Indiscreet 6: Caden’s Dilemma by A.C. Katt

Title : Caden’s Dilemma          Word Count : 54,000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Masato is a rich sub who has no life, Caden has a life but no money, can Caden get past his pride to be Masato’s Master.

There are only two things that Masato knows—how to write brilliant code and how to fly in subspace. He is rapidly losing control of the company he founded because the CEO he hired is running roughshod over him.

Masato needs someone to help him run his life, his business and the charities he wants to found. He thinks he might have found his Master in Caden. There is one problem, Masato is a billionaire and Caden has more than his fair share of pride. Can Caden get over his pride and help Masato take back control of his life or is Masato doomed to a life of fending off men who only want his money?

My Review :  It is quite clear that all the submissives in ‘club sub’ at the popular BDSM club Indiscreet are quite accomplished young men. So far they have added a psychiatrist,  accountant , business owner among other professions. One of the few paid subs, Masato  is a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Masato designed a very intricate software program at the age of sixteen which allowed him to be a billionaire and retiree at age twenty-two. Masato is on a journey to explore his submissive side at leisure.  He has enjoyed the lifestyle so far for a year, but he still has not found that perfect Dom that pushes all his buttons.

Masato is in a very unusual position due to his extreme wealth, because money tends to shift the power dynamics in any relationship even more so a Dom/sub union. Masato is looking for a  Dom who can  overlook his wealth, while at the same time making all the decisions in their lives and being fiscally smart. He thinks he might have met his perfect match in Caden, the new Director of Security of Indiscreet  and sub Danny’s older brother.  Masato appreciates many of the values he sees displayed in Caden.

Caden is smitten from the first moment he is partnered up with Masato for Danny and Gary’s summertime wedding. Caden appreciates Masato’s submissive nature while at the same time being able to communicate intelligently in any given situation. Masato is well known in the club for being able to take a certain amount of pain . When Caden uses his flogger with knotted roses on Masato , he knows they are close to a perfect match. Masato responds beautifully to Caden’s flogging and is in subspace after the third hit.

Caden is cautioned by Reed to get to know Masato properly for three months before getting too involved.  Reed is aware of Masato’s true identity and has been protecting it from the other club members due to Masato’s extreme wealth and his position as a sub. Only Reed knows that Masato is really Johnny Nguyen,  billionaire.

Masato has a few sleepovers at Caden’s but things get dicey due to him having to hide his wealth. He steers clear of his home and tries to hide his limousine and driver. Masato is very worried how his omission will affect his relationship that is beginning to mean everything to him. After he is invited to the sub club weekly teatime, he starts opening up to the other subs who he realizes are great friends and allies. They advise him as best as they can when he dicloses his secret. Danny warns Masato that his brother will be upset and he will see this ommission as a lie.

Masato builds up the courage and decides to tell the man who he loves the whole truth. He invites Caden to his home. When Caden gets to the house , he realized there was something off about Masato. Caden is furious when Masato exposes his true identity and storms out without giving him a chance to explain. Masato is devastated as the thing he feared the most has come to pass. Once again he is rejected because of someone not being able to look beyond his wealth. He is left to pick up the shattered pieces of his heart. The sub club are called in and they support and embrace Johnny in solace shedding their tears right alongside him and making their masters lives hell.

Caden understands the full weight of what he has done when he sees the masters the next day. All the masters are furious with Caden and they let him know in no uncertain terms where he can stuff his pride. Bear and Gary hate to see their mates crying,  Cisco is deprived of his breakfast, Bull can’t find anything in his house and Reed’s life is definitely not running smooth because Jim is on the warpath. Caden gets a taste of the subs wrath and quickly realized that they are the ones in charge. When they are upset and commiserating with tears at Johnny’s plight, everything is turned upside down in their masters lives.

Johnny refuses all  of Caden’s attempts at an apology and gives him the cold shoulder.  It takes a fire at Johnny’s house and being hurt to make them both see what they almost lost. Caden sets his pride aside and takes charge as soon as he gets to the hospital by dealing with Johnny’s affairs. Johnny acknowledges the changes in Caden seeing for the first time that Caden truly loves him despite his pride. Caden and Johnny can’t wait to start their lives as master and sub properly. They have a bedside wedding while Johnny convalesces. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try.


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