours.” The words tumbled from me. I was surprised I could talk. When he pulled out of me, his cock was barely deflated. “Fuck me, Chance.” His voice was pure gravel. ( Soooo hot.)

5. He got on his hands and knees as I fumbled for the lube and slicked my throbbing cock. I pushed a wet finger into his warm opening , fingering him roughly as I told him, “It’s going to hurt.” I was way too worked up to think clearly, let alone prep him properly. “Good.” I pulled my finger from him after just a minute and pushed my cock into his incredibly tight butt, grabbing his hips. We both moaned , and he mumbled, “Fuck yes, don’t stop.” I took him like he’d taken me, hard, fast, and rough. Our jagged yells shattered the stillness, along with the sound of my body slapping into his. My fingers dug into his flesh as I pulled him onto my cock, impaling him as he drove himself back in a steady rhythm. ( I love when it hurts sooo good, so raw , so in the moment. You can definitely feel that you’very been well and truly fucked days after.)

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