Of Dragons and Wolves 7: Hold On, We’re Going Home by Marcy Jacks

Title :  Hold On, We’re Going Home      Word Count : 39,447

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Kyle Abbot is tired of being sexually harassed in his own pack. The man after him only wants him to try and become the pack alpha, and Kyle’s not about to let that happen. His only choice for escape without shaming his entire family would be to take a mate with one of the dragons on the mountain.

Aiken never wanted to be mated again. After watching his previous mate be tortured and killed right in front of him, he never wants to tie himself to another ever again.

When the high dragon comes to him and asks him this favor, he cannot refuse.

At the sight of his future mate being sexually harassed by another, however, Aiken’s protective instincts come roaring back to life. Kyle belongs to him and no one else. Aiken wants to prove that to the wolf in bed, if only he can overcome the feeling that he’s betraying his former lover.

My Review :  This one was a little bit  weird for me.  I think maybe it was the anticipation of  Roman and Kendrick’s book which is next in the series. I just couldn’t connect with Kyle and Aiken, I couldn’t help but think that their story was just a placeholder. We hadn’t really been introduced to them before and in my opinion  their chemistry wasn’t genuine. The sex scenes were great, but it was like watching porn rather than a love story. 

Aiken  had a mate before who was murdered by Templars and he is very hesitant to be mated again . He mates Kyle out of duty to the dragons. Kyle is a beta wolf , one of Connor’s older brothers.  Kyle  is also doing his duty to his wolf pack by mating with the dragon. Here we have two strangers coming together who seem so very unsure throughout the whole book whether they wanted to be together . Aiken  doesn’t want to let go of his past and Kyle has no clue what his future holds.

To be honest , I was more invested in the tidbits of Roman and Clatcher. It is finally revealed that Kendrick is not dead and has somehow been reincarnated and is back in the body of a fox. It was a real tearjerker to watch Kendrick and Roman’s reunion.  I feel really bad for Clatcher who is left out in the cold, but he is oh so gracious about hiding his hurt feelings. I can’t wait to  read their story next. Look out for my next review. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.


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