Of Dragons and Wolves 5: Mate of the High Dragon by Marcy Jacks

Title :  Mate of the High Dragon     Word Count : 36,045

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Conner Abbot is about to have his first, and possibly his only, child with the love of his life, high dragon Aris Macleod. The problem is that Aris is a dragon and Conner is an omega werewolf who already has a bad heart. If he shifts into his wolf while pregnant, he could possibly die. He might even die just from carrying the hatchling at all, but it’s a risk he’s willing to take, and one that his mate is having a hard time accepting.

Aris loves his mate and wants everything for him, but seeing him sick and in bed all the time hurts him. He’s terrified to touch his mate, despite the sexual desires still pounding through him. He doesn’t want to do anything that will harm Conner or his child.

But Conner won’t have that. He’s determined to show Aris that just because he’s pregnant, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy each other in every way possible.

My Review :  Sweet little Conner and his High dragon Aris are back. Only their wedded bliss is not so blissful anymore. Aris just found out that his sweet little wolf is pregnant with his dragon egg. Aris is horrified and filled with panic,  Conner is the first wolf to be impregnated by a dragon and they are just not sure of the outcome. Conner is very sick and it seems that the egg is causing complications already and making him weaker. Aris fears for his mate’s life and this causes a lot of strife and tension in their relationship.

Aris has stopped having sex with Conner out of fear of hurting him. Conner tries to tempt his mate back to his bed because he misses him and because his wolf needs to play. This is the only exercise that his wolf is getting  since  he can’t shift due to his pregnancy. Conner is also feeling the pregnancy blues, wondering if his mate still finds him attractive . When Aris finds his mate crying , he realizes that by trying to protect his mate , he is actually causing him emotional turmoil. Aris makes an effort to do better and reassure Conner as best as he can. This goes a long way in building up Conner’s self esteem and repairing some of the torn threads in the fabric of their lives. They have a lot of sexy fun. Finally , when things start getting back on track , tragedy comes to their doorstep.

There is  a true shapeshifter who has been creating havoc in their castle for sometime. He is intent on having Aris’ old flame and Conner’s friend Kendrick for his own. Ailiwen, one of the servants turns out to be the shapeshifter. He kidnaps Kendrick and Conner. Aris is furious and very worried,  so is Roman, Kendrick ‘ s mate. When Aris and Roman finds where Aliwen is holed up, they are successful in retrieving Conner , but Ailiwen throws Kendrick over a cliff before Roman can save him. These secondary characters are so strong and Kendrick’s death was devastating  and truly heart-rending. 

Life goes on and the day finally comes when Conner is induced and has a cesarean section to have his hatchling. Conner and Aris has a beautiful baby boy , but it is a bittersweet time for them, because Aris is not able to share it with Roman his best friend who has gone hunting for his mate’s killer. There are some things that are unexplained and keep us guessing. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


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