Love in Xxchange 11: My Heart to Keep by Bailey Bradford

Title : My Heart to Keep         Word Count : 62,195

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Losing everything doesn’t mean Remy’s lost.

Fred’s been the bar manager at The Xxchange for a long time. He’s seen servers come and go. With the bar revamped and turned into a more reputable club, the last person he ever expects to see walk in is Martine, a snarky booty-boy server who worked at The Xxchange years ago then just didn’t show up one night.

But Martine isn’t really Martine—he’s Remy, and always has been. To get hired at a place he could party and have fun in, Remy had previously lied about his age and got a fake ID. Then he got into a bad relationship, one based on money and a contract no one should ever have agreed on.

After his parents commit a crime that lands Remy in trouble with his sugar daddy, Remy loses everything. The only place he can think of to turn to is The Xxchange, and the people he used to work for. If they’ll just give him a chance to prove he can be a mature, responsible adult, he might end up no longer living on the streets.

These two men come together first as rescuer and lost soul, then as friends. If there’s going to be more than that, Remy wants them to be on an equal footing. He’s learned his lesson about trying to find the easy way through life.

But someone doesn’t want him to have a chance at freedom or love…

My Review :  Remy formerly known as Martine is back in town. He is definitely not the twinky ass-baring flirt that we are used to at the Xxchange. In his place is a very scared, skinny downtrodden young man. He is desperate to put the pieces of his life back together.  He goes to the Xxchange looking for a job and it’s Xavier and Chase the club owners who first recognize him. It is clear to them that something is definitely wrong. They point Remy out to their longtime trusted bartender Fred who approaches Remy only to have him run away.

Fred forgets about  Remy until the next day he sees him begging outside a restaurant. Fred corners him and takes him home to feed him. The story soon pours out of Remy how his longtime sugar daddy Grey turned him out after it became public that Remy’s father scammed a lot of old people, one of which was Grey’s brother.

Remy is left destitute with no one to lean on as his father committed a murder – suicide by taking Remy’s mom with him. Remy has to now learn how to stand on his own two feet. Fred helps him with that and helps him to acknowledge that he is blameless of his father’s crimes. Fred is definitely there when he needs a friend. Remy is able to see all of Fred’s attributes that his former vapid self was not able to comprehend.  Remy soon realize that he has a crush on Fred. Fred brings out qualities in Remy that he never knew he possessed. He yearns to become a better man, one who will be worthy of Fred’s love. Their friendship soon turn into a healthy , loving sexy committed  relationship something that both men crave. They fit together like a perfect puzzle.

Remy’s ex Grey is intent on tearing them apart and he tries this by kidnapping Remy. Fred calls on the cavalry with Les and Glenn in the lead, ready to get his man back. By the time they find him Remy has already freed himself by diligently holding on to his hopes and dreams for the future with Fred. He is overwhelmed when he is reunited with the love of his life. They continue on with their lives to a bright promising future when Remy goes down on one knee and propose to Fred.

 I’ve always loved the men of the Xxchange who have proven time and time again that  they are a strong support system for each other.  We get to catch up with quite a few of my favorites like Josh the pink penguin loving twinky nurse, James the abused lawyer and Les the very stoic police officer who was abused by his mother. It’s great to see them all and to see that love indeed prevailed. They are all leading fulfilling lives, some with kids and the whole marriage and picket fence deal. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Aw, come on, let me see.” Fred made a twirling motion with one hand. “Turn around.”  Remy knee-walked up to Fred before straddling him again, this time facing Fred’s feet. They were nice feet. Remy had never really cared about a guy’s feet before, but he didn’t think he’d mind sucking on Fred’s toes sometime. He bent over and pushed two fingers right into his hole. “Ah, that always feels so fucking good.” Better when it was Fred doing the fingering, of course. Still, Remy enjoyed opening himself up, too. “Like what you see?” he asked after Fred moaned.  “You know I do. Watching you fingering yourself is something I could spend hours doing,” Fred said.  “Not today you won’t,” Remy mock-groused. “Today, I’m going to do this for another minute, max, then I’m going to get on that big dick of yours and ride it until you shoot your cum all up inside of me.” “Fuck. Fuck ( I loved watching  Remy gain back his sexual confidence.)

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