Surf Bay 2: Full Circle by Ashley John

Title :  Full Circle          Word Count : 268 pgs

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : The year is 1997 and 18 year old Porter has been left devastated after his first love, Kane, chose a life in the army over a life with him in Surf Bay. With his broken heart, he had to find a way to rebuild his life.

17 years later and Porter has it all. He has the handsome deputy Sheriff boyfriend, the adorable daughter and he runs the surf club, but Porter’s life is far from perfect. His relationship is filled with abuse and his surf club is failing.

Kane can’t stop thinking about the decision he made on that dark night when he was 18 and finds himself back at his mother’s little pink house, ready to face his past. When Kane comes face to face with his old flame, deep and buried feelings start flooding back and Kane is faced with the same difficult decision once again. Porter, or the army?

Can Porter resist the first love who shattered his heart? Can Kane find a life of his own without ruining someone else’s? Can Porter juggle his heart, his family and his business, without losing everything?

My Review :  Recently,  Porter has had to face the harsh realities of his life. All aspects of his life seem to be crumbling right before his eyes. His Surf business is failing,  he is not even able to break even anymore. He has lots of past due bills at home hidden under the sofa and his relationship with Deputy Sheriff  Michael is bordering on abusive. Michael is drinking heavily and seeming not to care about Porter’s feelings anymore. The only light in Porter’s life is his daughter Emily. That is until a blast from the past shows up.

When the love of his life walks back into Porter’s life, it raises his inner turmoil.  Porter is faced with  unresolved feelings that  he has tried to bury since Kane left him to join the army. This is another sad tale of two men in love torn asunder by parents who thought their love was deviant. Kane has many regrets, especially when it comes to Porter and how he  threw away their love 17 yrs before. Porter demands answers for Kane’s past  mistakes. A lot is revealed by both these star crossed lovers ,but nothing is resolved. 

Kane’s renewed presence  in Porter’s life  is cause for a lot of turbulence. Michael becomes even more violent and enraged with jealousy. Porter becomes even more afraid and thinks how different his life would be if he went somewhere free from the men in his life. The more things that are revealed about Michael’s behavior is the more Porter’s friend Oliver, convinces him it’s time to make a change. Porter feels as if he can’t just up and leave Michael. It’s his fear of the unknown that is keeping him, but it will probably be fear for his life and Emily’s that will give him the push to leave. 

It’s funny how two people can learn to live again  just  by being in each others presence. Kane is helping Porter to put the pieces of his life back together and he starts by helping him relaunch his business. The more time they spend together is the more reinvigorated their personalities have become. Kane brings out the fun Porter by teasing and horsing around. They are both figuring out what it means to live again. They try to deny their sexual feelings , but it is becoming a losing battle. Once they spend sometime in their special spot where they lost their virginity 17 yrs ago, they cave complete. They reignite when they come together passionately and they are both coming to realize that the love they once shared is still alive and well.

In the light of the morning , their beautiful lovemaking is reduced to being called a mistake and this casts a pall on what could have been a new beginning. Things between Porter and Michael has deteriorated to the point of no return. Michael goes off the deep end and attack Porter and Porter realized that things are different this time. Michael beats up Porter and his life flashes before his eyes. It’s Oliver’s timely intrusion that saves Porter’s life and causes Michael to flee. Michael remains elusive until Porter’s relaunch party, where he comes back to finish the job by trying to shoot Porter in front of everyone.  His plans are foiled by Kane this time who knocks Michael out and handcuffs him. 

Kane is still hiding from himself, he uses the army as a shield. It is almost time for him to re-enlist  and he is afraid  to tell Porter out of fear of breaking his heart again. Porter is heartbroken when he realizes that Kane had no intention of fighting for their love yet again. Once again Porter is left picking up the pieces of his shattered heart.  It takes  a month away from Surf Bay for Kane to truly understand that he misses Porter desperately.  He leaves the army and goes  charging back to fight for the love of his life. Porter is angry and rightfully so. He is very wary and tells  Kane that they need to take it slow. I really enjoyed this book and I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


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