Love Has No Boundaries : Six by Tara Spears

Title : Love Has No Boundaries: Six      Word Count : 161 pgs    Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb :

My Review :  Two single dads coming together can be quite explosive. Angel is a single dad after his partner of six years leaves him on the day their surrogate goes into labor.  Angel is blessed with a beautiful girl named Cheyenne who is now  13 months. Angel is a school teacher and this is  how he meets the parent of Riana, one of the students in his class. Marcus has gone through a horrible divorce and has lost his other child to the grandparents  who have kidnapped him.

Both men fall into an easy relationship that is smooth sailing from the beginning.  It was definitely a sweet romance. Their family melded together nicely and seemlessly. Marcus is the perfect dream guy. He is caring, romantic , loving and dominant. He supports Angel when he has to do a surgery which affects their sexual pleasure. It all works out in the end and Angel realize that Marcus is the one for him. Angel is there for Marcus right up to the point where they are able to recover Marcus’ kidnapped son. I can see a lot of happy moments in their future.  I really enjoyed the end where their lives are forwarded a few years in the future.  The kids who they adore are grown up and forging their own  romantic relationships. It’s fun to see them teasing their parents about their frequent amorous exploits. This was really an easy read and I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

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